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Alcohol News - 13/2010

Medscape - Raising Alcohol Prices Curbs Drinking, Deaths, Healthcare Costs
Policies that raise the price of alcohol can reduce consumption, illness, and premature deaths in drinkers and reduce the burden on healthcare systems, according to an article published online March 24 in The Lancet.

Gov Monitor (UK) - UK Publishes ACMD Report On Youths, Drugs, Alcohol And Tobacco Abuse
An assessment of the government’s progress in addressing the hazardous use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs by young people in the UK is being published by The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) today.

Weight Loss Surgery Channel - Obesity and Alcohol Bad for Liver
Obesity can increase damage to the liver caused by drinking alcohol, a new study shows, and in women can double the risk of liver disease.

Irish Medical News (Ireland) - IMO to call for alcohol bill
The IMO is set to consider a motion at its forthcoming AGM next month to call on the Minister for Health to publish a public health bill on alcohol as a matter of urgency.

HealthNews - Alcohol Fuels Bad Food Choices
So that glass of red wine not only adds 128 calories, but it may inadvertently add hundreds more due to poor food choices.

Herald Sun (Australia) - Ban lethal booze after 10pm, cops say
SHOTS, strong cocktails and double serves of spirits would be banned after 10pm from every venue in NSW under sweeping law changes being demanded by emergency workers.

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Don't drink: message in a bottle for pregnant women
PREGNANT women would be warned of the dangers of drinking on every bottle of beer, wine and spirits in a plan to broaden food labelling laws. (Tanzania) - Isles Legislators Say No to Alcohol at Sports Venues
ZANZIBAR government should slap a total ban on alcohol business including drinking close to all sports venues, legislators demanded here today. (UK) - Budget 2010: Tax hike on fuel and alcohol
Duty on both fuel and alcohol are to go up, it was announced in today's budget.$1367218.htm (New Zealand) - A lower drink-drive level will make Kiwis safer on the roads
In April, the Cabinet will decide whether to lower the blood alcohol limit for driving from 0.08 (80mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood) to 0.05mg (50mg alcohol/ 100ml blood) as part of its new road safety strategy, Safer Journeys. There should be no doubt about the decision.

ABC Online (Australia) - New alcohol interlock laws passed for repeat drink-drivers
Drink-drivers will have to pay for alcohol interlocks in their cars under new rules passed by Queensland Parliament.

Irish Times (Ireland) - Is Ireland falling out of love with alcohol?
A report this week claimed that alcohol consumption in Ireland is falling fast. But while many would consider these figures good news, will the drinks industry use them to pressurise the Government into relaxing restrictions – and us into drinking more? (Poland) - Poles eastern Europe’s top beer drinkers
Poles are eastern Europe’s most thirsty beer drinkers and the consumption of alcohol in general continues to rise.

The Baltic Course (Latvia) - Alcohol to be sold in Latvia on September 1 after all
On September 1, the first day of school or Knowledge Day, the sale of alcohol will be permitted in Latvia as on any other day, in accordance with amendments to the Alcoholic Beverages Retail Law approved by the Saeima today in the final reading.

AFP (Russia) - Vodka drinking is top killer of Russians: study
Russia's heavy consumption of cheap, strong alcoholic beverages is the key factor behind the low life expectancy of its citizens, a leading Russian institute said in a study released Tuesday.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Alcohol News - 12/2010

Herald Sun (Dubai) – Dubai bans restaurants from cooking with alcohol
DUBAI restaurants will face stiff fines for cooking with alcohol, a United Arab Emirates newspaper has reported.

iTWire – Heavy alcohol use leads to poor health habits
According to a Kaiser Permanente study performed in the United States, men and women who are frequent and heavy drinkers of alcohol have much worse health-care related habits and practices when compared to people who are light and moderate drinkers.

Financial Times (Scotland) - Drink linked to Scottish crime problems
Scotland’s chronic problems with alcohol abuse have left it lagging well behind England and Wales in the fight against crime, a study claims on Monday.

New York Daily News – Drinking alcohol while being obese piles on the health risks, studies find
Overindulging in both food and alcohol can be deadly for guys. Men who are obese and drink alcohol are 19 times more likely to have liver disease than average-weight guys who are teetotalers, according to two new studies reported in the Daily Telegraph.

The Coloradoan (USA) - Study: 6 of 10 American adults drink
Close to two-thirds (61 percent) of American adults consider themselves drinkers, a U.S. government report finds.

Brisbane Times (Australia) - List: Inquiry's solutions to alcohol-related violence
The Queensland Parliament's Law, Justice and Safety Committee has put forward 68 recommendations to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence. Following is a summary of some of the key points. (UK) - Public supports tougher stance on drink- and drug-driving
The road safety charity Brake and insurer Direct Line say that more than nine in 10 drivers also support the introduction of a new law that would enable anyone driving on "impairing" drugs to be prosecuted, in a similar way that drink-drivers are.

ABC Online (Australia) - New alliance pushes for higher wine taxes
A new health alliance wants to force the Federal Government to end sales of cheap wine, by raising taxes.

The Guardian (UK) - Government rejects MPs' call for alcohol ad crackdown
The government has today rejected a call from MPs on the Commons health select committee to crack down on alcohol advertising, including a pre-9pm watershed ban, instead backing a policy of education and self-regulation.

Times of India - Alcohol worse than drugs in Pacific: report
Alcohol abuse is a bigger problem for Pacific communities than drugs, according to an Australian report, which links drinking to domestic violence and wide-ranging health problems.

Scotland on Sunday (EU) – Call for EU-wide warnings on alcohol
A SCOTTISH MEP is launching a bid to see pregnant women warned of the dangers to their unborn child of drinking alcohol.

DG News – HRT, Alcohol Consumption Increases Postmenopausal Women's Cataract Risk
Intriguing findings on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and cataract risk are reported in the March issue of the journal Ophthalmology.

Guardian (UK) – Alcohol questions in A&E could cut £2.7bn NHS bill, say doctors
Leading doctors want patients arriving at hospital accident and emergency units to be questioned about their drinking habits in an attempt to cut the NHS's huge bill for treating people with alcohol problems.

Addiction – Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity – a summary of the second edition
This article summarizes the contents of Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity (2nd edn). The first part of the book describes why alcohol is not an ordinary commodity, and reviews epidemiological data that establish alcohol as a major contributor to the global burden of disease, disability and death in high-, middle- and low-income countries.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Alcohol News - 11/2010

RIA Novosti (Russia) - Russia chief doctor wants to prohibit alcohol sales after 9 p.m.
Sales of all alcoholic beverages, including beer, should be prohibited in Russia between 9:00 p.m. and until morning, Russia's chief sanitary doctor said.

Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - Ban adverts for drink, says young Scots
The charity Young Scot's youth commission on alcohol will report their findings to public health minister Shona Robison tomorrow.

Herald Sun (Australia) - Experts back move to 0.02 limit
REDUCING Australia's blood alcohol limit for drivers to 0.02 is probably inevitable, a public health expert says, as other prominent academics also voice their support for the move. - Children who watch X-rated films 'more likely to drink'
The research will add to the growing belief that young teens involved in sex or violence are already being influenced by a diet of horror and other adult DVDs they watch at home.

Daily Camera - Energy drinks add to alcohol's effect, study shows
For college students across the country, like CU senior Carly Crookston, Red Bull and vodka is the drink of choice. According to a recent study, as many as 28 percent of college drinkers consume alcohol mixed with energy drinks in a given month.

Colombia Reports (Colombia) - Colombia prohibits alcohol ahead of elections
Bars and clubs in Colombia closed and shops are prohibited to sell alcohol until after the congressional elections held on Sunday. Authorities stepped up security measure to avoid incidents.

The Christian Institute (UK) - Minimum alcohol pricing 'would save lives', says MP
Thousands of lives in England and Wales could be saved if minimum pricing is introduced, according to a senior Labour MP.

The Associated Press (USA) - Colleges enlist parents to curb problem drinking
At Virginia Tech, where tailgating and raucous apartment complex parties are time-honored rituals, university officials are turning increasingly to Mom and Dad to curb problem underage drinking.

Gov Monitor (USA) - New Mexico: Drinking Alcohol While Carrying A Concealed Weapon Is Prohibited
Governor Bill Richardson today signed a bill that removes the ban on concealed carry licensees from bringing their weapons into New Mexico restaurants with beer and wine licenses.

New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - NZers support lower drink drive limit – poll
Most New Zealanders want the Government to lower the drink drive limit for all adult drivers, according to a Motor Trade Association (MTA) poll. (UK) - Combat Stress appeal: Veterans found to be at risk of alcoholism and suicide
Almost a fifth of service personnel have drinking problems while young soldiers who leave the Armed Forces are three times more likely to kill themselves than civilians, academic studies show.

BBC News (India) - Kerala's love affair with alcohol
People in the southern state of Kerala are the heaviest drinkers in India, and sales of alcohol are rising fast. The BBC's Soutik Biswas examines why.

Autoblog UK (UK) - Government eyes lower drink-drive limit
It seems increasingly likely that the Transport Secretary will lower the drink-drive limit if Labour wins the next election.

The Caledonian Mercury - Obesity and alcohol ‘a deadly cocktail’ for liver disease
Obesity and alcohol, when mixed together, make up a deadly cocktail which increases the risk of liver disease, researchers are warning.

IceNews (Finland) - Finnish court dismisses online spirit sales charges
All charges have been dismissed in the case of a Finnish website that had been accused of improper distribution and importation of alcoholic products from Germany for sale in Finland.

Psychology Today - The Science of Changing Cultural Habits – Money, Food, Alcohol
One part of the world in which large-scale, systematic culture change is occurring is Europe, where the EU is moving towards economic integration. As a result, taxes on alcohol were lowered in Scandinavia, where they were traditionally high, and limits were removed on the amount of alcohol people could bring with them when returning from Continental Europe, where alcohol is less expensive.

The Telegraph - Reduce safe drinking limits for overweight people, research suggests
Alcohol limits for overweight people should be reduced because the combination of obesity and drink act like a "double whammy" greatly increasing the risk of liver disease, new studies find.

The Telegraph (Romania) - Romanian street sign warns drivers of 'drunk pedestrians'
Street signs warning Romanian drivers to be careful of drunken pedestrians lying on roads were erected by road safety chiefs worried about the "despairing" levels of accidents.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Alcohol news - 10/2010

New York Daily News (USA) - Pot and alcohol use rises among teens - and so do health risks: studies
Teen pot and alcohol use is on the rise for the first time in a decade, a disturbing trend that could lead to long-term health risks, according to studies released this week.

BBC News (UK) - Alcohol abuse 'epidemic' warning
Alcohol abuse is the "new lung cancer", the medical director of Torbay Hospital has warned.

Twirlit - Safe Sex Campaign Mixes STDs with Alcohol Labels
Alcohol and sex often go together, most of the time not in a good way. Alcohol leads people to make all kinds of bad and regrettable decisions, which then can and do lead to unwanted pregnancies and STDs. - New approaches to neonatal sepsis needed and screening adolescents for alcohol problems
In this week's PLoS Medicine, Karen Edmond and Anita Zaidi emphasise the importance of finding new approaches to preventing, diagnosing, and treating neonatal sepsis, especially in the developing world where fatality rates are the highest.

Food Consumer - Drinking alcohol raises prostate cancer risk
A new study led by Lionel L. BaƱez, MD, at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C. and colleagues suggests that drinking alcoholic beverages may increase prostate cancer dramatically.

ParentDish - Anti-Alcohol PSAs? Spare Me the Guilt and Pour Me a Drink
Public service announcements designed to reduce binge drinking in college students may actually lead them to drink more.

Port2Port (Israel) - Alcohol prices up following purchase tax reform
The move is aimed to bring Israel in line with Western countries, through graduated imposition of a tax of NIS 37 per liter of pure alcohol.

BBC News (UK) - Newquay's alcohol disorder scheme praised
A multi-agency taskforce, set up last year after two teenagers fell to their deaths from cliffs in Cornwall, has been recognised by the government.

Times of India - Teenage smokers are off alcohol in adulthood
Smoking cigarettes in adolescence makes people more susceptible to the negative effects of alcohol withdrawal later in life, Baylor University researchers have said.

Cosmos - More flashbacks after drinking
People who have a drink or two prior to a traumatic event may suffer from more flashbacks than if they were either sober or drunk, said researchers.

Science Daily - Genome-Wide Study of Alcohol Dependence Points to Chromosome 11
Alcohol dependence (AD) is a complex disease for which both genetic and environmental factors affect susceptibility.

Helsingin Sanomat (Finland) - Alko to keep strong position despite ruling on online alcohol sales
Friday’s decision by Helsinki District Court to reject criminal charges against is expected to sharply increase the number of Finnish language Internet-based alcohol retailers.

New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Lower adult blood alcohol limits a 'no-brainer'
The Government's failure to immediately commit to lowering blood alcohol limits for adult drivers is "just not good enough", say advocacy organisations.

BBC News - Study links violence to take-away alcohol
US scientists have shown what they say is a direct link between the number of shops selling alcohol in an area and the violence occurring there.

Irish Times (Ireland) - Getting the children used to drink talk
A SURVEY carried out in 2006 and reported on as The State of the Nation’s Children at the end of 2008 showed that 29 per cent of Irish 15 year olds admitted to being drunk within the previous month.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Alcohol News - 9/2010

Medical News Today - Alcohol's Hidden Effects Revealed In New NHS Campaign
A new 6 million pound NHS campaign to reveal alcohol's hidden effects warns people of the unseen damage caused by regularly drinking more than the advised limits and highlights drinkers' affected organs while they sup their drink in the pub or at home.

New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Driving age of 16 and youth alcohol limit of zero on horizon
New Zealand's minimum driving age is likely to rise by one year to 16 under a Government road safety strategy to be unveiled tomorrow.

New York Daily News (USA) - Alcohol tax is an idea for a later date: Mayor Bloomberg Boosting the booze tax to battle underage drinking and reduce alcohol-related deaths isn't far-fetched, Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday.

Herald Scotland (Scotland) - 'Minimum price plan for alcohol backed by children’s charities'
A consortium of Scottish children’s organisations today urges the Government to put “children’s interests at the heart of alcohol policy”.

The Press Association - Boozers 'can't blame peer pressure'
People who drink to excess may no longer be able to blame their friends for piling on the pressure, new research has revealed.

Seattle Times - 'Alcopops' only look innocent, hook kids on booze
The alcohol industry has found ways to make its products attractive to kids, and parents may not realize what it is their children are drinking.

Behavioral Health Central (USA) - Reports from National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism describe recent advances in adolescence
Research findings, 'Alcohol response and consumption in adolescent rhesus macaques: life history and genetic influences,' are discussed in a new report.

AFP (Latvia) - Latvia bans alcohol sales on first day of school
Latvia on Thursday banned alcohol sales on September 1, the first day of school known as Knowledge Day, which returning students often spend drinking rather than learning.

Medical News Today - What Is Alcoholic Liver Disease? What Is Alcoholic Hepatitis? Alcoholic liver disease, also called alcoholic hepatitis, refers to a range of conditions and related symptoms that develop when the liver becomes damaged due to excessive intake of alcohol. While distinct from cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis is regarded as the earliest stage of alcoholic liver disease.

Times of India - Anti-booze adverts 'raise alcohol use'
Advertising campaigns that warn against alcohol abuse can actually spur increase in drinking among target audiences, claims a new study. (Portugal) - Alcohol-free resort launched for recovering addicts
Europe’s first alcohol-free holiday resort – aimed at recovering addicts – has been unveiled in Portugal.

Alcohol Policy UK (UK) - 'Children, Young People and Alcohol' DCSF report published The report 'Children, Young People and Alcohol' aims to better understand parents’ and young people’s attitudes and behaviour towards alcohol and alcohol consumption.