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Alcohol News - 9/2023

NordAN (Finland) - EHYT´s survey: 78% of election candidates satisfied with alcohol availability and sales locations
The majority of Finnish parliamentary candidates (78%) who responded to a survey commissioned by the Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention (EHYT) and conducted by Aula Research, considered the current availability of alcohol to be sufficient.
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Toronto Life (Canada) - “People think we’re reducing the fun in their lives”: Meet the researcher suggesting that Canadians stick to two drinks per week
Catherine Paradis discusses the controversy over the new low-risk drinking guidelines, the latest science on booze and how it feels to be the bearer of bad news
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BBC (Canada) - Beer and wine sales in Canada fall to all-time low
Canadians appear to be losing their taste for alcohol, according to findings in a new report that showed beer and wine sales at historic lows.
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CEOWORLD magazine - Alcohol And Sugar – The Two Enemies Of The Body Health
Sugar and alcohol are two substances we put into our bodies in relatively larger amounts than we are designed to host. Today we talk about the reason why we like them so much.
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B&T (Australia) – Study: 20% of Aussies who use alcohol delivery service continue drinking post-pub
A survey of Australian adults who use popular alcohol delivery sites found one in five utilised a service to continue a home drinking session.
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PsyPost (USA) - New study suggests the 2020 election increased alcohol use and decreased sleep
People experienced reduced sleep quantity and efficiency coupled with heightened stress, negative mood, and alcohol use in the period surrounding the 2020 election, according to new research published in the journal Sleep Health.
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Brussels Times (Belgium) - Belgium working on 'alcohol plan' to curb consumption
Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke will present an "alcohol plan," in March, containing what are reportedly striking measures, to curb its consumption in Belgium.
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American Journal of Psychiatry - Alcohol and the Etiology of Depression
In the clinical context, alcohol use is typically a problem to be reduced or eliminated. Patients presenting with depression, anxiety, or other non-substance-related mental disorders often have co-occurring alcohol or other substance use.
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Bangkok Post (Thailand) - Call for govt to ban 'sly' alcohol ads
Anti-alcohol consumption networks on Tuesday called for a ban on the use of alcoholic beverage logos to promote non-alcoholic drinks, labelling it a marketing ploy to raise people's recognition of unhealthy products.
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Coventry Telegraph (UK) - Dr Michael Mosley shares alcohol warning to anyone who drinks
The effect of alcohol on your body varies from person to person and how fast you metabolise it. This means drinking what one person considers 'modest amounts' could lead to major health issues for another.
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Movendi - Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Undermines Its Global Health Credibility With Massive Investment in the World’s Second Largest Beer Producer
Bill Gates in his individual capacity and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust both bought major stakes in Heineken Holding NV, the controlling shareholder of the world’s second-largest brewer.
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Discover Magazine - This is How Alcohol Affects the Brain
And when someone drinks, the alcohol reaches crucial areas of the brain — cerebral cortex, frontal lobe, hippocampus, hypothalamus, cerebellum — which impairs a person’s balance, judgment, speech and memory, and forces the brain to work harder. With time, increasing the BAC levels might be enough to create long-term effects on the brain.
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Jamaica Gleaner (Jamaica) - Study on alcohol links to NCDs aimed at cutting healthcare costs, Tufton
The Ministry of Health and Wellness will be embarking on a study to determine how the harmful use of drugs, specifically alcohol, contributes to an increase in non-communicable diseases (NCDs).
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Simple Flying - Can Cabin Crew Refuse To Serve Intoxicated Passengers Alcohol?
For some, a glass of wine at the airport or a cold beer onboard has become an almost obligatory part of the travel experience. However, there is a small minority who, for a variety of reasons, consume too much alcohol and begin to display disruptive behaviors.
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Arabian Business (Iraq) - Iraq bans alcohol import, sale and manufacturing
Iraqi authorities have officially banned the import, sale and manufacture of alcoholic beverages according to the official newspaper (published by the ministry of justice) effective immediately.
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Contagion Live - The Link Between Early COVID-19 Infection and Alcohol Use Disorder Diagnoses
Patients who were diagnosed with COVID-19 in the early phases of the pandemic were more likely to be diagnosed with new alcohol use disorder (AUD) compared to their non-COVID-19 respiratory infection counterparts, according to a paper published in JAMA Network Open.
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IAS (UK) - New report looks at reasons for the decline of alcohol-related violence in England and Wales
According to Crime Survey for England and Wales data, alcohol-related violence has fallen in both absolute terms and as a proportion of all violence over the last decade.
Read more (France) - Alcohol Consumption and Cancer Risk Underestimated by French Population, Study Finds
The National Cancer Institute, in partnership with Santé publique France, has released the results of the 4th Cancer Barometer on World Cancer Day, celebrated on 4th February every year.
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