Monday, October 27, 2008

Alcohol News - week 43/2008

Talking Retail (UK) - Supermarket alcohol 'a third cheaper'

Shoppers are paying up to a third less for alcohol in shops than they were ten years ago, according to new figures.

Bangkok Post (Thailand) - A sober protest

Prohibitionists claim that listing Thai Beverage on the Stock Exchange will harm society, and they plan to rally at the bourse on Monday to try to block another attempt to trade shares in the country's biggest maker of both beer and whisky. (UK) - Third of routine drinkers get potentially fatal liver damage

A study at University College London found an unexpectedly high level of liver abnormalities among "normal working people" who consume more alcohol than average but would not regard themselves as alcoholics.

The Canberra Times (Australia) - Call to outlaw alcohol ads

The Salvation Army has called for a crackdown on alcohol advertising, after a damning report on alcohol's effects on families.

Reuters UK - Childhood IQ possibly linked to adult alcohol use

Contrary to expectations, higher intelligence scores at age 10 may be associated with higher levels of alcohol intake and alcohol-related drinking problems during adulthood, study findings suggest.

Dailynews (Botswana) - Abuse contributes to increasing crime

Seven out of 10 people accused of serious crimes allegedly committed the offences under the influence of alcohol.

Bloomberg (Botswana) - Botswana Government to Introduce 30% Levy on Alcohol

Botswana will introduce a 30 percent levy on all alcoholic beverages on Nov. 1 after a local brewer withdrew a court case against the measure, the government said.

Tundra Drums (USA – Alaska) - Beating fetal alcohol syndrome in Alaska

The prevalence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in Alaska is higher than in many other states, says Dr. Christiane Brems, professor of psychology from the University of Alaska Anchorage. (UK) - Supermarket shoppers could be forced through alcohol-only checkout

Supermarket shoppers buying alcohol could be forced to do a 'walk of shame' to a special alcohol-only checkout counter under new plans being considered by the Government.

Times of India - Binge drinking 'bad for bones'

Taking alcoholic beverages in moderation may be okay, but binge drinking can can be bad for bones, a new study has revealed.

CNN International (UK) - Britons lose taste for pint as crunch bites

The iconic British pint has become the latest victim of the global credit crunch, with total beer sales dropping around 7 percent in the third quarter of this year.

Baltic Business News (Estonia) - Alcohol affects image of Estonian builders working in Finland

The generally good image of Estonian construction workers in Finland is being affected by alcohol use.

Medscape - Binge Drinking Linked to Stroke Risk

Binge drinking is an independent risk factor for all strokes and for ischemic stroke, according to the results of a prospective cohort study reported in the October 2 Online First issue of Stroke.

Times Online - One little glass can't hurt an alcoholic, can it?

Claire had been sober for two years when she began a relationship with another recovering alcoholic. One evening at his house he made a suggestion. “How do you think we would react if we had just one drink?” he asked.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Alcohol News - week 42/2008

The Age (Australia) - Families reel from alcohol abuse

ALCOHOL abuse is having a devastating impact on families, with new figures showing one in five Australians has had arguments with family members who were influenced by alcohol, while one in 10 has had physical fights with relatives.

Hürriyet (Turkey) - Turkey's Islamist-rooted AKP to propose new bans on alcohol

Certain limitations on alcohol put forward in a draft regulation prepared by a government institution is being perceived as a blanket alcohol ban in Turkey, according to several media reports.

MarketWatch (USA) - Non-Students Report More Dangerous Behaviors Than College Student Peers

The Century Council, a not-for-profit organization funded by distillers dedicated to fighting drunk driving and underage drinking, commissioned a new national survey of young adults (18-24 year olds) including college students and non-students to investigate the impacts of college attendance and an active and healthy lifestyle, including involvement in sports, on underage drinking behaviors.

HealthNews - Alcohol Intake Increases Risk for Breast Cancer

Ask most women what would put them at high risk for breast cancer and the likely answer would be genetics, a close relative having suffered from the disease.

Jawa Report - Alcohol Shrinks Brains, Coffee Shrinks Breasts

According to a study published in the Archives of Neurology, people who drink alcohol have a smaller brain volume than people who don't drink alcohol.

The Local (Sweden) - New study: 'Alcohol and team sports go hand in hand'

A Swedish researcher has warned that the incidence of alcohol abuse within team sports remains a serious problem. Team managers are criticized for double standards and condoning the practice.

Sky News (UK) - Most Want Lower Drink Drive Limit

A poll suggests more than three-quarters say a reduction of the legal limit to 50mg would be a good thing.

Afrique en ligne (Botswana) - Botswana govt backs down on 'alcohol levy'

The government of Botswana has backed down on its decision to impose a 30 per cent levy on alcoholic beverages to curb excessive drinking in the African nation, the local press reported.'alcohol-levy'-2008101914035.html

AFP - Early teen drug, alcohol use ups sex and behaviour risks

Children who try drugs or alcohol before age 15 run a greater risk of being substance-dependent as adults, contracting sexually transmitted diseases, dropping out of school or being convicted of a crime, a study showed. (UK) - Drinkaware: 'one in six worried about drinking habits'

One in six people are worried about the amount of alcohol they are drinking at home, based on the number of bottles and cans they recycle, new research shows.

Times Online (UK) - Drug abuse a 'cause not effect' of social problems

Drug or alcohol abuse among children under the age of 15 is a cause and not an effect of a host of health and social problems, research has suggested.

Independent Online (South Africa) - Free foetal alcohol syndrome tests

In an attempt to help curb the spread of foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), the City of Cape Town is expanding its free testing, screening and growth monitoring services to all city clinics.

The Press Association (UK) - Police plea over new drinking laws

Late-night drinking is a "significant drain" on police resources, the Government is due to be told.

Otago Daily Times (New Zealand) - Use of alcohol or drugs by teenagers doubles risk of damage

Young people using alcohol or other drugs before the age of 15 more than double the risk of damaging their adult health, research just published says.

BBC News (UK) - Bars facing ban on free alcohol

The drinks industry has condemned draft government proposals which could ban bars from giving free alcohol to women. (UK) - Drivers to be given random breath tests

Drivers face random breath testing regardless of how they are driving, under government plans to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries caused by drink driving.

The Baltic Course (Lithuania) - Lithuanian Seimas restricted time for selling alcohol

It is prohibited to sell alcoholic beverages from 10:00 p.m. till 8:00 a.m. at retail trade companies in Lithuania, except the cases restricted by municipal councils.

The Baltic Course (Latvia) - Excise tax on alcohol and tobacco to be increased in Latvia

Latvia will increase the excise tax on strong spirits and tobacco, as show the amendments to the "Law on Excise Tax", which the government approved yesterday.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Alcohol News - week 41/2008 (Australia) - Police chief Andrew Scipione attacks Sydney's alcohol culture

THE most senior policeman in New South Wales wants pubs and clubs to close early, claiming Sydney's soaring rate of alcohol-fuelled violence is worse than Los Angeles.,23599,24486429-2,00.html

Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol use unclear in road deaths, says expert

THE ROLE of alcohol in fatal crashes here has been significantly underestimated, road safety experts believe.

BBC News (UK) - Bars facing ban on free alcohol

The drinks industry has condemned draft government proposals which could ban bars from giving free alcohol to women. - Little Alcohol Goes Longer Way In Women

Women are more vulnerable than men to the effects of alcohol, both the good and the bad, according to the Harvard Health Letter.

Scotsman (UK) - Drink advice 'stigmatises' mums-to-be say medics

HEALTH advice urging mothers-to-be to give up alcohol during their pregnancy should be scrapped, according to senior Lothian medics. (UK) - Admissions to mental wards for drugs and alcohol up a third

More than 47,000 patients were admitted in 2006, 10,000 more than in 2003, due to the effects of drink or drugs.

PR Newswire (USA) - Trauma Surgeons Find a Significant Number of Moped Crashes Involve Intoxicated Drivers

In a study presented at the 2008 Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons, trauma surgeons reported a high association between moped driver injuries and positive alcohol levels greater than 0.05 mg/dL.

Mmegi Online (Botswana) - Alcohol economics and politics: the case for policy activism

An extra-ordinary public debate has been unleashed by the policy activism of the current national political leadership towards dealing with the challenges of alcohol abuse in the country. (UK) - Drink prices must rise to cut alcohol deaths, doctors advise

They believe Government and industry measures to tackle binge drinking are failing, and that more needs to be done to reduce the toll of alcohol-related deaths.

Focus News (Bulgaria) - We still cannot achieve 50% drop in road toll by 2010: traffic police chief

People have to be repeatedly told that alcohol is an enemy to driving so that they can gradually realize the danger, said Traffic Police Chief Commissary Alksi Stratiev, quoted by Focus News Agency.

Xinhua (Greece) – Alcohol abuse by young, women rising in Greece

Doctors have warned of an alarming rise in the number of young people and women that consume excessive amounts of alcohol in Greece, saying that hospitals were having to deal with more patients in these groups suffering from problems linked to drinking alcohol.

WalesOnline (Wales) - Wales’ bid to rein in substance use

Chief Medical Officer for Wales Dr Tony Jewell stresses how big an effort will be needed to tackle the problem poisoning youth.

Evening Telegraph (UK) - ‘Zero drink limit for young drivers working in other countries’

Tayside health chiefs have added their voices to a campaign to impose a zero alcohol limit for newly-qualified drivers.

The Local (Sweden) - Sweden contemplates alcohol locks for drunk drivers

A new form of punishment for drunk drivers under consideration in Sweden would allow some offenders to keep their driver’s licences provided they installed an alcohol lock on their vehicles.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Alcohol News - week 40/2008

Xinhua (WHO) - WHO to host public hearing to explore ways of reducing alcohol use

The World Health Organization (WHO) will organize a web-based public hearing to explore ways of reducing harmful use of alcohol, the UN agency said on Thursday.
also (Scotland) - More than half of young offenders in Scotland blame alcohol for their crimes

The most comprehensive study yet into drinking and violence in Scotland found 56.8 per cent of offenders said their actions had been fuelled by drink, compared with 40 per cent in 1996 and 29.5 per cent in 1979.

The Scotsman (Scotland) - New legal threat to SNP's alcohol crackdown

A SECOND plank of the Scottish Government's flagship approach to tackling the country's booze culture appeared under threat last night. (UK) - Parents 'naive' about drug use by children

Nearly all parents are convinced that their children have never taken drugs, according to a survey that suggests parents are woefully unaware of their offspring's lives.

The Press Association (UK) - Tories campaign against alcohol ban

The Tories stepped up their campaign against controversial Scottish Government plans to ban under-21s from buying alcohol in off-sales with a new postcard campaign.

Talking Retail (UK) - Supermarkets 'selling alcohol at 80s prices'

Supermarkets are in many cases selling alcohol at 1980s prices, according to a new investigation.

Science Centric - 'Casual' smokers have a greater risk of hazardous drinking and alcohol-use disorders

Non-daily or 'casual' smokers tend to slip through the cracks of prevention efforts. Yet casual smoking and heavy drinking are prevalent behaviours among young adults and, furthermore, casual smoking occurs primarily in the context of alcohol use.

BBC News (UK) - Lower drink-drive limit rejected

The government has decided against reducing the legal limit for alcohol in a driver's blood despite suggestions it could save 65 lives a year.

Times Online - Long hours and stress drive lawyers to drink and drugs

A culture of long hours and stress are driving increasing numbers of lawyers to drink and drugs, both within and outside the workplace.

The Press Association - MSPs vote against new alcohol law

Justice secretary Kenny MacAskill has vowed to listen to the views of local communities and the police after MSPs voted against controversial plans to ban under 21s from buying drink in off-sales. (Japan) - Women more vulnerable to alcohol’’s long-term effects

Women are more likely to have long-term effects of alcohol than men, says a new study.The new research from Japan has revealed that women break down alcohol more slowly than men do.

Sunday Standard (Botswana) - A culture of intolerance is killing our public debates!

It is sad, even distressing, to note a hardening of tones in the discourse of public debates between the government and the ordinary people in our country.The last few years have seen a continuous dwindling of space for open and tolerant public debates.

AFP - Cannabis less harmful than drinking, smoking: report

Cannabis is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco, according to a report by a research charity Thursday, which called for a "serious rethink" of drug policy.

ireport (USA) - McCain and Alcohol money

The alcohol lobby is one of the most influential in Washington. Although McCain has recused himself on alcohol issues, he has not refused the industry's money.

United Press International - Strict social rules linked to alcohol

Countries with strict social rules and etiquette such as Britain may foster drinking cultures characterized by unruly or bad behavior, researchers said.

Bloomberg (Botswana) - Botswana President Wants Alcohol Consumption Cut to Curb AIDS

Alcohol consumption in Botswana, where the government plans to implement a 30 percent levy on beer, wine and spirits, needs to be curbed to prevent the spread of HIV, President Ian Khama said.

Newsroom Finland (Finland) - Finland's Korhonen calls for immediate alcohol duty rise

Jarmo Korhonen, the Finnish Centre party secretary, said Friday that the government should raise alcohol duties forthwith.

EurActiv (Romania) - Romania defies Commission by lifting alcohol duties

The lower chamber of the Romanian Parliament has unanimously voted to eliminate excise duty on traditional home-brewed hard drinks, despite the very fact that it is required to collect excise on home-brewed alcohol under the terms of its EU accession treaty.