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Alcohol News - 21/2014 (South Africa) - Steps to end alcohol abuse in SA
South Africa's social development department will use WHO data to try to end alcohol abuse. Individual South Africans consume an average of 8.2 litres of pure alcohol per annum.
Prague Post (Chech Republic) - Czechs spend billions on drugs, alcohol, prostitutes
Roughly one-fifth of Czech households complain that they can hardly make ends meet, but Czechs spend annually 12 billion Kč on drugs, 93 billion on alcohol, 84 billion on tobacco products and over 4 billion on prostitutes, the daily Právo writes today.
Medscape - Response to Social Alcohol Use May Predict Future Abuse
Young adults who have heightened alcohol stimulation and reward sensitivity are at risk for later development of alcohol use disorder (AUD), new research suggests.
WalesOnline (Wales) - 'Terrifying' drinking levels see Welsh hospitals dealing with alcohol-related admission every 35 minutes
Hospitals in Wales are dealing with an alcohol-related admission every 35 minutes on average, shocking new figures have revealed. Statistics obtained by WalesOnline show the number of admissions to Welsh hospitals where alcohol was a primary or secondary diagnosis reached 14,907 in 2012-2013.
Detroit Free Press - Why don't alcoholic drinks have nutrition labels?
One category is completely exempt from these requirements: alcohol. Why? Calories from alcohol are empty calories, and alcohol itself—when abused—is the source of innumerable health problems. Shouldn’t beer, wine, and liquor be subject to at least the same labeling requirements as pomegranate juice?
University Herald - Movies Encourage Youngsters to Drink More Alcohol, Study
A study conducted by researchers at the Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands found that most films glamorise drinking, which encourages young people to consume more alcohol.
The Motor Report (Australia) - Vic: Ignition Interlocks For All Drink-Drivers By 2016
Victorian drink-drivers will be forced to pay for ignition-locking ‘interlock’ systems to be installed in their cars by 2016, the state’s Coalition Government has confirmed.
Pacific Standard - Alcohol Increases Aggression Before You’ve Taken a Sip
New research confirms that exposure to the idea of alcohol heightens aggressive behavior.
RSA - Alcohol and Crime: How Do We Break the Cycle?
Our panel of speakers discuss a major survey carried out by the Alcohol and Crime Commission, which was set up by Addaction.
Yahoo News (Iran) - More than a million alcohol drinkers in Iran: report
More than a million Iranians out of a population of 77 million drink alcohol, a participant in the country's First World Congress on Alcohol Abuse was quoted Tuesday as saying.
Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland) - Drink-drive limit to be slashed to align Northern Ireland with Europe
The drink-drive alcohol limit is to be slashed by nearly 40% in the first major shake-up in the law here since it was introduced in 1968. (Australia) - Raising the legal age for alcohol purchase to 21 would reduce alcohol-related harm in Australia
There is strong evidence and increasing support to raise the minimum age for purchasing alcohol from 18 to 21, leading public health experts argue in The Medical Journal of Australia (MJA).

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One drink can change everything. Don't drink and boat.

FASD news - 18/2014

Waseca County News (USA) - Parents of children with fetal alcohol syndrome find lack of resources in out-state Minnesota
This is the first of a two-part series on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, its cost to the state and how state funding impacts access to community-based healthcare services which varies from county to county.
Medical Daily - Kids' Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder Mistaken For ADHD, Due To Misassignment Of Mental Age
Though still high, the prevalence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) among American kids may be overstated by confusion with fetal alcohol syndrome disorder (FASD) — a broad diagnosis describing the effects of maternal drinking during pregnancy.
Anchorage Daily News - Despite progress, an uncertain future in Alaska's battle against fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
John Binkley can't remember why he was touring Alaska's largest hospital that day in 1989, but he'll never forget what he saw there. A 16-month-old child, no bigger than a newborn, lay silently crying in the neonatal intensive care unit at Providence hospital in Anchorage.
Houston Press - Doctors' Group to A&M: Stop Killing Lambs for Alcohol Study
For the last 17 years, researchers at Texas A&M have been getting pregnant sheep drunk and dissecting their babies' brains. No, they're not doing it for fun, but to find "preventative and ameliorative strategies" for addressing fetal alcohol syndrome. - “Everything in moderation” does not apply to drinking alcohol while pregnant
Despite 40 years of scientific research demonstrating the clear risks of drinking during pregnancy, many women and their doctors are still are not convinced that there is no safe level of alcohol during pregnancy.
Scribd - Breaking Bad Habits During Spring Break: Why Alcohol And Pregnancy Continues To Be A Problem
Spring break 2014, which, for some, actually fell at the end of winter this year, is in full swing. Many students are back to school working diligently toward their degree.
Leader Post (Canada) - U of R workshop targets Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
A University of Regina researcher hopes that a oneday workshop will not only help her to complete her research, but it will help all those in the province impacted by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) connect with one another.

EUFASD - Third European Conference on FASD
Building on the success of the first European conference on FASD (Kerkrade, Netherlands, 2010) and the second European conference on FASD (Barcelona, Spain, 2012), we are pleased to announce the third European conference on FASD, to be held in Rome.

University of Limerick – Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Interdisciplinary Understanding
Thursday June 5th & Friday June 6th 2014
FASD Conference for Professionals - June 13, 2014
This conference is open any professionals who have questions or would like to update their knowledge in the areas of FASD. FASD can affect a person through all life stages.
The Living Well: FASD and Mental Health Conference, will delve into the interconnection between Mental Health and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder spanning the areas of prevention, intervention, support, evaluation and research. This event is a Canada Northwest FASD Partnership Conference, hosted by Healthy Child Manitoba. Program and registration updates will be posted as they become available.

NeuroDevNet - Innovative Science Curriculum by FASD researchers - PD Day for Science Teachers 2014
Tamara Bodnar and Parker Holman are two PhD trainees of Joanne Weinberg's. NeuroDevNet is a Canadian Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE) comprised of over 80 researchers and trainees that do research on early diagnosis and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres - Defining the Rate of Heavy Fetal Alcohol Exposure in Canada -- a National study
Using meconium analysis as a biomarker of heavy fetal alcohol exposure, we are defining the size of the Canadian epidemic for the first time through a large coast-to-coast study.
FCPXTipsandtricks - FASD - Bright Blue Charity

The International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research - The effectiveness of alcohol warning labels in the prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: A brief review
Multiple measures are required to increase societal awareness of the risks of drinking in pregnancy, influence alcohol consumption by pregnant women, and improve the quality of support for women with alcohol and related health and social problems.
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth - Drinking before and after pregnancy recognition among South African women: the moderating role of traumatic experiences
This study explored how female drinkers in South Africa may differentially modulate their drinking patterns upon pregnancy recognition, depending on trauma history. Our results suggest that women with traumatic experiences are more likely to exhibit risky alcohol consumption when they become pregnant, regardless of prior risk. These findings illuminate the relevance of trauma-informed efforts to reduce FASD in South Africa.
Journal of Neuroscience Research - Chronic exposure to ethanol of male mice before mating produces attention deficit hyperactivity disorder-like phenotype along with epigenetic dysregulation of dopamine transporter expression in mouse offspring
Preconception exposure to EtOH through the paternal route may affect neurobehavioral and developmental features of offspring. This study investigates the effects of paternal exposure to EtOH before conception on the hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity behavior of male offspring in mice.
Amino Acids - Effects of l-glutamine supplementation on maternal and fetal hemodynamics in gestating ewes exposed to alcohol
Not much is known about effects of gestational alcohol exposure on maternal and fetal cardiovascular adaptations. This study determined whether maternal binge alcohol exposure and l-glutamine supplementation could affect maternal-fetal hemodynamics and fetal regional brain blood flow during the brain growth spurt period.
Alcoholism - Brief Prenatal Ethanol Exposure Alters Behavioral Sensitivity to the Kappa Opioid Receptor Agonist (U62,066E) and Antagonist (Nor-BNI) and Reduces Kappa Opioid Receptor Expression
Approximately 10 to 15% of women consume alcohol (ethanol [EtOH]) during pregnancy in the United States. Even low amounts of EtOH consumption during pregnancy can elicit long-term consequences.
Georgia State University - Association Analysis of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Hypertension Status in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults
The major findings of this study suggest a significant relationship between FAS and hypertension in youth. Race/ethnicity also proved important in predicting hypertensive blood pressure readings independent of FAS diagnosis.
PLOSMedicine - Association between Prenatal Exposure to Antiretroviral Therapy and Birth Defects: An Analysis of the French Perinatal Cohort Study
We found a specific association between in utero exposure to zidovudine and heart defects; the mechanisms need to be elucidated. The association between efavirenz and neurological defects must be interpreted with caution.

Taunus Zeitung (Germany) - Adoptions-Fall um FASD-Kinder
Eine Adoptivfamilie aus dem Taunus streitet sich vor Gericht mit dem Frankfurter Jugendamt. Das Verfahren am Montag zeigte allerdings, wie schwierig Wahrheitsfindung sein kann.
Ilta-Sanomat (Finland) - Äidin alkolin juominen raskausaikana saattaa jättää lapseen elinikäiset vammat
Eppu, 29, on pienikokoinen, lyhyt ja hyvin hento. Teinipojalta näyttävää miestä ei uskoisi lähes kolmekymppiseksi. Hän ei vaikuta keskivertokaverilta, mutta vaikea hänestä on myöskään huomata, mikä hänestä tekee erilaisen.

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Alcohol News - 18/2014

The Guardian (UK) - Labour 'would restrict sales of alcohol, unhealthy food and tobacco'
A Labour government would impose tough restrictions on the sale and advertising of alcohol, unhealthy food and tobacco, according to a leaked policy document.
University Herald (USA) - Maryland To Ban The Sale Of Extreme-Strength Alcohol
Gov. O' Malley approved legislation banning the retail sale of alcohol 190-proof and stronger effective July 1. With this legislation, Maryland joins the ranks of more than a dozen other states that ban the sale of such products, including Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia. (New Zealand) - Council to curb alcohol sales after 9pm?
Porirua residents won't be able to buy alcohol at off-licenses after 9pm, should a draft local alcohol policy for the city get passed. - Drugs and alcohol at school could be cry for help
Teens caught smoking pot or drinking alcohol at school may have deeper problems and should undergo screening for serious health risks, a new study indicates.
The Guardian (Scotland) - Minimum alcohol price plan referred to European court by Scottish judges
A plan to set a minimum price for all alcoholic drinks in Scotland has been referred by appeal judges to the European court of justice, after a long legal battle waged by the whisky industry.
Medscape - No Amount of Alcohol Is Safe
"Responsible drinking" has become a 21st-century mantra for how most people view alcohol consumption. But when it comes to cancer, no amount of alcohol is safe.[1] That is the conclusion of the 2014 World Cancer Report (WCR), issued by the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).
2 Minute Medicine (USA) - 65% of alcohol-related childhood vehicular deaths related to riding with drunk drivers
During 2001-2010, 2344 U.S. children were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers; 65% of them were riding with an impaired driver.
Anchorage Daily News (USA) - Despite progress, an uncertain future in Alaska's battle against fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
John Binkley can't remember why he was touring Alaska's largest hospital that day in 1989, but he'll never forget what he saw there. A 16-month-old child, no bigger than a newborn, lay silently crying in the neonatal intensive care unit at Providence hospital in Anchorage. (UK) - Children as young as four are addicted to drugs and alcohol shocking statistics have revealed
Recent figures from Public Health England have revealed that kids as young as four are becoming addicted to alcohol and other harmful substances. - Consumption of alcohol associated with increased risk of advanced liver fibrosis HIV/HCV patients
Consumption of alcohol has long been associated with an increased risk of advanced liver fibrosis, but a new study published online in Clinical Infectious Diseases from researchers at Penn Medicine and other institutions shows that association is drastically heightened in people co-infected with both HIV and chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.
The Moscow Times (Russia) - Bill Fights Online Alcohol Sales
The Russian government's campaign to crush counterfeit and after-hours liquor sales has turned digital, with all websites that sell alcohol online to be blocked if the State Duma passes proposed legislation. (New Zealand) - NZ Alcohol Law Changes - No More Free Wine Ads
The recent “Don’t be a ‘cool’ Dad” publicity campaign was a high-profile reminder that a significant number of changes to existing alcohol laws came into effect on 18 December 2013.
Medical Daily - Kids' Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder Mistaken For ADHD, Due To Misassignment Of Mental Age
Though still high, the prevalence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) among American kids may be overstated by confusion with fetal alcohol syndrome disorder (FASD) — a broad diagnosis describing the effects of maternal drinking during pregnancy.
Oncology Nurse Advisor - Alcohol and tobacco combination increases esophageal cancer risk
The combined use of alcohol and tobacco has a synergistic effect on the risk of developing esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC), according to research published in online April 22 in the American Journal of Gastroenterology.
Scotsman (Scotland) - Nation of drunks struggles to call last orders
OF ALL the Scottish stereotypes – the kilted clansman, the woad-painted Braveheart, the dour Presbyterian – the one of the country as a “nation of drunks” might seem the least likely to be peddled by Alex Salmond.