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Alcohol News - 11/2023

Brazil Reports (Brazil) - Brazilian women abusing alcohol more; pandemic, cultural shifts to blame, says expert
In 2010, 10.5% of Brazilian women consumed alcoholic beverages abusively. In 2020, the number increased to 16%. During the same period, the rates among men remained stable (27% in 2010 and 26.5% in 2020).
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ABC (Australia) - Liquor restrictions will be placed on Carnarvon unless watchdog can be convinced otherwise
New alcohol restrictions will be placed on Carnarvon unless local licensees can convince the state's liquor regulator they are not necessary.
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New Mexico In Depth (USA) - Senate committee passes nickel-per-drink increase in alcohol taxes
On Wednesday, a Senate committee amended a tax package passed by the House earlier this week to hike alcohol taxes 5¢ per drink for beer, wine, and spirits, greater than the 1¢ to 2¢ increase included in the original proposal.
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Oregon Public Broadcasting (USA) - Illegal substances are part of addiction problem in Oregon, but alcohol is biggest killer
Headlines in 2022 declared Oregon to be the “worst in the nation” for addiction. But many local experts in behavioral health say state rankings should be taken with a grain of salt.
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Safety+Health Magazine - Study links high schoolers’ alcohol consumption to heavier use as adults
Teens who begin “high-intensity drinking” of alcohol by their junior year of high school are more likely to drink heavily as young adults, researchers at the University of Michigan say.
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Mirage News (Australia) - Young people in affluent areas drink more alcohol
A La Trobe University study examining Australia’s heavy drinkers has found that young people aged 14-24 years living in higher socio-economic areas are more likely to drink higher quantities of alcohol than those from lower socio-economic areas.
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Global News (Canada) - One-fifth of London-area deaths in an average year attributable to alcohol, smoking: MLHU
At least one-fifth of all deaths in London and Middlesex in an average year are attributable to alcohol consumption and smoking tobacco, a report going before the board of health for the Middlesex-London Health Unit on Thursday suggests.
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RFI (France) - Decline in alcohol, tobacco and cannabis use continues among French 17-year-olds
The use of drugs, particularly cannabis, alcohol and tobacco, is declining among 17-year-olds, according to the latest figures published by the French Drugs and Addictive Tendencies watchdog.
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Thai PBS World (Thailand) - Poll shows most oppose liberalisation of alcohol, e-cigarettes, cannabis and gambling
A network of 12 children’s and family’s rights groups, tobacco, alcohol and cannabis research institutes have disclosed results of their opinion poll, which shows that the majority of respondents disagree with political parties’ policies for liberalisation of alcohol, e-cigarettes, cannabis and gambling.
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Movendi - Even Small Amounts of Alcohol Can Be Harmful to Blood Pressure and the Heart
A brand new report on alcohol and blood pressure summarizes the best scientific research and provides a state-of-the-art overview of alcohol’s substantial causal role in the genesis of hypertension and related diseases.
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BusinessWorld Online (Philippines) - On Women’s Month: Be concerned over alcohol and gender-based violence
March is a month for celebrating women. This was declared by the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) in 1988 and signed into law by the first Filipina president and first female president in Asia, Corazon Aquino.
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IAS (UK) - Studies around the world collectively find that Minimum Unit Pricing would reduce alcohol-related hospital burden
In England and Ireland, alcohol harms contribute significantly to the burden on healthcare. In England, alcohol accounted for 7.2% of all days that patients spent in hospital in 2009 – 2010, and in Ireland this figure was 8.7% in 2000 – 2004.
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IAS (UK) - Good news for public health, good news for pubs, and good news for Treasury revenue
Excise duties were introduced in England in the 1640s by parliament as a temporary way of raising money during the Civil War. They were presented as measures to discourage gluttony and extravagance or “favoureth virtue and punisheth vice”.
Read more - Urgent Need to Control Alcohol Use as a Risk Factor for Cancer
A recent study published in the journal Hepatology International highlights the urgent need to address alcohol consumption as a leading risk factor for liver cancer and cirrhosis.
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NordAN (Finland) - Focus on children and families in alcohol policy decisions
Alcohol policy aims to reduce the problems and harm caused to alcohol users, their loved ones, others and society. There is strong research evidence that restricting access to alcohol is the most effective way to reduce consumption and harm.
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