Thursday, March 30, 2023

Alcohol News - 13/2023

CNN (Netherlands) - Amsterdam asks ‘wild’ young male British tourists to ‘stay away’
Amsterdam is asking young British men to “stay away” if they plan to visit the city to cut loose and “go wild”. The Netherlands’ capital’s new online campaign to tackle nuisance tourism launched this week and targets visitors between the ages of 18 and 35, the city’s local authority announced in a news release on Tuesday.
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The Brussels Time (Belgium) - 'Absolutely necessary': Belgium implements first-ever nationwide alcohol plan
Belgium's various health ministers approved its "interfederal alcohol plan" with 75 measures to combat excessive and harmful alcohol consumption in the country, announced Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke on Wednesday.
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Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (Nigeria) - Devastating effects of harmful alcohol consumption
Worldwide, many people enjoy alcohol, which has been a staple of human society for centuries. However, excessive alcohol consumption can have disastrous effects on individuals and society as a whole.
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DW (Vietnam) - European beer giant Heineken fights Vietnam's alcohol tax
The alcohol sector is lobbying against potential tax hikes in Vietnam, while the government's ear is being bent. But at what cost to public health?
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The Guardian - Drugs and alcohol do not make you more creative, research finds
From Hunter S Thompson’s infamous daily pre-writing routine of cocaine, Chivas Regal and acid to Vincent Van Gogh’s love for absinthe and Andy Warhol’s prescription drugs habit, the idea that drugs and alcohol produce great art is deeply culturally ingrained.
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Cyprus Mail (Cyprus) - Cabinet approves drug and alcohol tests for fans at sports stadiums
Sports fans will be subjected to random alcohol and drugs tests on entry to sports venues while a permanent police team will be established to cover high-risk matches, according to a Wednesday cabinet decision aiming to curb violence in sports stadiums.
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CP24 (Canada) - Canada's alcohol tax to see biggest jump in more than 40 years
Canada's restaurant industry is bracing for the biggest jump in the country's alcohol excise duty in more than 40 years, spurring warnings the tax hike could force some bars and restaurants out of business.
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KBR (South Korea) - Drinking even at ‘modest’ levels can be harmful
The common sense of drinking is changing. People used to claim that moderate drinking was beneficial for cardiovascular health but they have lost their ground.
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Daily Mail (Italy) - Italian cafes continue to serve alcohol to thirsty England fans despite authorities announcing a BAN ahead of Three Lions' clash with the Azzurri in Napoli
By mid-afternoon hundreds of England fans had gathered in a square next to the port where buses to take them to stadium.
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AlcoholAndCancer (Sweden) - Swedish Study Reveals Knowledge Gap on Alcohol Increasing Cancer Risk
A new survey conducted by Sifo reveals that one in five Swedes is unaware that alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer. The knowledge gap is even more significant when it comes to low alcohol consumption, with 9 out of 10 Swedes unaware that even small amounts of alcohol raise the risk of cancer.
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Tribune 242 (Bahama) - Report calls for revision of alcohol laws, highlights major health issues
A MAJOR report on health in The Bahamas recommends revisiting and modernising alcohol-related laws to restrict access to alcoholic beverages.
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Iceland Review (Iceland) - Vínbúðin Could Open on Sundays
State liquor store Vínbúðin could be open on Sundays, with a proposal to expand the opening hours of the alcohol retailer having been submitted to Alþingi.
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