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Alcohol News - 30/2015

Barents Observer (Russia) - Russia tightens regulations on alcohol
Since June 2015, distribution of many everyday goods, such as toothpaste and cleaning products, is a complicated case in Russia. New federal regulations on alcohol consumption state that products containing over 0.5 percent alcohol are subject to licensing.
BBC (UK) - Review begins into benefits for drug and alcohol addicts
Drug and alcohol addicts could lose their sickness benefits if they refuse treatment under a review now under way. - New Bill Seeks $48M For In-Vehicle Alcohol Detection
A new bill has been introduced that would provide funding to the Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as part of a collaborative research effort to prevent drunk driving injuries and fatalities.
The Economist - Daily chart: Alcohol consumption around the world
THE world may be getting warmer, but it is not getting much wetter. It quaffed 249 billion litres of alcoholic drinks in 2014, a modest increase of 1 billion over the preceding year. (Scotland) - Minimum pricing 'could curb heavy drinkers' access to strong alcohol'
Minimum pricing for alcohol could reduce the social harm caused by curbing access to strong ciders and spirits, researchers have found.
Daily News & Analysis - Why is alcohol bad news for your liver?
We all know alcohol causes liver damage, and that often becomes the butt of jokes during a long night of drinking. But that extra glass of whiskey or wine can do much more damage to your body than you thought, and liver is the first organ to take the hit.
Greater London Authority (UK) - Mayor extends sobriety tag pilot, following 91 per cent success rate
A scheme to tackle alcohol-related crime through the use of compulsory electronic ankle tags has proved such a success it is being extended, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson has announced.
News Every day - Income and Education Determines Alcohol Consumption, Study Suggests
According to Gallup's annual poll, which sheds light on American consumption habits, your income level and education influence how much you drink, as well as what you drink, The Guardian reported.
WGEM (UK) - More baby boomers drinking more alcohol
A recent extensive study by English researchers finds that alcohol consumption is on the rise in adults over 50 years old. (New Zealand) - The alcohol industry would prefer that alcohol did not cause cancer
Alcohol Action New Zealand and the Cancer Society ran a joint one-day conference recently at Te Papa to discuss alcohol and cancer.
Tuoitrenews (Vietnam) - Vietnam will curb alcohol consumption, ban smoking in 2035
In 2035, Vietnam would pride itself on lower consumption of beer and alcohol and a non-smoking society, Nguyen Bich Thuy, a 28-year-old female contestant in the “Ky Vong Viet Nam 20 Nam Toi” (“My Expectations for Vietnam in 20 Years”) writing competition, said in her entry.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Alcohol, junk food next plain packaging targets, lawyer warns
Regulators in Australia could look to introduce graphic warning labels on packaging of alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and food that is unhealthy, a senior partner from Herbert Smith Freehills warns.
ABC Online (Australia) - Alcohol "the most serious problem we've got": Coffs Harbour Magistrate
A North Coast magistrate says alcohol addiction remains the most serious substance abuse problem facing the community, with the 'ice epidemic' a non-issue by comparison.
Daily Mail (UK) - DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: That glass of wine isn't a reward... it's a poison
Mrs Richards was shaking her head in flat denial. ‘You’ve made a mistake, doctor. I can’t be an alcoholic. I’m not some tramp in the gutter — I’m a fully functioning housewife who pays her taxes and listens to Radio 2.’
Irish Times (Ireland) - Publication of alcohol Bill delayed until autumn
Publication of legislation to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol and regulate advertising has been delayed until the autumn, creating doubts about its planned passage by the end of the year.
BusinessTech (South Africa) - Govt pushing ahead with tighter alcohol laws
The Department of Trade and Industry is pushing ahead with its plans to raise the legal drinking age in South Africa from 18 to 21 years.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Irish drink driver levels above European average in new operation
Irish drivers were more likely to be above the drink-driving limit than the European average, figures a new policing operation show.

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FASD News - 29/2015

New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Women admit drinking while pregnant
Despite this, a study published by respected British site BMJ Open last week found up to 80 per cent of New Zealand women have admitted drinking at some stage of their pregnancy.
South Washington County Bulletin (USA) - Cottage Grove teen lobbies for those with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Recent high school graduate Gary Riege is a science and math whiz. He’s also a Star Wars fanatic, avid computer science techie and Advanced Placement student. (South Africa) - Northern Cape Ravaged By Substance Abuse
The Portfolio Committee has started its oversight visit to the Northern Cape with a meeting with the MEC for Social Development, Mr Mxolisi Sokatsha, who revealed the province is ravaged by foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).
Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol and pregnancy
Your editorial (July 8th) highlighted the significant public health concerns posed by drinking during pregnancy, pointing out that more than 45 per cent of Irish women engaging in binge-drinking during the first trimester.
Bustle - Drinking During Pregnancy Can Now Be Detected In A Baby’s First Poop. (Seriously.)
As it turns out, there’s a whole lot more to baby poop than meets the eye. (Just hear me out for a second.) A recent study by Case Western Reserve University found that testing a baby’s first poop can reveal if their mother drank during her pregnancy — which is pretty huge.
The Inquisitr (USA) - Dr. Carl Bell Says Fetal Alcohol Syndrome ‘Biggest Public Health Problem For African-Americans Since Slavery’
Dr. Carl Bell, a retired professor of psychiatry and public health at the University of Illinois at Chicago, currently a staff psychiatrist at Jackson Park Hospital, calls Fetal Alcohol Syndrome the “biggest public health problem for African-Americans since slavery.” Dr. Bell has treated patients for over 40 years. (Australia) - Why drinking alcohol while pregnant is like playing Russian roulette
DR GINNI Mansberg, a well-known Australian GP, has some sobering words for pregnant women who enjoy the occasional glass of wine.
Infinity House (UK) - FASD Is Completely Avoidable, So Why Are So Many Children Born With It?
“I thought it was good for him” stated Sam, mother to 11 year-year-old Stanley who suffers from FASD as a result of his mother drinking while pregnant.

Alcohol-Free Pregnancy - NOFAS Webinar: The Role of the Social Worker in Preventing, Identifying and Treating FASD
This webinar will examine the role of the social worker in the prevention, identification and treatment of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.
September 9 is celebrated annually as International FASD Awareness Day to promote education and awareness efforts on FASD. FASDs are completely preventable by abstaining from alcohol while pregnant. Despite myths, there is no scientific evidence available that sets a “safe” amount of alcohol that will not affect the developing fetus.
AttitudeLive - MiniDoc: Justice For FASD
Being an adolescent male can be hard. But add to that an invisible disability affecting how you learn, how you think and how you behave… it can soon become a nightmare.
Alcohol Healthwatch (New Zealand) - Ignore FASD at your peril
Christine Rogan – Health Promotion Advisor, Alcohol Healthwatch - comments on the implications of the Privy Council decision on Teina Pora’s appeal.
Canadian Institutes of Health Research - How can we improve diagnosis – and quality of life – for people with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder?
For Dr. James Davie of the Children's Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba, each human cell is like a compact disc full of music that never changes, and the field of epigenetics is the CD player that decides which song gets played.

The 7th National Biennial Conference on Adolescents and Adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)
Contribute your knowledge and research! The Call for Abstracts is open until September 11, 2015.
FASworld-Jahrestagung am 25./26. September 2015: FASD – eine Herausforderung
Alkoholkonsum in der Schwangerschaft ist die häufigste Ursache für nicht genetisch bedingte kindliche Fehlbildungen. In Deutschland werden jährlich ca. 4.000 bis 10.000 Kinder mit einer fetalen Alkoholspektrumstörung (FASD) geboren.

PLoS One - Prenatal alcohol exposure and congenital heart defects: a meta-analysis
There are still inconsistent conclusions about the association of prenatal alcohol drinking with congenital heart defects (CHDs). We conducted this meta-analysis to investigate the association between prenatal alcohol exposure and the risk of overall CHDs and the CHDs subtypes.
American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology - Prenatal alcohol exposure alters methyl metabolism and programs serotonin transporter and glucocorticoid receptor expression in brain
Prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) programs the fetal hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, resulting in HPA dysregulation and hyperresponsiveness to stressors in adulthood. Molecular mechanisms mediating these alterations are not fully understood.
Epigenomics - Associative DNA methylation changes in children with prenatal alcohol exposure
Prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) can cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). Previously, we assessed PAE in brain tissue from mouse models, however whether these changes are present in humans remains unknown.
Neurotoxicology and Teratology - Low and moderate prenatal ethanol exposure of mice during gastrulation or neurulation delays neurobehavioral development
Importantly, we showed that brief exposure to low dose ethanol, if administered during vulnerable periods of neuroanatomical development, results in significant neurobehavioral delays in neonatal mice. We thus expand concerns about alcohol consumption during the 3rd and 4th weeks of human pregnancy to include occasional light to moderate drinking.
Maternal and Child Health Journal - Dose and timing of prenatal alcohol exposure and maternal nutritional supplements: developmental effects on 6-month-old infants
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders are more common in disadvantaged populations. Environmental factors, like suboptimal nutrition, may potentiate the developmental effects of prenatal alcohol exposure.
Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology - Prenatal ethanol exposure-induced adrenal developmental abnormality of male offspring rats and its possible intrauterine programming mechanisms
Fetal adrenal developmental status is the major determinant of fetal tissue maturation and offspring growth. We have previously proposed that prenatal ethanol exposure (PEE) suppresses fetal adrenal corticosterone (CORT) synthesis.
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research - A review of the history of attitudes toward drinking in pregnancy
It is now well accepted in pediatrics and obstetrics that prenatal alcohol is a teratogenic agent and the primary causative factor underlying fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs), although for the majority of the 20th century that knowledge was either unknown or ignored.
Alcohol Research: Current Reviews - Advances in diagnosis and treatment of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: from animal models to human studies
Prenatal alcohol exposure can cause a number of physical, behavioral, cognitive, and neural impairments, collectively known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). This article examines basic research that has been or could be translated into practical applications for the diagnosis or treatment of FASD.
Alcohol Research: Current Reviews - Utilization of magnetic resonance imaging in research involving animal models of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
It is well recognized that fetal alcohol exposure can profoundly damage the developing brain. The term fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) describes the range of deficits that result from prenatal alcohol exposure.
Journal of Applied Toxicology - Angiogenesis is repressed by ethanol exposure during chick embryonic development
It is now known that excess alcohol consumption during pregnancy can cause fetal alcohol syndrome to develop. However, it is not known whether excess ethanol exposure could directly affect angiogenesis in the embryo or angiogenesis being indirectly affected because of ethanol-induced fetal alcohol syndrome.

Gesundheitsstadt Berlin (Germany) - Übergewicht in der Schwangerschaft hat ernste Folgen für das Kind
Übergewicht gefährdet nicht nur werdende Mütter, sondern vor allem das Kind. Der Geburtsmediziner und Vorstandsvorsitzende der Stiftung für das behinderte Kind Prof. Dr. Joachim Dudenhausen erläutert im Gespräch, welche gesundheitlichen Schäden drohen.
AgoraVox Italia (Italy) - Tutto quell’alcol in gravidanza
Bere in gravidanza è un fenomeno molto diffuso, ma sempre più studi confermano i rischi anche sulle quantità di alcol moderate. Perché il messaggio non arriva alle mamme?

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Alcohol News - 29/2015

The (Sweden) - Fresh push for longer alcohol store hours
A board member for Sweden's state-run alcohol monopoly Systembolaget has caused a stir by calling for stores to be open on Sundays, but the company's management team has insisted that his suggestions are not likely to be implemented.
Radio New Zealand (New Zealand) - New push for ban on alcohol ads, sponsorship
A group of alcohol and public health researchers is pushing for the phase out of alcohol advertising and sponsorship over five years.
SocialTimes - How Social Networks Impact Alcohol Purchases (Infographic)
How much influence do friends and social networks have on decisions to purchase beer, wine and spirits? Gallons, according to marketing platform Crowdtap.
3News NZ (New Zealand) - Calls to ban all alcohol advertising in NZ
An independent committee is recommending all alcohol advertising be phased out over five years. Various experts launched the panel in response to a ministerial forum that was set up last year, as they felt the Government initiative didn't go far enough.
Duluth News Tribune - Drinking alcohol may raise women’s blood pressure, researchers find
Just two drinks a day could raise a woman’s blood pressure enough to put her at risk for hypertension, Australian researchers say.
YLE News (Finland) - Health watchdog warns of hidden calories in alcohol
Did you know that a glass of mid-strength beer has as many calories as six cubes of sugar? Replace the beer with punch at a wedding party or a non-alcoholic soft drink and you are upping the sugar ante even more. Sweet wines top the list. Turns out the only sugar-free and healthy summer drink is water.
3AW (Australia) - New TAC boss supports push to ban driving under influence of alcohol
The new boss of the Transport Accident Commission has revealed he supports a push to completely ban driving under the influence of alcohol.
The Inquisitr - Dr. Carl Bell Says Fetal Alcohol Syndrome ‘Biggest Public Health Problem For African-Americans Since Slavery’
Dr. Carl Bell, a retired professor of psychiatry and public health at the University of Illinois at Chicago, currently a staff psychiatrist at Jackson Park Hospital, calls Fetal Alcohol Syndrome the “biggest public health problem for African-Americans since slavery.” Dr. Bell has treated patients for over 40 years.
Politico (EU) - Health chief blasts alcohol lobbyists
Health chief speaks passionately about alcohol deaths, but some say concrete action would be more helpful. (Canada) - Group wants 'alcohol does not equal consent' label on beer, wine and liquor bottles
When a major U.S. brewer marketed one of its brands as "the perfect beer for removing 'no' from your vocabulary for the night," some saw it as proof of just how far there is to go when it comes to education around alcohol and consent.
ABC Online (Australia) - Royal Commission into Family Violence: Alcohol, drug incidents on the rise, inquiry hears
Police are responding to an increasing number of incidents where perpetrators of family violence are affected by drugs and alcohol, a Victorian royal commission has been told.
Clapway - Random Drug and Alcohol Tests for European Pilots
According to new recommendation delivered to EU officials, all European pilots that are working for airlines should be psychologically screened, and the details of their medical visits shared in a proposed European database. In addition, a new rule introducing random drug and alcohol testing of pilots is being implemented.

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Alcohol News - 28/2015

The Guardian (Australia) - Rate of teens abstaining from alcohol almost doubles in 13 years, study finds
The drinking patterns of teenage Australians has shifted more drastically than any other age group, according to a study which found the number of 14 to 17-year-olds abstaining from alcohol had almost doubled in the past 13 years.
BBC News (Wales) - Proposed minimum alcohol price law is published
Plans for a new law setting a minimum price for alcohol in Wales have been published by the Welsh government.
ABC Online (Australia) - Overhaul of alcohol advertising regulations needed to keep up with social media, researchers say
Australian researchers are calling on the Federal Government to overhaul alcohol advertising regulations as companies change the way they target drinkers through social media.
Times LIVE (South Africa) - Alcohol fuels violence in Africa's drunkest nation
South Africa's shameful status as the drunkest country in Africa is once again in the spotlight, with 70% of trauma victims testing positive for alcohol.
Belfast Telegraph (UK) - Drinkers' harm to others revealed
The Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS) said its research had found that one in five adults has been harassed or insulted in the street by someone who had been drinking, while even more had felt unsafe or threatened in a public place.
The Guardian (Australia) - Foetal alcohol syndrome should be recognised as disability, says report on Indigenous alcohol use
Standing committee report says Indigenous children fall through cracks of education system and later land in prison as FASD is misdiagnosed or not treated.
The Daily Meal - Watch What Alcohol Does to Your Body: It’s Not Pretty
With all of the delicious recipes for summer cocktails, sometimes it’s hard to forget that alcohol actually has a toxic effect on the body.
HeraldNet (USA) - Alcohol misuse major threat
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Federal Drug Administration this week confirmed what states have been reporting for years: That the rate of heroin use in the U.S. has climbed 63 percent in the past decade; and the rate of heroin abuse or dependence climbed 90 percent over the same period.
Jamaica Observer (Jamaica) - Ministry wants reduction in consumption of alcohol
THE Ministry of Health, through the National Strategic and Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of non-communicable diseases (2013-2018), plans to reduce the harmful consumption of alcohol by three per cent by 2018. The plan has been approved by Cabinet.
Channel News Asia (Singapore) - Tougher alcohol controls have positive impact: Iswaran
Tougher controls on the sale and consumption of alcohol in Singapore since April have had a positive impact overall, though business at some shops may have been hit, said Second Minister for Home Affairs S Iswaran on Saturday.
West-info (Italy) - Italian teens say stop to alcohol
Alcohol consumption among Italian youth is decreasing. With an annual reduction, since 2002, of 0.7% for males and, since 2004, of 1.3% for females. Minors are those who drink less alcohol. - Alcohol abuse has devastating 'domino effect', says RCGP in response to report from the Institute of Alcohol Studies
Everyday in our surgeries, GPs are dealing with the fallout of alcohol abuse in some of our patients’ lives, and this report really hammers home the devastating ‘domino effect’ on families and the wider community.

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Call Me Mental

Call Me Mental Episode 8 // FASD from LoLa Visuals LLC on Vimeo.

FASD News - 27/205

Growing Your Baby - Study: 20% to 80% Women Drink During Their Pregnancies
There’s no real formula for fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) – no one knows how many drinks it takes, or why it is that some women who drink more end up having perfectly healthy babies and those that drink less sometimes end up having babies with FAS.
TheHealthSite - Why it’s good for pregnant women to skip that drink
Alcohol consumption during pregnancy has always been a topic of debate. No one knows how much is too much as there are no defined guidelines for it.
The Australian (Australia) - ‘Drinking to die’ in Aboriginal communities, says Sharman Stone
A minimum floor price on alcohol and a tax on liquor by volume should be urgently pursued to ­address the problem of harmful drinking in Aboriginal communities, a national inquiry has found.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Desperate parents of special needs children are paying for teacher aides
Desperate parents with special needs children have resorted to paying their own teacher aides, as government resources fail to keep up with increasing disability demand.
The Guardian (Australia) - Foetal alcohol syndrome should be recognised as disability, says report on Indigenous alcohol use
Standing committee report says Indigenous children fall through cracks of education system and later land in prison as FASD is misdiagnosed or not treated. (USA) - Researchers find startling trend among pregnant teen drinkers
The finding is the result of a recent study, possibly the largest of its kind according to Dr. Christopher Salas-Wright, an assistant professor in the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Austin.
The Conversation AU - Women aren’t following advice to stop drinking when pregnant
Around 40% of Australian women drink alcohol while pregnant, despite medical guidelines recommending they don’t.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol in pregnancy
The effects of drinking while pregnant (Editorial, July 8th) are not always evident at birth, so, sadly, challenges caused by prenatal alcohol exposure which manifest later on are not always linked back to ante-natal experience.
Fox10News - Chicago doctor: 'Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder' linked to violence
Could some of the gunmen causing so much bloodshed in Chicago be victims themselves? More specifically, victims of brain damage suffered before they were born?

This short documentary on FASD features several people associated with MOFAS, the Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The video was created as part of a collaboration called Call Me Mental, which is composed of artists and clinicians who want to change the attitude toward mental illness.

NCBI - Alcohol use, smoking and their co-occurrence during pregnancy among Canadian women, 2003 to 2011/12.
It is apparent that smoking in any capacity, whether during pregnancy or not, increases the likelihood that a woman consumed alcohol while pregnant. Ascertaining smoking status among pregnant women and women of childbearing age could be a useful screening method for identifying those at-risk of consuming alcohol during pregnancy, and vice versa.
Birth Defects Research Part A: Clinical and Molecular Teratology - Unintended pregnancies and exposure to potential human teratogens
We aimed to investigate the risk factors associated with unintended pregnancies as well as the association between unintended pregnancies and potential teratogenic exposures.
Birth Defects Research Part A: Clinical and Molecular Teratology - Maternal periconceptional alcohol consumption and congenital heart defects
Congenital heart defects (CHDs) are the leading cause of infant death from birth defects. Animal studies suggest in utero alcohol exposure is a teratogen for cardiogenesis; however, results from epidemiologic studies are mixed.
Pan African Medical Journal - Screening of fetal alcohol syndrome using the T-ACE questionnaire in semi-rural areas around Lubumbashi: lessons learned
African women consumption of alcohol is influenced by a number of beliefs and sociocultural considerations. In Lubumbashi in the D.R.Congo for example, the belief that alcohol reduces sympathetic signs of pregnancy during the first trimester is very common; this belief however exposes unborn children to ethanol toxicity at a very early stage of the pregnancy.
Occupational Therapy in Health Care - The knowledge of rehabilitation professionals concerning fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
The purpose of this study was to explore rehabilitation professionals’ knowledge regarding signs and symptoms, prevention, and intervention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).
Physical Therapy - Virtual sensorimotor balance training for children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: feasibility study
Diminished sensory adaptation has been associated with poor balance control for children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). We developed a virtual reality system, Sensorimotor Training to Affect Balance, Engagement and Learning (STABEL), to train sensory control for balance.

Freie Presse (Germany) - Süchtige Mamas legen Kindern schwere Bürde in die Wiege
Grit Wagner leidet, weil ihre leibliche Mutter auch in der Schwangerschaft unentwegt getrunken hat. Experten kennen das als fetales Alkoholsyndrom.

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Alcohol News - 27/2015

Prague Post (Czech Republic) - Czech Republic leads European alcohol drinking statistics
Czechs have beaten a record when it comes to alcohol drinking by children, having outstripped Denmark, Hungary, Slovenia and Poland and becoming the leading nation in Europe in this respect, daily Mladá fronta Dnes (MfD) writes today, citing OECD and domestic figures.
Belfast Telegraph (Ireland) - Alarm over pregnancy alcohol levels
Alcohol use during pregnancy is "prevalent and socially pervasive" in the UK and Ireland, health experts have warned after carrying out a large scale study.
Daily Mail - Alcohol-fuelled air rage incidents are up 40% from last year... proving 'floozing' phenomenon is on the rise
From A-listers to everyday travellers, passengers becoming disruptive on planes after knocking back booze in the airport have increasingly been hitting the headlines.
Jamaica Observer (Jamaica) - Health Ministry to reduce harmful consumption of alcohol by 3%
The Ministry of Health, through the National Strategic and Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of non-communicable diseases (2013-2018), plans to reduce the harmful consumption of alcohol by three per cent by 2018. The plan has been approved by Cabinet.
ABC Online - Moderate alcohol consumption 'doubles' risk of throat, mouth cancers: Cancer Council
Drinking moderate levels of alcohol significantly increases a person's risk of developing mouth and throat cancer, new data has revealed, prompting calls for people to limit themselves to two standard drinks per day.
Indianapolis Star - Articles are promoting alcohol consumption
Recently The Star ran a very well-reasoned opinion piece by Dr. Richard Feldman about the effects of advertising on teenage drinking. Alcohol advertising sends the message that drinking is the only way to have a good time and that everyone drinks.
Today's Zaman (Turkey) - Erdoğan slams ‘so-called scientists’ over smoking, alcohol habits
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has vowed to relentlessly pursue his fight against smoking and alcohol consumption and criticized medical scientists and doctors who themselves smoke and drink alcohol even though it is scientifically proven that these habits are bad for your health.
Irish Medical Times (Ireland) - Calculating the real price of alcohol in Ireland
The Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children, chaired by Jerry Buttimer TD, has finished its work on the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2015. They have recommended the introduction of a series of amendments to the Bill that can reduce the number of men, women and children in Ireland who die or are harmed by alcohol use.
Manchester Evening News (UK) - How much do you drink? Shocking level of anti-booze drug prescriptions revealed as recommended limits set to be cut
Official data analysed by the M.E.N. shows that the region has by far the biggest use of three different types of anti-alcoholism drugs.

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Alcohol News - 26/2015

The Independent (Bolivia) - The Bolivian town that banned alcohol for a month to stop assaults and sexual abuse
After three minors were raped in less than one week, the residents of a small town of cocoa farmers in Bolivia decided to take the law into their own hands.
BBC News (UK) - Peer urges import ban on powdered alcohol
Ministers have been urged to ban imports of powdered alcohol as part of a crackdown on so-called legal highs. - Research: Drinking Alcohol Sparks Eating, Leads to Weight Gain
That pre-dinner martini could be the reason that you're gaining weight, according to a study released this week by a group of obesity doctors, and it has nothing to do with empty calories in vodka.
The Guardian (Canada) - Minimum alcohol pricing cuts serious crime, study reveals
Imposing a minimum unit price for alcohol leads to a dramatic fall in drink-related crime, including murders, sexual assaults and drink-driving, a new study shows.
ABC Online (Australia) - Kevin Andrews denies decision to increase alcohol prices at military bases will encourage ADF members to drink off site
Military chiefs have approved hefty price hikes to help reduce alcohol-related harm and partially offset the labour costs at Defence bars.
ChronicleLive (UK) - Government urged by North East campaigners to re-think its alcohol policy
The Government has been urged to re-think its alcohol policy by North East health and crime campaigners after the spectacular success of an initiative in Canada.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - More support needed for pregnant women who use alcohol, drugs: ACU report
Women who use alcohol and drugs while pregnant have been let down by a lack of treatment options and long-term support services, a report has found.
The Guardian (UK) - Alcohol-related hospital admissions rise again
Number of patients with drink-related illnesses is up 5% in England, despite drop in number of Britons who binge-drink, or partake at all.
NDTV (India) - Minimum Age for Alcohol Consumption Be Raised From 18 to 21 years in Uttarakhand
Ruling Congress in Uttarakhand has demanded that the minimum age for alcohol consumption in the state be raised from 18 to 21 years.
Daily Mail (UK) - NHS to slash safe drinking limits after new evidence reveals how alcohol is linked to certain cancers including breast and bowel
The NHS is set to slash its safe drinking limits following new evidence that alcohol causes cancer. Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies is to overhaul the guidelines on the maximum daily and weekly amounts of alcohol that should be consumed by men and women later this year.
Dentistry IQ - Study reveals alcohol consumption can negatively affect periodontal health
In a recent study published ahead of print in the Journal of Periodontology, Brazilian researchers have found that consumption of alcoholic beverages can have adverse effects on the health of a person’s gums, aggravating existing cases of severe periodontal disease or increasing periodontal disease risk factors.
The Portugal News (Portugal) - Alcohol banned to under-18s from today
The new alcohol law puts and end to a previous differentiation between spirits and wine and beer, which until today could have been consumed by over-16s.
Tech Times - Pregnant Women Should Never Drink Alcohol: Here's Why
The British Medical Association (BMA) is stressing that pregnant women should never drink alcohol, at its annual conference this week.
NBC Right Now - The Dangers Of Drinking Alcohol In Extreme Heat
With temperatures in the triple digits, drinking lots of fluids is important, but when people turn to alcohol as their drink of choice, there are some hazards.