Monday, July 26, 2010

Alcohol News - 30/2010

3News NZ (New Zealand) - Govt 'gutless' for not changing drink drive limit
Alcohol lobbyists say the Government is "gutless" for not lowering the legal drink-drive limit. Today it announced major changes to drink drive laws, but stopped short of changing the blood alcohol limit.

CNN (USA) - More Americans drinking (alcohol)
More adults in the U.S. appear to be drinking alcohol, according to a new study of the nation's drinking habits. And the trend seems to be consistent across ethnic groups and genders. Between 1992 and 2002, the percentage of men and women who drank alcohol increased, as did the percentage of whites, blacks, and Hispanics, the study found.

Medscape - Drinking Alcohol Temporarily Heightens Stroke Risk
Drinking even small amounts of alcohol increases the risk for ischemic stroke, a controversial new study suggests. Results from the Stroke Onset Study show double the risk for stroke an hour after consuming as little as a single serving of wine, beer, or hard liquor.

International Center for Research on Women of Washington (USA) says that alcohol is a risk factor for AIDS because they have proven their relationship to a higher prevalence of risky sexual practices that may favor HIV infections.

Chicago Tribune (USA) - Alcohol drinkers shift sipping sites to home, say researchers
The lousy economy hasn’t stopped Americans from sipping booze, but we’re drinking at home more than we are in restaurants, bars and lounges these days. And we’re looking for bargains. At least that’s how it appears based on recently released numbers crunched by two different market researchers based in Chicago. - Malicious adults use drugs, alcohol to abuse kids
Parents and caregivers who slip young, healthy children doses of common drugs — including painkillers, sedatives and laxatives — are fueling a dangerous but hidden form of child abuse, new research finds.

MSN Health & Fitness (USA) - Colleges Not Doing Enough to Combat Student Drinking: Report
U.S. colleges aren't doing enough to limit student access to alcohol, a new study contends. - Risk of death from drug and alcohol-related diseases varies between occupational groups
The risk of death from diseases and injuries caused by alcohol, drugs and sexual habits varies significantly between different jobs and professions. The study published in the scientific journal, Occupational Medicine, undertook an analysis of 1.6 million deaths over a 10-year period and found the rates of death from diseases and injuries related to alcohol, sexual habits and drugs were much higher in certain occupations.

The Guardian (UK) - NHS reports fall in drug, tobacco and alcohol use among schoolchildren
Fewer schoolchildren are smoking, drinking or taking drugs, according to an NHS report which contradicts the widespread belief that such behaviour is increasingly popular with young people.

Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - Army top brass urge troops to stay off the alcohol in bid to fight flab
The Ministry of Defence have unveiled a series of hard-hitting adverts warning that heavy boozers risk getting "moobs" and unsightly beer bellies.

Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - Shock figures show 550 pupils kicked out of Scots schools for drink and drug use every year
PARENTS have been blamed for new figures that show an average of 550 Scots pupils are thrown out of school for using drugs or alcohol each year.

WalesOnline (Wales) - Experts back bid to end 24-hour drinking
CALLING time on 24-hour drinking could cure epidemic levels of drunkenness in Cardiff city centre, according to a leading expert on alcohol-related violence.

Ghana News Agency (Ghana) - CCG not happy with advertisement of alcohol/drugs in the media
The Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) has expressed concern about the numerous advertisements in the media which sought to promote the sale of drugs and alcohol.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alcohol News - 29/2010

RTT News - New Study Links Alcohol Consumption And Stroke
A new study published in the current edition of the journal Stroke suggests that the risk of having an ischemic stroke increases dramatically in the hour immediately following the consumption of alcohol.

Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol-induced abuse of children is rife, says bishop
FIGURES FOR alcohol abuse “would imply that many children are being physically, emotionally and sexually abused across this country on a daily basis – and especially at weekends,” the Auxiliary Bishop of Down and Connor, Donal McKeown, has said.

The Associated Press (USA) - Probe sought into alcohol-energy drinks marketing
New York Sen. Charles Schumer is urging the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the marketing of flavored alcoholic beverages with caffeine that appear to be explicitly designed to attract underage drinkers.

Arab News (Saudi Arabia) - Campaign against drugs, liquor billed a big success
Saudi authorities confiscated over 40,000 bottles of alcohol as part of a major crackdown on illegal substances during the first six months of 2010.

BBC News (USA) - Moonshine 'tempts new generation'
A growing number of Americans are thought to be getting involved in moonshining - distilling illegal liquor. Traditionally hidden in the backwoods, stills are now going into production in cities across the nation, as Claire Prentice reports from New York.

The Guardian - Buzz from kombucha health drink is probably the alcohol, say US inspectors
A trendy super-tea popular with celebrities is brewing up a storm in the US after investigators found that it delivered more of a kick than consumers had bargained for.

International Business Times AU (Australia) - NSW police seeks more alcohol-free zones in Sydney residential areas
The NSW police have asked the Sydney council to establish 19 more alcohol-free zones to address the increasing number of non-residents getting involved in alcohol-related assaults.

Celebrities With Diseases - Binge drinking in teenage years causes osteoporosis and fractures in old age
Drinking like a fish is not good for the health of teenagers and leads to osteoporosis and bone fractures in the later years of life, reports This conclusion has been derived from a research conducted by researchers at Loyola University Health System, Chicago on rats.

European Public Health Alliance (EU) - 4th European Alcohol Policy Conference : "From capacity to action"
The Fourth European Alcohol Policy Conference was held on 21 and 22 June 2010 by Eurocare, the European Alcohol Policy Alliance. The aim of the Conference was to gather people from a broad range of sectors to exchange and communicate on alcohol-related issues and policies aiming at effectively preventing and reducing alcohol-related harm.

Australias National Forum (Australia) - How Australia decided there is no good to drinking
In 2009, Australia issued new guidelines - replacing those from 2001 - for the consumption of alcohol through the government’s National Health and Medical Research Council. The 2009 Australian Guidelines to Reduce Health Risks from Drinking Alcohol (keep this title in mind) halved the acceptable levels of consumption for men from four to two glasses of alcohol daily (the level for women remained at two glasses).

Monday, July 12, 2010

Alcohol News - 28/2010

New York Daily (USA) - Sen. Schumer urges manufacturers to stop marketing fruity alcoholic Jooce, Four Loco drinks to kids
They look like innocent cans of grape soda and orange punch. But they come with a jittery, boozy kick. Caffeinated fruit-flavored malt liquor drinks that sell for just $2 are a hit with some city teens, and that has New York pols asking the federal government to help stem the growing popularity.

ABC Online (Australia) - Police back alcohol restrictions
Goldfields police have backed the findings of a new report which highlights the success of voluntary alcohol restrictions in Norseman. (Australia) - Australian charity adds pressure to alcohol sponsorship debate
The Cancer Council Western Australia has joined the push for a blanket ban on alcohol advertising at all Australian sporting venues. The charity, which has a history of advocacy and action on cancer issues, has called on Health Minister Nicola Roxon to consider a phased introduction of bans, similar to the method used for tobacco laws more than 20 years ago. (USA) - Students listen to parents about alcohol
U.S. teens tend to drink more alcohol the summer before college, but parents can help stave alcohol use by discussing drinking with them, researchers advise.

BBC (UK) - Tension at heart of drug classification
The Home Office has fought for three years to keep details of its review of the drug classification system secret. Now the campaigners who forced its publication think they know why: the document, they say, exposes the illogicality that undermines government drugs policy.

AOL News - Alcohol Gets More Dangerous as You Get Older
A new UCLA study has supported scientists' concerns that alcohol abuse by the elderly has become a major national health problem.

Vancouver Sun (Canada) - Alcohol consumption on the rise in Quebec: Study
Alcohol consumption has jumped nearly 20 per cent in Quebec since 1994, according to a provincial health board that is calling on the government to consider tying liquor prices to alcohol content.

The Guardian (UK) - BBC saves a bucket after banning champagne from staff expenses claims
For BBC staff, it appears, the last of the summer wine ran out in October 2008, when expenses rules tightened to exclude champagne purchases "under any circumstances".

RIA Novosti - Six minutes from glass to brain
German scientists established that it takes alcohol six minutes to affect brain cells, the Telegraph reported.

The Caledonian Mercury - Southern Europeans don’t go out drinking
After living in Scotland for most of my life and Ibiza for the last six years I’ve come to a simple conclusion on the difference between the boozing habits of southern and northern Europeans. Southern Europeans just don’t go out drinking. If that sounds like a load of nonsense, let me explain.

Independent (EU) - Sales of food, drink and tobacco increase across Europe
Food, alcohol and tobacco retail trade volume, which accounts for 16%, 4% and 3% of household expenditure, increased from April to May across the EU; Finland, Denmark and the UK the most expensive member states.

Los Angeles Times - Global brewers hope to tap a new market: Africa
As economic development and political stability pull more people out of poverty, multinational beer makers are trying to quench their growing thirst for alcohol.,0,2381003.story

YLE News (Finland) - More Finns Caught Bootlegging from Estonia
Customs has confiscated nearly double the amount of liquor bought in Estonia at Helsinki’s boat terminals this year compared to last year.

The Citizen (Africa) - WHO: ILLICIT liquor stoking alcoholism
The World Health Organisation [WHO] says that about half of all the alcohol consumed in sub-Saharan Africa is produced illegally.

Montreal Gazette (Canada) - Higher prices for cheap booze cuts binge drinking, Sask. finds
The Saskatchewan provincial government says its solution to cut down on public drunkenness and binge drinking — making cheap booze more expensive — is working.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Alcohol News - 27/2010

Daily Mail (UK) - Parents' drinking scares 30 per cent of children according to new survey
Half of children think they have seen their parents drunk, according to a survey published today. And 30 per cent feel scared when they see adults drinking, the study discovered.

CNN (USA) - Study: Underage drinking trips to ER spike in July 4 weekend
Hospital emergency room visits related to underage drinking nearly double during the July 4 holiday weekend, according to a federal study released this month.

Radio New Zealand (New Zealand) - Parents offering alcohol to under-18s could be fined
The Government is considering making it illegal for parents to give alcohol to people under 18
without getting permission from their parents first.

Hindustan Times - Difficult childhood linked to drinking
An African study has found a link between a difficult childhood and alcohol consumption as a teenager. Researchers studied the association between adverse childhood experiences and drunkenness among 9,189 adolescents aged 12-19 years living in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi and Uganda.

BBC News (UK) - Survey shows parents buy alcohol for their teenagers
Nearly 40% of parents would to give their 16 and 17-year-olds alcohol to go away with friends celebrating the end of exams, a survey has revealed.

Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Plans to ban below-cost alcohol sales unveiled
The UK Government has repeated its commitment to banning the sale of alcohol below cost price as it prepares to launch a public consultation exercise, setting out four options for outlawing the practice.

WalesOnline (Wales) - Drink-related admissions level off at 54,000
THE number of people being admitted to hospital for an alcohol-related problem is levelling off in Wales. New figures reveal up to 54,000 people received hospital treatment for an alcohol-attributable condition in 2008.

Private Healthcare UK - Drinking while pregnant 'damages sons' sperm quality'
Women who drink while they are pregnant could inadvertently be harming their chances of having grandchildren, scientists have suggested.

allvoices (UK) - Over half the England population are using harmful levels of Alcohol and or Drugs
Over half of the English population are using harmful levels of alcohol and or drugs, suggests Andy Stonard, the founder of Rugby House, the primary community alcohol and drug service providers.

BusinessWeek - Teen Girls Becoming More Open to Drugs, Alcohol
American teenage girls may be more receptive to using alcohol and taking drugs than in years past, a new report says.

BBC News (UK) - Doctors call for an end to loyalty points for alcohol
Tougher measures are needed to tackle alcohol abuse - including a clampdown on supermarkets offering loyalty points for purchases, doctors say.

Baltic Reports (Estonia) - Pevkur: Estonian beer must be weakened
The Estonian minister of social affairs is lashing out at the country’s alcohol industry for the country’s rampant drinking culture among youth.

Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol prices 67% above EU average
IRISH CONSUMERS pay almost 30 per cent above the European Union average for food and non-alcoholic drinks, coming second behind Denmark.

NewsTime (Russia) - Russia to ban drinking and driving completely
President Dmitry Medvedev said Russians could not be trusted with alcohol and Russia's lower house of parliament, the State Duma, has now approved a complete ban on drink-driving. Medvedev called for the ban last December saying that allowing a small amount of alcohol in the blood encouraged drivers to consume more.