Monday, May 31, 2010

Alcohol News - 22/2010

New York Times (USA) - Not Just for the Drunk and Famous: Ankle Bracelets That Monitor Alcohol
Christopher Nelson would hardly be considered the Hollywood type. He is a beer-drinking construction worker who lives in Seattle and speaks in a carefree tone.

AHN (UK) - British Medical Group Pushes For Minimum Prices For Alcohol
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) will push for minimum prices for alcohol to curb Britain’s high alcohol consumption, limit binge drinking and stop underage drinking, address drink-related crimes and curb alcohol-related ailments.

NPR - With Drinking, Parent Rules Do Affect Teens' Choices
As teenagers mature into their senior year of high school, many parents begin to feel more comfortable about letting them drink alcohol.

Focus Taiwan News Channel (Taiwan) - DOH planning a surcharge on alcohol
The Department of Health (DOH) has begun drafting a law to control the harmful use of alcohol that would authorize "health" surcharges on alcohol and require bottles of liquor to carry warning labels, DOH Minister Yaung Chih-liang said Monday.

Scotsman (Scotland) - Nurses hail progress on minimum alcohol price
The Royal College of Nursing said the Scottish Government health committee's decision to wave through the Alcohol Bill was a crucial step. Among other things, the bill would introduce minimum pricing on alcohol.

BBC News (Scotland) - Health committee split on alcohol pricing
Holyrood's health committee has urged the Scottish government to specify what minimum price it would set for alcohol.

BBC News (UK) - Alcohol prescriptions on the rise
The number of prescriptions given out to treat alcohol dependency has increased, figures for England from the NHS Information centre show.

BBC News (Scotland) - Commission's recommendations could lead to Buckfast ban
Scottish Labour wants a legal limit on the caffeine content of alcoholic drinks which would effectively ban the tonic wine Buckfast. - Judge: 'ladette binge-drinking culture' to blame for 'plague' of alcohol fuelled violence
Britain’s “ladette” binge drinking culture is to blame for the unacceptable rise of violent behaviour that has “plagued” communities, a senior judge has said.

W*USA 9 (USA) - Teens Get Drunk By Pouring Vodka In Their Eyes
It's the latest disturbing fad on youtube; young people pouring vodka into their eyes to get a quick buzz. - CDP-choline may block skull and brain damage that result from alcohol consumption early in pregnancy
The dietary supplement CDP-choline, sold as a brain-boosting agent and under study for stroke and traumatic brain injury, may block skull and brain damage that can result from alcohol consumption early in pregnancy, Medical College of Georgia researchers report.

Daily Mail - Career women battling with alcoholism turn to Eastern Europe for secret cure
Professional women secretly battling with alcoholism are heading to Eastern Europe for treatment.

The Guardian (UK) - English drinking less alcohol, official figures show
Fewer schoolchildren are consuming alcohol but deaths from excessive drinking are rising steadily, according to the latest government statistics.

Helsingin Sanomat (Finland) - Future beer adverts may contain an image of just a bottle
Can a cider advert include an image of a wild party in progress, or should there be a mere bottle in the picture? A dispute over questions like this sharply polarises the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health working group that has been appointed to canvass new limitations to the advertising of alcoholic beverages.

The Citizen (East Africa) - Minister proposes policies on alcohol
East African Community partners should develop and implement policies on alcohol in order to reduce its harmful use, the minister for Health and Social Welfare, Prof David Mwakyusa, has proposed.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Alcohol News - 21/2010 (UK) - Portman concern as Tesco moves alcohol units to front of pack
The Portman Group has challenged a decision by Tesco to move information on alcohol units from the back to the front of alcohol packaging.

WalesOnline (Wales) - Leading doctor calls for action on alcohol
But although socially acceptable, alcohol can also be an addictive drug. Alcohol misuse can be harmful to the individual as well as placing a substantial burden on families and society.

DailyFinance - Alcohol Consumption Isn't Without Risk, Especially for Youth
Who here hasn't had a Margarita at a party, a beer while watching the ball game, a glass of wine with dinner? And haven't studies found moderate consumption of alcohol to be good for us?

AlterNet (USA) - How Alcohol Companies Launched a Digital Campaign Against America's Kids
According to a new study, companies like Captain Morgan and Budweiser have become extremely savvy at targeting young audiences.'s_kids

Food Consumer - Drinking alcohol boosts risk of death from cancer
A new study in the May 2010 issue of Journal of Epidemiology suggests that alcohol consumption boosts cancer mortality risk.

The Associated Press (WHO) - Nations pledge crackdown on online alcohol ads
Countries around the world are pledging to get tough with companies that market beer and liquor on social media networks such as Facebook, warning that such promotions threaten to entice a new generation into harmful drinking patterns.

Reuters (WHO) - WHO to tackle alcohol misuse, binge drinking
Health ministers agreed on Thursday to try to curb binge drinking and other growing forms of excessive alcohol use through higher taxes on alcoholic drinks and tighter marketing regulations.

Healthcare Republic (Wales) - Wales confirms plans to move ahead with minimum alcohol pricing
Wales is to go ahead with plans to introduce minimum alcohol pricing following the omission of such measures from the UK government's coalition document.

Eat Out Magazine (UK) - 60% of UK adults believe alcohol packaging should contain health warnings
Some 60% of UK adults think that alcohol packaging should contain health warnings to warn people about the detrimental effects of alcohol use, according to a new YouGov SixthSense report.

Hindustan Times (WHO) - Alcohol kills 2.5 million people worldwide: WHO
Harmful use of alcohol kills 2.5 million people annually and is the eighth leading factor for deaths globally, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said.

BusinessWeek - Alcohol Companies Use New Media to Lure Young Drinkers: Report
Alcohol companies are increasingly using the latest new media technologies -- including cell phones, social networking sites, YouTube and other features of the expanding digital universe -- to reach young drinkers, a new report contends.

Bloginity - You Booze, You Lose: Study Finds Alcohol Fuels Poor Diet
The phrase “six pack” has very different connotations, depending on who you’re speaking with. For some, the two words refer to a set of stunning abs, the kind that professional athletes and magazine models are often seen showing off.

BBC News (UK) - Coalition policy: Alcohol loss leaders ban proposed
The UK's coalition government has pledged to ban the sale of alcohol below cost price in an effort to cut binge drinking in England and Wales.

The Voice of Russia (Russia) - Russia bans drinking before driving
A draft law on imposing a complete ban on the consumption of alcohol before driving has been approved at the Lower House of the Russian parliament at the first reading.

Health Imaging & IT - Study: PET sheds light on genetic link in alcohol abuse
PET imaging of dopamine release in the brain has identified a genetic variant of dopamine responses to alcohol, a mechanism likely to modulate alcohol reward, according to a study published May 18 in Molecular Psychiatry. option=com_articles&view=portal&id=publication:10:article:22276:study-pet-sheds-light-on-genetic-link-in-alcohol-abuse&division=hiit

eMaxHealth - Heavy Alcohol Use More than Triples Pancreatic Cancer Risk for Men
Men who consume five or more drinks in one sitting may be more than tripling their chances of developing pancreatic cancer.

The Publican (WHO) - World health chiefs back minimum pricing
Health chiefs at the World Health Organisation (WHO) have called for the introduction of minimum pricing to reduce alcohol harm.

7thSpace Interactive (Estonia/Finland) - Alcohol consumption in Estonia and Finland: Finbalt survey 1994-2006
Alcohol consumption has been regarded as an important contributor to the high premature mortality rates. The objective of this paper was to provide an overview and comparison of alcohol consumption and its socio-demographic determinants among adults in Estonia and Finland.

Helsinki Times (Finland) - A long and winding road: a brief history of alcohol advertising
In 1932, following repeal of the Prohibition Act, the first piece of legislation was the Alcohol Act that did not, however, include rules on alcohol advertising.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Alcohol News - 20/2010

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Alcohol restrictions will spread: union
Community pressure will force the rollout of restricted liquor trading across NSW despite government opposition, says the police union.

Reuters (UK) - Study finds alcohol abuse a problem in UK forces
British troops in Afghanistan or Iraq are far more likely to become alcohol abusers back home than fellow troops, but levels of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are stable, psychiatrists said on Thursday.

New York Daily New (France) - Man dies during alcohol-drenched Paris bash organized through Facebook
The latest French fad - massive outdoor cocktail parties - claimed a life Thursday when a 21-year-old man drunkenly slid down a bridge railing and smacked his head. HIV/AIDS Treatment News - Frequent Alcohol Use Might Hasten HIV Disease Progression
HIV-positive people who consume two or more alcoholic drinks every day might experience faster disease progression than lighter drinkers, according to a study published online in the journal AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses.

BBC News (Isle of Man) - New rules for the sale of alcohol in the Isle of Man
Strict rules regulating how alcohol is displayed and sold in shops in the Isle of Man have come into force.

Psychology Today - Being “Sober” Versus Being in “Recovery”
There is an important distinction between being "sober" and being in "recovery". The differences are clear to those who have experienced both phases in their healing process from alcoholism.

TopNews - Epidemic of esophageal and upper stomach cancer may be due to alcohol, smoking, obesity
Researchers in Britain have said that the epidemic of esophageal and upper stomach cancer may be due to alcohol, smoking and obesity.

Today's TMJ4 (USA) - Study: Legislators Took Corporate Alcohol Money
A new study from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign concluded that Wisconsin lawmakers took $409,000 in campaign contributions from alcohol related businesses in 2008 and 2009.

BBC News (Scotland) - 'Ban alcohol loyalty points to save health'
In this week's Scrubbing Up, Dr Catriona Morton says drastic measures are needed to save Scottish drinkers from themselves.

Press Distribution - Alcohol Can Ruin Muscle Gain
You heard it right. Alcohol is one of the major reasons for wasting your most beloved physique and muscles that you have taken care of for years.

YLE News (Finland) - Finns Consume Less Alcohol in 2009, But Are Still Heavy Drinkers
Finns drank slightly less alcohol last year than in 2008. On average, Finns drank 10.2 litres of 100 percent alcohol. That’s around 54 bottles of Koskenkorva vodka.

Alcolim (Sweden) - Alcohol dependence tackled in Sweden?
Teenage alcohol abuse problems in Sweden are being tackled by a new campaign.

Sixty-third World Health Assembly (WHO)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Alcohol News - 19/2010

CNN - Drinking alcohol while pregnant can increase childhood leukemia
Drinking mothers increase their unborn babies' risk of developing acute myeloid leukemia (AML) says a study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, & Prevention.

7thSpace Interactive - Focusing on alcohol-attributable illnesses may serve as the strongest catalyst for changing drinking habits
Unhealthy drinking practices are often seen among medical inpatients. While hospitalization is regarded by some as a "teachable moment" for motivating patients to decrease drinking, studies of brief hospital-based interventions have not always found decreases. New findings show that focusing on alcohol-related illnesses may make hospital interventions more effective.

Wisconsin State Journal (USA) - Politics Blog: Drunken driving law influenced by alcohol industry, report says
The alcohol industry gave large contributions to legislators in recent years - especially to leaders in the Legislature who control the fate of drunken driving legislation and other bills, according to a report by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign released Monday.

Chicago Tribune (USA) - Courts on relatively new ground with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
As long as his mom could remember, Matthew Link was impulsive, making bad choices and not understanding right from wrong. He required constant supervision and would tell "off-the-wall" stories that made him look tough and powerful.

International Supermarkets (UK) - Alcohol prices fall at supermarkets
Supermarkets are cutting the price of beer to the equivalent of as little as 48p a pint.

Alcolim (Australia) - Alcohol dependence in Australia 'to be tackled by Asbos'
Proposals are being debated in Australia that could reduce the effects of alcohol dependence.

Washington Post (USA) - What alcohol labeling could do for the military
To the generals' list of strategies to fight obesity in America, which included better school nutrition programs, I would add another: Require the alcohol industry to label the number of calories in beer, wine and hard liquor.

AsiaOne - Allergic? Stay away from alcohol
If you are sniffling, sneezing and struggling through allergies, you may want to lay off alcohol for a while.

BBC News (UK) - Nicola Sturgeon rejects minimum alcohol price call
The health secretary has again rejected calls to reveal the level of the minimum alcohol price which the Scottish government hopes to set.

Alcolim (Russia) - Alcohol health risks 'tackled by Russian government'
Russia is to introduce harsher penalties for those who produce and sell alcohol illegally, it has been revealed.

BBC News (UK) - Alcohol minimum pricing fears 'unfounded'
Fears that the poorest families could be hardest hit by minimum pricing for alcohol may be unfounded, health campaigners have claimed. (Canada) - Soccer fans want World Cup drinking hours extended
Toronto soccer fans and bar owners are cheering a proposal being kicked around by the city's deputy mayor to extend drinking hours at bars and restaurants during soccer's World Cup.

Fast Company (Japan) - Free Beer Not as Good as It Sounds--Unless You're Pregnant
Kirin's Free beer (as opposed to free beer: that would obviously bankrupt the company PDQ) is a non-alcoholic lager with an interesting marketing campaign attached. Launched last month, the TV spot is filled with young, expectant mothers hanging out in a playground and drinking cans of the amber nectar.

Irish Independent (Ireland) - What's your real number of units?
Yet another EU survey recently showed Ireland has the highest rate of binge drinkers in Europe but maybe many of those who bemoan this statistic should look at their own drinking habits.

The Epoch Times (Sweden) - Sweden Fighting Teenage Alcohol Abuse
The attitude of parents is a vital factor in the fight against alcohol abuse among teenagers Swedish agencies say. The Swedish National Institute of Public Health has joined forces with national police in a year-long campaign against buying alcohol for teenagers.

Baltic Times (Lithuania) - Record slump in spirits sales shapes new consumer behavior
Though “Eurostat,” the EU Statistics Agency, claims that alcohol retail turnover in Lithuania slumped an EU record-breaking 17.1 percent last year, Lithuanians nonetheless remain on top of alcohol consumption statistics, averaging 11.3 liters of absolute alcohol last year. (New Zealand) - Alcohol blamed for kick-starting suicide bids
A new study has found that alcohol is to blame for most suicide attempts by overdosing.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Alcohol News - 18/2010

ABC Online (Australia) - Government urged to boost cask wine tax
An alcohol control group says the Federal Government needs to take on the wine lobby and introduce a volumetric tax on alcohol.

Herald Sun (Australia) - Get the booze out of sport says Victorians
Four out of every five Victorians want an end to sponsorship of local sports clubs by alcohol and junk food companies, VicHealth research has shown.

HemOncToday - Diabetes, alcohol use most common risk factors for hepatocellular carcinoma
More than one-third of hepatocellular carcinomas were attributed to diabetes, and nearly one-fourth of diagnoses were associated with alcohol use, according to the results of an analysis of the SEER-Medicare database.

France24 (Bahrain) - Bahrain votes to ban alcohol for Muslims
Bahrain on Monday inched closer to imposing a ban on Muslims drinking or trading in alcohol in the Gulf kingdom, a favourite watering-hole of Saudis who use a causeway linking the two Arab neighbours.

European Public Health Alliance (EU) - 4th European Alcohol Policy Conference
After three successful conferences that took place in 2004 (Warsaw), in 2006 (Helsinki) and 2008 (Barcelona), Eurocare chose Brussels to hold the fourth conference in order to involve an audience as wide as possible. - Women Who Have Abortions Four Times More Likely to Abuse Drugs, Alcohol
A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Manitoba finds women who have had abortions are about four times more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol as those who carried their pregnancy to term. The authors confirmed a link between abortion and the substance abuse issues.

New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Increase in alcohol excise tax 'extremely unlikely' – Power
The Law Commission has called on the Government to raise the excise tax on alcohol by 50 per cent but the Justice Minister says that is "extremely unlikely".

Daily Mail (UK) - Motorists should not be allowed to drink ANY alcohol before they drive, say nurses
Drivers should not be allowed to drink any alcohol before getting behind the wheel, nurses said yesterday.

Earthtimes - Most medicines and alcohol don't mix
Combining alcohol with prescription drugs can have harmful effects on the body. If you are prescribed a medicine consult your doctor and ask if drinking alcohol is allowed in combination with your therapy.,most-medicines-and-alcohol-dont-mix.html

IceNews (Denmark) - Young Danes dying from alcohol abuse
A new study has confirmed the image of heavy drinking Danes, with reports of 25 youths dying from alcohol abuse since 2002.

YLE News (Finland) - Swedish Speakers More Permissive towards Alcohol than Finns
Swedish-speaking parents are more relaxed about their children’s alcohol use than their Finnish-speaking counterparts, according to a new study. However, boozing appears to be a greater problem among Finnish-speaking youths.

Irish Times (Ireland) - Industry cool on proposals to restrict alcohol sales
THE DRINKS industry has expressed concern about new proposals to restrict the sale of alcohol which are emerging as part of the Government’s strategy for tackling substance abuse.