Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Alcohol News - 39/2015

Medical Xpress - Deaths from heart disease and stroke could rise unless countries address risk factors
Over the next decade, early deaths from cardiovascular disease are expected to climb from 5.9 million in 2013 to 7.8 million in 2025 - according to the first-ever forecasting analysis for heart disease from the Global Burden of Disease project.
ABC News (USA) - Missouri Mom Writes Heart-Wrenching Note on Alcohol-Related Crash That Killed Her Baby, Husband
A woman’s heartbreaking post reliving the tale of how an alcohol-related car accident took the lives of her husband and infant son is taking the Internet by storm.
Scotsman (Scotland) - New powers to let police search children for alcohol
NEW powers which would allow police to search young people for alcohol could be introduced following a public consultation, the justice secretary has confirmed.
Healio - Alcohol consumption significantly increases risk of injury, cancer
Researchers from McMaster University in Canada discovered that overall, alcohol consumption significantly increases the risk of injury and alcohol-related cancers, and heavy alcohol consumption increases the risk for death. However, the combined risk of negative outcomes increased in low-income countries, but decreased in high-income countries.
Live Science (USA) - 10% of Pregnant Women Drink Alcohol, Study Finds
More than 10 percent of pregnant women in the United States, and 18 percent of pregnant women age 35 and older, say they drank alcohol in the past month, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Medscape - Alcohol Ups Mortality and Cancer Risk; No Net Benefit
Drinking alcohol does not result in a net health benefit and, in fact, increases the risk for alcohol-related cancers by 51%, according to a study of almost 115,000 people from 12 countries.
The Age (Australia) - We must stop accepting alcohol as an excuse for violence
Is Australia's drinking problem our equivalent of America's gun culture - an untouchable problem that puts an individual's rights before the civil rights of the most vulnerable?
Economic Times - Early puberty may increase alcohol abuse risk in girls
The risk of alcohol abuse arising from inadequate parental supervision is particularly high for girls who reach puberty early, warns a study.
The Siberian Times (Russia) - What happened when a Siberian village gave up alcohol?
The dry law was introduced after a new head of the local district was elected three years ago, a man called Vasily Alexeyev, with a mission to banish the negative impact of alcoholism. He persuaded local shops to stop selling drink and won a - seemingly - unanimous vote among residents to back the booze ban.
TIME (USA) - Does the Drinking Age Affect Dropout Rates?
Should the minimum drinking age be lowered to 18 from the national mandate of 21, established by the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984? Debate has ebbed and flowed, but many people believe that if a person can fight for their country and vote at 18, what’s a swig of booze?
Trend News Agency (Turkmenistan) - Turkmenistan to introduce labeling of tobacco, alcohol products with excise stamps
Labeling of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages imported into Turkmenistan for sale, as well as domestically produced alcoholic drinks with additional excise stamps will be introduced in Turkmenistan starting from April 1, 2016. (South Africa) - South African murders increase as drugs, alcohol fuel crime
The number of murders committed in South Africa rose to a six-year high in the year through March, as police battle to combat crime stemming from poverty and rampant drug and alcohol abuse.
Radio Canada International (Canada) - Mothers call for action against drunk driving
A tragic car crash that claimed the lives of three children and their grandfather has prompted renewed calls for tougher measures to curb drunk driving. A 29-year-old man faces several charges related to impaired driving following a three-car crash north of the city of Toronto on September 27, 2015.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Alcohol News - 38/2015

The BMJ (EU) - Europeans are “world champions” at drinking and smoking
Levels of alcohol consumption, tobacco use, overweight, and obesity are still “alarmingly high” in Europe, a World Health Organization report has found.
Belfast Telegraph (Norhern Ireland) - Alcohol warning as fifth of Northern Ireland adults say they need to cut back on drinking
A survey on drug prevalence revealed 21% of people said they should reduce how much they drink. Worryingly, 7% said they believed alcohol was harming their home life and marriage.
ABC Online (Australia) - Alcohol and what it does to your body
Many of us love a drink, but too much alcohol, or drinking in a risky context, significantly increases your risk of illness and death.
The Guardian - It's time to retire the idea that alcohol-facilitated rape is simply drunken sex
The further back we go in American history, the more horrifyingly narrow our definition of rape gets. It used to be that women had to prove they “put up a fight” if they wanted to be believed, or show that they were chaste. This thinking is not even that far behind us.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Psychiatrists urge ban on alcohol sponsors for sport
The body representing the country's psychiatrists is to call for a ban on alcohol sponsorship of sporting events, claiming research supports that the measure would reduce alcohol abuse.
Medical Daily - How To Stop Drinking Alcohol Every Once In A While: Advice From Former Problem Drinkers
One of the biggest obstacles for people recovering from a problem with drugs or alcohol is assimilating back into their everyday life. Depending on their line of work and location, a lot people who have struggled with alcohol dependence often face temptation once they’re sober.
Ottawa Citizen (Canada) - Public largely ignorant of damage alcohol can cause unborn babies, says report
The public needs educating about the effects of alcohol on unborn children in an effort to stem the growing number of babies born with brain damage, says a new, groundbreaking provincial report.
Reuters - Watchful parents help early-maturing girls avoid alcohol abuse
Girls who hit puberty early are at sharply higher risk of abusing alcohol as teens if their parents don't keep tabs on them, new research shows.
HealthDay - Distractions Make Alcohol Even More Dangerous for Drivers
Just a bit of alcohol coupled with a distraction, such as a text message or changing a radio station, can double the odds of trouble on the road, new research suggests.
BBC News (Wales) - Chief medical officer advises pregnant women cut out alcohol
Pregnant women and those trying to conceive should not drink alcohol, Wales' chief medical officer has said.
The Guardian - Children see 'tsunami of alcohol ads', says eminent professor of public health
Children are being “ruthlessly subjected to a tsunami of alcohol promotion,” an eminent professor of public health, Mike Daube, said in response to Australia’s first comprehensive study examining children’s exposure to alcohol advertising during sport on television.
ATTN - How Alcohol Ads Influence What Women Are Expected to Drink
When it comes to alcohol commercials and marketing, gender stereotypes are the norm. There is no exact data that suggests any particular gender prefers one liquor over another, yet advertisers still often emphasize the male consumer in commercials and sponsored ads.
Humanosphere (Africa) - Surprising health threat in sub-Saharan Africa: alcohol
If you asked the average global health professional to name the countries where alcohol caused the most health problems, what would they say? Most likely, “Eastern Europe.”
Yahoo7 News - Anger in the air: Authorities weigh alcohol bans, blacklists for trouble travelers
A rise in drunken, unruly and even violent plane passengers has led authorities in the UK to consider cutting back on alcohol and blacklisting problem fliers.
News.Az (Azerbaijan) - Average alcohol consumption in Azerbaijan made public
Average per capita alcohol consumption in Azerbaijan and Turkey is 1.4 liters a year.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

FASD News - 37/2015

Sioux Falls Argus Leader - Fetal alcohol disorders shows no economic boundaries
The financial demand of taking care of children and adults with a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is steep, but there is much more to the problem, an expert said.
Ottawa Citizen (Canada) - FASD: The often invisible brain injury suffered by kids whose mothers drank while pregnant
Before Isaiah Boylan emerged from his mother’s womb he was damaged for life. His mother drank a lot and didn’t think or know what the alcohol might do to the developing brain of the baby she was carrying.
Medical Xpress - Stigma against fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Stigma against fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), a leading cause of developmental delay in North America, can lead to prejudice and discrimination or impact self-esteem for individuals with FASD and their families. A recent study by IRCM neuroethics experts, published in the journal Public Health Ethics, suggests that public health practices or policies may inadvertently increase the stigma experienced by those affected by FASD.
Alberta Daily Herald Tribune (Canada) - Awareness Day sheds light on FASD
About 100 people came out to Muskoseepi Park Wednesday to help spread the message of awareness and prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).
Lethbridge Herald - Women help guide FASD clients in judicial system
Hudson isn’t your average hound. While he’s fluffy, playful and slobbery, he also provides a valuable service for those affected by fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) while going through the judicial system. (New Zealand) - Alcohol harms unborn babies, health experts warn
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is completely preventable - just don't consume alcohol while pregnant. That's the message health providers wanted to get across this month.
Mackay Daily Mercury (Australia) - Less booze, more healthy babies: AMA
CHANGING our drinking culture could improve the lives of thousands of babies, the Australian Medical Association says.
Derry Journal - Drink Think alcohol during pregnancy awareness day
Derry based alcohol awareness project Drink Think will be supporting the EUFASD Alliance again this year, in their ‘Too Young To Drink’ alcohol during pregnancy campaign, with an event taking place tomorrow in the city.
The Australian (Australia) - Foetal alcohol syndrome behind surge in disabled students
Babies left brain-damaged by their mothers’ heavy drinking during pregnancy are behind a growing number of ­disabled school students, a Senate inquiry has heard.

Alcohol-Free Pregnancy - NOFAS Webinar: When Someone with an FASD is Arrested: What You Need to Know
Though not everyone with an FASD gets in trouble with the law, research shows that these incidents occur far too frequently. This webinar will discuss research on how commonly troubles with the law occurs for people with FASD, and how many of the cognitive difficulties that occur in FASD can lead to problems when interacting with police, attorneys, and judges.
News24 - Mothers of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome babies are often forced to drink by abusive partners
FAScinujúce deti - FASD Awareness Day
9.9. is International FASD Awareness Day. Each year thousands of children are born with life-long disabilities because they were exposed to alcohol prenatally.

DIE WELT (Germany) - Wie Schwangere ihr Kind lebenslang schädigen
Mütter, die in der Schwangerschaft Alkohol trinken, können ihrem Kind schwerste körperliche und geistige Behinderungen zufügen. Der Fall einer jungen Frau zeigt, wie Betroffene darunter leiden.
Meteo Web (Italy) - Salute: la “FASD” la più grave disabilità del feto
“La sindrome feto-alcolica (FetalAlcohol Syndrome-FAS) e’ la piu’ grave disabilita’ permanente che si manifesta nel feto, durante la vita intrauterina, a causa dell’esposizione all’alcol consumato dalla madre durante la gravidanza”.
Ärzte Zeitung (germany) - Neurologe Spohr erhält Auszeichnung
Für seine Arbeit erhielt der 75-jährige Arzt aus Berlin das Verdienstkreuz am Bande. Anfang der 1970er Jahre stieß er als Kinderneurologe an der Kinderklinik im Westend auf das Thema Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, kurz FASD: "Ich hatte immer wieder damit zu tun, es ist zu meiner Passion geworden."
Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland) - W Krakowie rusza kampania na temat szkodliwości picia alkoholu w ciąży
Każdego roku w Polsce nie mniej niż 20 dzieci na 1 tys., które przychodzą na świat ma Spektrum Płodowych Zaburzeń Alkoholowych - wynika z danych Państwowej Agencji Rozwiązywania Problemów Alkoholowych. W Krakowie rusza kampania społeczna na temat szkodliwości picia alkoholu w ciąży.
Verkko-Karjainen (Finland) - Suomessa syntyy jopa 3 000 alkoholinkäytön vaurioittamaa lasta vuodessa
9. syyskuuta vietetään jälleen kansainvälistä FASD-päivää, jolloin muistutetaan maailmanlaajuisesti alkoholin vaaroista raskausaikana.
Demokracija (Slovenia) - S kampanjo do nič alkohola med nosečnostjo
Letošnji mednarodni dan osveščanja o fetalnem alkoholnem sindromu (FAS) je namenjena predvsem mladim oziroma bodočim staršem o tveganjih zaradi pitja alkohola v nosečnosti. S kampanjo Za najboljši začetek - ne pijem za dva strokovnjaki opozarjajo, da je vsakršno pitje alkohola med nosečnostjo in dojenjem nevarno za otroka.
Svenska YLE (Sweden) - Nio nyktra månader firades
På onsdag, den 9 september, ordnades den internationella FASD-dagen för att påminna om nykterhet under graviditeten.
IM Médico Hospitalario (Spain) - Consumir alcohol en el embarazo daña irreversiblemente al bebé
Beber alcohol durante el embarazo puede causar daño cerebral, lo que lleva a una serie de problemas de desarrollo, cognitivos y conductuales que pueden aparecer en cualquier momento durante la infancia y que se muestran gravemente en el bebé. Sin embargo, Francisco Pascual, vicepresidente de la sociedad científica SOCIDROGALCOHOL, ha señalado que “una investigación publicada recientemente en la revista Adicciones ha puesto de manifiesto que aún existen elevados porcentajes de consumo de alcohol por las gestantes”, aun cuando la recomendación es consumo cero.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Alcohol News - 37/2015

The independence - What alcohol really does to your eyesight
Most of us are well aware of the detrimental impact alcohol abuse can have on our bodies. At the less extreme end of the spectrum we understand that being even slightly intoxicated causes blurry, distorted vision, but what are the real physiological consequences to our eyes?
The Telegraph (UK) - Stressed mums turning to wine after the school run
Stressed mothers are increasingly turning to wine after the school run, according to a report which suggests parents with children at home are the most likely to have a drink problem.
Irish Examiner (Russia) - Russian official urges action on workplace alcohol abuse
A top Russian official has called upon state-owned arms producers to introduce an ethics code in order to battle alcohol abuse in the workplace.
Daily Maverick (Sweden) - Alcohol addiction: Swedish discovery could change lives
Last week, Swedish researchers from the Sahlgrenska Academy released a study suggesting that a medication currently used for diabetes and obesity could be a valuable tool in the treatment of alcohol dependence.
The West Australian (Australia) - Sobering statistics on alcohol cost
West Australians are being urged to stay sober next month as trauma specialists reveal alcohol is linked to about 20 per cent of Royal Perth Hospital’s trauma admissions.
Sidney Morning Herald (Australia) - Aussies spend more on alcohol than education, personal care
Australians, including those forgoing meals to pay their bills, spend more on alcohol each week than they do on education and personal care, a groundbreaking study has revealed.
IOL (South Africa) - Pregnant women warned off alcohol
Western Cape health MEC Nomafrench Mbombo had stern words for expecting mothers, admonishing them for using alcohol while pregnant, teenage pregnancy and frequent births.
University Herald - Working Long Hours May Lead To Alcohol Abuse
New research suggests that people who work long hours can increase risk of adverse health problems.
Medical Xpress - Stigma against fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Stigma against fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), a leading cause of developmental delay in North America, can lead to prejudice and discrimination or impact self-esteem for individuals with FASD and their families.
The Copenhagen Post (Denmark) - Pregnant addicts may be forced into inpatient treatment centres
Government aiming to decrease the number of children born with substance abuse-related health problems.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Alcohol News - 36/2015

UQ News (Australia) - Australia can no longer bottle up alcohol issues
Social activism around substance abuse should not overlook Australia’s most lethal drug – alcohol. That’s the view of University of Queensland researchers Associate Professor Jason Connor and Professor Wayne Hall, from the Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research.
Independent Online (South Africa) - Partnerships key to beating Foetal Alcohol Syndrome
AROUND the globe, bells rang at 9.09am as the world commemorated World Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) Day yesterday.
Times LIVE (South Africa) - South Africa fails to tackle its high foetal alcohol syndrome rate
Although South Africa has the highest foetal alcohol syndrome rate in the world, government’s efforts to address the problem have been inadequate. And the alcohol industry has evaded responsibility for tackling the root causes of the disease.
Jerusalem Post Israel News (Israel) - Health Ministry freezes up on health implications to Treasury’s major alcohol tax cuts
Ministry doesn't allow any interviews with public health officials, and doesn't carry out on its promise that a senior public health official would give a background briefing on the matter.
Montreal Gazette (Canada) - Moving toward privatization of alcohol sales would be a mistake for Quebec
The popular bias that public is less effective than private dies hard. The questionable quality of the arguments in support of the recent recommendations of former Liberal minister Lucienne Robillard provides another illustration of that prejudice.
University Herald - Working Long Hours May Lead To Alcohol Abuse
Researchers found that working more than 48 hours per week are more likely to engage in risky alcohol consumption than those who work standard week. They also have an increased risk of liver diseases, cancer, stroke, coronary heart disease and mental disorders.
Medical Xpress (Australia) - Are consumers getting the message from alcohol warning labels?
Australia's current alcohol warning labels are failing to effectively convey health messages to the public, according to a new study from Deakin University.
The Guardian (Scotland) - Nicola Sturgeon vows to fight for minimum alcohol price in Scotland
Nicola Sturgeon has said she will “vigorously” defend her plans to fix a minimum price for alcohol in Scotland despite a European court being told that the policy could be discriminatory and breach EU free trade rules.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Varadkar to press ahead with minimum alcohol pricing plan
The Government is to press ahead with plans for minimum unit pricing of alcohol despite an adverse ruling on the issue by the European Court of Justice.
Bioscience Technology - Scientists Find Neuron Responsible for Alcoholism Craving
A particular neuron in the brain reaches out for the next drink – potentially functioning as a seat of alcoholism and other addictions, according to research by Texas A&M scientists. (Switzerland) - Alarm raised over drinking alcohol in pregnancy
Around one in a hundred babies in Europe is born with disabilities caused by mothers consuming alcohol during pregnancy, Addiction Switzerland has warned. It is calling for awareness in Switzerland to be raised on the issue.
The Gateway Online (Canada) - Feature: Student Alcoholism
Before publishing fiction and poetry in literary magazines, fourth-year English major Jacob Martin was addicted to alcohol and prescription medication.
The Independent (UK) - Stop British students boozing – for their sake and all of ours
Britain is hooked on booze and – like other addicts – refuses to acknowledge the problem or seek help. Joyful celebrations, times of loss and pain are drinking occasions, as if true feelings stirred up by birthdays, weddings or funerals would be intolerable and must be numbed down.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

FASD News - 35/2015

Voxy (New Zealand) - FASD Awareness Day on Wednesday
This Wednesday is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness Day, created to increase our recognition of the risks associated with drinking alcohol during pregnancy. There is no known type, or amount, of alcohol that is safe to drink at any time during pregnancy. Just one drink of alcohol during pregnancy places the baby at risk of FASD.
Medicine Hat News - Educate to prevent: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder month’s goal
Prevention and education is the goal of local events taking place for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder awareness month.
Health24 (South Africa) - Born drunk: Cape teen defies the evils of alcoholism
A mother opens up about how she watched her adoptive daughter shake violently and scream as she went through withdrawal after being born with foetal alcohol syndrome.
The Northern Echo (UK) - Warnings over condition linked to drinking while pregnant
MATERNITY staff at The James Cook University Hospital are holding a market place event to highlight the dangers of drinking during pregnancy.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Pregnant mums still drinking
About 20 per cent of women continue to drink alcohol after finding out they are pregnant - with some reporting having four or more drinks a week.
IOL News (South Africa) - Cape expanding use of baby simulators
Following a successful pilot project earlier this year, the City of Cape Town is expanding the use of baby simulators as part of its substance abuse prevention programme.
Coast Reporter - Four faces of FASD: an update
In 2012 four brave individuals living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) shared their stories with the Sunshine Coast by providing interviews to Coast TV so that a documentary could be produced.
The Sun (UK) - I drank 8 pints a day while I was pregnant
LINDA McFadden’s alcohol abuse left her daughter suffering from Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and now she's 14 years sober, she wants to rebuild her family.

CAPHC - Caregiving, FASD and Alcohol – Caring about FASD Prevention
Click here to register for the webinar on September 9th, 2015 from 11:00 Am to 12:30PM ET.

PreventionInstitute - What is the FASD Training Package for Post-Secondary Instructors?
This resource was created for post-secondary instructors and professors to use. The focus is on understanding and preventing FASD.
MyStudies - Parenting Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Strongest Families FASD - Research Helping Families
If you have a child (age 4-12) who has been diagnosed with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder you may be able to take part in a study for a parenting program designed to help you deal with your child's challenging behaviours. To find out more please continue. PLEASE NOTE: You must live in Canada to take part in this study.

Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior - Third trimester-equivalent ethanol exposure increases anxiety-like behavior and glutamatergic transmission in the basolateral amygdala
Ethanol consumption during pregnancy produces a wide range of morphological and behavioral alterations known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). Among the behavioral deficits associated with FASD is an increased probability of developing anxiety disorders.
HepatoBiliary Surgery and Nutrition - Alcohol exposure in utero perturbs retinoid homeostasis in adult rats
Maternal alcohol exposure and adult alcohol intake have been shown to perturb the metabolism of various micro- and macro-nutrients, including vitamin A and its derivatives (retinoids).
International Journal of Epidemiology - Cohort profile: the EDEN mother-child cohort on the prenatal and early postnatal determinants of child health and development
Barker’s hypothesis suggests that health in adulthood can be influenced by events occurring during the developmental period.1 Studies from various parts of the world have shown associations between low birthweight with adult pathological conditions such as hypertension, insulin-resistance, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.
PLoS One - Impaired ILK function is associated with deficits in hippocampal based memory and synaptic plasticity in a FASD rat model
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide range of anatomical and behavioral problems in children who are exposed to alcohol during the prenatal period. There is no effective treatment for FASD, because of lack of complete characterization of the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying this condition.
MCN: the American Journal of Maternal-Child Nursing - Relational care for perinatal substance use: a systematic review
The purpose of this systematic review of the literature is to highlight published studies of perinatal substance use disorder that address relational aspects of various care delivery models to identify opportunities for future studies in this area.

(Germany) - Suchtgefährdete Erwachsene mit Fetalen Alkoholspektrumstörungen
Fast jeder zweite Erwachsene mit einer Fetalen Alkoholspektrumstörung (FASD) entwickelt zusätzlich zur bestehenden Beeinträchtigung eine Suchtstörung.
(Sweden) - FAS (Fetalt alkoholsyndrom) kostar samhället 14,4 miljarder
Kvinnor som dricker alkohol under graviditeten riskerar att få barn med FAS (Fetalt alkoholsyndrom). Barn med FAS får ofta problem med skolan, och får senare i livet en nedsatt arbetsförmåga. De drabbas oftare än andra av psykiska sjukdomar, hamnar lätt i missbruk och har svårt att klara sig själva i det dagliga livet. I Sverige uppskattas att 0,2 procent av befolkningen har FAS och år 2014 kostade FAS samhället 14,4 miljarder.
(Netherlands) - Foetaal Alcohol Spectrum Stoornis - een overzicht van de huidige situatie
De ontwikkeling van het ongeboren kind kan ernstig in gevaar worden gebracht door alcoholgebruik tijdens de zwangerschap. Deze prenatale blootstelling aan alcohol kan leiden tot levenslange lichamelijke afwijkingen, gedragsstoornissen en cognitieve beperkingen. (Poland) - Nie pij za jego zdrowie
"Nie piję za jego zdrowie" - hasło reklamowe jednej z kampanii, promującej kilka lat temu abstynencję w czasie ciąży. Kampania dawno się skończyła, jednak jej przesłanie nadal jest aktualne. Niestety wiele matek nie zwróciło uwagi na wielkie bilbordy krzyczące na ulicach polskich miast.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Alcohol News - 35/2015

Medical News Today - Children should be informed about alcohol dangers from age 9, say experts
Given the high prevalence of binge drinking among adolescents, parents and pediatricians should talk to children about the dangers of alcohol use from the age of 9 years. This is according to a clinical report from the American Academy of Pediatrics.
The Guardian (UK) - Alcohol addiction is ruining older lives, too
A radio documentary about my beloved Uncle Pad shows how easily ‘normal’ drinking can escalate in response to the stresses that come with ageing.
The Guardian - Alcohol sales get higher after weed legalization contrary to industry fears
Alcohol businesses are seeing ‘phenomenal growth’ alongside marijuana industry in Colorado, dispelling concerns that consumers prefer pot over booze.
Yahoo Health - How Sugar and Alcohol Mess With Your Hormones
There’s no getting around it — sugar in the form of refined carbs or alcohol leads to vitamin deficiency, suppresses your adrenals, disrupts your blood sugar levels, and exacerbates estrogen-dominant hormonal issues like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), fibroids, and endometriosis.
U.S. News & World Report (USA) - Many Teens With Chronic Illnesses Use Alcohol, Pot
Teens with chronic diseases such as asthma and juvenile arthritis have to manage their health carefully, yet many of them have had alcohol or smoked marijuana in the last year, a new study shows. (New Zealand) - Alcohol's the forgotten factor in weight gain
Whether it's a large latte, a fruit smoothie or a couple of margaritas, it's easy to forget that liquids have kilojoules and that a couple of 150 millilitre glasses of wine with dinner is the kilojoule equivalent of eating a doughnut on the side. But the introduction of kilojoule counts on some brands of beers may help to change that.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Majority of people admit alcohol makes them lose control
Most people admit to “losing control” while under the influence of alcohol, yet say they still drink up to five times a week, according to research from Junior Chamber International (JCI) Cork. (EU) - EC consults on alcohol duties and counterfeiting
The European Commission is considering changes to excise duty on alcoholic beverages in order to fight tax fraud and reduce the sale of counterfeit alcohol.
Irish Examiner - EU court to issue opinion on minimum alcohol price
Europe’s top court will provide the first indication this week as to whether it will allow minimum alcohol pricing — a measure being considered by a number of countries including Ireland.
The Daily Telegraph (Australia) - Drinking games in pubs and bars encouraging reckless alcohol consumption across NSW
BUCKETS, milk bottles and plastic bags are just some of the novel ways bars are trying to entice patrons to consume more alcohol.
The Pharmaceutical Journal (EU) - Why the EU has failed in tackling the alcohol problem
The EU has shown a lack of leadership in tackling alcohol-related harm and its citizens are paying the price.