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FASD News - 30/2016

Medscape - Updated Guidelines for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Updated clinical guidelines for diagnosing fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, field-tested in evaluations of 10,000 children in the United States, South Africa, and Europe, provide more detail on learning and behavioral deficits and include a new flowchart and a photographic guide for lip and philtrum morphology. The new recommendations update guidelines previously issued in 2005.
NOFAS (Ukraine) - NOFAS Affiliate Spotlight: Ukraine Works Ltd
“What I need is information about fetal alcohol,” Stephen Severylov, then Director of the Mykolychin Internat, a boarding school for children with special needs, told me in late September 2007. I had no idea what he was talking about and as it turned out, neither did he.
Chicago Tribune (USA) - Kids harmed by alcohol in the womb find haven in mom's suburban camp
They seem like typical adolescents, and in many ways they are. But most of them said it was the first time they'd been in a group of people who understand them. For some, it was the first time they've met other people who also have some form of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Press - Tiffany Morgan wants you to know she drank while pregnant
Sometimes bystanders are curious when they see Tiffany Morgan’s 8-year-old daughter have a meltdown at the playground. The conversation goes like this: “Why is she doing that?” asks the stranger. “She has FASD,” Morgan explains.
WDAZ - Drinks worse than drugs for expecting mothers
A new study by a local doctor is raising concern about the number of babies born in North Dakota with fetal alcohol syndrome. - Identification of Early Biomarkers for Alcohol Related Brain Development Abnormalities
Dr Nune Darbinian, Research Laboratory Manager at Shriners Hospitals Pediatric Research Center, Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University, told SelectScience about brain development research that was recently presented at the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Study Group/Research Society on Alcoholism (FASDSG/RSoA) and Society for Neuroscience (SfN) symposia.
The Nation Newspaper (Kenya) - Avoid alcohol, expectant mothers told
Expectant mothers have been advised to stay away from beer and other alcoholic drinks. This is because its potential negative impact on growing foetus can lead to birth defects. - Parental substance use increases health risks among children
Children whose parents or caregivers misuse alcohol or use, produce or distribute drugs face an increased risk of medical and behavioral problems. According to a new clinical report by experts at Beth Israel Medical Center (BIDMC) and Boston Children's Hospital, pediatricians are in a unique position to assess risk and intervene to protect children.
ABC Online (Australia) - Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder diagnosis tool hoped to change lives of Australian victims
Australia finally has a tool for diagnosing foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) — a condition caused by mothers consuming alcohol while pregnant.
Edmonton Journal (Canada) - Edmonton moms at risk get support from innovative, inner city health program
The birth of her baby girl should have been the happiest day of the young mom’s life; instead, it became an agonizing experience.

Our Issues Twin Cities - EPisode 64 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome FASD
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every year, about 7,000 children are born in Minnesota with alcohol exposure before birth, putting them at risk of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.
Erika Krings - FASD - Der Drache (Verzweiflung, Wut und Angst)
This video is about the impact of disability FAS covering 59 years of my life. This image presentation describes a biography of love and failure of concert successes and alcoholism, burnout and its aftermath.
YourAlberta - Current Neuroplasticity Research and Ideas for Promoting Long Term Functional Change
An overview of current neuroplasticity research explaining the firing and wiring of the nervous system. In addition, activity-based concepts are discussed, including:

EUFASD - European Conference on FASD 2016
Research conference from 12 to 14 September 2016, Royal Holloway, University of London. EUFASD Continuing professional training day, 15 September 2016, Royal Holloway, University of London.
The 7th International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (March 1-4, 2017)
Call for abstracts just announced. Deadline for all submissions are August 26, 2016.

Dove Medical Press - Fetal alcohol-spectrum disorders: identifying at-risk mothers
Fetal alcohol-spectrum disorders (FASDs) are a collection of physical and neuro­behavioral disabilities caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol. To prevent or mitigate the costly effects of FASD, we must identify mothers at risk for having a child with FASD, so that we may reach them with interventions.
Pediatrics - Updated Clinical Guidelines for Diagnosing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
The purpose of the current report is to present updated diagnostic guidelines based on a thorough review of the literature and the authors’ combined expertise based on the evaluation of >10 000 children for potential FASD in clinical settings and in epidemiologic studies in conjunction with National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism–funded studies, the Collaborative Initiative on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, and the Collaboration on FASD Prevalence.
OpenUCT - The impact of fetal alcohol syndrome on a child's classroom performance : a case study of a rural South African school
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is the most severe of a spectrum of birth defects caused by a mother drinking alcohol whilst pregnant. Its manifestation in the Central Nervous System causes intellectual and behavioural abnormalities, which pose considerable challenges in the classroom.
Biology Open - Alcohol exposure leads to unrecoverable cardiovascular defects along with edema and motor function changes in developing zebrafish larvae
In the present study we exposed zebrafish embryos to 1% and 2% alcohol and observed the morphology of heart and blood vessels during and after exposure to investigate motor function alterations, and damage and recovery to the cardiovascular system.
Nurse Practitioner - Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: Prevention, identification, and intervention
This article discusses methods for identifying and assisting women who consume alcohol prenatally and referring infants and children with FASD for intervention.
Journal of Leukocyte Biology - Inflammatory responses to alcohol in the CNS: nuclear receptors as potential therapeutics for alcohol-induced neuropathologies
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), which results from ethanol exposure during pregnancy, and alcohol use disorder (AUD), which includes both binge and chronic alcohol abuse, are strikingly common and costly at personal and societal levels.
Cogent Psychology - A systematic review of the prevalence of foetal alcohol syndrome disorders among young people in the criminal justice system
Given the established association between foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) and risk of criminality and criminalisation, this systematic review examines the prevalence of FASD within youth justice systems.
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research - A Renewed Call to Action: The Need for Systematic Research on Interventions for FASD
Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health - Gross motor performance in children prenatally exposed to alcohol and living in remote Australia
This study aimed to determine the gross motor (GM) performance of Aboriginal children living in remote Australia. The relationship between GM skills, prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) was explored.
Journal of Obstetrics - Implications of Applying Minimal Risk Standards in Clinical Research to Information Provision in Prenatal and Pre-conception Care
There have long been minimal risk thresholds beneath which risks may not need to be discussed in clinical research. This threshold concept may be applied to clinical practice. Our research explored application of minimal risk standards in research regulations to providing information in prenatal and pre-conception care.
St. Catherine University - Professionals’ Perspectives on Substance Abuse and Pregnancy
Drug use has become an increasing issue in society, affecting a wide variety of populations. Specifically, the use of substances has increasingly been entering the lives of women during pregnancy.
Alcoholism - Neurobehavioral Deficits Consistent Across Age and Sex in Youth with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
Neurobehavioral consequences of heavy prenatal alcohol exposure are well documented; however, the role of age or sex in these effects has not been studied. The current study examined the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure, sex, and age on neurobehavioral functioning in children.
Alcohol - Did you drink alcohol during pregnancy? Inaccuracy and discontinuity of women’s self-reports: On the way to establish meconium Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) as a biomarker for alcohol consumption during pregnancy
During their 3rd trimester, mothers of children with detectable EtG values ≥10 ng/g tended to report prenatal alcohol consumption more frequently (p < .10), but nearly never above “Yes, I drank rarely”. Asked retrospectively, when children were 6 to 8 years of age, there was no difference in self-reported behavior of EtG-positive vs. EtG-negative cases.
Behavioral Health - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Youth Firesetting: A Need for Increased Awareness and Understanding Among Fire Prevention and Safety Specialists
Approximately two to five percent of the U.S. population is affected by this debilitating disorder, but many practitioners and professionals are still widely unfamiliar with consequences caused by prenatal alcohol exposure.
Behavioural Brain Research - Effects of sex and housing on social, spatial, and motor behavior in adult rats exposed to moderate levels of alcohol during prenatal development
Persistent deficits in social behavior, motor behavior, and behavioral flexibility are among the major negative consequences associated with exposure to ethanol during prenatal development.

IN OTHER LANGUAGES (Netherlands) - ‘Alcohol verhoogt kans op crimineel kind’
‘De familie is de bron van al het kwaad’, was de kop boven een driegesprek tussen strafrechtadvocaten Peter Plasman, Inez Weski en Gerard Spong in opinietijdschrift HP/De Tijd.
Sü (Germany) - Die Gesundheit als politische Aufgabe
Nach ihrem Verzicht auf eine neue Kandidatur zieht die Fürstenfeldbrucker SPD-Landtagsabgeordnete Kathrin Sonnenholzner eine Halbzeit-Bilanz ihrer Legislaturperiode und blickt zurück auf "zweieinhalb Jahre Lust und Frust" als Vorsitzende des Ausschusses für Gesundheit und Pflege.
CelleHeute (Germany) - Das fetale Alkoholsyndrom – die unsichtbare Behinderung
Eine Informations- und Aufklärungsveranstaltung zum Thema „Das fetale Alkoholsyndrom – die unsichtbare Behinderung, wie wirkt sie sich aus und was brauchen Betroffene, Angehörige, pädagogische Fachkräfte, Jugendämter und andere Behörden“ findet am Freitag, 12. August, im 4 Generationen Park Wathlingen statt. Die Schirmherrschaft der Veranstaltung hat die Niedersächsische Ministerin Cornelia Rundt (Ministerium für Soziales, Gesundheit und Gleichstellung) übernommen.

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Alcohol News - 30/2016

New Scientist - Alcohol linked to at least seven cancers – not just liver cancer
Writing in the journal Addiction, Jennie Connor at the University of Otago in New Zealand says alcohol is estimated to have caused about half a million deaths from cancer in 2012 alone – 5.8 per cent of cancer deaths worldwide. She found evidence of a link between drinking and cancer of the mouth and throat, larynx, oesophagus, liver, colon, bowel and breast. (USA) - Researchers study link between health insurance, tobacco and alcohol use among reproductive age women
Researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health studied the relationship between health insurance coverage and tobacco and alcohol use among reproductive age women in the United States, and whether there were differences according to pregnancy status.
Montreal Gazette (Canada) - Alcohol consumption increases drowning risk: Lifesaving Society of Quebec
The construction holiday just started in Quebec, and the Lifesaving Society of Quebec wants to dissuade boating enthusiasts from consuming alcohol onboard, stating that it’s a often a key risk factor in drowning.
NHS Choices - Smokers who try to quit 'drink less alcohol', too
"How quitting smoking can be good for your liver: Those who have given up cigarettes 'drink less alcohol too'," the Mail Online reports.
TUKO.CO.KE (Kenya) - It’s OK to drink alcohol any time you want Director of Public Prosecution says
The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) has released a statement that clears up the law governing drinking hours in the country.
Vox - The hidden calories in your booze, explained in 3 charts
Three pints of India pale ale can deliver you half a day’s worth of calories. And a typical glass of California cabernet sauvignon today may have more alcohol and more calories than it would have a decade ago.
The Times (Scotland) - Women dying younger of alcohol-related liver disease
Women in Scotland are dying at an ever younger age from liver disease because of heavy drinking, a new report has revealed. (Ireland) - Publicans call for 15% reduction of tax on alcohol
Doctors say the government must oppose a call from publicans to reduce the tax on alcohol. Pub operators say a 15% reduction in excise duty is needed, due to Brexit.
The Phuket News (Thailand) - Constitutional referendum brings nationwide alcohol ban
Polling in the upcoming referendum on whether or not to allow the draft constitution to be brought into effect will incur a nationwide ban on alcohol sales at shops, bars, restaurants and hotels on Sunday, August 7.
Daily Mail (Australia) - Over 65s are now bigger drinkers than young people - and are far more likely to end up in hospital with alcohol problems
Australians over 65 are the most likely age group to drink alcohol every day, a study by the New South Wales Health Department has found.
Afro American (USA) - Alcohol Abuse Linked to Racial Discrimination
Previous studies have linked health disparities in cardiovascular disease and other ailments to discrimination, including one previously reported on by the AFRO which tracked the physiological impact of discrimination on youth and adults and found that “everyday discrimination affects biology in ways that have small but cumulative negative effects over time.”
Firstpost (India) - Watch: Alcohol kills an Indian every 90 minutes
As debate over alcohol bans grows across India, 15 people die every day–or one every 96 minutes–from the effects of drinking alcohol, reveals an IndiaSpend analysis of 2013 National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, the latest available. - Should alcohol be banned on planes?
Hundreds of intoxicated travellers have tried to escape from planes, and have smashed windows. They’ve banged on cockpit doors. One inebriated man on a flight to Australia tried to steal alcohol from a trolley and became so loud and abusive that crew had to restrain him with plastic cuffs, redoing them four times.

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Alcohol News - 29/2016

CTV News (Canada) - 8-hour 'bottle to throttle' rule sets strict alcohol limit on Canadian pilots
The case of two Canadian pilots arrested in Scotland on suspicions of being drunk in the cockpit has highlighted the strict “bottle-to-throttle” rules around drinking before operating an aircraft -- a set of country-specific restrictions rarely broken by pilots.
Newsmax - Alcohol's Impact on Memory Increases with Age
Drinking alcoholic beverages is more likely to cloud the short-term memory of people as their age increases, a new study shows.
Post-Bulletin - Effects of alcohol increase after gastric bypass surgery
Gastric bypass — one of the most common types of bariatric surgery in the U.S. — helps you reduce your food intake by creating a small gastric pouch. Before the surgery, food enters your stomach and passes into the small intestine. (Romania) - How much do Romanians spend on alcohol?
Romanians spent on average EUR 1.6 per month on alcohol last year, according to the National Statistics Institute (INS). Beer was the most popular drink.
NT News (Australia) - Retiring NT Chief Justice Trevor Riley appointed director of Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education
Governments need to do more to prevent alcohol abuse through effective policies, according to retiring Northern Territory Chief Justice Trevor Riley, QC.
Times of India - Alcohol use by parents may affect children's behaviour
Children whose parents misuse alcohol or use, produce or distribute drugs face an increased risk of medical and behavioural problems, says a study.
Newsmax - Alcohol Makes You Lose Magnesium That Prevents Congestive Heart Failure
Alcohol can rob the body of magnesium and lead to cardiovascular dangers, including congestive heart failure. Magnesium is vital to heart health because it’s necessary for proper blood flow.
The Local (Sweden) - Swedish House Mafia DJ sparks popsicle protest
More than 3600 Swedes have signed a petition protesting against alcoholic popsicles that were co-created by a former member of Swedish House Mafia.
Baltic Times (Lithuania) - Lithuanian health min preps ban on online alcohol ads
Lithuania's Health Ministry has submitted for harmonisation a set of amendments to prohibit alcohol advertisements on websites, mobile applications for smartphones, and tablets.
A study published in the South African Journal found that most students did not drink because of stress but rather to feel good at social gatherings and maintain that feelings of excitement and joy.
Huffington Post - The Science Behind Teens And Drinking: What Every Family Should Know
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), alcohol is the most commonly used and abused drug among young people in the United States. The CDC also reports that excessive drinking is responsible for more than 4,300 deaths among underage individuals each year.

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FASD News - 28/2016 (Canada) - Pregnancy test vending machines an 'astounding success' in fight against FASD
Wenda Bradley admits that she wasn't sure how people in Yukon would respond when her organization, the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Society Yukon (FASSY), installed pregnancy test dispensers in some public washrooms, last year.
Huffington Post (USA) - People With Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Deserve More Access To Massachusetts Health Care Services
Fetal exposure to alcohol can lead to prenatal brain damage which can be reflected in a host of significantly impairing emotional, neurological, cognitive, learning and behavioral problems. (Canada) - 'Jail is not the answer:' Yukon courts keep 2 convicts with FASD out of prison
The Yukon justice system is showing signs of change in recognizing the effects of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
ABC Online (Australia) - Rosie Anne Fulton: System has 'failed' intellectually impaired NT woman
A guardian of an Alice Springs woman, who was held for almost two years in Western Australia without charge because she is intellectually impaired, says he is not surprised she has been in an out of prison since she was sent back to the Northern Territory.
The Good Men Project - But “He Looks So Normal”
I remember the first time my son stepped up to the plate the first year he played baseball. He not only looked like a miniature major league player, he acted and performed like one.
Fox Houston (USA) - Hospital urges pregnant women not to consume alcohol
Some obstetricians will tell pregnant women it's all right to have a glass of wine during pregnancy, while others will say no way -- not even one sip. OakBend Medical Center in Richmond agrees with the latter suggestion.

YourAlberta – FASD: Professionals Without Parachutes
In this presentation we discuss the Professionals Without Parachutes (PWP) training model.
NHS - NHS Education for Scotland Fetal Alcohol Harm e-learning resourceThe resource has been developed to support a range of activity led by the Scottish Government to substantially reduce the harm caused by alcohol consumption in pregnancy across Scotland.

EUFASD - European Conference on FASD 2016
This conference brings together academics, educators, non-governmental organisations and charities, legislators and politicians, lawyers and individuals involved in the criminal justice system, birth and adoptive families alongside individuals who themselves have FASD; shared learning will help promote the understanding of this disorder in the UK, Europe and internationally.
Join us for this free, one-hour, thirty minute webcast titled Neurorelational Framework (NRF): An innovative approach to understanding FASD and guiding interventions.

Open UCT - Social cognition in South African children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Research on the social-cognitive profile of individuals with prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) has confirmed poorer social skills in these children compared to healthy controls, independent of overall cognitive functioning.
University of Texas - Methanol and isopropanol embryo dosage response curves for wild-type and ethanol-sensitive zebrafish
It is well established that ethanol has an array of negative effects on developing embryos, from craniofacial abnormalities to cognitive deficits and behavioral disorders. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) describes this phenotypic spectrum caused by embryonic ethanol exposure.
The Undergraduate Research Journal - Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure on Prenatal and Neonatal Development
Prenatal Alcohol Exposure (PAE) contributes to a series of impacts on prenatal and neonatal developmental defects on a continuum ranging from no effect till perinatal death.
The European Journal of Public Health - Childhood placement in out-of-home care in relation to psychosocial outcomes in adults with fetal alcohol syndrome
Even in adulthood, the disabilities associated with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) may have a major impact on life, but different environmental circumstances during childhood may also be influential.
St Catherine University - Interventions for Children With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: A Systematic Review
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a term used to describe lifelong effects that can occur when an unborn baby is exposed to alcohol (Wilson, 2013).
Epigenetics & Chromatin - DNA methylation signature of human fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Prenatal alcohol exposure is the leading preventable cause of behavioral and cognitive deficits, which may affect between 2 and 5 % of children in North America.
Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities - Regulatory Behaviors and Stress Reactivity among Infants at High Risk for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: An Exploratory Study
This article examines regulatory behaviors and physiological stress reactivity among 6–15 month–old infants with moderate to heavy prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE), a group at very high risk for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and self–regulation impairments, compared to low risk infants with no/low exposure.
Binge alcohol drinking during pregnancy of Wistar Rat results in FAS and identified by decrease of IGF-1, ALDH and increase of brain apoptosis index and heart apoptosis index of the off spring.
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research - An Update on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome—Pathogenesis, Risks, and Treatment
This review aimed to focus on the pathogenesis, especially mechanisms of alcohol teratogenicity, and risks of developing FAS. Recent developments in potential management strategies, including prenatal interventions, are discussed.
American Academy of Pediatrics - Fetal Alcohol Growth Restriction and Cognitive Impairment
These findings validate the use of growth restriction in the diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and identify growth trajectory as a biomarker of which heavily exposed children are at greatest risk for cognitive developmental deficits.
Embryo Today: Reviews - Prenatal substance use and developmental disorders: Overview and highlights
This issue of Birth Defects Research Part C: Reviews – EMBRYO TODAY, “Prenatal Substance Use and Developmental Disorders”, features contemporary reviews of the health challenges to the conceptus resulting from prenatal substance use, including methamphetamine, cocaine, alcohol, and smoking, and associated long-term developmental disorders.

Stuttgarter Zeitung (Germany) - Genuss mit schlimmen Spätfolgen
Schäden durch Alkohol in der Schwangerschaft werden oft nicht oder zu spät erkannt. Neue Regeln für die Diagnose sollen dazu beitragen, dass Betroffene früher Hilfe bekommen.
Nordwest-Zeitung (Germany) - Fehlverhalten mit schlimmen Folgen
Untergewicht, Verhaltensstörungen, organische Schäden, Fehlbildungen am Skelett, verminderte Intelligenz: Das sind nur einige Symptome des fetalen Alkoholsyndroms (FASD).

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Alcohol News - 28/2016

The Journal (Ireland) - "You feel invisible" - the Irish children suffering from their parents' abuse of alcohol
THE IMPACT OF harmful drinking on Irish children by their parents has been outlined by a cross-party group at Leinster House.
The Journal (Ireland) - 'As a child of an alcoholic, I am damaged'
Following on from our article on the effect of parents’ abuse of alcohol on their children, one reader sent in her experiences of growing up with an alcoholic father.
Review Show (Hungary) - Alcohol consumption in Hungary twice the global average
Globally, individuals above 15 years of age drink on average 6.2 litres of pure alcohol per year, which translates into 13.5 grams of pure alcohol per day. Hungarians aged 15 years or older consume just over twice the global average. The trend is similar among Eastern European countries, including Ukraine, Belarus and Russian Federation.
Tech Insider - Here are 9 serious health risks of even moderate drinking
Many people seem to assume that alcohol is a fairly healthy, safe habit as long as it's done in moderation. People even point to studies that suggest small benefits to drinking red wine. Here's what we actually know about the health risks of alcohol to a typical, not-addicted drinker. - 'Smoking' alcohol more dangerous than drinking
It’s a way to booze without taking a sip of alcohol. Mothers are warning other parents about a re-emerging trend: Smoking alcohol. - Study Finds Link Between Discrimination, Drinking Alcohol
Exposure to discrimination may be linked to alcohol abuse, according to a study published in the journal Social Science & Medicine.
NPR - How Parents Can Help Their Underage Kids Resist Alcohol
While a sense of inevitability often surrounds the topic of teen drinking, adults can play an important role in preventing underage alcohol use.
Radio Canada International (Canada) - Canada ranks first in driving deaths linked to alcohol
Among 19 rich countries, Canada has the highest percentage of road deaths caused by alcohol impairment, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Overall, road fatalities are down in Canada, but 34 per cent of them are related to drinking.
New Zealand Herald - Alcohol addiction: Can brain implants break its grip?
A Dunedin-based neurosurgeon is investigating whether tiny devices implanted in the brain can stop alcoholics' cravings.
Huffington Post Australia (Australia) - Victoria Police Call For Zero Alcohol Limit For Under 26s
When random breath testing for drink drivers was introduced 40 years ago, it was labelled "controversial". Now on its anniversary, Victoria Police want to start a conversation about extending the Learners zero blood alcohol limit to all drivers under 26.
Discover Magazine - How Alcohol Affects the ‘No-Go’ Receptors in Your Brain
Drinking alcohol doesn’t only lower our inhibitions on the dance floor, it also directly affects the structures in our brains that inhibit our desire to drink.
Daily Mail - What drinking alcohol REALLY does to your skin - and how long it takes to heal will put you off reaching for another glass of wine
From the pounding headache to the feeling of regret, we all know that alcohol isn't good for our bodies but most of us don't think about the effect it's having on our face whilst we're knocking back that third glass of wine. (New Zealand) - Alcohol advertising and sponsorship in sport to be addressed by Government
Rugby League legend Graham Lowe is "deeply saddened" a 2014 report which recommended banning alcohol advertising in sport has been met with silence from the Government.
Newstalk ZB - Accepting charity from tobacco, alcohol and gambling industries risky business
An academic says tobacco, alcohol and gambling corporations have become highly effective in getting in the way of public health measures that could reduce harm.
The Canberra Times (Australia) - How alcohol is driving Canberra's emergency departments to despair
The alcohol epidemic has become a "giant disaster for our society" and alcohol-related harm is now the number one public health issue in Canberra's emergency departments, a leading specialist says.
Scotsman (Scotland) - Ruling on minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland due ‘in near future’
A panel of top judges have told some of Scotland’s most senior lawyers that they need time to consider the legality of minimum pricing alcohol legislation.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Alcohol News - 27/2016 - Body On Booze: How Alcohol Affects Us
Most of us know that too much alcohol consumption is physically damaging, but we don't really understand how extreme the effects are. While drinking might make you feel amazing (until your hangover sets in), have you ever wondered how booze impacts your system?
New York Daily News - ‘High’ anxiety: Using alcohol for liquid courage is a big mistake
Have you ever taken a shot or a drink as some liquid courage or to take the edge off of an uncomfortable situation? Self-medicating with alcohol isn't just common — it's often encouraged.
PA home page (USA) - Alcohol Use a Leading Factor in Boating Fatalities
According to the US coast guard, there were 122 boating deaths in the country where alcohol was a contributing factor in 2015.
Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland) - Pubs urged to avoid selling toxic fake alcohol
In recent years, Northern Ireland has developed a reputation as the counterfeit capital of the UK and worryingly, fake alcohol forms part of this scene. After the recent prosecution of a local business found selling illegal alcohol, this is becoming a growing concern for the Food Standards Agency in Northern Ireland.
The Guardian (UK) - Better parenting has led to decline in underage drinking, report finds
The Institute of Alcohol Studies says today’s parents are less likely to drink in front of their children, more likely to disapprove of them drinking and more likely to know where they are and what they are doing.
The Moscow Times (Russia) - Kremlin Eyes State Alcohol Monopoly with $88M Deal
Russia's state-owned alcohol producer Rosspirtprom has acquired eight new distilleries in a deal worth 5.7 billion rubles ($88 million), the Vedomosti newspaper reported Wednesday.
Science Daily - Trauma induces more alcohol craving than stress among veterans with PTSD and co-occurring alcohol dependence
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and alcohol dependence (AD) are two of the most common and debilitating disorders diagnosed among American military veterans.
Huffington Post Australia (Australia) - What It's Like To Be The Child Of An Alcoholic
I can only speak from my personal experience having grown up with one parent that has a severe alcohol addiction. I'm now almost 33 years old, and alcohol has been the primary interference in my now non-existent relationship with my father.
Read more
Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic - 6 Surprising Ways Alcohol Affects Your Health — Not Just Your Liver
Some of the ways alcohol affects our health are well known, but others may surprise you. Here are six less-known effects that alcohol has on your body, according to gastroenterologist K. V. Narayanan Menon, MD.
SHPonline (UK) - Excessive alcohol consumption and the workplace
From the UK Chief Medical Officer’s decision to cut recommended drinking limits to proposed restrictions on alcohol advertising, debate has raged over the need to curb alcohol consumption due to associated health risks.
The Guardian (England) - Alcohol-related deaths in England up 4% in one year
Alcohol-related deaths in England have risen by 4% in a year and by 13% in a decade, according to figures published on Thursday.
Daily News & Analysis - Drinking alcohol may up cancer risk
According to researchers at the University of Otago, drinking was responsible for 236 cancer deaths under 80 years of age in New Zealand in 2012. The research builds on previous work that identified 30% of all alcohol-attributable deaths in New Zealand to be due to cancer, more than all other chronic diseases combined.
NY1 (USA) - Coalition Demands Transit System Ban Ads That Promote Alcohol
Controversy over advertisements in the subway isn't new to the MTA, but now, there's a push to do away with ads that promote alcohol. NY1's Jose Martinez filed the following report. (Germany) - Touch-based alcohol sensor will put an end to drunken driving
DADSS focuses on the development of technology that will prevent alcohol–impaired drivers from moving their cars. When ready, the alcohol detection system will be made available as a safety option in new vehicles – like automatic braking, lane departure warning, and other advanced driver assist vehicle technologies.
ThaiVisa News (Thailand) - Alcohol Control Strategy Applied on 15 July in Thailand
National No Alcohol Day to begin this year after order from Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha in a bid to give “family, youth and the new generation national prosperity without alcohol.”