Monday, January 26, 2009

Alcohol News - week 4/2009 (New Zealand) - Alcohol abuse seen as a big NZ problem

New Zealanders are blind to an epidemic of alcoholism and abuse, experts say.

Reuters - One in 5 men at risk of drinking problem

At least one in five men in developed countries are at risk of abusing or becoming dependent on alcohol during their lifetimes, U.S. researchers said on Sunday. (UK) - Children under 15 should not drink, Government scientists to warn

The advice, from Sir Liam Donaldson, the Chief Medical Officer, will be contained in the first set of guidelines Whitehall has produced to raise awareness of the risks of drink for young people.

Prague Daily Monitor (Czech Republic) - Poll: 14% of Czechs cannot do without alcohol

Some 14 percent of Czechs, men more often than women, cannot imagine their life without a glass of alcohol, according to a poll conducted by the Median agency and released to CTK Friday.

Botswana Press Agency (Botswana) - Ministry focuses on youth alcohol abuse

Director of Public Health, Ms Shenaaz El-Halabi has expressed concern at the rate which students continue to abuse alcohol. (UK) - Pub association blasts alcohol label as 'symbolic gesture'

The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has called for "effective communications" about the consequences of binge drinking rather than "symbolic gestures that do nothing" after doctors called for mandatory unit labelling on alcoholic drinks. (Italy) - No more dolce vita? Rome bans alcohol to go

This brings visions of a Carabiniere blowing the whistle on Anita Ekberg as she wades in the Trevi fountain in Federico Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita!”

DailyNewsOnline (United Republic of Tanzania) - Tanzania on course to formulate policy on alcohol

While Tanzania is in the final stage of formulating the policy that will help the country fight alcohol abuse, challenges lie ahead on whether the policy and even legislation on the problem can work. Our reporter PIUS RUGONZIBWA tells more in this final report.

Food Product Design (UK) - Report: Consumers Cutting Back on Alcohol Consumption

A new Datamonitor report reveals the majority of consumers enjoy alcohol in a responsible and relaxing fashion, and alcohol misuse is a contributing factor to the obesity epidemic.

The Press Association - Drinking link to teenage pregnancy

A small rise in unplanned teenage pregnancies in 2007 could be linked to an increase in binge drinking, ministers have said.

Times Online (UK) - Big rise in number of under-18s seeking treatment for alcohol and drug abuse

Nearly 24,000 children were treated for drug and alcohol abuse last year, a rise of more than 40 per cent in two years. However, experts suggested that part of the increase was because access to services was improving.

WalesOnline (Wales) - Lung cancer rates among men on the rise again in Wales

CANCERS linked to lifestyles such as smoking and alcohol are on the increase across Wales, according to the latest figures released by health officials.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Alcohol News - week 3/2009

MetroNews (Italy) - One for the road? No thanks, says Rome under new rules now in place

The Italian capital is limiting alcohol sales in neighbourhoods famous for their nightlife to tamp down on loud, all-night partying.

The Australian (Australia) - John Della Bosca says some alcohol advertising is hamrful to young

NSW Health Minister John Della Bosca has called for controls over alcohol advertising, saying some are harmful to young drinkers.,25197,24931627-5013871,00.html

Central Florida News 13 - UF Study: Higher Alcohol Tax Leads To Less Drinking

Researchers at the nation's leading party school said they believe they have discovered a proven method to discourage people from drinking. - Socially stable individuals delay seeking help for alcohol problems

People with a stable psychosocial life situation often delay in seeking help for their alcohol problems - even though they are serious.

Daily Telegraph (Australia) - Alcohol firms selling alcopops that technically aren't

DRUG testers in sport continually have to be vigilant due to the sophistication of the drug makers, who frequently modify the chemical make-up of their products so that they fall outside existing legal definitions.,22049,24929162-5001030,00.html

Wall Street Journal (USA) - Officials Tempted By Alcohol Taxes

Politicians in Kentucky and Arkansas in the past week announced proposals to increase taxes on alcoholic beverages, echoing similar efforts in New York and California.

DailyNewsOnline (Tanzania) - How alcohol drinking increases your chances of getting HIV/AIDS

Alcohol is a mind and mood altering substance that has an effect on your brain functioning, your body and ultimately your behaviours. Alcohol is found in beer, wine, spirits, konyagi, local brews and even in chemical cleaners like methylated spirits.

Times of India (India) - Alcoholism, drug abuse are correlated

The average alcohol consumption per person per year in India is around 2.5 litres. "And, with the rising alcohol production in the country, the number of alcoholics is also increasing annually," said Leonard Blumenthal, chairman of the Alcoholics Anonymous' (AA) general service board.

Donga A-Ilbo (South Korea) - Alcoholism Rising Amid Severe Economic Downturn

According to the National Health Insurance Corp., the number of alcoholics increased 23 percent the past two years from 147,886 in 2006 to 171,308 in 2007 and 182,000 last year.

Daily Green - Study: Alcohol Sin Taxes Work

Across the country in the last year, and particularly now that the economy's downward spiral has left states cash-strapped and desperate, governors, legislatures and mayors have proposed or implemented a slew of sin taxes: Just in New York, the city has contemplated a plastic bag tax and the state has considered a soft drink tax dubbed the "obesity tax."

TheMedGuru - Fetal alcohol exposure affects teenage drinking behavior

According to scientists, there is a link between exposure to alcohol in the womb and an attraction to its smell during teenage life.

Sunday Business Post (Ireland) - Sale of Northern alcohol targeted by chambers

People who travel to the North to buy alcohol to sell on are guilty of ‘‘tax evasion’’ and should be dealt with accordingly, said Chambers Ireland, writes Susan Mitchell.

CatererSearch (UK) - Pub closures rise to 39 a week

A record 39 pubs a week closed in the UK over the last six months of 2008, figures revealed today.

News and Observer - Sleuths target online booze

Students between 18 and 20 -- under academic and legal supervision -- will be recruited for a $400,000 study later this year to test how easy it is to order alcohol from the Web., (Hungary) - Survey finds nearly half of Hungarians abstain from drinking

A total of 44 percent of Hungarians never drink alcohol as against the European average of 30 percent, a survey on alcohol consumption carried out in 16 European countries and the U.S. by GfK market research company shows, MTI was told on Thursday.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Alcohol News - week 2/2009

Hindu (India) - 60 pc increase in alcohol consumption among youths

The growing 'westerinisation' of Indian culture has resulted in a 60 per cent increase in alcohol intake among youths in the country, especially among those staying in college hostels, according to a recent ASSOCHAM survey.

Morning Advertiser (UK) - 'Alcohol duty not used as a tool to beat bingers'

The Government has claimed that it does not use alcohol duty as a tool for tackling problems associated with alcohol consumption.

Hindustan Times - School stress driving teens to smoke and drink

Stress associated with studies and school is driving droves of teenagers to smoke and drink.

3 News NZ (New Zealand) - Alcohol proving to be a national burden

It kills more than 1,000 New Zealanders every year and now questions are being asked why alcohol continues to be such a huge national burden.

Glasgow Evening Times (UK) - Course to tackle UK drink issue

COLLEGE bosses in an area with some of the UK's worst alcohol abuse statistics are hoping a new national qualification will reverse the trend.

PR Newswire (USA) - Alcohol Ads Go From on the Toilets to In the Toilet

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors gave their final approval today to an ordinance that bans new contracts from allowing alcohol advertisements on City property, such as newspaper racks, kiosks and public toilets.

The Local (Sweden) - Alcohol fuels snowmobile death toll

Snowmobile accidents claimed eighteen lives in Sweden in 2008, with an estimated two thirds of the deaths caused by excessive alcohol intake, according to the Swedish Snowmobile Owners Federation (Snofed).

Irish Times - Girl's drink-drive study helps breathe new life into science

A YOUNG scientist from Co Kerry believes she has discovered a flaw in drink-driving breathalyser results.

The Age (Australia) - Binge culture curses 'lost generation'

A GENERATION of Australian teenagers has been lost to binge drinking and will not be reached by the Federal Government's anti-drinking campaign, one of Australia's leading drug educators warns.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Alcohol News - week 1/2009

Newsday - A deadly duo -- Alcohol and cold weather

Alcohol has specific physiological consequences that can exacerbate hypothermia, or subnormal body temperature, Dr. Steven Walerstein, senior vice president for medical affairs and medical director of Nassau University Medical Center explained yesterday.,0,2723826.story

Morning Advertiser (UK) - Government to issue alcohol guidelines for children

The Government is to issue guidelines to parents on how much alcohol it is safe for children to drink at home.

Independent Online (South Africa) - Authorities say cheers to less boozy season

The law enforcement agencies in Cape Town say their safer festive season programmes have been a huge success, particularly in preventing people from drinking in public and driving while under the influence of alcohol. (USA) - Do Energy Drinks Need Warning Labels?

Energy drinks are one of the fastest growing beverage categories with energy shots the newest innovation. These are just what they sound like; small bottles about 2 ounces in size that deliver the same energizing components in a smaller volume. Another variety being marketed is the malt beverage-energy drink combination. The amount of caffeine and the combination of a stimulant and alcohol in these drinks has caused concern and many are saying these products should carry warning labels. (USA) - Some States Implementing Ignition Lock For Drunk Drivers

Oregon and five other U.S. states will start implementing a new law that will prevent or minimize traffic accidents due to drunk driving using a new device that will require drunk drivers to blow for alcohol test.

Bowling Green Daily News - Health Matters: No amount of alcohol is ‘safe’ during pregnancy

Anyone born prior to 1965 (who is still alive and well) has many reasons for which to be thankful. We grew up in a world that was anything but childproof, and yet we survived. When we were babies, most cars had no seat belts and infant car seats had yet to be invented.

BBC News (UK) - Health group angered by 99p pint

A pub chain is cutting the price of a pint to 99p to cheer cash-strapped drinkers - but the move has sparked criticism from an alcohol charity.

Kyiv Post (Ukraine) - Ban on outdoor, TV advertisement of alcohol, tobacco takes force

The ban on advertisement of alcoholic beverages and tobacco articles outdoors and on television has taken effect on January 1, says the bill on amendments to the advertisement law, which was signed by the President on April 7, 2008.

Daily Mail (UK) - The 'nanny state' guide to giving children of five alcohol

Parents are to be issued with government guidance about letting their children try alcohol at home. (Russia) - Russians claim their drinking prowess is a 'myth'

Russians may be in the midst of a collective post-New Year's hangover, but Moscow's chief physician has come out to say that it's an undeserved myth that Russians drink more than most people.

Wales Online (Wales) - Unhealthy nation puts strain on health service

We are storing up problems for the future unless we act now, says Jonathan Morgan, Conservative shadow health minister.

New Vision (Uganda) - Ugandans drowning in alcohol

IN 2007, Uganda was the world’s leading consumer of alcohol, according to the World Health Organisation’s Annual Global Alcohol Consumption Index.

YLE News (Finland) - Compulsory Detox for Expectant Substance Abusers?

A compulsory treatment programme is being considered for expectant mothers suspected of substance abuse.

The Age (Australia) - Binge culture curses 'lost generation'

A GENERATION of Australian teenagers has been lost to binge drinking and will not be reached by the Federal Government's anti-drinking campaign, one of Australia's leading drug educators warns.

Washington Post (USA) - Raising a Glass, Perhaps Labeled

Consumer advocates are toasting the arrival of Timothy Geithner as President-elect Barack Obama's choice to be the new Treasury secretary by urging him to fix -- along with the economy -- labels on alcoholic drinks.