Monday, November 25, 2013

Alcohol News - 47/2013

Anchorage Daily News (USA) - Alaska's alcohol taxes among highest in nation
Alaska's reputation as a low-tax state doesn't extend to alcohol taxes. A study released last month by a consumer-oriented finance website shows Alaska's alcohol taxes are the third highest in the nation, after Washington and Alabama, The News-Miner ( reported in Sunday's newspaper. (Ireland) - Gardaí seized alcohol in public places 354 times last year
THERE WERE 354 seizures of alcohol in public places last year, a drop on the previous year when more than 480 of these incidents were recorded.
TopNews United States (UK) - Alcohol is Major Cause of Accidents in North Yorkshire and UK
People are being called up on by Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust as a part of Alcohol Awareness Week 2013 to drink sensibly so as to keep themselves and others safe from any kind of harm.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Punch-drunk culture must stop celebrating alcohol abuse
The time will have to come when Australia confronts and acts on the damage done by alcohol, just as it did with tobacco. For the moment, too many people see the abuse of alcohol as someone else’s problem. Tougher government action on prevention is not seen as a priority, especially if that means higher prices, restricted access and a rethink of the central role booze plays in our cultural life.
The Guardian (Australia) - Alcohol protection orders in Northern Territory 'will criminalise alcoholism'
Alcohol protection orders being rushed through the Northern Territory parliament will disadvantage Indigenous people and criminalise alcoholism, an Aboriginal legal aid agency says. (UK) - Teenage boozers get their alcohol from their own PARENTS in binge-drinking Britain
One in five secondary school kids get drunk thanks to mum and dad - Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham are singled out as Britain capitals of underage drunkenness.
CCTV (Australia) - Patterns of alcohol consumption in Australia unhealthy: report
The Australian National Council on Drugs report (ANCD) confirmed in a statement on Wednesday that levels and patterns of alcohol consumption in Australia are frequently risky or unhealthy and alcohol consumption among young people is "a significant concern."
BBC News (UK) - Under-age drinking crackdown called for
The government should introduce tougher punishments for parents, siblings and friends who buy alcohol for children, left-wing think tank Demos has urged.
Science Daily (USA) - Recessionary Woes Lead to Adverse Alcohol Outcomes for Men and Middle-Aged Americans
Although the U.S. recession officially ended in June 2009, many Americans still struggle to make ends meet. A recent study has examined the relationship between different types of economic loss experienced during the recession -- job loss, reduced work hours/pay, difficulty paying for housing, housing loss, and loss of retirement savings -- and alcohol consumption and problems, finding that men and middle-aged Americans are at higher risk for multiple, adverse alcohol outcomes.
The Independent (UK) - Prosecutions for under-age alcohol sales fall to quarter of 2008 level
The number of adults prosecuted for supplying alcohol to underage drinkers has fallen to just 142 in the last year, according to figures released today. (Canada) - Social costs of alcohol high in N.S., internal report says
An internal report prepared by the Nova Scotia government reveals that revenue from selling booze is easily eclipsed by how much is spent on alcohol-related health, hospital and police costs.
Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey) - Turkish Airlines to test for alcohol, drug use in personnel
Turkish Airlines (THY) has said it has begun to conduct alcohol and drugs tests on its personnel who are in critical positions in line with a procedure that went into effect last year.
Scotsman (Scotland) - Alcohol ban at football matches must stay – experts
ALCOHOL must not be legalised at Scottish football grounds, despite growing pressure from clubs wanting to cash in on extra revenue, public health experts have warned.
Science Daily - Frontal-Lobe Damage from Alcohol May Occur Before General Mental Status Challenges
Frontal lobe deficiency, characterized by executive dysfunction such as deficits in attention and working memory, has been linked with an inability to abstain from alcohol.
The Guardian (UK) - Alcohol unit pricing will save many lives
We urge the government to bring back plans for minimum unit pricing and follow the example of Ireland, which has announced its intention to press ahead with this measure.
Daily Mail (USA) - Red, blue and high all over: Mapping America's drug and alcohol habits along political party lines... and DC is among the worst offenders
In 2008, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration - a branch of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - put out a map showing how many people 12 years or older said they have used illicit drugs in the past year.
Quartz (Spain) - Health-conscious Spaniards are guzzling non-alcoholic beer—while clinging to cigarettes
Spain dominates in many areas: men’s soccer, youth unemployment, and as a new study from Euromonitor International points out, consumption of low alcohol and non-alcoholic beer.
BBC News (UK) - Blackpool Council considers ban on adverts for alcohol
Blackpool Council is considering banning all alcohol advertising outside pubs, shops and off-licences.
The Guardian (Australia) - Australian children single out alcohol as country's main cause of violence
Almost half of Australian children recently questioned in an international survey say alcohol is a main cause of violence in Australia, the third highest proportion of all responding countries, it was revealed on Wednesday.
World Health Organization (Slovenia) - New publication on alcohol policies in Slovenia
The Slovenian National Institute of Public Health has launched the new publication: 'Alcohol in Slovenia – trends in the way of drinking, health consequences of harmful drinking, the opinion of stakeholders and suggested measures for effective alcohol policy'.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

FASD news - 46/2013

The Chronicle of Social Change (USA) - Raising Adrian – My Own Experience with FASD in America
In August 2008 an adorable, Hispanic toddler walked through our front door and into our family. Although he was two years and eight months old, he was non-verbal, wore clothes sized for an 18-month-old, and looked to be very unhealthy. His skin color was ashen, it felt clammy to the touch, and he had quite a bit of bruising on his little body.
TopNews New Zealand (New Zealand) - NT's Indigenous has higher FASD
Health supporters are concerned more kids are, no doubt conceived with foetal liquor range confusion (FASD) in Australia on the grounds that ladies are getting messages that are mixed. (Canada) - Yukon MP plans private member bill on FASD
Yukon MP Ryan Leef says the Conservative government is tough on crime, but that doesn't mean jail is always the best solution.
3News NZ (New Zealand) - Fetal alcohol research funding needed
The social cost of children born to mothers who drank during pregnancy may be costing New Zealand millions of dollars a year. (Canada) - Lego helps children with mental disabilities improve social skills
It’s a popular toy almost every person played with as a child, but a local program has proven Lego can also be a very beneficial therapy tool for children who live with mental health issues.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Call for stronger alcohol warnings
Strong warning labels should be placed on all beer, wine and spirits as part of a plan to stop pregnant mothers from drinking, MPs say.
Ulster Star (Northern Ireland) - Foetus image on charity 
billboard branded ‘insensitive’
A billboard campaign launched by a Lisburn-based charity to discourage pregnant women from consuming alcohol has been branded ‘insensitive’.
ASCERT (Northern Ireland) - FASD Campaign launched to address drinking during pregnancy
ASCERT has launched a campaign to address the risks caused to unborn babies because of alcohol use during pregnancy.
Canada NewsWire (Canada) - CCSA Report Calls for Greater Attention to Issues of Substance Use during Pregnancy
Today, at its biennial Issues of Substance conference, the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) released the 2013 Substance Abuse in Canada report, Licit and Illicit Drug Use during Pregnancy: Maternal, Neonatal and Early Childhood Consequences. - Uganda: A Trouble-Free Pregnancy
Uganda is a country with one of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world. Whenever a mother or a baby dies during pregnancy or labour, most people normally blame the health worker or health facility for the fatality.
Coeur d'Alene Press - FAS and critical thinking
Recently, I assigned the students in my psychology class to think critically, not cynically. To question everything written or heard from friends, media and particularly from me. I asked the class to scientifically examine what is real, hearsay, wives-tales and preconceived notions of what one might believe to be fact.
CityNews - Pregnant women who do drugs need doctor’s compassion: report
Seeing a pregnant women smoking a cigarette, imbibing a glass of wine or using drugs is sure to raise a societal eyebrow. But a new report says women with substance abuse problems should be treated with compassion by health providers and society at large, especially during pregnancy, because addiction is a brain disorder and not a personal failing.

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (Canada) - Licit and Illicit Drug Use during Pregnancy: Maternal, Neonatal and Early Childhood Consequences
Every two years, the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) produces a new report in the Substance Abuse in Canada series, with each edition shedding much-needed light on an important drug- and alcohol-related issue.
NOFAS - Jasmine Suarez-O'Connor on living with FASD
The National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS) is the leading voice and resource of the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) community.
mencap - The Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder toolkit for Gps
Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is an umbrella term for a range of effects that can occur to an individual who was exposed to alcohol before they were born.

International Journal of Epidemiology - Prenatal alcohol exposure and offspring cognition and school performance. A ‘Mendelian randomization’ natural experiment
Better offspring cognitive/educational outcomes observed in association with prenatal alcohol exposure presumably reflected residual confounding by factors associated with social position and maternal education.

Dziennik Bałtycki (Poland) - Alkohol w ciąży szkodzi dziecku ROZMOWA
Z dr Krzysztofem Liszczem, psychiatrą, terapeutą, szkoleniowcem, autorem książki "Dziecko z FAS w domu i w szkole" rozmawia Jolanta Gromadzka-Anzelewicz. (Netherlands) - Actie tegen alcohol tijdens zwangerschap
Verslavingsinstellingen in Nederland maken zich ernstig zorgen om vrouwen die tijdens hun zwangerschap alcohol drinken. Veel vrouwen zouden wel weten dat alcohol slecht is, maar weten ze niet dat een paar glazen al blijvende schade kan veroorzaken bij het ongeboren kind. De tien grootste verslavingsinstellingen komen daarom gezamenlijk in actie.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Alcohol News - 46/2013

Metro (UK) - Why most of us are probably drinking too much for our health
You might have heard of Black Friday – the term the emergency services apply to the last Friday before Christmas, when pre-Yuletide revelling, and therefore drunken disasters, are at their peak.
10News (USA) - US Border Patrol has 'alarming' alcohol problem, says internal memo and inside source
An internal memo obtained by Team 10 shows grave concern by the head of the U.S. Border Patrol about drinking and driving among agents.
International Business Times AU (Australia) - Aussie Mums in NSW Suffering from Alcohol, Drug Addiction Could Lose Custody of Babies
A law is being proposed in New South Wales, Australia, in which mothers who are drug or alcohol addicts could lose custody of their babies.
CapitalFM (UK) - New Hard-Hitting Alcohol Ads In The North East
North East drinkers are being warned that alcohol is in the same cancer causing category as tobacco smoke in new hard-hitting ads.
Daily Mail (UK) - Number of shops with 24-hour licences to sell alcohol reaches record high
The number of supermarkets and convenience stores selling alcohol round the clock shot up last year, new figures showed yesterday. (UK) - MILLIONS of Brits do not know that drinking too much alcohol raises risk of cancer
Millions of Brits do not know that drinking too much alcohol raises their risk of cancer, a poll found. Some 86% of 2,000 people surveyed admitted they did not know booze increases the risk of breast cancer.
Science Daily - Alcohol Ads in US Magazines Still Expose Consumers to Risky Content, Messages
A new report from the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth (CAMY) at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health calls into question whether existing federal and voluntary standards for alcohol advertisements curtail potentially damaging content and protect public health.
Deccan Herald (India) - Govt policy inadequate to check alcohol abuse: Health Secy
Government's response on the issue of dealing with alcohol abuse has been inadequate as it is torn between the need to treat liquor sale as revenue priority and the "strong" case for ban on its use, a senior Health official said here.
Al Jazeera America - How prevalent is alcohol consumption among pregnant women?
In her new book, “Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol,” journalist Ann Dowsett Johnston explores the startling rise in alcohol abuse and dependence among women. As women have worked to close the gender gap in their careers and family life, they have also rapidly caught up to men in alcohol consumption.
The Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol is not a solution in which we should expect problems to dissolve
There has been much debate and discussion in Ireland recently about intoxicating substances and our relationship with them. In the past few days attention has centred on cannabis but in previous weeks the focus was very much on our nation’s favourite drug: alcohol.
Medical Xpress - Younger teens more likely to use alcohol if they live near bottle shops
Deakin University researchers have found higher rates of underage drinking among young people who live in areas with a high number of alcohol outlets.
Northampton Chronicle & Echo (UK) - Quarter of child abuse cases linked to alcohol, Northamptonshire Police says
Northamptonshire Police is raising awareness of the problems related to excessive drinking during a special awareness week.
Xinhua (China) - WHO meeting in China's Hong Kong addresses teen drinking
Representatives from countries and areas in the Western Pacific Region of the World Health Organization (WHO) are taking part in a three-day meeting in China's Hong Kong starting Tuesday to address the harmful use of alcohol by young people.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Alcohol News - 45/2013 (Qatar) - Qatar in clampdown on alcohol sales in hotel pools and beaches
Authorities in Qatar issued a written notice to hotel managers at the weekend banning the sale of alcohol in swimming pool areas or on the beach, leading to the last minute cancellation of some beach parties around the capital Doha, it was reported.
Reuters - Mixing caffeine, alcohol common for underage drinkers
College-age drinkers who mix caffeine and alcohol are more likely to make risky decisions and require medical care, research has shown. A new study suggests younger drinkers often combine caffeine and alcohol as well.
Huffington Post (USA) - Too Many Young People Seeing Alcohol TV Ads, Study Finds
A new study reveals that one in four alcohol TV ads shown in major markets don't abide by voluntary standards set by the industry, which involve not being shown during shows where at least 30 percent of the audience is under 21.
The Independent (UK) - Staff 'should be tested' for alcohol misuse in the workplace
Employees should be tested in the work place for signs of alcohol misuse, according to recommendations made in an article in a leading medical journal.
Times of India - Stress, booze worst stroke triggers
Stress and alcohol are the primary immediate triggers for stroke in Indian men but sexual activity could also set off the life-threatening condition, a cross-sectional survey of patients conducted by AIIMS has found.
National Institutes of Health - NIH-funded study finds that gabapentin may treat alcohol dependence
The generic anticonvulsant medication gabapentin shows promise as an effective treatment for alcohol dependence, based on the results of a 150-patient clinical trial of the medication.
ABC Online (Australia) - Parents urged not to give alcohol to their kids
The State Government has launched a new campaign warning parents about the dangers of supplying alcohol to children.
Science World Report - Alcohol and Aggression: Neurological, Environmental Factors may Contribute to Issue
A recent study looks at the links between alcohol-related aggression and certain social and neurobiological factors that may contribute to the issue.
Daily Mail (UK) - 'Let's get wasted!' Sick app that encourages teens to binge drink prompts calls for Apple and Google to ban more than 340 alcohol-related games
A Health Minister last night led calls for a ban on ‘dangerous’ mobile phone apps that encourage young people to binge-drink. Norman Lamb, the Lib Dem Minister for Care, called on Google and Apple to launch an urgent investigation into ‘irresponsible’ drinking games sold through their online markets, which could fuel drink-related health problems and anti-social behaviour.
NL Times (Netherlands) – More Young people to hospital due to alcohol
The number of young people who ended up in hospital because of alcohol, has increased fourfold between 2001 and 2011. This is clear from the Annual Report of the National Drug Monitor of the Trimbos Institute.
RedOrbit - A Little Alcohol With Your Acetaminophen Could Damage Kidneys
Some people looking for mild pain relief after a strenuous workout or mild injury might take Tylenol and wash it down with a cold beer. However, that practice could be doing serious kidney damage, according to a new study presented on Monday at the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting in Boston.
Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland) - Alarm at increase in alcohol deaths
The number of people who died from alcohol abuse in Northern Ireland increased by 40% in under a decade, it has been revealed. (UK) - Online alcohol marketing encourages 'culture of intoxication' in young people, study suggests
Online alcohol marketing aimed at young adults encourages a ''culture of intoxication'', a study has suggested. Young people tend to view targeted alcohol marketing via social media sites as ''useful and informative'' instead of recognising it as advertising, the research found.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Alcohol and tobacco push up prices
There was a marginal rise in consumer prices last month, while industrial output recorded an increase of 3% in September. (EU) - EU alcohol and health forum 'not sufficiently effective' in reducing harm
Simon Olsson explains why several NGOs recently took the decision to leave the EU's alcohol and health forum (EAHF). Active-sobriety, friendship and peace, IOGT-NTO, European youth forum and UNF - the Swedish youth temperance association have decided to step out of the EAHF. (Netherlands) - Alcohol ban in Amsterdam
Drinkers in public spaces in the centre of Amsterdam will face a 90 Euro fine for six months, according to new legislation aimed at curbing the level of public disturbances near Dam square and the coach terminal.
ABC Local (Australia) - Hospitalisation rates for alcohol related causes are 10 times the state average in Kalgoorlie
Visiting the Goldfields this week, one of the world's leading experts on alcohol policy Sir Ian Gilmore said a one sized approach to alcohol limits don't work.
3News NZ (New Zealand) - NZ must cut bar trading hours - researcher
Prof Miller, a leading Australian alcohol researcher, says to reduce the harm caused by drinking our bars and pubs need to reduce their opening hours.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Alcohol News - 44/2013 (UK) - Online alcohol marketing encourages 'culture of intoxication' in young people, study suggests
Young people tend to view targeted alcohol marketing via social media sites as ''useful and informative'' instead of recognising it as advertising, research finds. (Kazakhstan) - Vice Minister: Kazakhstan plans to increase excise taxes on alcohol and tobacco
Kazakhstan is considering the possibility of increasing excise tax on alcohol and tobacco. "A gradual increase in excise taxes on strong alcohol and tobacco products is envisaged in order to discourage consumption of these socially harmful goods," Vice Minister of Economy and Budget Planning of Kazakhstan, Lena Karmazina said on Monday at the Senate (upper house) of the Kazakh Parliament, while presenting the draft law on the national budget for 2014-2016.
Oncology Nurse Advisor - Alcohol and Cancer Risk (Fact Sheet)
Alcohol is the common term for ethanol or ethyl alcohol, a chemical substance found in beer, wine, and liquor, as well as in some medicines, mouthwashes, household products, and essential oils (scented liquids taken from plants). Alcohol is produced by the fermentation of sugars and starches by yeast.
Bdlive (South Africa) - Minister blasts alcohol industry’s ‘arrogance’
HEALTH Minister Aaron Motsoaledi on Wednesday took aim at the alcohol industry for resisting government regulation, describing its stance as the "arrogance of money thinking it can direct events".
WalesOnline (Wales) - Fall in the number of people referred for alcohol and drug misuse treatment in Wales
New figures released by the Welsh Government show there were 25,000 referrals for treatment of alcohol or drug misuse in 2012-13 – a fall of 5% compared to the previous year, with 54% of these related to alcohol.
The Parliament (EU) - NGOs have 'high hopes' for EU action plan on alcohol
The European commission has made its intentions clear with recent proposed action plan to reduce alcohol related harm, writes Mariann Skar.
Ottawa Citizen (Canada) - Op-Ed: Alcohol convenience is bad for our health
Mac’s Convenience Stores is promising Ontarians a deal: 27 new convenience stores, the expansion of others, and a bunch of new jobs if they are allowed to sell beer, wine and spirits. But is Mac’s jobs for booze pledge really a good deal for Ontarians?
ERR News (Estonia) - Temperance Movement Welcomes Proposed Minimum Unit Price
The Estonian Temperance Union has praised Minister of Social Affairs Taavi Rõivas for considering a minimum unit price on alcoholic beverages.
Ninemsn (Australia) - Aussie drinkers poured into four labels
A Victorian study has poured punters into four types of tipplers: the initiator, the follower, the moderator and the protector.
Irish Times (Ireland) - NI Executive to push for lower blood-alcohol limits
Stormont ministers are to consider a package of measures designed to reverse a rise in the number of road deaths after years of significant declines.
Malaysia Sun (Ireland) - Alcohol bill unpopular but necessary
Whilst unpopular, the measures to rein in alcohol use, misuse, and in particular alcohol abuse, have become necessary.
Scotsman (Scotland) - End in sight for Glasgow’s early morning pubs
TIME is to be called on early morning drinking in Scotland’s largest city with council bosses set to tighten licensing laws.
Boston Globe (Russia) - Why Russia’s drinkers resist AA
IT USED TO BE a common sight in Moscow: two men, swaying on a corner and holding up three fingers in the air. A bottle of vodka cost 3 rubles back then, which meant that if there were three of you, it was an easy, cheap split. The three-finger salute was the universal sign that you were looking for investment partners.

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FASD News - 43/2013

Today's News-Herald (USA) - Special Needs Advocacy Coalition gives support
For Debbie Bauer, much of the day is devoted to coordinating meetings with doctors, therapists and teachers on behalf of her 12-year-old daughter, who has special needs. “It gets overwhelming,” Bauer said. “You have to get this referral, and then you go there and they send you somewhere else or they send you back.”
The Chronicle of Social Change - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in America, Pt. 3: The Criminal Justice System
Individuals with an FASD are involved with the criminal justice system at an alarming rate. Youth and adults with FASD have a form of brain damage that may make it difficult for them to stay out of trouble with the law.
The Chronicle of Social Change - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in America, Pt. 4: Educating Students with FASD
Individuals with FASD may have problems that affect learning and behavior. Therefore, it is important that we understand how alcohol impacts neurodevelopment throughout the lifespan of individuals affected.
NordAN (Estonia) - FASD mathematics from Estonia
Last week, October 24-25, several NordAN board members and representatives from member organisations participated at a conference in Marijampole in Lithuania. Conference was titled “Nordic and Baltic countries against drugs” and organized under the auspices of Lithuanian presidency of the European Union.
Keeping in Touch - FASD Informed Practice for Community Based Programs
FASD Informed Practice for Community Based Programs developed as a result of recommendations from an FASD consultation meeting in 2012 where CPNP, CAPC and AHS frontline workers and coordinators recognized the need for practical information and steps to support FASD informed practice.
Culture War Reporters - Shame Day: How I Met Your Mother and FASD
I’ve fallen in love with How I Met Your Mother. I chose my timing wisely, waiting until the very last season began to air before I let myself become sucked in. As a member of the generation of binge or marathon watchers (depending on what kind of spin you want to give to it) I just can’t handle waiting each week for a new episode. This way the control is in my hands.

Irish Foster Carers Association - PRACTICAL STRATEGIES FOR MANAGING CHILDREN/ADOLESCENTS with Neurodevelopmental Disorders including FAS or ARND
This document has been over 6 years in gestation since the first author’s ( KOM ) return to Ireland from the USA in 2006, and the continuation of his psychiatric consultation work with children exposed to alcohol in pregnancy.
The Invisible Children and Families of FASD part 1
FASD: Dealing With Stealing - Nathan Ory
In Part Two of a two part video set dealing with stealing, Nathan Ory speaks about strategies and approaches to use when kids steal.
YourAlberta - Values and Addiction – FASD
Kirsty Prasad reflects on our beliefs of women who use substances, gives an overview of myths and facts in order to provide information for practice and gives an introduction to the topic of gender and addiction.

2013 Alberta FASD Conference
This important multidisciplinary conference is focused on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and its impact on individuals, families, communities and society at large. The conference will feature keynote presentations and over 30 breakout sessions on the latest practices in FASD prevention, assessment and support.

Pediatrics - Prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in Child Care Settings: A Meta-analysis
The results confirm that children and youth housed in or under the guardianship of the wide range of child-care systems constitute a population that is high-risk for FASD. It is imperative that screening be implemented in these at-risk populations.
Alcohol and Alcoholism - Drinking or Not Drinking in Pregnancy: The Multiplicity of Confounding Influences
Significant differences were observed between the intake groups on virtually all parameters. Significant differences were observed between the abstaining groups and the high-intake groups. The exploratory factor analyses identified a number of latent variables between the potential confounding variables.
Alcohol and Alcoholism - What Research Is Being Done on Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in the Russian Research Community?
Alcohol preventive measures in Russia warrant immediate attention. More research focused on alcohol prevention and policy is needed in order to reduce alcohol-related harm, especially in the field of FASD.
Otago University - Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder diagnosis and intervention: An investigation of professional practice in New Zealand
The research presented in this thesis is theoretically and methodologically grounded in applied medical anthropology, involving extensive participant- observation fieldwork in health and allied health training contexts in New Zealand and internationally. Over thirty in-depth semi-structured interviews were carried out with health, allied health and social service professionals in New Zealand.

SBS (Burma) - FASD Funding review causes concern
The World Health Organisation says Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is the number one preventable cause of intellectual and developmental disability globally.