Monday, May 25, 2009

Alcohol News - week 21/2009

BBC Sport (Italy) - Rome issues alcohol ban for final

Local authorities in Rome have issued a total ban on alcohol in the city in a bid to prevent crowd trouble at Wednesday's Champions League final.

Science Daily - 'Extreme' College Drinking And A Sensation-seeking Disposition Lead To Injury

Drinking on college campuses in the United States is a pervasive problem, leading to numerous problems. One study estimated that more than 500,000 college students suffered alcohol-related injuries in 2001.

FOXNews (Bahrain) - Bahrain Lawmakers Call for Crackdown on Alcohol and Western-Style Nightlife

Encouraged by a limited block on alcoholic drinks, conservative lawmakers in Bahrain are pressing for a wider ban in the tiny kingdom that's home to a major U.S. naval base.,2933,520988,00.html

The Missoulian (USA) - Alcohol's toll: Despite tougher laws, drinking and driving remain entrenched as part of Montana ‘culture'

On a normal Sunday in America, three dozen people die in alcohol-related car crashes. Another three dozen die again on Monday, and again on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, too. By the time the week's out, more than 250 are dead. That's just short of 1,100 in a month, 13,000 in a year.

RIA Novosti (Russia) - Russian Church council calls for restriction on alcohol sales

An international public forum, the 13th World Russian People's Council, has called for a ban on alcohol being sold in kiosks with sales restricted to shops only. (UK) - Media has heaviest drinkers, poll finds

Media workers are the heaviest drinking professionals in England, consuming the equivalent of more than four bottles of wine or more than 19 pints of beer a week, according to government research.

Stockholm News (Sweden) - Border trade with alcohol is decreasing

Swedes are bringing in less alcohol from their neighboring countries. The explanation is the bad exchange rate for Swedish kronor (SEK).

Science Daily - A Person's High Or Low Response To Alcohol Says Much About Their Risk For Alcoholism

Someone who has a low level of response (LR) to alcohol, meaning relatively little reaction to alcohol, has a higher risk for developing alcohol-use disorders (AUDs).

New York Times (USA) - Using Science to Keep Teens Sober at Prom

Instead of just telling kids not to consume alcohol at parties, parents should use science to reinforce the no-drinking message, according to a new report from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Times of India (India) - Lower drinking age pushes promiscuity

Lowering legal drinking age not only encourages promiscuity among young people, but also results in unwanted pregnancies and premature births, a new study has found.

Times Online (Iraq) - Iran-Iraq alcohol smugglers risk death or jail to supply banned drink

Dying for a drink? Men and mules do so all the time in the hills along the Iran-Iraq frontier east of Bashmagh.

Daily Telegraph (Australia) - Liberals push for tax on all alcohol in alcopop tax debate

THE Coalition has offered to discuss a tax rise on all alcohol products as it appears to be preparing to back down on its opposition to a 70 per cent rise in the alcopops tax.,22049,25531264-5005941,00.html

Docuticker (USA) - Alcohol Use Among Pregnant and Nonpregnant Women of Childbearing Age — United States, 1991–2005

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy is a risk factor for poor birth outcomes, including fetal alcohol syndrome, birth defects, and low birth weight. (UK) - 24% of adults 'risking health through alcohol'

Nearly a quarter of all adults are risking their health through hazardous drinking, according to official statistics released today.

PR Newswire - Communities Containing More Alcohol Outlets Show Increased Underage Alcohol Access

Communities containing larger numbers of stores selling alcohol are more likely to have higher levels of underage alcohol access, according to a three-year study carried out by the Prevention Research Center of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation in Berkeley, CA.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Alcohol News - week 20/2009

The Canadian Press (Canada) - Appeal Court to decide if fetal alcohol spectrum disorder a factor in sentencing

The role that fetal alcohol spectrum disorder should play in deciding violent offender status for a man with a long rap sheet of sexual assaults - including one against a seven-year-old cousin - will be weighed by Ontario's top court Tuesday. (Korea) - Koreans Spend W14 Trillion on Alcohol, Tobacco

Koreans spend about W14 trillion per year on alcohol and tobacco (US$1=W1,263). According to Bank of Korea statistics released Sunday, consumers spent W14.07 trillion on alcoholic beverages and tobacco last year, up 4.7 percent from W13.45 trillion the year before.

Helsingin Sanomat (Finland) - Finnish alcohol consumption tops list of Nordic countries

The Finns drink more alcohol per capita than any of the other nationalities in the Nordic region. (Germany) - Girl drank herself into coma at her own 13th birthday party

Melina H.* had been celebrating her birthday with friends on Saturday night, but ended up drinking beer and vodka until she passed out.

Science Daily - Smoking Interferes With Recovery From Alcohol-related Brain Damage

Alcohol-use disorders (AUDs) can damage the brain, particularly the frontal and parietal cortices, although this damage is at least partially reversible with sustained abstinence from alcohol.

BBC News (Scotland) - Funding boost for alcohol misuse

Scottish health boards have received £36m to combat alcohol misuse in 2009/10, a 45% increase on the previous year's funding.

Guardian (UK) - Alcohol price controls would save lives, MPs told

Government opposition to a minimum pricing regime for alcohol comes under renewed pressure with calls for a 50p rate a unit aimed at saving 3,400 lives a year.

New York Times (USA) - Can a Few Drinks a Day Lead to Alcoholism?

This week, Personal Health columnist Jane Brody writes on the Rethinking Drinking program at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, created in part by Dr. Mark Willenbring, director of the agency’s Division of Treatment and Recovery Research.

Business Wire (USA) - Three in Ten Americans Drink Alcohol Weekly

Whether it is a martini at the end of a hard day, a nice glass of chardonnay when gathered with friends or a cold beer on a hot summer day, Americans enjoy a cocktail or two.

Wine Spectator - World Drinks Less Wine Per Capita

People are drinking wine at a slower rate, and the global recession appears to have accelerated the trend.,1197,5077,00.html

Monday, May 11, 2009

Alcohol News - week 19/2009

Science Daily - Terrorist Attacks Provoke Surge In Alcohol And Drug Use

Nearly one in 12 people exposed to terrorism report increased use and misuse of alcohol, according to researchers at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and the University of Michigan.

Daily Mail - Alcohol 'could cause one in four cases of dementia'

Drinking may be to blame for one in four cases of dementia, doctors have warned. And women are particularly at risk because they are more susceptible to alcohol's brainwasting effects, a study found.

Irish Times (Ireland) - Youth alcohol problem highlighted

Only half of parents with teenage children regularly monitor alcohol levels in their home to ensure it is not being abused, according to survey.

New York Times (USA) - Are Americans ‘Nutty’ About Drinking?

Alcohol abuse is clearly a real health concern for many, but I can’t help thinking that there is also an overreaction that typifies we are often “nutty” about food and drink compared to Europeans. Is a woman who has a glass of wine every night with dinner — and every now and then has two — really a problem drinker?

Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - Revealed: Children under-10 treated for drink-related illnesses in hospitals

HUNDREDS of children - including under-10s - are treated for booze-related diseases in Scots hospitals every year.

The Associated Press - Helping doctors ask about drug, alcohol problems

If more doctors started asking, would more drug and alcohol abusers 'fess up so they could get help? (Australia) - Australia's top medical experts throw their weight behind alcopops tax increase

Australia's top medical experts have called for the retention of the 'alcopops' tax and have wholeheartedly thrown their support behind the Federal Government's plans to reintroduce the tax.

New York Times (USA) - High Functioning, but Still Alcoholics

Sarah Allen Benton is hardly your stereotypical alcoholic. She has a master of science degree from Northeastern University and is a licensed mental health counselor at Emmanuel College in Boston.

Reuters - Drinking while down may signal teen suicide risk

Adolescents who drink alcohol while sad or depressed have an increased risk of attempting suicide, whether or not they have previously had suicidal thoughts, a study indicates.

BBC News (UK) - Female binge drink rates 'double'

The percentage of women who binge drink has doubled since the 1990s, research has found.

Science Daily - Alcohol Drinkers Not Only Zone Out -- But Also Are Unaware That They Do

A new study out of the University of Pittsburgh suggests that a moderate dose of alcohol increases a person's mind wandering, while at the same time reducing the likelihood of noticing that one's mind has wandered.

Economic Times - Even a small drink can disconnect you from reality

A moderate dose of alcohol not only induces a wandering mind, it also shuts down the likelihood of a person's knowing about it.

Wall Street Journal (UK) - UK Darling Raises Alcohol, Tobacco Duties By 2%

Duty on alcohol and tobacco in the U.K. is set to rise by 2% from Wednesday evening, U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling said Wednesday, dashing the hopes of a reprieve for the pub and alcohol sector.

Times Online (UK) - What’s wrong with teetotallers?

The Health Secretary is worried that society treats teetotallers like pariahs. Here four non-drinkers describe how it feels to be considered strange.

YLE News (Finland) - Finns Found to Be Susceptible to Cirrhosis of the Liver

Deaths caused by cirrhosis of the liver are increasing in Finland faster than in other countries, according to a British study quoted by the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. According to the study, Finns can contract the disease with a significantly smaller amount of alcohol than other Europeans need to achieve the same result.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Alcohol News - week 18/2009

Natural - Research Suggests Alcohol Causes Breast Cancer in Women

Breast cancer is the one of the most common cancers among women from the United States. The chance of getting invasive breast cancer sometime in a woman's life was around 12 percent in 2008 according to statistics from the American Cancer Society.

Business Today Egypt (Egypt) - A look at Egypt's alcohol industry

For thousands of years, Egypt has been a producer of wine and beer. Last month, as archaeologists announced they had discovered in the 5,000-year-old tomb of Scorpion I what might be the world’s oldest bottle of wine.

PR Newswire (USA) - National Survey: Parents Report Increased Awareness of Risks of Teen Prescription Drug Abuse, But Preventative Action Lags

The 14th annual national survey of parents' attitudes about teen drug and alcohol use was released today by the nonprofit Partnership for a Drug-Free America and MetLife Foundation.

The Courier News - Drinks are free with many popular shows

A new study from Radboud University in the Netherlands linked drinking in entertainment with drinking in real life. Two groups of 20 male students watched movies in close proximity to a refrigerator filled with soft drinks and alcohol.,SHO-Sunday-bros03.article (UK) - Alcohol-related hospital admissions rise by more than 50 per cent

Data from the Department of Health showed there were 863,257 drink-related admissions in 2007-08, a rise from 569,418 in 2003-04 - or a climb of 51.6 per cent.

River Falls Journal (USA) - Can’t miss them: Local youths evaluate alcohol, tobacco ads

In groups of three plus a chaperone, the kids blanketed the city, checking the tobacco and alcohol advertising displays at convenience shops, grocery stores, gas stations, taverns and the bowling alley.

Scotsman (Scotland) - Doctors to treat alcoholics with taste of The Good Life

SUCCESSFULLY persuading chronic alcoholics of the virtues of gardening and a good diet may appear like an impossible task, but doctors are to start promoting The Good Life model in a bid to cure Scotland's drink problem.

Science Daily - Genetics Can Mediate Vulnerability To Alcohol's Effects During Pregnancy

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can lead to teratogenesis, the development of embryonic defects.

MedIndia - Worldwide Treaty on Alcohol Sought To Curb Growing Liver Disease

Governments across the globe must unite and act now to develop a worldwide treaty on alcohol to reduce the growing burden of alcohol related harm, warns a liver specialist in this week’s BMJ.

Irish Times (Ireland) - Curran says alcohol to be included in new drugs strategy from next year

ALCOHOL will be included in a new drugs strategy next year, while the current strategy is expected to finally go to Cabinet by the end of May or early June this year, the Dáil has been told.

Stars and Stripes (EU) - Fewer DUI citations for troops and civilians around Europe

The number of Americans arrested in Europe for drinking and driving has dropped dramatically in the past five years, according to statistics provided by the U.S. military.

YLE News (Finland) - Finns Found to Be Susceptible to Cirrhosis of the Liver

Deaths caused by cirrhosis of the liver are increasing in Finland faster than in other countries, according to a British study quoted by the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. According to the study, Finns can contract the disease with a significantly smaller amount of alcohol than other Europeans need to achieve the same result.