Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Alcohol News - week 39/2008

EuropeNews (Norway) - Norway: Alcohol as an obstacle for integration

The International Health and Social Group (IHSG) is arranging an evening at the Central Jammat-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat mosque in Oslo on Sep. 24th. The theme of the evening is alcohol policy in an inclusive perspective.

Science Daily - Drinking Alcohol Before 15 Years Of Age Is Risky For Later Alcohol Problems

It may seem like a minor point, but it matters when someone takes their first drink of alcohol relative to later development of alcohol problems.

Bloomberg (Botswana) - Botswana Court Blocks 30 Percent Alcohol Levy, Daily News Says

Botswana's High Court blocked a government plan to impose a 30 percent tax on alcoholic beverages pending the appointment of a panel of judges to hear brewers' opposition to the plan, the Daily News reported.

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Alcohol-related hospital visits rocket, with ladettes the worst

DRUNKEN female party animals are inundating NSW hospital emergency departments in record numbers.

Science Daily - Neuropeptide Y System Linked To More Severe Form Of Alcohol Dependence

Previous animal research showed an association between the neuropeptide Y (NPY) pathway and its three receptor genes and response to alcohol and cocaine.

Morning Advertiser (UK) - Low alcohol wine can appeal British ban

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) banned sales of 8% abv Sovio after claiming it breaches European regulations but it has now been granted a Judicial Review.

Irish Medical News (Ireland) - Alcohol consumption down in 2008

There has been a “very significant” decline in alcohol consumption so far this year, according to the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland (DIGI). The Irish College of Psychiatrists (ICP) recently called for a ban on alcohol advertising as an international study revealed alcohol consumption here has risen by 40 per cent over the past 15 years and that it results in 1,500 deaths each year.

Newstrack India (India) - Indian-origin scientist blocks alcohol damage to foetal brain

In a study on foetal alcohol syndrome, a team led by an Indian-origin scientist was able to prevent alcohol damage in a key area of the foetal brain - the cerebellum.

7thSpace Interactive (Japan) - Under-diagnosis of alcohol-related problems and depression in a family practice in Japan

AimThe aim of this survey was to assess the accuracy of a family physician's diagnosis of depression and alcoholism. (Nepal) - Nepal cracks down on alcohol sale for ‘vice control’

As part of the new Maoist-led government’s drive to remove the “widespread vices in society”, Nepal has begun cracking down on the sale of alcohol and tobacco goods in the Himalayan republic, closing duty-free spirit shops at the sole international airport and confiscating bottles stowed away in passengers’ luggage.

The Herald (UK) - More sophisticated response is needed to tackle alcohol problems

The report that Scots drink more per head than the rest of the UK (The Herald, September 26) mistakenly focuses on overall consumption rather than the importance of tackling individuals' patterns of drinking.

Wavah Broadcasting Company (Uganda) - Alcohol leading cause of domestic violence

A new research conducted by the Steadman Group has shown that alcohol consumption is the leading cause of domestic violence in Uganda.

Science Daily - 'Casual' Smokers Have A Greater Risk Of Hazardous Drinking And Alcohol-use Disorders

Non-daily or "casual" smokers tend to slip through the cracks of prevention efforts. Yet casual smoking and heavy drinking are prevalent behaviors among young adults and, furthermore, casual smoking occurs primarily in the context of alcohol use.

BBC News (Scotland) - Students attack drink sales ban

Plans to raise the age at which young people can buy alcohol from shops from 18 to 21 have come under further pressure at parliament.

The Local (Sweden) - Swedes smuggling less booze into the country

The smuggling of spirits and beer into Sweden has dropped by 35 percent during the first half of the year, according to researchers at Stockholm University. (Ireland) - One in five now drink excessively

A WORRYING one in five Irish people are drinking "excessively" every single week and a significant number are drinking at levels well above those recommended by international health bodies, new research shows.

NewsRoom Finland (Finland) - Finnish attitudes toward alcohol harden

The Finnish Centre for Health Promotion (Tekry) said at its annual alcohol and drug seminar on Tuesday that the Finnish public's stance toward alcohol abuse had hardened since two years ago.

Corporations and Health Watch (USA) - Alcopops: State by State Battle to End Corporate Tax Fraud

Alcopops are a relatively new product category in the United States. The alcohol industry labels the youth-friendly products “flavored malt beverages” to take advantage of more favorable tax rates for beer.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Alcohol News - week 38/2008

Irish Times (Ireland) - Shoppers head North for cut-price alcohol

As the credit crunch hits more consumers are flocking to the North to purchase cut-price alcohol, it was revealed today.

Aftenposten (Norway) - Conservative U-turn on alcohol liberalization

The Conservative Party (Høyre) seems ready to reverse its previous policy which would have made alcohol cheaper and available in ordinary stores. (UK) - One third of pregnant women secretly drink alcohol, survey finds

Experts say one in every 100 babies are affected by their mothers drinking while pregnant. More than 6,000 are born every year with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder which can cause learning difficulties, hyperactivity, co-ordination problems, brain damage and deafness.

Sunday Standard (Botswana) - Khama, KBL fight over alcohol levy

A war of words has erupted between the Government and Kgalagadi Breweries following a government decision to introduce a 30% levy on all alcoholic beverages, effective October1, 2008.

Baltic Business News (Estonia) - Estonian government and alcohol producers disagree on alcohol excise tax

As an opportunity to increase budget revenue the government discusses to increase excise tax on strong alcohol, but alcohol producers said it would not give any revenues to the country, but would only increase the consuming of illegal alcohol, writes ERR.

Republic of Botswana (Botswana) - 'Tackle link between alcohol and HIV'

There is need to boldly step out and tackle the link between alcohol and HIV says Dr Samba Nyirenda, co-founder of the Save Haven Counselling Centre in Francistown.

Baltic Business News (Estonia) - Estonian alcohol producer to reduce working week

Estonia’s largest distillery Liviko announced last week that it will reduce its working week by one day in October.

BBC News (EU) - EU renews India WTO drinks case

The European Union (EU) is to reopen a complaint about India's wine and spirits duties at the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Science Daily - Mom's Beliefs May Impact Their Kids' Alcohol Use, Study Finds

Mothers, take note. If you really want to curb your teens' chances of using alcohol, help them develop a self-view that doesn't include drinking.

Boston Globe (USA) - Reopening of drinking-age debate decried

A spokesman for the Massachusetts chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving lashed out at a statement signed by 130 college presidents - including three north of Boston - that calls for a new debate to rethink the national minimum drinking age of 21.

MarketWatch (USA) - 'Alcohol Consumption at Home in the United States 2008' Examines Socioeconomic Trends as Well as a Number of Other Issues

Recessionary pressures are driving shifts in consumer behavior. One such shift is the movement toward cooking at home, which has renewed interest in alcohol as a culinary enhancer rather than just a mere intoxicator.

Times Online (France) - France ban on internet alcohol advertising hits industry

France may be home to some of the world's finest wines but it could be about to join the tiny club of Muslim states that forbid their promotion on the internet.

Financial Times (UK) - SNP puts forward radical plans to curb alcohol abuse

Scotland, which led the UK in its ban on smoking in public spaces, is poised to pioneer measures aimed at curbing alcohol abuse. (Australia) - Aboriginal drinking myths debunked

Why are indigenous people more often teetotallers than non-indigenous people, according to statisticians? Why do those who drink consume more, more often?

Economic Times (India) - Cabin crew demands limit on amount of alcohol that can be served

Lufthansa flight LH 756 from Frankfurt, which landed in Mumbai on September 9, was unusually eventful for passengers as well as the cabin crew, who were kept busy throughout the journey by an inebriated passenger.

DUI Daily (USA) - One in Twelve Americans Admit Driving While Possibly Drunk

More than 30 million Americans will hit the road this Labor Day weekend for one last summer road trip. But a new survey indicates many of those drivers admit they may be driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Sidelines (USA) - The consequenes of altering the mind

In my senior year of high school, my English teacher, out of curiosity, asked our class of 30 students how many of us were planning to experiment with drugs and alcohol in college. All but one student's hand went up.

FOXNews - 'Oldest' Man Turns 113, Says Not Drinking Alcohol Is Key to Longevity

The Japanese man said to be the oldest in the world celebrated his 113th birthday Thursday and told reporters the key to long life is abstaining from alcohol, Reuters reports.,2933,424442,00.html - Revealed: the nine types of heavy drinker

The Department of Health will today identify the nine personality types of heavy drinkers at risk of liver damage and other alcohol-related illnesses that are costing the NHS in England about £2.7bn a year.

Irish Times (Ireland) - Psychiatrists call for complete ban on alcohol advertising

Irish teenagers spend €145 million a year on alcohol, more than the entire annual spend on illegal drugs such as heroin, according to Irish psychiatrist Dr Bobby Smyth.

Reuters (Ireland) - Irish alcohol sales slide faster in weak economy

The consumption of alcoholic drinks in Ireland is likely to fall more in 2008 than in the past six years combined, as a weakening economy and high costs take their toll, an industry group said on Tuesday.

Journal of Neuropsychiatry - Alcoholic Optic Neuropathy: Another Complication of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol affects both the central and the peripheral nervous system; hence, cognitive dysfunction as well as sensory and motor peripheral neuropathy are frequent complications of chronic abuse.

Science Daily - A Healthy Lifestyle Halves The Risk Of Premature Death In Women

Over half of deaths in women from chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease could be avoided if they never smoke, keep their weight in check, take exercise and eat a healthy diet low in red meat and trans-fats, according to a study published on the British Medical Journal website.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Alcohol News - week 37/2008

Sidney Morning Herald (Australia) - New alcopops sneak around tax

THE maker of leading alcopop brands such as Vodka Cruiser and Pulse has found a way around the tax on premixed drinks: using alcohol derived from lower-taxed beer to attract younger drinkers back to the sweet stuff. (USA) - Let's Debate Out in the Open: The Amethyst Initiative

In July 2008, 100 college and university presidents and system chancellors decided to sign a petition to say that although the drinking age is 21, irresponsible drinking continues, and is prevalent on college campuses.

Sunday Standard (Botswana) - Khama blames the Private Sector for its silence on alcohol abuse

President Ian Khama has blamed the private sector for being quiet when he emphasizes the challenges posed by alcohol abuse.

7thSpace Interactive - The relationship between a less gender-stereotypical parenthood and alcohol-related care and death: a registry study of Swedish mothers and fathers

In general men tend to drink more alcohol and experience more alcohol-related sickness, injuries and mortality than women. In this paper, the overall hypothesis was that increased gender similarity in the division of parental duties would lead to convergence in alcohol-related harm.

Charter 97 (Belarus) - Polling stations to be provided with cheap alcohol

It was discussed at the sitting of the staff of control the consumer market of the city executive committee on September 12.

Earthtimes (Germany) - Alcohol and drug addictions a risk factor for senior citizens

Elderly people have a higher risk of becoming addicted to alcohol or medicine and this can often go unnoticed by people in their surroundings.,alcohol-and-drug-addictions-a-risk-factor-for-senior-citizens.html

Science Daily - Women Who Binge Drink At Greater Risk Of Unsafe Sex And Sexually Transmitted Disease

Binge drinking (5+ alcoholic beverages at one time) is associated with risky sexual behaviors. A new study is one of the few to examine this association by gender in an urban clinic for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

YLE News (Finland) - Vehviläinen: Lower Blood Alcohol Limit Possible for Youths

Transport Minister Anu Vehviläinen says she is prepared to consider reducing the legal blood alcohol limit for young drivers. (Cameroon) - WHO Recommends Increase in Beer Prices

In a move to stem the harmful use of alcohol, the World Health Organisation, WHO, Regional Director for Africa, Dr. Luis Gomes Sambo, has recommended an increase in taxes and prices of alcoholic drinks.

Scotsman (Scotland) - 'Success' of under-21 alcohol ban is mere SNP spin, says professor

LOCAL underage drinking crackdowns have provided no evidence that a national under-21 alcohol ban in shops and off-licences will reduce youth disorder, according to the country's top public health statistician.

Newsday (USA) - NJ lawmaker wants college alcohol policies

State Senate President Richard Codey has written a letter to every college in New Jersey demanding details of their alcohol policies.,0,5969692.story

Independent Online (South Africa) - Half of Cape moms-to-be drink alcohol

Almost half of the pregnant women in the Western Cape drink alcohol, and the incidence of foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) in the province stands at 7,5 percent of all babies born.

Viet Nam News (Vietnam) - Authorities inspect alcohol beverage makers

HCM City’s Department of Health on Wednesday asked the city’s provinces, and district People’s Committees to co-ordinate with local market management offices to inspect alcoholic beverages manufacturing and trading activities in the city. (Ireland) - Public drunks now face on-the-spot fines

On-the-spot fines of €100 can now be issued by gardai against people who are drunk in public.

Gazeta.KZ (Kazakhstan) - In Kazakhstan alcoholic production may be realized in separate specialized stores

"Kazakhstan Today" In Kazakhstan alcoholic production may be realized in separate specialized stores, said vice minister of finance of Kazakhstan Daulet Ergozhin today in interview.

Times Online (UK) - SNP prepares to backtrack on alcohol proposals

Scottish Ministers are set to rethink controversial plans to ban under-21s from buying alcohol in off-sales and to establish separate supermarket checkouts for people buying drink.

Turkish Daily News (Turkey) - Number of places that sell alcohol decreases

The number of businesses selling alcohol in Turkey decreased by 12.6 percent over the past three years, a recent report has revealed.

Medscape - More Frequent but Shorter Medical Visits Are Effective in Treating Alcohol Dependence

More medical management visits, patients' positive perceptions of their alliance with their clinician and their satisfaction with treatment, and higher clinician confidence in counseling were associated with improved outcomes with regard to problem drinking, according to a study published in the September/October issue of the Annals of Family Medicine.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Alcohol News - week 36/2008

DG Health and Consumer Protection (EU) – Public Health Videos

Welcome to the web platform where you can watch video clips and TV commercials produced across Europe on issues relating to public health.

BBC News (Scotland) - Minister hears booze ban success

Scotland's health minister has said a pilot scheme which prevents off-licence sales of alcohol to under 21s could help bring a cultural shift.

Scotsman (Scotland) - Rise in Scots suffering alcohol-related brain damage

INCREASING numbers of Scots are literally drinking themselves senseless, according to new figures released yesterday. (UK) - Five pubs closing every day as landlords struggle with high taxes and credit crisis

Landlords are struggling to cope with the burden of red tape, higher alcohol duties and falling customer numbers as the credit crisis bites.

Sunday Standard (Botswana) - Government on the verge of abandoning the 70% alcohol

Fearing a possible backlash ahead of next year’s General Elections, President Ian Khama’s close advisors are said to be on the verge of convincing him to abandon his plans to introduce a 70% alcohol levy.

Market Wire (Canada) - MADD Canada calls for Mandatory Alcohol Ignition Interlock Programs

All the Canadian provinces and territories received poor grades for failing to establish mandatory alcohol ignition interlock programs for impaired driving offenders.

Reuters (UK) - Minister raps radio DJs for glorifying alcohol

Radio DJs should stop glorifying being drunk to help tackle the rising problem of binge-drinking among young people, the government said on Friday.

Sunday Herald (UK) - Fears for ‘hidden’ children born with alcohol syndrome

PREGNANT WOMAN in Scotland are to be told to abstain completely from drinking as medics warned that the nation has a huge and hidden population of sufferers of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). - Binge drinking women often engage in risky sex

The researchers from John Hopkins University Medical School in Baltimore say their research has revealed that binge drinking, apart from the more obvious negative outcomes, also increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), and this is more so in the case of women.

Joy Online (Ghana) - Africans must curb harmful use of alcohol

African countries have been called upon to curb the harmful use of alcohol, a practice which experts say poses a serious threat to the Region’s health and development efforts.

U.S. News & World Report - Neighborhood Alcohol Outlets Tied to Kids' Injury Risk

The more places that sell alcohol in a neighborhood, the greater the number of injuries that occur to children who live there, a new study reports.

Irish Times (Ireland) - 'Massive loophole' in alcohol licensing law

THE GOVERNMENT has left a "massive loophole" in recent alcohol licensing legislation by failing to control home delivery sales of drink, former PD leader Michael McDowell has said.

Chicago Tribune (USA) - Alcohol and those under 21 don't mix

About this time last year a 19-year-old Bradley University soccer player died when four of his friends lit Roman candles, accidentally setting his bedroom on fire as he slept. All had been drinking, including the victim. Three of the four students—who would end up in jail—also played soccer for Bradley.,0,625820.story

The Associated Press (USA) - Study: 12 percent of Indian deaths due to alcohol

Almost 12 percent of the deaths among American Indians and Alaska Natives are alcohol-related — more than three times the percentage in the general population, a new federal report says.

Turkish Daily News (Turkey) - Night team to protect public against alcohol in capital

According to Ankara's mayor, a new 'night inspection team' is intended to provide safety, but for other municipal politicians the move is an encroachment on their powers and one more step toward banning alcohol in the capital.

This is London (UK) - You're booked! Police hand out yellow cards to rowdy drinkers

Aggressive drinkers are being handed 'yellow cards' banning them from the area for up to 48 hours.'re+booked!+Police+hand+out+yellow+cards+to+rowdy+drinkers/

The Courier - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder awarness day Sept. 9

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) awareness day is September 9, 2008. Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a birth defect syndrome caused by maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy and is the most clinically recognizable form of a larger group of problems caused by alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

Gulf Daily News (Bahrain) - Total ban on alcohol urged

An MP yesterday called on authorities to impose a total ban on alcoholic drinks and close down bars at hotels.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Alcohol News - week 35/2008 (USA) - Delaying use of alcohol benefits society

I applaud recent attempts by some college and university presidents around the country to call attention to the problem of underage drinking on college campuses and elsewhere. However, the answer to this problem is not to lower the legal drinking age.

BBC News (UK) - Parents warned over alcohol habit

Parents of young children are being warned about their drinking habits after a poll found their consumption had reached worrying levels.

Daily Mail (UK) - Revealed: The 50,000 young people who drink their way into hospital every year

Fifty thousand young men and women drink their way into hospital each year in England, official figures show.

Times of India (India) - 50% of liver failures due to alcohol in Gujarat

In an irony of sorts, over 50 per cent of liver failures in the state are caused by alcoholism often claiming many lives in ‘dry’ Gujarat every year.

Medical News Today - American Indian/Alaska Natives Have Significantly Higher Alcohol-Related Death Percentage Than General Population

Nearly 12% of American Indian and Alaska Native deaths over a four-year period were alcohol related, according to a CDC report released on Thursday, AP/USA Today reports.

Focus News (Macedonia) - Only shops with licenses can sell alcohol in Macedonia

The amending and supplementing bill to the Trade Act, which says that alcohol can be sold only in shops with licenses, enters into force as of September 1st, Focus News Agency’s correspondent in Skopje reported.

Reuters (USA) - Alcohol deaths common among American Indians

Alcohol-related causes such as liver disease and car crashes account for nearly 12 percent of American Indian and Alaska Native deaths, 3-1/2 times the figure for the overall population, officials said on Thursday.

Sunday Herald (Scotland) - Drinks giant attacks plans to combat alcohol abuse

THE WORLD'S biggest drinks company Diageo has launched a scathing assault on the Scottish government's plans to combat alcohol abuse, claiming that the SNP's approach is "unfair" and will not achieve its objective.

Houston Chronicle (USA) - Drunken-driving deaths decrease, U.S. report finds

Drunken-driving deaths fell in 32 states in 2007, the government reported last week, but alcohol-related fatalities increased among motorcycle riders in half the states.

U.S. News & World Report - Alcohol in Early Pregnancy May Prompt Fetal Cell Death

Just a few glasses of wine over a short period in early pregnancy may cause fetal problems, suggest researchers from the Medical College of Georgia.

Bloomberg - Rich Countries Underestimate Alcohol's Link to Cancer

People in higher-income countries underestimate the link between increased alcohol consumption and cancer more than those in less affluent parts of the world, a survey found.

Radio Netherlands (Netherlands) - Dutch teenagers drink themselves into hospital

Four teenagers were this weekend admitted to hospital in Delft, near The Hague, because they had drunk enormous amounts of alcohol. The youngsters, between 15 and 16, had blood alcohol levels of around 2.7. It is an offence to drive at levels of 0.5 and above.

Brisbane Times (Australia) - Ecstasy less evil than booze: researcher

Ecstasy is a "lesser evil" than alcohol, a prominent researcher at Queensland's Alcohol and Drug Research and Education Centre (QADREC) says.

AFP (Sweden) - Sharp rise in alcoholism among Swedish women: report

Alcoholism among women in Sweden rose by 50 percent between 2003 and 2007 as beer, wine and spirits have become more accessible in the country long known for its restrictive alcohol policy, a report on Saturday said.

BBC News (UK) - Alcohol link to serious assaults

Police studies have concluded the majority of serious assaults in the Scottish Borders can be "directly attributed to alcohol".

Online Casino Reports (Sweden) - Sweden Says Heja to Alcohol and Gambling

Sweden might be known as liberal and free-wheeling by and large. Yet its alcohol market, for one is owned by a state-run monopoly. It's online gambling market too.

PR Web - Emerging Markets Offer High Growth Potential for Alcoholic Beverages, According to a New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Increasing demand from emerging markets of Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe is expected to drive the world market for alcohol beverages. Cultural and religious factors, drinking habits, changing lifestyles, and economic prosperity of the population are major factors influencing the demand for alcoholic beverages across the world.

Newsroom Finland (Finland) - Finnish government puts off decision on alcohol duties

Finland's centre-right government agreed on Wednesday, the first day of its budget talks, to put off making a decision on whether or not to raise alcohol duties to next year.

The Local (Norway) - Norwegians flock to Sweden's liquor stores

Norwegians are heading across the border to make their alcohol purchases in Sweden like never before.

Financial Times (Sweden) - Moves to let alcohol flow in Sweden

It's difficult to determine where the principles really lie in country with state owned monopolies on alcohol and gambling. Sweden's 'systems' have many critics, and EU-backed online services are already devising loopholes.

Newsletter: Alcohol and the EU