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UPDATE on Lithuania: will the alcohol advertising ban survive?

Civil society and public health organisations in Lithuania are asking help from international institutions and NGO-s to stress the evidence base for advertising ban in reducing alcohol consumption among young people.

“There is real need for international support mostly to tell that this ban is evidence based measure to reduce children's alcohol consumption and that this is implementable,” said Aurelijus Veryga, President of the Lithuanian National Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition.

Before the end of spring session in Lithuanian Parliament a Committee of the Development of Information Society held a special meeting but as Veryga explains the parliament seems to give voice only to one side of the discussion. “Chairman of this committee did not allow leaders of student organizations to speak and told that there should be "no market" in the Parliament. Even for representative of National Health Board (which is an advisory institution for the Parliament) was difficult to get right to speak. No arguments on child protection were taken into account and only arguments about financial media losses were taken seriously. There were misleading arguments also that there is no legal way to control advertising in Internet and TV's form other countries.”

Further discussion and voting on the law will be moved to autumn session when MP-s return from summer holidays.

Discussion about advertising ban is one-sided not only in the parliament but also in media, despite the fact that impartiality should be the cornerstone of free press in any democratic country.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Alcohol News - 26/2011

YLE News (Finland) - Mystery shopping project reveals more ID-checks
Retailers are becoming stricter in asking for identification from younger customers of alcoholic beverages. This is revealed by a mystery shopping project in April jointly organised by local government authorities and the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). (Latvia) - Latvian coin featuring beer mug 'amounts to hidden alcohol advertising'
A new Latvian coin featuring a beer mug on one side has sparked a spat between the country's health ministry and central bank amid accusations it amounts to hidden alcohol advertising.
EUCAM (Lithuania) - Industry declares war on proposed alcohol advertising ban in Lithuania
In 2008 the Lithuanian Parliament accepted an amendment to the Alcohol Control Law that would install a comprehensive ban on alcohol advertising in the year 2012. Now with only 6 months left the pressure to withdraw the ban is steadily rising. The alcohol industry has stepped up its lobbying activities and politicians are backing out.
Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (Iceland) - Alcohol-related mishaps on weekends in Reykjavík
In Iceland rules and regulations regarding bars and restaurants were changed 1999–2008. In 1999, round-the-clock opening was introduced. However, the regulations on the serving of alcohol were somewhat restricted again in 2001. In 2007 a smoking ban was implemented by law in all restaurants and bars.
Views and News from Norway (Norway) - Research claims alcoholism is genetic
A joint Norwegian-American report claims that 71 percent of alcoholics have inherited the condition genetically, a far higher total than expected or previously put forward.
TIME - Driving While Buzzed: No Amount of Alcohol Is Safe Behind the Wheel
The blood-alcohol limit in the U.S. is 0.08% — a cutoff that implies that any blood-alcohol content (BAC) south of 0.08% is safe, or at least not illegal.
Reuters - Too much alcohol linked to pneumonia risk
Heavy drinkers more often end up in the hospital with pneumonia than those who go easy on the alcohol, suggests a new study from Denmark.
BBC News (UK) - People over 65 should drink less, a report says
Recommended safe limits for drinking alcohol by older people should be drastically cut, according to a report. The Royal College of Psychiatrists says people over 65 should drink a maximum of only 1.5 units of alcohol a day.
ABC Online (Australia) - Should Australia's legal drinking age be 21?
An inquiry into the impact of Western Australia's booze culture has sparked calls for Australia's legal drinking age to be raised to 21.
Times of India - Power, alcohol make you drop guard
A study from the Kellogg School, Northwestern University, shows how diverse domains of power, alcohol intoxication and anonymity, produce similarly paradoxical social behaviours - for better or worse.
EurActiv (EU) - Policymakers mull EU alcohol marketing law
Alcohol consumption among young people increases as a result of advertising campaigns and the EU should promote more responsible marketing, stakeholders agreed this week. But responsibility for dealing with the issue lies with member states and the European Commission has no intention of harmonising legislation in this regard.
Medscape - 'Robust' Features of Alcohol Dependence Identified
Diagnosing lifetime history of alcohol dependence (LTH-AD) disorder can be challenging, but new research identifies specific factors that may help improve diagnostic reliability.
Deccan Herald (EU) - 'Men more at risk than women to die early for alcohol abuse'
Men are twice as likely as women to die before 65 because of smoking and alcohol abuse, a new European Union study has found.
24 Hours Vancouver (Russia/Baltics) - Vodka culture takes its toll
Russia and its neighboring Baltic and Balkan countries have the highest alcohol consumption per capital of anywhere in the world. In these regions, alcoholism is so prevalent among men that as a group it lowers their life expectancy considerably.
Business Daily Africa (Kenya) – Time to cast tax net wider to rope in new ‘sins’
As many Kenyans tighten their belts in this harsh economy, most are not likely to reduce their ‘sin’ spending as much as they may cut on other household budgets. I am of the view that the multiplier effect of extensively high sin taxes can actually cause malnutrition.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Alcohol damage a national crisis, group tells PM
The Prime Minister has been asked to take a fresh look at alcohol and lead a change in the nation's heavy drinking culture following this month's highly publicised King's College ball.
Malaysia Star (Malaysia) - Equitable tax will help reduce alcohol harm
KUALA Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall secretary- general Yong Yew Wei, speaking at a seminar in Kuala Lumpur to launch the “Promote a Healthy Lifestyle, Reduce Alcohol Harm” campaign on May 22, claimed Malaysia was ranked the world’s 10th largest consumer of alcohol, with spendings of over US$500mil.
The (Germany) - Hessian official wants alcohol ban during football matches
Hesse’s interior minister wants to crack down on drunken hooligans who disrupt sporting events. But his prescription is likely to rankle beer-loving Germans: A total alcohol ban in football stadiums and public transportation taking fans there.
EUCAM - Monitoring Alcohol Marketing in Africa - MAMPA Project
The study on alcohol marketing was commissioned by the WHO Regional Office for Africa in 2010 and its findings generated data on alcohol advertising and promotion in Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana and Gambia. The content of advertisements and marketing styles appeal to young people. The results underline the need for countries to strengthen policy and legislation to restrict alcohol marketing.

FASD News - 25/2011

Irish Central (UK) - Guinness is not good for you- if you are pregnant says Diageo
Diageo, the drink company backing Guinness, Baileys, and Smirnoff Office, has started a €4 million initiative to have midwives explain to pregnant mothers the dangers of drinking while expecting. The funds will also cover a new online course and various packages.
YLE News (Finland) - TS: More demand for addiction services among expectant mothers
Expectant mothers using drugs or alcohol are increasingly common in Finland. According to the Turku newspaper Turun Sanomat, hospitals are reporting a rise in the number of expectant mothers in need of specialist treatment to deal with drug or alcohol problems.
gather (UK) - Baby Dies After Mum Breastfeeds Drunk
A mother who killed her baby after breastfeeding while drunk has warned others about the dangers of alcohol. An inquest into the death of Naomi Rose found that mum Emma Hurst had fallen asleep while breastfeeding, after drinking a bottle of wine. Naomi's body was found by her father, Allen, 42.
BMJ (UK) - Women told that they must abstain from alcohol in pregnancy, in campaign financed by drinks industry
Drinks giant Diageo is funding a training scheme that aims to teach midwives to advise expectant mothers of the risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. The scheme, run by the National Organisation for Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS-UK), hopes to reach 10000 midwives and one million pregnant women over five years.
The Clinton News (USA) - It's simple: If you're pregnant, stay away from alcohol
It's estimated that at least 55% of women are drinking at the time they become pregnant and some of them continue to drink heavily throughout their pregnancy. Unlike genetic disorders, FASD has a direct behavioral cause and the damage is permanent.
The Australian (Australia) - Kids blighted by alcohol damage
THOUSANDS of Australian children are likely suffering from undiagnosed alcohol-related birth defects. While the most tragic cases of fetal alcohol syndrome are obvious -- the key symptoms of growth deficiency and smaller than normal skull size are easy to recognise -- a large number of alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorders continues to be missed by the medical profession.
Herald Sun (Australia) - Clinic to target baby alcohol disorders
AUSTRALIA's first screening and diagnostic service for children with alcohol-related birth defects could be up and running by the end of the year.
Winnipeg Free Press (Canada) - Clinic opens a new front in FASD war
An inner-city health clinic is launching a program for pregnant addicts that could help fight fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in a neighbourhood where nearly a quarter of new mothers admit to drinking while pregnant.
Ninemsn (USA) - Study examines fetal alcohol effects
Drinking during pregnancy can lead to children who, in later life, appear before the criminal courts. The Alcohol Education & Rehabilitation Foundation (AER Foundation) says fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) are the most common, preventable cause of disabilities and brain damage in children, triggered by exposure to alcohol during pregnancy.

Wttw - Pregnancy & Alcohol
The effects of fetal alcohol syndrome are well-documented. So why is there controversy over how much an expectant mother should drink during pregnancy? Joining us on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm is Dr. Ira Chasnoff, a leading local pediatrician and the author of The Mystery of Risk: Drugs, Alcohol, Pregnancy and the Vulnerable Child.
2011 AIA Teleconference Series - Assessing for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in Children
PRESENTERS: Catherine Hargrove, JD and Cecily Hardin, LCSW
 DATE: Wednesday, July 13
 Estimates suggest that nearly 70% of children in foster care are affected by fetal alcohol exposure to some degree. While only medical personnel can provide a formal diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, this training will educate human service workers about key symptoms and characteristics of children with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder to streamline early diagnosis and care.
What Corrections Need to Know about FASD
Educational video targeted to the criminal court and corrections professionals to raise awareness about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), the leading preventable cause of mental retardation, focusing on the impact of prenatal alcohol exposure to brain functioning and subsequent legal implications.

MDPI - Prevalence of Children with Severe Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in Communities Near Rome, Italy: New Estimated Rates Are Higher than Previous Estimates
These rates are substantially higher than previous estimates of FAS and overall FASD for the general populations of Western Europe and the U. S., and raise questions as to the total impact of FASD on mental deficit in mainstream populations of Western Europe and the United States where the majority are middle class and are not believed to be characterized by heavy episodic drinking.
This study identified several areas of marked difficulty in children with FASD, adding to the current understanding of language development in this population. The results have implications for tailoring early interventions, and for providing evidence-based support to children prenatally exposed to alcohol.
Alcoholism - Alcohol in Pregnancy: Attitudes, Knowledge, and Information Practice Among Midwives in Denmark 2000 to 2009
The attitudes toward and beliefs and knowledge about drinking in pregnancy among midwives have changed along with a change in official policy. The change was mostly independent of personal characteristics of the midwives, including age, gender, and place of work.
Alcohol and Alcoholism - Combined Pre- and Postnatal Ethanol Exposure in Rats Disturbs the Myelination of Optic Axons
Disturbed myelination of optic axons, caused by EtOH abuse, strongly disrupts the optic nerve development and the establishment of definitive retinal and optic nerve targets, and subsequently the visual patterns.

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Alcohol News - 25/2011

YLE News (Finland) - TS: More demand for addiction services among expectant mothers
Expectant mothers using drugs or alcohol are increasingly common in Finland. According to the Turku newspaper Turun Sanomat, hospitals are reporting a rise in the number of expectant mothers in need of specialist treatment to deal with drug or alcohol problems.
MyHealthNewsDaily (Sweden) - Sobering Study: Most Don't Know What 'Sensible Drinking' Is
A recent study from Sweden showed that between 94 and 97 percent of respondents did not know the line between sensible drinking and heavy drinking that can damage health.
Views and News from Norway (Norway) - Police: ‘No more beers on the fjord’
Norwegian police are cracking down on pleasure boat skippers who join their passengers in enjoying a beer or a glass of wine on the water. If they’re caught with blood alcohol levels above the legal limit, they’ll lose their boating license for up to two years.
The Baltic Course (Latvia) - Traffic safety campaign "Steer Sober!" launched in Latvia
Today, the Road Traffic Safety Directorate of Latvia (CSDD), in cooperation with Transport and Interior ministries and the State Police, launched a traffic safety campaign "Steer Sober!", was informed by CSDD representative Alise Kleinberga.
Los Angeles Times (USA) - Guns and alcohol: Gun owners drink more and take more risks, study says
Gun owners: Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger. I must warn you, though, that the findings on gun ownership and risky alcohol behaviors published this week in the British Medical Journal do not paint an altogether flattering picture.
Herald Sun (Australia) - Clinic to target baby alcohol disorders
AUSTRALIA's first screening and diagnostic service for children with alcohol-related birth defects could be up and running by the end of the year.
Medical News Today - UK Mass Drinking Child Report Released; US Parents Supervising More
While friends play a critical role in peer drinking habits, family has a strong direct and indirect influence. The parent or guardian has a particularly strong influence on their child's behavior.
RedOrbit - How Alcohol Damages the Brain
Although alcohol affects many areas in the body, the brain is the primary target. Previously, not much was known about the molecular mechanisms by which alcohol alters brain activity, but now researchers have discovered interaction between alcohol and brain proteins thought to underlie alcohol actions in the brain.
Sky News (Australia) - Battle To Curb Aborigines' Drink Problem
Australia’s Prime Minister has been urged to raise the minimum price of alcohol to curb addiction among aborigines.
Vancouver Sun (Canada) - Daily drinking, cannabis use, mental distress up in Ontario: Study
People in Canada's most populous province are drinking alcohol more often and smoking dope in larger proportions — and psychological distress is more widespread there, according to the latest data from a long-running study of Ontario residents.
Belfast Telegraph (Ireland) - New drivers may face alcohol ban
Newly qualified drivers may be banned from drinking any alcohol before getting behind the wheel in Northern Ireland, the environment minister has said. - Energy drinks linked to alcohol
Researchers, in a study involving musicians in Buffalo, N.Y., found the music-makers used energy drinks with binge drinking and prescription drug misuse.
BBC News (Australia) - Call to raise alcohol prices in Australia to tackle addiction
Australia's Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has been urged to raise the minimum price of alcohol to curb addiction. Cheap alcohol is being blamed for fuelling a crime wave in the Northern Territory town of Alice Springs.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Tapu Misa: We need to ask right questions about alcohol
It's a good argument: If our kids are old enough at 18 to vote and be sent to fight wars for us, why shouldn't they be allowed to have a drink at the pub if they want to? (India) - Alcohol major cause of liver diseases in young adults
Bollywood actor Imran Khan may be making age an issue of discretion when it comes to drinking but according to medical experts, maximum number of liver damage cases have been found in young adults resulting from excessive liquor consumption.
Irish Health (Ireland) - 71,000 kids are carers due to alcohol
An estimated 71,000 children in Ireland are taking care of a parent or siblings as a result of parental alcohol problems, Alcohol Action Ireland (AAI) has said.
Mission Network News (Moldova) - Moldova leads globe for alcohol consumption; churches respond
In February of 2011, the World Health Organization dubbed Moldova the world's leading nation in per-person alcohol consumption.
Daily Mail (EU) - Men twice as likely as women to die before 65 because of smoking and alcohol abuse
Smoking and drinking too much means men are twice as likely as women to die before the age of 65, a European Union study has revealed. - Health data can help address alcohol-related harm in youth
Using ambulance, hospital and other routinely collected health data can provide a more comprehensive, dynamic picture of trends in alcohol use among young people, according to a new report involving CAMH collaboration.

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Alcohol News - 24/2011

YLE News (Finland) - Police keeping a close eye on drunk drivers
Police are enhancing efforts to keep intoxicated drivers in check this week. Law enforcement officials across Europe are stepping up their surveillance of drivers under the influence during the week-long campaign.
ERR News (Estonia) - Cabinet Throws Out Alcohol Ban Bill
The Cabinet did not support an absolute ban on alcohol advertising in a June 9 meeting. The bill, which was proposed by the opposition Centre Party, would affect TV, radio and outdoor advertising.
European Journalism Center (Lithuania) - Russian broadcasters to benefit from Lithuanian round-the-clock ban on alcohol advertising
Although Lithuanian TV and radio stations do not disclose their alcohol advertising revenues, it is estimated that these make up for a considerable bulk of broadcasters’ income. According to some experts, the figure may reach up to 20 percent.
The Independent (UK) - Critics line up as alcohol giant funds health campaign
The drinks giant Diageo is to bankroll a scheme to alert midwives and expectant mothers to the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.
PR Newswire (USA) - Victory on Stopping Bus Bench Alcohol Ads in Los Angeles
The Coalition to Ban Alcohol Ads from Public Property organized a lively grassroots rally in Los Angeles City Hall Plaza this morning to send a message to the L.A. Board of Public Works that promoting alcohol on city-owned bus benches was a really bad idea.
TVNZ (New Zealand) - Emergency staff demand hard line on alcohol
Frontline emergency staff are calling on the government to take a hard line on people who sell and consume alcohol, following new research which shows staff at Wellington Hospital are under increasing attack from drunk patients.
EurekAlert - The association of alcohol drinking with migraine headache
Migraine is a neurovascular disease that affects about 15% of the western population. Compounds in foods and beverages (chocolate, wine, citrus, etc) considered as migraine triggers include tyramine, phenylethylamine and possibly histamine and phenolic compounds. Avoiding those triggers may significantly reduce the frequency of migraines in some patients.
The Hindu - Even small amounts of alcohol impact the brain
Just the one drink can sometimes prove one too many when it comes to alcohol, according to Chinese researchers who have discovered that even minimal alcohol intake can cause immediate damage to the brain.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Supermarkets and off-licences now account for 33% of all alcohol sales
CONSUMERS are buying more alcohol in supermarkets and off-licences, both of which now account for a third of all alcohol sales.
Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Why Scotland needs to put the demon back into drink
SCOTLAND has much to be proud of but when it comes to alcohol, you should be ashamed of yourselves. In fact, restoring the stigma that used to be associated with drunkenness would help create a healthier nation, and prevent a generation of young people from being harmed by the substance their parents adore. (USA) - Local authorities battle teen drinking
South Mississippi law enforcement officials say they are working day and night to curb the trend among teens to buy alcohol and liquor. A growing number of minors are now mixing alcohol with high-energy drinks to prolong their buzz.
BBC News (UK) - Alcohol-related problems: Survey checks nurse training
Nottingham researchers have launched a national survey to find out if nurses need extra training to deal with patients who have drink problems.
The Australian (Australia) - Alcohol floor 'a hit on elderly and poor'
PENSIONERS, those earning less than $40,000 a year and rural Australians would be the hardest hit by a floor price on alcohol, which would increase the cost of cask wine by up to 400 per cent.
BBC News (UK) - Alcohol admissions 'stretch' NHS
A huge rise in people suffering alcohol-related injuries and illness is putting an increasing strain on the NHS in Brighton and Hove, and is said to be costing millions of pounds a year.
Medscape - Screening Tools May Detect Youth Alcohol and Cannabis Misuse
Emergency department clinicians should use a 2-question instrument to detect youth alcohol misuse and a 1-question instrument to detect cannabis misuse, according to the results of a systematic review reported online June 6 in Pediatrics.
News of the World (UK) - Boozed-up teens are heading for lifetime of bad health, says doc
BRITAIN is in the grip of an under-age booze epidemic even worse than we thought - with millions of kids heading for a lifetime of huge health problems...
Irish Times (Ireland) - State could save €80m a year in health costs if alcohol consumption halved
IF IRISH people halved their current alcohol consumption to the upper limit of recommended drinking levels, the health costs to the exchequer for hospital beds would drop by €80 million a year, according to newly-published research.

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FASD News - 23/2011

WHO - Fetal alcohol syndrome: dashed hopes, damaged lives
Since the term was coined about 40 years ago, fetal alcohol syndrome has slowly become recognized as a public health issue. Alicestine October reports from South Africa’s Western Cape province, which has the highest reported rate in the world.
Sun-Sentinel (USA) - Little boy lost: Family struggles to help heal troubled adopted son
Unable to conceive, Patrick LoBrutto and Mary Greene chose to fill out their family the same way 12,000 Americans do each year by adopting a child from a foreign country. It's a dicey proposition, to be sure, especially when choosing a country like Russia, where the orphanages are filled with abused and neglected children.
Vancouver Sun (Canada) - University professor adapting popular video games to treat FASD
Chris Bertram spends his days playing around with video games, all in the name of science. The University of the Fraser Valley professor is working with computer scientists and other research institutions across the country, including the University of B.C. and the University of Victoria, in adapting popular video games they believe have benefits for treating Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, also known as FASD.
BBC (UK) - Drinks firm Diageo funds pregnancy health initiative
Drinks retailer Diageo is to pay for 10,000 midwives in England and Wales to be trained to offer advice on the dangers of alcohol during pregnancy.
The Independent (UK) - Critics line up as alcohol giant funds health campaign
Charities and Labour health spokespeople opposed the plan, labelling it a "smokescreen" and accusing the Conservatives of allowing corporations further influence on public health policy. Don Shenker, chief executive of Alcohol Concern, which refused to sign the responsibility deal, said: "It is deeply worrying that alcohol education is being paid for by the drinks industry, as it is then unaccountable and not necessarily based on evidence or public health guidance." (South Africa) - Nearly 50 000 school girls fall pregnant in one year
Unemployment, teenage pregnancy, crime, and drug and alcohol abuse all affect South Africa’s youth. Family breakdown, and the absence of fathers in particular, may contribute to these social ills.
Centre for Public Health (UK) - Report: Contributions of Alcohol Use to Teenage Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infection Rates
A report from the Centre for Public Health found expected higher alcohol related hosptial admissions amongst areas with higher teenage pregancy and STI rates.
Marin Institute - The New Spirits "Thin-dustry"
In an attempt to find yet another way to target the young female demographic, spirits producers have sprung new lines of premixed drinks designed and marketed to associate drinking their products with weight loss.

Medical News Today - New DrugScope Book Will Help Professionals Support Women During Pregnancy, UK
The latest in DrugScope's series of resource books for professionals, The Essential Guide to Problem Substance Use During Pregnancy, is now on sale. This unique text is the go-to reference guide for all practitioners who provide care to women who use drugs or alcohol before, during and after their pregnancy.
Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder FASD: Who is responsible?
The perfect complementation to "Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder" this title for the first time gives a complete overview of prevention strategies of FADS and their effectiveness on a global scale. A real Must-Have for everyone involved in decisions about FADS prevention measures.

BMC Pediatrics - A survey of Italian and Spanish neonatologists and paediatricians regarding awareness of the diagnosis of FAS and FASD and maternal ethanol use during pregnancy
Italian and Spanish neonatologists and paediatricians do not feel confident about diagnosing FAS and FASD. More training is needed in order to accurately diagnose ethanol use during pregnancy and correctly inform pregnant women on the consequences on the newborn.
Alcoholism - Effects of Early Postnatal Exposure to Ethanol on Retinal Ganglion Cell Morphology and Numbers of Neurons in the Dorsolateral Geniculate in Mice
Early postnatal ethanol exposure affects development of the visual system, reducing the numbers of neurons in the ganglion cell layer and in the dLGN, and altering RGCs’ morphology.
Alcoholism - Local and Regional Network Function in Behaviorally Relevant Cortical Circuits of Adult Mice Following Postnatal Alcohol Exposure
P7 ethanol induces an immediate wave of regionally selective cell death followed by long-lasting changes in local circuit and regional network function that are accompanied by changes in neurobehavioral performance. The results suggest that both the activity of local neural circuits within a brain region and the flow of information between brain regions can be modified by early alcohol exposure, which may contribute to long-lasting behavioral abnormalities known to rely on those circuits.
Alcohol Journal - Maternal effects on ethanol teratogenesis in a cross between A/J and C57BL/6J mice
This study supports the idea that genes influence malformation risk following in utero alcohol exposure. Specifically, maternal genes influence risk more than fetal genes for some teratogenic outcomes. No evidence supported synergistic genetic effects on ethanol teratogenesis. This research supports the conclusion that uterine environment contributes to determining risk of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
Birth Defect Research - Associations between periconceptional alcohol consumption and craniosynostosis, omphalocele, and gastroschisis
Results suggest that maternal periconceptional alcohol consumption is associated with omphalocele and gastroschisis, and second and third trimester alcohol consumption are inversely associated with craniosynostosis.
Birth Defect Research - Calcium-mediated repression of β-catenin and its transcriptional signaling mediates neural crest cell death in an avian model of fetal alcohol syndrome
Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a common birth defect in many societies. Affected individuals have neurodevelopmental disabilities and a distinctive craniofacial dysmorphology. These latter deficits originate during early development from the ethanol-mediated apoptotic depletion of cranial facial progenitors, a population known as the neural crest.
Birth Defect Research - Maternal alcohol drinking pattern during pregnancy and the risk for an offspring with an isolated congenital heart defect and in particular a ventricular septal defect or an atrial septal defect
Prenatal exposure to low-to-moderate levels of alcohol on a weekly basis or occasional binge drinking during the early part of pregnancy was not statistical significantly associated with the prevalence of isolated VSD and ASD in offspring.
Alcohol Journal - Proceedings of the 2009 annual meeting of the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Study Group
The annual meeting of the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Study Group (FASDSG) was held on June 20, 2009 in San Diego, CA, as a satellite of the Research Society on Alcoholism Meeting. The FASDSG membership includes clinical, basic, and social scientists who meet to discuss recent advances and issues in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders research. The main theme of the meeting was “Epigenetics and Development.”

In other languages
NanoPress (Italy) - L’alcool in gravidanza è vietato, fa male al bambino
Abbiamo parlato tante volte dell’assunzione di alcool in gravidanza ma evidentemente c’è ancora tanto da lavorare, perchè questo concetto non è arrivato chiaro e forte alle future neo mamme.

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Alcohol News - 23/2011

PR Newswire (USA) - Public Health Experts Advise Against Further Privatization of Alcohol Sales
National public health experts are recommending against further privatization of retail alcohol sales based on evidence that privatization would increase excessive alcohol consumption and associated health and social problems, the Keystone Research Center reports in a new policy brief.
BBC News (Scotland) - Willie Rennie in minimum pricing u-turn
The new leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has signalled a policy u-turn on the introduction of a minimum unit price for alcohol. - Young people 'should avoid alcohol until 24
People should avoid drinking until their mid-20s because alcohol consumption can hinder brain development, according to a leading scientist.
IcelandReview (Iceland) - Call for Stricter Laws on Alcohol and Tobacco
Minister of the Interior Ögmundur Jónasson submitted a bill in parliament yesterday evening on amendments to the law on alcohol with the purpose of making the ban on advertising alcoholic beverages clearer and more efficient.
The Telegraph (India) - Mumbai votes to increase alcohol age limit
Mumbai has voted to raise the age limit for buying spirits from 21 to 25 and beer 18 to 21, sparking concern from the drinks industry and fury among young people.
Medscape - Alcohol Dependence More Likely Among Mentally Ill
Adults with mental illness are 4 times more likely to develop a dependence on alcohol than adults without mental illness, according to a new report based on data from the 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH).
News and Views from Norway (Norway) - Alcohol often involved in rape cases
Norwegian police released a new statistical report on rape cases in the capital, and could tie many of them to both consumption of alcohol and a new, more liberal “sexual culture” that has confused the limits of what’s allowed and what’s not.
BBC News (UK) - Alcohol-related problems: Survey checks nurse training
Nottingham researchers have launched a national survey to find out if nurses need extra training to deal with patients who have drink problems.
BBC News (UK) - Stafford bishop accuses government over alcohol abuse
The Bishop of Stafford has criticised the government for "doing little" to prevent alcohol abuse. The Rt Rev Geoff Annas has described alcohol misuse as "one of the major sins of our time".
ERR News (Estonia) - Ministers Debate Alcohol Ads Ban
Coalition parties are at odds over a proposed all-out ban on the advertising of alcoholic beverages on television, radio and in outdoor media.
Morning Advertiser (Scotland) - Scottish Government clarifies under-21 law
The Scottish Government has dismissed reports that local authorities have been given the “green light” to prevent under- 21s from buying alcohol in the off-trade. (Canada) - Playing blood-alcohol roulette risky for any driver who drinks
Trying to determine how many drinks a person can consume and still get behind the wheel after New Brunswick passes a new law to toughen its stance against drunk drivers later this month is risky business because there are so many variables that can affect a blood alcohol reading, says a forensic toxicologist.
Chambersburg Public Opinion - Study shifts outlook on liquor consumption after privatization
A new report challenges earlier studies that claimed that privatizing liquor sales would not affect alcohol consumption. As Pennsylvania debates liquor privatization, a task force of national health experts recommended against further privatization of retail alcohol sales. (New Zealand) - Police stunned by drink driving results
Police are astounded a Bay of Plenty man, caught more than three and a half times the legal limit, was able to co-ordinate himself to drive.
ABC Online (Australia) - Aussies drinking less beer, more wine
Official statistics show the volume of beer consumed by Australians per capita has slipped to a 62-year low.
Business Wire (China) - Research and Markets: China Alcohol Market Report 2011
This report presents a clear picture about the overall development of alcohol market in China and the trend in recent years based on detailed data analysis. This report includes the analysis on the alcohol market size and market share in China, the study on major hot areas in this market, introduction of key data and the comparison of top 10 enterprises in terms of sales revenue and market share, the detailed description of the import and export.
Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey) - Turkish regulatory agency chief defends alcohol ordinance
A regulation partly overruled by the Council of State would have helped prevent the recent deaths of several Russian tour guides from consuming unlicensed alcohol, the president of Turkey’s alcohol regulatory agency has said.
Fleet News Online (EU) - Police begin week-long alcohol and drug operation on Europe’s roads
Police officers across more than 25 European countries, including the UK, today begin a seven-day crackdown on drink driving and drugged driving. The operation is co-ordinated by TISPOL, the European Traffic Police Network.