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Alcohol News - 8/2017

The Journal (Ireland) - The Health Minister will get the power to set the size of warnings on alcohol productsThe new Public Health (Alcohol) Bill has been under consideration by the government since late 2015 but has not yet been enacted. It is a far-reaching bill with new legislation on aspects such as minimum pricing, advertising and product labelling.
ERR News (Estonia) - Chancellor of justice deems alcohol excise duty hikes unconstitutional
Estonia's Chancellor of Justice Ülle Madise has judged the accelerated increases in excise duty rates on light alcoholic beverages to be unconstitutional as they violate the freedom of enterprise and the principle of legitimate expectation.
Medical Xpress - Pilot study finds youth more likely than adults to report seeing alcohol marketing online
Underage youth are nearly twice as likely to recall seeing alcohol marketing on the internet than adults, with almost one in three saying they saw alcohol-related content in the previous month, according to a new pilot survey led by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
Wales Online (Wales) - Health experts say Wales needs to reassess its relationship with alcohol
Wales needs to reassess its relationship with alcohol before more people die from excessive drinking, experts have warned.
Ukrainian Hot News (Ukraine) - “Ukrspirt” decided not to raise prices on alcohol
“Ukrspirt” is the largest producer of alcohol and alcohol-containing products in Ukraine. The state enterprise was established on the basis of the eponymous group in 2010, now consists of 41 plant, and the government wants to privatize the “Ukrspirt”.
Hindustan Times - Drinking too much alcohol can prematurely age men’s arteries, up heart disease risk
Heavy alcohol drinking habits over the years may prematurely age arteries, especially in men, putting them at an increased risk for heart disease, new research has warned.
Financial Times (Sweden) - A state monopoly has survived porous borders and EU accession
The monopoly is under pressure, according to Håkan Leifman, director of CAN, who also sits on the board of Systembolaget. But this is not new, he says — the pressure was far greater when Sweden joined the EU in 1995 and was forced to increase the amount of alcohol that Swedes could bring in from abroad.
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Financial Times - Big Tobacco sets stage for alcohol to defend brands
After a century that gave us quintessential figures such as the Marlboro man, tobacco advertising is in its final creative throes.
Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland) - 50p alcohol unit price 'would save 63 lives in Northern Ireland'
More needs to be done to tackle the problems caused by cheap alcohol in Northern Ireland, a charity has warned.
Statistics Iceland (Iceland) - People in Iceland consume alcohol less frequently than people in the other Nordic
The European Health Interview Survey (EHIS) suggests that people in Iceland drink less frequently than people in the other Nordic countries. - Alcohol can cause more damaging effects to women than men
Several research studies have shown that some women who drink heavily can do as much damage to their bodies in four to five years as a man who has been drinking for 20 to 25 years, according to Laura Veach, Ph.D., director of screening and counseling intervention services at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.
The Kathmandu Post (Nepal) - Gov’s stringent policy to regulate alcohol productsThe government has adopted a stringent policy to regulate sales of alcohol products that now require mandatory pictorial health warnings while setting age bar in the sales of such products.
Daily Mail - Boozing, weight gain and failing to exercise INCREASES the risk of breast cancer returning, experts say
A 30 minute stroll a day can help women who've survived breast cancer try and stop the killer disease returning, new research suggests.
Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - One person dies every three days in North Lanarkshire due to alcohol
One person dies every three days in North Lanarkshire due to alcohol, shocking new statistics show. Figures released by National Records of Scotland revealed there were 109 alcohol-related deaths in the region in 2015 – the second highest in Scotland.
Science Daily - Strong alcohol policies protect against drunk driving deaths among young people
Stronger alcohol policies protect young people from dying in crashes caused by drunk driving according to researchers. The study supports the importance of comprehensive alcohol control policies to reduce the number of young people who die in alcohol-related crashes.
Brisbane Times (Australia) - Bottle shops are open for too long, experts say
A reduction in bottle-shop trading hours and an increase in alcohol tax is needed to reduce alcohol-fuelled harm, a Queensland public health policy expert says. (UK) - “Little convincing evidence" of economic benefits from alcohol sales
A new report from the Institute of Alcohol Studies, Splitting the Bill: Alcohol’s Impact on the UK Economy, argues that the economic benefits of the alcohol industry are overstated, undermining the economic case for cutting alcohol duty in next month’s Budget.
Health Canal - Alcohol leads to more violence than other drugs, but you’d never know from the headlines
Mainstream media tend to report more stories about illicit drugs than alcohol. Stories about illicit drugs are also more negative. The media is more likely to frame illicit drugs as dangerous, morally corrosive and associated with violent behaviour, while it frames people who use illicit drugs as irresponsible and deviant.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

FASD News - 7/2017 (New Zealand) - Northland Caregivers Ask For More Help On FASD
Northland families and caregivers struggling to cope with young people affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) gathered this week at Barge Showgrounds in Whangarei to learn more about the disorder, share their experiences, and call for help. (Canada) - 'We hoped he could be helped': Shamattawa chief says community reached out to suspect in bus driver's killing
Thomas was born in June 1994 with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) and placed in foster care after birth, his lawyer said. "His mother drank 'super juice' constantly while she was pregnant with him and as a result he was seized," Theodore Mariash told court during a sentencing hearing in November 2016.
Omaha World-Herald (USA) - Whiteclay street ministry team proposes new effort to fix alcohol-related problems: buy out the liquor stores
The stores sell the equivalent of 3.5 million cans of beer a year. Almost all sales are to residents of the adjacent Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, where alcohol is officially banned, but alcoholism and fetal alcohol syndrome are rampant.
Military Technologies (USA) - Inspirations USA Addiction Treatment Shines a Light on Parental Alcoholism
Parental alcoholism can cause a wide range of negative consequences for children and families– including everything from injuries caused by alcohol-related car accidents to chronic anxiety problems later in life for the children of alcoholics. However, alcohol may have its most devastating effects when it’s consumed during pregnancy.
Deming Headlight - Kick the habit: CHANCES helps expectant mothers avoid dangerous substances
Over one third of all children born in Luna County are at risk for substance abuse related complications and a group in Deming is trying to change that.
North Coast Courier (South Africa) - Expecting sober
The next time the craving for a tall glass of wine hits you, reflect on the consequences and grab a healthy, alcohol free alternative.
Bradenton Herald (USA) - Bradenton doctor focuses on National Birth Defect Month
In Florida, one out of every 33 babies is born with a major birth defect, according to the Report on Birth Defects in Florida from 1998 to 2007, available at Florida Birth Defect Registry,
Mental Health Carers NSW (Australia) - MHCN Position Statement on Recognising Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder as a Disability in Australia for Access to Support under the NDIS
Mental Health Carers NSW (MHCN) is concerned that Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is not recognised as a disability in Australia and thus almost no specific programs have been developed to address this disability across the community.
Metro3Radio (UK) - 200 diagnosed with FASD in Gateshead over 18 months.
More than 200 children have been diagnosed with foetal alcohol spectrum disorder in Gateshead over the past year and a half.

College of Veterinary Medicine (Powerpoint presentation) - Effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on respiratory regulation during sleep in the early postnatal period
PolicyWise for Children & Families - FASD Panel: How findings impacted policy, program and service delivery

7th International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (Canada) - March 1-4, 2017
This advanced level conference continues to bring together experts from multiple disciplines to share international research. It provides an opportunity to enhance understanding of the relationships between knowledge and research and critical actions related to FASD.

Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology - Neuropsychological Aspects of Prevention and Intervention for FASD in Great Britain
We report findings from the UK National FASD behavioural clinic and how these presentations lead to challenges in improving the clinical and research situation in the UK. The UK has the potential to improve research, recognition, provision and behavioural management strategies for this group quickly; however, this will need a more structured approach than is currently in existence.
J Popul Ther Clin Pharmacol. - Fetal Alcohol Research Caring for Patients with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: A Needs Assessment.
This study showed that few respondents were satisfied with their current FASD knowledge or practice behaviours. Continuing FASD education, particularly through online courses, was strongly desired.
Journal of visualized experiments: JoVE - Wheel Running and Environmental Complexity as a Therapeutic Intervention in an Animal Model of FASD.
Aerobic exercise (e.g., wheel running (WR) extensively used in animal research) positively impacts many measures of neuroplastic potential in the brain, such as rates of adult neurogenesis, angiogenesis, and expression of neurotrophic factors in rodents.
Acta Paediatrica - How much is too much? The implications of recognising alcohol as a teratogen
The paper ‘Higher alcohol consumption in early pregnancy or low-to-moderate drinking during pregnancy may affect children's behaviour and development at one year and six months’ by Sundelin-Wahlsten et al. [1] in this issue of Acta Paediatrica, raises a number of issues about several fundamental aspects of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) research.
Acta Paediatrica - Higher alcohol consumption in early pregnancy or low-to-moderate drinking during pregnancy may affect children's behaviour and development at one year and six months
Our results suggested that low-to-moderate alcohol consumption during pregnancy may negatively influence a child's development and behaviour in several ways.
Alcoholism - Impact of the CHOICES intervention in preventing alcohol-exposed pregnancies in American Indian women
Even with minor changes to make the CHOICES intervention culturally and linguistically appropriate and the potential threats to program validity those changes entail, we found a significant impact in reducing AEP risk.
Community Mental Health Journal - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Characteristics, Complications, and Treatment
There is no cure for FASD, but research shows that early intervention and life-long support help those born with FASD to manage the difficulties that come with it. This paper examines the characteristics, complications, and treatment for FASD.
Alcohol - Changes to histone modifications following prenatal alcohol exposure: An emerging picture
Epigenetic mechanisms are important for facilitating gene-environment interactions in many disease etiologies, including Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).
Transcultural Psychiatry - The lived experience of paroled offenders with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and comorbid psychiatric disorder
This case study presents the life history and postincarceration experiences of two forensic psychiatric patients diagnosed with comorbid mental illness and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).
Forensic Scholars Today - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) and Competency to Stand Trial (CST) Case Law
The devastating impact of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) on competency to stand trial is highlighted by summarizing the case law review literature.
Cell death and Disease - Prenatal alcohol exposure impairs autophagy in neonatal brain cortical microvessels
Brain developmental lesions are a devastating consequence of prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE). We recently showed that PAE affects cortical vascular development with major effects on angiogenesis and endothelial cell survival.
Journal of Psychiatric Research - Assessment of tobacco, alcohol and cannabinoid metabolites in 645 meconium samples of newborns compared to maternal self-reports
Prenatal psychoactive substance exposure has significant impact on neonatal health and child development and the development of reliable biomarkers is critical. Meconium presents several advantages for detecting prenatal exposure to psychoactive substances, as it is easy to collect and provides a broad time frame of exposure (third trimester).
Neurochemical Research - An Overview of the Mechanisms of Abnormal GABAergic Interneuronal Cortical Migration Associated with Prenatal Ethanol Exposure
GABAergic Interneuronal migration constitutes an essential process during corticogenesis. Derived from progenitor cells located in the proliferative zones of the ventral telencephalon, newly generated GABAergic Interneuron migrate to their cortical destinations.

so gesund | Wissen, was gut tut (Germany) - Folgen von Alkohol in der Schwangerschaft
Alkohol in der Schwangerschaft kann dem ungeborenen Kind schaden. Eine Studie zeigt erstmals, wie viele Kinder davon weltweit betroffen sind.
ZEIT ONLINE (Germany) - Freut euch!
Das schlechte Gewissen beginnt für viele Schwangere bereits mit einer der ersten Fragen vom Frauenarzt: "Nehmen Sie schon Folsäure?" Denn oft lautet ihre Antwort "Nein".
Medical Insider (Russia) - Что такое фетальный алкогольный синдром?
Употребление алкоголя на любом сроке беременности может причинить вред будущему ребенку, и чем больше вы употребляете алкоголь, тем риск выше.

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Alcohol News - 7/2017

The Independent (EU) - EU urged to roll out car breathalyser ‘alcolocks’ stopping drink drivers to cut alcohol-related deaths
The EU could be poised to back the introduction of a radical new measure to prevent drivers starting their car engine while drunk, in a bid to reduce alcohol-related deaths on Europe’s roads.
MedPage Today (USA) - Half of Youth Car Crash Deaths Involve Alcohol
More comprehensive alcohol policies may lead to fewer alcohol-related motor vehicle crash (MVC) fatalities, a leading cause of unintentional deaths among children and adolescents, according to a nationwide study.
World Cancer Research Fund - Don't drink alcohol
For cancer prevention, it's best not to drink alcohol. If you do, limit alcoholic drinks and follow national guidelines.
Scottsbluff Star Herald (USA) - Whiteclay street ministry team proposes new effort to end fix alcohol-related problems: buy out the liquor stores
A new effort was announced Saturday to try to end the alcohol-related woes associated with Whiteclay, Nebraska: buy out the liquor stores.
WebMD - Opioids and Alcohol a Dangerous Cocktail
Drinking alcohol while taking powerful opioid painkillers can trigger a potentially deadly respiratory problem, particularly in seniors, a new study warns. (Ireland) - Drugs, alcohol and social status used to coerce young children into life of crime
CRIMINALS USE DRUGS, alcohol and the notion of status to entrap children as young as 11 into a life of crime, according to new research from the University of Limerick.
Science Daily - Rewards treat alcohol abuse in those with mental illness
Researchers at Washington State University have shown that offering prizes -- from simple shampoo to DVD players -- can be an effective, low-cost treatment for alcohol abuse, the nation's third leading preventable cause of death.
Manx Radio (Isle of Man) - Frequent reviews on alcohol consumption needed
Reviews into government guidelines on alchol consumption need to become more regular, according to a public health strategist.
Financial Times (UK) - Top earners spend £21,000 on alcohol and tobacco by age 50
By the age of 50, Britain’s top quarter of earners will have spent £21,000 on alcohol and tobacco and just over £70,000 on clothing and shoes.
Iceland Magazine (Iceland) - Drug abuse drops to a record low among Icelandic teenagers
According to a new study the number of teenagers who either drink or have used drugs has dropped to an all-time low. The study, conducted by researchers with Rannsókn og Greining, shows that alcohol consumption among teenagers aged 15-16 years is now the exception, instead of being the norm. Nearly half of teenagers aged 16-20 have never tasted alcohol.
Latest World News (Russia) - The alcohol will start to sell near schools and hospitals in Russia
The Ministry has prepared a draft government decree, according to which in Russia can once again begin to sell alcohol near educational and medical institutions. According to officials, this measure will be one of the steps to combat illegal alcohol.
Cancer Research UK - World Cancer Day 2017: liver cancer, a global challenge thanks to viruses and alcohol
Liver cancer isn’t that common in the UK. It accounts for around 2 in every 100 newly diagnosed cancers each year and is the 17th most common type of cancer. But since the late 1970s, liver cancer rates have more than tripled in the UK – a sharp rise compared to other types of cancer.
Campaign - Nine in 10 not aware drinking red wine can increase cancer risk
Almost nine in 10 people are not aware that drinking red wine can increase a person's chances of getting cancer, a new poll suggests.
Iceland Magazine (Iceland) - Microbreweries protest proposed abolishment of the state monopoly liquor stores
Domestic microbreweries have also come out in opposition to the bill, as they argue that abolishing the state monopoly stores Vínbúðin, would only benefit larger breweries, while hurting small producers.
Stuff (New Zealand) - Why doesn't alcohol feature nutritional information on labels?
Ever wondered why you can't find ingredients lists or nutritional information on alcohol labelling? So have we.

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Swedish report: Alcohol and cancer

Report published in December 2016 by The Swedish Society of Medicine, IOGT-NTO and CERA (Gothenburg University).
“Healthy living and lifestyles are a strong trend in Sweden, but no other EU nationality knows less about or is less aware of the link between alcohol and cancer. And given that alcohol is the second most common contributory factor in terms of the global cancer burden, according to the World Health Organisation, this is something we are keen to change. Which is why we hope that this report can help boost knowledge levels and awareness, and increase interest
in the issue, both in the health care sector and in society as a whole,” write publishers in the foreword of the report.
Find the English version of the report HERE
Seminar that took place at the launch of the report

Seminarium Alkohol och Cancer på Svenska Läkarsällskapet from alkoholhjalpen on Vimeo.

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Alcohol News - 6/2017

The Guardian (Bolivia) - No alcohol, no violence: life inside the Bolivian community led by women
Gender-based violence remains prevalent in Bolivia, but Maria Auxiliadora, a women-led community in Cochabamba, is trying to change this.
The Conversation - Joe Camel in a bottle: Alcohol companies fail to follow their own ad rules during the 2017 Super Bowl
Alcohol companies used controversial marketing tactics in their 2017 Super Bowl commercials, including the use of animals that are attractive to children and party themes found to influence underage drinking.
Plymouth Herald (UK) - Paradox means richer people can drink as much as those in deprived areas and not suffer same issues
Alcohol deaths of women in the South West are at their highest level in more than 20 years, but new figures who the well-off and healthier can drink as much, if not more, than those in deprived areas and not experience the same health problems.
The Sun (UK) - Parliament’s alcohol bill TRIPLES in two years as MPs and guests guzzle £1.8 million worth of wine, champers and beer
PARLIAMENT’S alcohol bill TRIPLED in two years as MPs and other guests to the estate guzzled £1.8 million worth of booze last year.
Cape Cod Times (USA) - Experts caution not to overlook alcohol's toll
Even before Jack Reilly's family landed at Ellis Island from County Cork, Ireland, in 1909, there was drinking. The stories of chaos and catastrophe caused by alcoholism were passed along for four generations, back 150 years. Yet the disease passed from father to son just seemed normal, said Reilly, of Centerville, a retired lawyer.
EurekAlert - Mixing opioids and alcohol may increase likelihood of dangerous respiratory complication
Taking one oxycodone tablet together with even a modest amount of alcohol increases the risk of a potentially life-threatening side effect known as respiratory depression, which causes breathing to become extremely shallow or stop altogether, reports a study published in the Online First edition of Anesthesiology, the peer-reviewed medical journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA).
YLE News (Finland) - Finnish Customs net nearly two million euros in unpaid alcohol taxes from online stores
Online liquor sellers have had to fork out more than two million euros in unpaid taxes to Finnish Customs. The payout follows intense scrutiny of online alcohol sales by customs officials that began in 2016.
Independent Online (South Africa) - 67% of domestic abuse cases in Cape linked to alcohol
A shocking 67% of all domestic abuse cases in the Western Cape are linked to alcohol abuse.
Medical Daily - Warning Signs Of Alcoholism Vs. Alcohol Abuse: Excessive Drinking May Be Chronic Disease Or Recurring Pattern Of Behavior
It’s generally accepted that alcohol is fine in moderation, but it’s a fact that alcoholism can lead to death. In fact, excessive drinking contributes to almost 90,000 deaths per year in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The Trace (USA) - Alcohol Abuse Is a Major Predictor for Gun Crime
Gun owners who have been convicted of an alcohol-related offense, such as driving under the influence or drunk and disorderly conduct, are up to five times as likely to be arrested for a violent or firearm-related crime than those who have not, new research shows.
Irish Mirror (Ireland) - Dublin doctor warns more needs to be done to address Ireland's alcohol crisis
Not enough is being done to deal with Ireland’s spiralling levels of alcohol addiction, experts have warned. Dr Hugh Gallagher of the One Step Clinic in North Dublin, said unless we tackle our drinking culture booze will continue to be the drug most people are reliant on and the problem will only get worse.
Munchies_ Food by VICE (Australia) - Big Alcohol Dodges Regulations by Trying to Delegitimize Science
Hey, remember how shady sugar corporations lobbied scientists in the 1960s to downplay the link between sugar consumption and coronary heart disease? Or how soda companies used ads to make their product seem less harmful… kind of like Big Tobacco?
Nunatsiaq News (Canada) - Nunavut judge: “Alcohol abuse is tearing apart our society”
It’s not the first time a Nunavut judge has used a sentencing decision to blast Nunavut leaders for the longstanding need to deal with widespread alcohol abuse in the territory.
Pravda (Russia) - Russia to ban discounts on alcoholic drinks
Discounts on alcohol may disappear in Russia. According to the head of the Russian Federal Service for Protection of Consumer Rights, Anna Popova, such promotional campaigns appear as advertising of alcohol.
Reykjavík Grapevine (Iceland) - Alcohol Bill Could Legalise Booze In Stores, Though Parliamentary Fight Likely
It is now more likely than ever that the sale of alcohol in private stores will become a reality in Iceland. However, the matter will by all accounts still be hotly contested. (Isle of Man) - Change to guidelines on weekly alcohol consumption
Changes to advice in the UK – as well as in other European countries – on the safe level of alcohol adults can consume in a week is being adopted in the Isle of Man following a local review.

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FASD News - 5/2017

Irish Medical Times (Ireland) - Ireland nears highest global rate of fetal alcohol syndrome
Ireland has one of the highest prevalence rates of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) worldwide as a result of women drinking during pregnancy, a new study has revealed.
The Scottish Sun (Scotland) - We ask two mums who both drank alcohol while pregnant whether it is OK to booze when you’re expecting
BRITISH mums-to-be are among the booziest in Europe, with four out of ten continuing to drink while expecting. Only Ireland, Denmark and Belarus are worse, according to a new study published in The Lancet.
Outbreak News Today - Podcast: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Lyme geographical distribution
During the first half, Svetlana Popova, PhD, Senior Scientist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health’s Institute for Mental Health Policy Research in Toronto joined me to discuss a new study published in The Lancet Global Health about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and the first-ever estimates of the proportion of women who drink during pregnancy.
Pacific Daily News - Plan ahead for a healthy baby
Not all birth defects are genetic, and by following your health care provider’s guidelines and staying healthy, many are preventable.
Nelson Star (Canada) - Mothers of people with FASD need recognition and more services
I would like to give my sincere gratitude to Karri for having had the courage to come forward and share her difficult journey with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

CANFASD Connect - Welcome to CanFASD Connect!
The Canada FASD Research Network (CanFASD) is pleased to announce our new blog, CanFASD Connect. We’ve created this space for sharing research and policy about FASD, and engaging and interacting with our partners and followers about important issues in the field.
Turning Leaf Community Support Services Inc - Help for people with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Manitoba & Saskatchewan Jessica's Story
Jessica’s mother drank heavily when pregnant. Jessica looks like every other girl, but her doctor says she can only make the decisions of a child.
PolicyWise - FASD Panel: A guided discussion on how findings from the study impacted policy, program and service delivery in the area of FASD
The FASD Panel included Dr. Gail Andrew, Clinician, Alberta Health Services - An expert in FASD diagnostic assessments and actively involved in many research projects; Darcy Fleming, Team Lead, Performance Management, Alberta Human Services – A family support for children with disabilities expert; Janice Penner, Manager, Disability Supports Program Development, Alberta Human Services – Co-Chair of the FASD Cross-Ministry Committee; and Dr. Christine Werk, Research Scientist, PolicyWise for Children & Families – Led the analysis of the FASD data
PolicyWise - Research with an Impact on Policy Panel
Featuring FASD and Homelessness in Calgary, Alberta in 2015 with Dorothy Badry, PhD, Associate Professor, Academic Lead-Working with Homeless Populations, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary; Beyond The Hurt: A Bullying Prevention Program with Wendy Hoglund...

Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology - Prevention and Intervention for FASD in Poland
The aims of this study are to analyze previous activities undertaken in Poland in the field of prevention and intervention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) and to identify the main directions of development of this issue for the future.
Advances in Pediatric Research - The essential role of growth deficiency in the diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Laboratory studies confirm prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) causes growth deficiency (GD). GD has traditionally been a core diagnostic feature of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), but was removed from the Canadian and Australian FASD diagnostic guidelines in 2016.
International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling - Development of a Clinical Practice Model for Serving Clients with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
There is a lack of systematic research on the training of clinicians toward providing counselling services and support to individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).
Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: a Case Study
This case study provides an introduction to fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, diagnostic issues, a detailed description of the individual’s history, presenting symptoms, neuropsychological test results, and an integrated summary.
Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology - Understanding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in China
This article will review issues relating to FASD in China, which is the most populated country in the world. Information on the epidemiology of alcohol use during pregnancy, particularly as it relates to the unique cultural aspects of China, is provided.
Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Information Dissemination by Health Care Professions
Findings of this study indicate that the information disseminated by health care professionals is not always in keeping with this understanding.
The Journal of Pediatrics - Abnormal Eating Behaviors Are Common in Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Abnormal eating patterns are common in children with FASD and may contribute to their delayed growth and nutritional inadequacies. Their poor satiety may reflect poor impulse control.
Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions - “How Could I Have Done This?” Thoughts of Mothers of Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Biological mothers of children with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) must cope with the struggles of parenting a child with special needs with the knowledge that their children’s problems are due to their alcohol use during pregnancy.
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is a permanent disorder resulting from prenatal alcohol exposure. This disorder consists of an array of cognitive and adaptive functioning impairments, many of which may increase the risk for confabulation.
Neurobehavioral Disorder Associated With Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
This Special Article outlines clinical implications and guidelines for pediatric medical home clinicians to identify, diagnose, and refer children regarding neurobehavioral disorder associated with prenatal exposure.
Alcoholism - Prenatal Alcohol Consumption Between Conception and Recognition of Pregnancy
Current estimates of the rates of alcohol-exposed pregnancies may underestimate prenatal alcohol exposure if alcohol consumption in early trimester 1, prior to awareness of pregnancy, is not considered.
Prenatal Alcohol Exposure (PAE) has been associated with children’s externalizing problems (e.g., D’Onofrio et al.,2007); however, it remains unclear whether low/moderate PAE has a meaningful effect on children’s outcomes.

Kouvolan Sanomat (Finland) - FASD-lasten tilanne kestämätön — katso äidin alkoholismin vaurioittaman naisen haastattelu
FASD-lapsia ei osata tunnistaa ja heille on apua tarjolla sekalaisesti. Tilanne on sama koko maassa, myös Kymenlaaksossa.
Kinderaerzte-im-Netz (Germany) - Weltweit werden jährlich schätzungsweise 119.000 Kinder mit einer Fetalen Alkoholspektrum-Störung geboren
Eine kanadische Studie des Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), die in „The Lancet Global Health“ veröffentlicht wurde, kommt zu dem Schluss, dass pro Jahr auf der Welt fast 120.000 Kinder mit Gesundheitsschäden geboren werden, weil ihre Mütter während der Schwangerschaft Alkohol getrunken haben.
Onmeda (Germany) - Alkoholschäden beim Baby: zu 100 Prozent vermeidbar!
Alkohol in der Schwangerschaft kann dem Baby dauerhaft schaden. Dieses Wissen scheint jedoch längst nicht ausreichend verbreitet zu sein: 18 Prozent der Bevölkerung Deutschlands finden es akzeptabel, dass Schwangere ab und zu ein Glas Bier,
Helda (Finland) - FASD - Diagnoosista kuntoutukseen vai ojasta allikkoon
Raskaudenaikaisella alkoholinkäytöllä voi olla vakavia seurauksia. Alkoholi aiheuttaa sikiölle eriasteisia vaurioita, vaikeimmin vaurioituneet ovat syvästi kehitysvammaisia, lievemmin vaurioituneilla voi olla erilaisia kognitiivisia oireita.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Alcohol - Britain's Most Harmful Drug

BBC3: London’s intake of this country's most harmful drug is boosted in December when British people drink 41% more alcohol than other months of the year.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Alcohol News - 5/2017

Medical Daily - Health Benefits Of Alcohol Are Exaggerated And Likely Non-Existent, Suggests Study
Every so often, research surfaces that highlights the supposed benefits of drinking alcohol, but a new study suggests these findings are exaggerated; there is no real connection between alcohol and good health; and even “moderate drinking” may be detrimental, especially in elderly individuals.
The Guardian (Australia) - Alcohol industry subverting science to prevent greater regulation, study finds
The alcohol industry makes claims to governments that contradict and obfuscate science in an attempt to influence marketing regulations and prevent more stringent controls on products, an Australian study has found.
Nyasa Times (Malawi) - Malawi Alcohol Policy Alliance pledges to end alcohol abuses
Despite the ban of packets of liquor sachets of alcohol there is still a proliferation of teenagers still struggling to finish their secondary school, says Malawi Alcohol Policy alliance (MAPA).
K2 Radio (USA) - Wyoming Bill Would Raise Alcohol Tax to Help Fund Schools
A bill approved by a committee vote on Wednesday would raise the tax on alcoholic and malt beverages in Wyoming and direct the majority of revenue collected toward education funding. (USA) - New research finds increase in mortality rates caused by drugs, alcohol and suicide
Nationwide, the mortality rate from deaths caused by drugs, alcohol and suicide rose 52 percent from 2000 to 2014, according to new research from the Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire. Most of the increase was driven by a surge in prescription opioid and heroin overdoses.
Medical Xpress - Study finds divorce increases risk for developing alcohol use disorders
Divorce is causally related to a significant increase in risk for development of alcohol use disorders, according to a new study conducted by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University and Lund University in Sweden.
ITV News (Wales) - Thousands of drinkers die without accessing alcohol treatment services
Thousands of people who died from alcohol related causes had no contact with treatment services, despite repeated hospital admission and A&E attendance, according to a new report.
Expatica Belguim (Belgium) - 100,000 forswear alcohol in February
Nearly 100,000 Belgians intend to take part in the "Tournée Minerale" initiative of the Anti-Cancer Foundation and the Flemish Centre for Alcohol and Drugs.
Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - Alcohol misuse cost West Lothian over £60 million
Over 1000 people in West Lothian were admitted to hospital with alcohol related issues in 2015 with excessive drinking costing the taxpayer an estimated £60 million per year.
Huffington Post South Africa (South Africa) - Never Mind Dry January, We Should Probably All Give Up Alcohol
The new inconvenient truth is that we should probably all give up alcohol - for good. Most of us will have a friend attempting Dry January, swerving the demon drink for a month for varying reasons: to live more healthily, assuage festive guilt, avoid hangovers, save money or prove their willpower.
News ERR (Estonia) - Government approves bill restricting alcohol sales, advertising
The Estonian government on Thursday confirmed a Minister of Health and Labour Jevgeni Ossinovski's bill making changes to the Alcohol Act and Advertising Act before sending it on to the Riigikogu. (UK) - Local alcohol action areas will tackle alcohol related harms
On the 27 January the Home Office launched a new phase of the programme to tackle alcohol-related crime and health harms and create a more diverse night-time economy. The programme initially launched in February 2014 covering 20 areas.
RANZCP (Australia) - RANZCP calls on the government to act on alcohol-related harms
Increasing the price of alcohol, limiting the number and density of outlets selling alcohol and raising the age when you can buy alcohol are among new recommendations from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.
ALDE (EU) - Alcohol: it’s no laughing matter
Alcohol abuse has a large impact on our society, whether it is on the societal, social or economic level. With her report, Ewa-May Karlsson focuses on future action and prevention plans for alcohol-related issues at the EU level with an important contribution from local authorities.