Monday, September 27, 2010

Alcohol News - 39/2010

Scotsman (Finland) - Finnish experience suggests price can have strong effect
THE Finnish experience is one which has influenced opinion- formers who have argued vociferously that the price of alcohol has a strong effect on consumption. In Finland, tax on alcohol was cut six years ago, leading to price reductions of up to a third, depending on the type of alcohol.

Estonian Public Broadcasting (Estonia) - The Vodka Diaries
Are Estonia's policymakers aware that their country has a drinking problem? When you think of a drunk, a certain image may come to mind. Maybe he has rosy cheeks, a scruffy white beard, and a mouth half full of yellow teeth. But living in Estonia, I have seen all kinds of drunks: young kids in tracksuits, old men in rags, round ladies with bad haircuts.

U.S. News & World Report (USA) - Pediatricians Want to Restrict Ads for Tobacco, Booze, Viagra
The American Academy of Pediatrics doesn't want children exposed to tobacco ads at all, and wants to limit their exposure to alcohol marketing and advertisements for erectile dysfunction drugs and other prescription medications.

Medical News Today - Frequent Family Dinners Linked To Lower Tobacco, Alcohol And Marijuana Use Among Teens
American teenagers who regularly have family dinners are much less likely to have used drugs, alcohol or marijuana compared to their peers who have family dinners infrequently, according to a new study - The Importance of Family Dinners VI - carried out by researchers from The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA), Columbia University.

Philippine Information Agency (Philippines) - Doctors group back higher 'sin' taxes for tobacco, alcohol
The Philippine Medical Association (PMA) through its President Oscar D. Tinio, M.D. expressed full support to President Benigno Aquino III's call for higher 'sin' taxes to generate additional tax revenue for the government.

Private Healthcare UK - Alcohol recovery 'impacted by stress'
High levels of a stress hormone could be having a negative impact on recovering alcoholics.

Voxy (Australia) - De-Normalisation - How To Reduce Alcohol Harm Amongst Young People
Research just published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry shows there are six things that parents can do to reduce the risk of alcohol related harm in their children. These include: - not getting intoxicated in front of them; - not supplying them with alcohol.

BusinessWeek - Booze Tax Hikes May Reduce Alcohol-Related Problems
Boosting taxes on alcohol leads to lower rates of alcohol-related disease, injury, death and crime, researchers say.

Chicago Sun-Times - A little alcohol staggers older drinkers
Older people who have had a couple of cocktails may still be under the legal blood-alcohol limit, but researchers have found some have trouble in walking tests.,CST-NWS-drink26.article

7thSpace Interactive - The association between intimate partner violence, alcohol and depression in family practice
Depressive symptoms, intimate partner violence and hazardous drinking are common among patients attending general practice. Despite the high prevalence of these three problems; the relationship between them remains relatively unexplored.

Richmond Times Dispatch (USA) - VCU report on privatization: increase taxes on alcohol
If Virginia sells its liquor monopoly, the state should take steps to discourage excessive drinking, including raising taxes on alcohol to reduce demand, according to a new report by Virginia Commonwealth University.

PR Newswire(USA) - MADD Marks 30th Anniversary With Capitol Hill Rally Unveiling Tech-Based MADD 3.0 Action Plan to Eliminate Drunk Driving
Thirty years after a grieving mother started the movement to stop drunk driving, and a decade since the successful passage of the lifesaving national .08 BAC limit, hundreds of victims and activists from across the country today rallied at the nation's Capitol to mark Mothers Against Drunk Driving's (MADD) 30th Anniversary and to unveil its MADD 3.0 Action Plan, calling on Congress to pass legislation to eliminate drunk driving in America.

BBC News (UK) - Fresh call for alcohol glass ban
Alcohol should be served far more often in plastic glasses and bottles to reduce the injury toll from violent attacks, says a researcher.

Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Police chief challenges minimum drink price opponents
The chief constable of the country’s biggest police force has issued a challenge to those who voted down minimum alcohol pricing this week to come up with an alternative.

Radio New Zealand (New Zealand) - Cabinet rejects advice on lowering alcohol limit
The Government made a mistake when it rejected hundreds of pages of official advice encouraging it to lower the adult blood alcohol level, health lobby groups say.

UK Net Guide (Scotland) - Minimum alcohol price plans defeated by MSPs
MSPs have rejected the Scottish government's proposal to introduce a minimum price for alcohol.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Alcohol News - 38/2010

YLE News (Finland) - Finns Less Tolerant of Alcohol Consumption
Attitudes towards alcohol consumption and binge drinking in Finland have hardened significantly, with a majority of Finns agreeing on the need for restraint in alcohol use.

Helsinkin Sanomat (Finland) - Nearly 70% would reduce blood-alcohol threshold for drink-driving cases
Finnish attitudes towards binge-drinking are becoming increasingly strict. Bans and restrictions are accepted these days with more relish than in earlier years. (Denmark) - Carlsberg puts alcohol locks on beer trucks
Workers will need to breathe into breathalysers to start their vehicles Brewery giant Carlsberg’s promise to equip their beer trucks with alcohol ignition locks went into force today, and 300 vehicles have been fitted with the devices, reported TV2 News....

The Local (Sweden) - Swedish team targets addict relapse molecule
People who have used cocaine are at a greater risk of becoming addicted even after long drug-free periods, researchers at Linköping University have discovered.

Truck News (Sweden) - Swedes spec'ing alcolocks to prevent impaired truck driving
Volvo has announced that 25% of the trucks it sells in Sweden now come with a factory-fitted alcolock to prevent impaired driving.

ERR News (Estonia) - Alcohol Proves a Factor in 58% of Drownings
In the first eight months of this year, 85 people drowned in Estonia, of whom 72 were men and 49 were under the influence of alcohol.

TopNews United States (Scotland) - New Study: Native Scots Run Twice the Risk of Giving in Due to Alcohol Related Reasons
As per a novel study, native Scots have twofold risk of dying be cause of alcohol related troubles, in comparison to those people from Scotland, who belong the southern border. (USA) - Colleges Try To Discourage Binge Drinking Among Freshmen
Most colleges have intensive programs designed to educate students about alcohol and drug abuse and to inform them about campus resources to help. For many, including Quinnipiac, UConn and Trinity College, that educational process begins in the summer before freshman year with an online class that also provides administrators with an overall assessment of students' alcohol use before they come to campus.,0,394524.story

Helium - Links between alcohol and depression
Serotonin is a neurotransmitters been indicated as a contributing factor in mood disorders. Neurotransmitters are brain chemical that cause an effect in the brain.

Co-Operative News (UK) – Call for UK-wide action on alcohol sales
The Co-operative Group has called on the UK Government to work closely with the Scottish Government after the SNP administration announced plans to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol in an attempt to curb the nation’s drink-related problems.

London Free Press (UK) - Courts must always take drunk driving seriously
Impaired driving has been a scourge on Canadian roads for decades. While campaigns have been waged, warnings issued and laws tightened, drinking and driving is not going away.

The Nation, Pakistan - Alcohol, diabetes, hepatitis up liver cancer risk: study
Heavy alcohol use, diabetes, and viral hepatitis combine synergistically to raise the risk of developing liver cancer, according to a new report.

Science AAAS (USA) - Advisers Say NIH Should Merge Alcohol, Drug Abuse Institutes
A group of outside advisers to National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins has recommended merging the two NIH institutes that study alcoholism and drug abuse.

Sify (Russia) - Alcohol unaffected by recession in Russia
Production of alcohol such as vodka, beer and wine in Russia has not been affected by the global economic crisis, according to the federal statistics bureau Rosstat.

Medical News Today - Alcohol Consumption After Breast Cancer Diagnosis May Increase Recurrence Risk
In the Life After Cancer Epidemiology (LACE) study, 1,897 participants diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer between 1997 and 2000 and recruited on average 2 years post-breast cancer diagnosis were evaluated for the association between alcohol intake and breast cancer recurrence and death.

Wall Street Journal (Thailand) - Global Liquor Makers Fight Graphic Labels in Thailand
Alcohol companies world-wide are lining up to fight a Thai plan to require graphic warning labels about alcohol on the country's domestic and imported beer, wine and liquor bottles.

ABC Online (Australia) - Concern over alcohol related violence
There is concern over alcohol-related crime in the New South Wales south east, with assault and under-age drinking at alarming high levels.

TopNews United Kingdom (UK) - 90% of Youngsters Try Alcohol by 15
It has been revealed by the data gathered by the Australian Secondary Students Drug and Alcohol Survey that by the time young people turn 15, 90% of them try alcohol.

The Press Association (Scotland) - Caffeinated alcohol ban considered
The Scottish Government will "carefully consider" Labour calls to ban caffeinated alcoholic drinks such as Buckfast, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said.

ABC Online - Alcohol linked to early onset dementia
New research suggests that up to a fifth of all cases of early onset dementia are alcohol related.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Alcohol News - 37/2010 (Finland) - Organisations Call on Women to Not Drink During Pregnancy
On September 9, the Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (FAIDD) urges women to abstain from alcohol during all nine months of pregnancy.

The Local (Sweden) - Stockholm acts to block drunken bus drivers
Stockholm public transport operator SL will install ignition locks on all of its buses within the next two years, ensuring drivers who have been drinking can't start their vehicles.

The Reykjavik Grapewine (Iceland) - Alcohol Ad Laws Tightened
A bill submitted to parliament may close loopholes that alcohol importers and manufacturers have used in the current Icelandic law banning the advertising of alcoholic beverages.
The proposal, already approved by the Icelandic government, was submitted jointly by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Justice, Vísir reports. While Article 20 of the current alcohol law bans the advertisement of alcoholic beverages, loopholes have been found - for example, by advertising the low alcohol content versions of the same beers.

BBC News (UK) - British Red Cross says teach children alcohol first aid
Children should learn first aid skills to help friends who become dangerously drunk, the British Red Cross has said.

ABC Online (Australia) - Australians drinking to mask depression: research
The Salvation Army says it is concerned at the number of people it believes are drinking simply to get through their day. A survey of around 600 people commissioned by the charity and carried out by pollsters Roy Morgan has found more than 7 per cent often or sometimes drink in order to "feel normal". (New Zealand) - 1000 police in weekend booze bust
A 12-hour police operation targeting alcohol-related crime this weekend resulted in less than one percent of drivers stopped at checkpoints being over the limit, although the number of retailers selling alcohol to minors was a disappointment, say police. (Philippines) - Drunk Driving to Become Illegal in Philippines
A new bill is to criminalize drunk driving. The House of Representatives is set to deliberate on a measure filed by Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and imposing penalties on drunk driving, says.

PR Newswire (USA) - Survey of Police and Teachers: Alcohol and Marijuana Most Serious Substance Abuse Facing Teens
The Center for Medicine in the Public Interest released the results of a national Teen Substance Abuse survey today, indicating that police officers and high school teachers nationwide believe alcohol and marijuana are the most serious problem substances facing teenagers.

BusinessWeek - Obesity Worsens Brain Damage of Heavy Drinking
Researchers examined the findings of different types of brain scans conducted on 54 men in an alcohol treatment program and compared them with each man's body mass index (BMI). BMI is a measurement that takes into account a person's height and weight. The study findings appear online and in the December print issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.

BusinessWeek - Heavy Drinking Part of Social Acceptance for Young: Study
Many young people consider getting drunk an important part of being accepted as part of a social group, a factor that needs to be considered when creating anti-drinking campaigns, a British researcher says. (Ireland) - Call for ban on alcohol advertising
The College of Psychiatry of Ireland says there have been multiple breaches of the self-regulatory code whereby the drinks industry is supposed to protect children from advertising.

Scotsman (Scotland) - Labour's plan for alcohol bill slammed
THE SNP has hit out at a Labour bid to scupper plans for some areas to ban under-21s from buying alcohol. MSPs have already thrown out the idea of a blanket ban.

MedPage Today - Drug May Improve Abstinence in Alcoholics
Alcoholic patients can modestly improve their chances of staying abstinent after detox with acamprosate (Campral), according to a Cochrane review.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Alcohol News 36/2010

BBC News (Scotland) - Alcohol price pilot claims 'damage' Scottish Borders
An MSP has criticised a south of Scotland colleague who suggested the Borders should pilot plans for a minimum price per unit of alcohol. (UK) - Academic stress 'pushing young girls to alcohol and cigarettes'
Academic stress and the pressure to look attractive are driving young girls to alcohol and cigarettes, according to a study by the Girl Guides.

Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Minimum pricing will help reduce the human cost of alcohol abuse
The opposition parties are acting irresponsibly over the Scottish Government’s proposals to introduce a minimum alcohol price of 45p per unit (“Sturgeon sets the minimum price of alcohol at 45p a unit”, The Herald, September 3).

USA Today - 3 to 4 drinks per week may raise risk of breast cancer's return
Drinking even moderate amounts of alcohol may raise the risk for breast cancer recurrence in some women, new research indicates.

Sunday Business Post (Ireland) - Government advised to ban alcohol firms from sponsoring sporting events
Proposals to ban sponsorship of sports and other events by drinks companies are expected to be included in a report to government to be finalised next month, writes Pat Leahy.

FLEXNEWS (Kenya) - Kenyan Market Frets Over Impact of New Alcohol Law
A new Kenyan alcohol law could open up East African Breweries to competition, with micro-brewers springing up to capitalise on the legalisation of traditional liquors, analysts said.

Helsinki Times (Finland) - Doctors to order alcohol locks for risk patients
A law enabling Finnish doctors to recommend alcohol locks on the cars of patients who consume a lot of alcohol is to come into use soon, according to regional daily Aamulehti on Monday.

AFP (Russia) - Russians urged to smoke, drink more
Smoke and drink more, Russia's finance minister Alexei Kudrin urged citizens on Wednesday, explaining that higher consumption would help lift tax revenues for spending on social services.

DailyFinance (USA) - Alcohol and College: How Much Money Are Students Really Drinking?
The average college student spends $500 per year on alcohol, according to Rachel Barrington of the University of Wisconsin. (USA) - Millions drive drunk, government study finds
An estimated 17 million people have driven while drunk at least once on U.S. streets and highways in the course of a year, according to a government study released last week. - Judging when alcohol's effects wear off not easy
The way that alcohol impairs reasoning and problem-solving abilities may explain why some people feel they are fit to drive even though they are drunk.

MedIndia (Sweden) - Privatizing Retail Alcohol Sales in Sweden Will Escalate Alcohol-Related Violence
Privatizing Sweden's government monopoly on the sale of alcohol, a study published today in the scientific journal Addiction argues, will significantly increase alcohol-related violence and other harms.

YLE News (Finland) - Psychiatrists Propose Forcing Sobriety on Violent Criminals
Finland's leading forensic psychiatrists are calling for violent convicts to prove their sobriety as a condition for freedom. According to the proposal, prisoners who are considered dangerous should not be released unless they have committed to sobriety.

WHO (Africa) - WHO proposes strategy to reduce harmful use of alcohol
The World Health Organization has proposed a strategy to prevent or at least reduce the harmful use of alcohol and related problems in the African Region.