Monday, November 24, 2008

Alcohol News - week 47/2008

The Associated Press (UK) - British may ban 'happy hour' as drink deaths rise

Britain is considering a ban on "happy hour" discounts at bars and restaurants to curb drinking, a spokesman said Saturday, as health advocates warned that a rise in liver-related deaths among young people may signal a future epidemic.

ABC Online (Australia) - Public health group angered by alcopop tax loophole

The head of the Public Health Association says he is appalled alcoholic drink makers are using a loophole to avoid paying the 70 per cent tax hike on pre-mixed drinks.

YLE News (Finland) - Study Forecasts a Decline in Finnish Alcohol Consumption

Finnish alcohol consumption appears to be finally levelling off. A study by the University of Kuopio's Fin-Drink research project has found that based on 40 years of historical data and consumption in other countries, Finns could soon start kicking the drinking habit.

WTOL (USA) - With worsening economy, some turn to alcohol to ease worries

The struggling economy is certainly changing the way we live, but for many, finding a way to escape the bad news is becoming more important. (Norway) – No hangover - «Drink more!»

Alcohol-free drinks should have a higher status so that society's pressure to drink alcohol is lessened," says the Salvation Army.«%3BDrink_more»%3B.html

Manila Standard Today (Philippines) - Recto says he prefers ad valorem tax on cigarettes, alcohol products

The chief of the National Economic and Development Authority prefers the revival of the ad valorem tax, instead of the imposition of specific tax on cigarettes and alcohol products, to instill fairness in the excise tax scheme for sin products.

Courier Mail (Australia) - Experts push for bans on alcohol advertising

THE Rudd Government will be pressured to ban alcohol advertising because the industry has failed to regulate itself, a marketing expert says.,23739,24695823-953,00.html

Science Daily - Exploring The Health And Protective Benefits Of Light To Moderate Alcohol Consumption

"I want to emphasize that none of the researchers on this roundtable panel recommends moderate alcohol consumption as a tried-and-true way of reducing the risks of heart disease or cognitive decline," said Collins.

MarketWatch - Sex, Lies and Other Alcohol-Fueled 'Bad Behavior'

From sexual antics with co-workers to acts of violence and embarrassing text messages, alcohol fuels a number of "bad behaviors" at workplace and family holiday parties, according to a new study commissioned by Caron Treatment Centers, one of the nation's leading non-profit addiction treatment centers.

Ivanhoe - The Genetics of Alcohol Abuse

DNA plays a role in the amount of alcohol you drink, researchers say. Among alcohol-dependent (AD) individuals, DNA variations in the brain’s serotonergic system influence drinking intensity. Specifically the serotonin transporter gene (SLC6A4) contributes to a person’s inclination to drink.

Cherokee Phoenix (USA) - Alcohol causes 12 percent of Native deaths

Almost 12 percent of the deaths among Native Americans and Alaska Natives are alcohol-related – more than three times the percentage in the general population, a federal report states.

MSN Money UK - Are you a risky drinker?

There are at least eight million 'risky drinkers' in the UK, yet many of them will have no idea that their drinking is unhealthy at all. As the party season approaches, we take a look at what constitutes risky drinking and how to avoid the pitfalls.

The Ranger (USA) - USA Today: Half of America's college students abuse drugs, drink alcohol

In an article dated March 15, 2007, USA Today reported "nearly half of America's 5.4 million full-time college students abuse drugs or drink alcohol on binges at least once a month." That article was based on a study by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. - Alcohol sports sponsorship 'fuels binge drinking'

Speaking in response to a study that showed a link between alcohol sponsorship and heavy drinking, Professor Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians, called for a debate on whether such deals should be banned.

WalesOnline (Wales) - Police chief’s alcohol warning

WALES’ police officers are busy dealing with alcohol-fuelled murders and domestic violence rather than attending emergency call-outs, the chief constable of Wales’ largest police force said yesterday.

Scotsman (Scotland) - Police chief attacks middle-class parents who let children drink

PARENTS who allow their children to get drunk in the family home are "beyond irresponsible" and "failing in their duty of care", says one of Scotland's most senior police officers.

Associated Press (Finland) - Finland to hike alcohol tax by 10 percent

Finland's government said it will hike the tax on alcohol by 10 percent next year in an attempt to discourage heavy drinking.

Hürriyet (Turkey) - Alcohol tax changes on the horizon

The Ministry of Finance is set to change the how it implements the private consumption tax, or ÖTV, on alcoholic beverages.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Alcohol News - week 46/2008

New Zealand Herald - Sport-alcohol link nothing new: Alac

A study that found sports teams with alcohol sponsorships drank more heavily is nothing new, says Alcohol Advisory Council (Alac) chief executive Gerard Vaughan.

Belfast Telegraph (UK) - Why the alcohol limit for drivers must be cut as soon as possible

When I was 17, a friend of mine was killed by a drink driver. Hugh was also 17 — a young man with huge potential who could have been an engineer.

KTUU - Study says deaths go down as alcohol taxes go up

A new study says higher taxes on alcohol is one way to stop so many people from being killed by diseases linked to alcohol abuse. - Multiple Factors Influence Teen Alcohol Misuse

Researchers have discovered characteristics present in the four social environments in which young people live — families, peers, schools, and neighborhoods — contribute both positively and negatively to whether teens misuse alcohol.

MarketWatch (USA) - Failing Economy, Alcohol Combine to Create Dangerous Holiday Season

With the deadliest holiday weekend of the year just around the corner and millions of Americans facing economic hardships, criminal courts across the country are gearing up for what could be record rates of alcohol abuse and crime this holiday season.

EurekAlert - Bottoms up: Individualists more likely to be problem drinkers

What makes residents of certain states or countries more likely to consume more alcohol? According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, high levels of individualism lead to more problem drinking.

Focus News (Romania) - Adevarul: Romanians allot more funds for alcohol than for education

Last year Romanians gave 6.5% of their budget for alcohol beverages, while they have allotted only 0.8% for education, an article in the Romanian daily Adevarul reads.

Courier Mail (Australia) - Alcohol may go the way of tobacco

Cigarette smoking was once so accepted in this country its use was almost universal. Sixty years ago, 72 per cent of all Australian men smoked; today, fewer than 25 per cent choose to light up.,23739,24661728-13360,00.html (UK) - Happy hours and cheap alcohol should be banned, say MPs

Happy hour drink promotions should be banned and supermarkets prevented from selling cheap alcohol at a loss to curb the binge-drinking violence blighting Britain, MPs have said.

BBC News (UK) - Plans for cheap drink clampdown

A ban on cut-price alcohol could be introduced next year under plans to curb alcohol abuse among young people.

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - PM's scare tactics to win battle of bottle

THE Rudd Government's $20 million anti-binge drinking advertising campaign will hit television screens on November 23, nine months after it was announced as the centrepiece of a national strategy to tackle the alcohol "epidemic".

Marie (UK) - Women becoming bigger drinkers

A study by Cardiff University has discovered that women in their 30s and 40s are becoming the most irresponsible drinkers.

Washington Post (Germany) - German Supply Lines Flow With Beer in Afghanistan

Last year, the German armed forces shipped more than 260,000 gallons of home-brewed suds to its troops serving in northern Afghanistan, as well as more than 18,000 gallons of wine.

Times of India (India) - Ramadoss plans national policy to curb sale of alcohol

After banning smoking in public places, health minister Anbumani Ramadoss is planning a campaign against alcohol by bringing in a national policy to regulate its sale in the country.

Reuters UK - Smoking, drinking linked to throat, stomach cancer

Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes appear to increase the risk of certain common throat and stomach cancers, Dutch researchers reported on Monday.

Medical News Today - Calling For A Convention To Control Alcohol

According to an editorial published on, there is an urgent need for international regulation of alcohol akin to the 2005 framework convention on tobacco control.

The Local (Sweden) - What do you think about Sweden's alcohol policy?

Every week a panel of readers will be giving their views on the burning issues of the hour. This week: Sweden's tough stance on alcohol.

RIA Novosti (Russia) - Russia to form federal alcohol regulator - first deputy PM

The Russian government plans to establish a federal alcohol regulator and set minimum wholesale and retail prices for products, a first deputy prime minister said on Wednesday.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Alcohol News - week 45/2008

Reuters (UK) - UK MPs want ban on cheap supermarket alcohol

Supermarkets should be banned from selling alcohol below cost price and time called on pub "happy hours" to halt a torrent of booze-fueled violence, a parliamentary committee said on Monday.

Times Online (UK) - Hundreds of children under 10 hospitalised with alcohol problems

A child under ten is admitted to hospital to be treated for alcohol-related problems once every three days in England, according to Government figures revealed today.

Irish Medical News (Ireland) - Alcohol burden on emergency departments

Alcohol is the starting point with almost all drug misuse and it is placing a huge burden on emergency departments (EDs), according to Dr Chris Luke, an emergency medicine consultant based in Cork University Hospital (CUH), who specialises in “nightlife” drugs.

The Local (Sweden) - Swedish nurses oppose breast feeding alcohol guidelines

Swedish midwives and nurses continue to advise new mothers to abstain from alcohol when breast feeding, despite new guidelines saying that consuming alcohol in small quantities has no adverse effects.

Kyiv Post (Russia) - Russia minister raises alarm over rampant alcoholism

Russia should revive the Soviet-era practise of compulsory treatment for alcoholics, the interior minister said on Friday.

MarketWatch (USA) - Nickel a Drink to Save State Budgets

Public health advocates are calling on policymakers around the nation to follow the lead of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to help fund ailing state budgets through higher alcohol taxes. - Genes, brain area linked to teens susceptibility to alcohol dependence

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have found in a study of teens that genetic factors can influence size variations a brain area, which can in turn be partly responsible for increased susceptibility to alcohol dependence.

Voice of America - Treating Anxiety Disorders in Children Long-Term Risks of Teen Alcohol Use

Children's mental health was the subject of two recent studies. One involved treatment of anxiety disorders, the other examined long-term effects of alcohol use in teenagers.

Wausau Daily Herald - Experts say talking to kids is the key to preventing future drug abuse

There is no bad time to talk with children about the dangers of substance abuse, experts say.

Times Online (UK) - Why women drink too much

Women in Britain are drinking too much - fact. But where does the party stop and the danger start? and at what point should we call time, ladies, please?

Talking Retai - "Universal alcohol framework" called for

An universal framework for promoting alcohol should be put in place around the world so misuse is more stringently regulated, according to a new study.

Daily Telegraph (Australia) - Cops want zero blood alcohol for all drivers

POLICE and experts yesterday called for a zero tolerance policy on drink-driving in the wake of the death of four-year-old Tahlia Gilmour.,22049,24618061-5001021,00.html

BBC News - Map of the week: Booze, cost and consumption

As the government is urged to introduce a minimum price for alcohol to curb excessive drinking, I wondered how clear the relationship is between cost and consumption.

Science Daily - Alcohol Advice Needs To Play Greater Role In Sex Education For Teenagers, Experts Urge

Alcohol and attitudes are two of the key factors that health professionals need to be aware of when they are dealing with sexually active teenagers, experts are urging.

Mmegi Online - Sales Of Beer Go Flat In Emerging Economies

Beer sales in emerging economies are cooling, sapping a key source of profit growth.

Offlicence News (EU) - Europe relaxes rules on lower alcohol wines

The European Union has relaxed its stance on winemakers who take alcohol out of wine during production, in a move which could result in more wines of around 10% alcohol hitting the shelves.

AFP (Spain) - Spaniards consuming less alcohol, tobacco and narcotics: study

Consumption of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs was noticeably lower in Spain, a main entry point in Europe for cannabis and cocaine, during 2007-08, according to a government study released Tuesday.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Alcohol News - week 44/2008

The Baltic Times (Estonia) - Estonia’s battle with alcoholism

From the first day of November, a new amendment to the advertising legislation, one that focuses on alcohol advertisements, is taking effect in Estonia.

Eurekalert - Parents comfortable with alcohol screening in pediatricians' offices

Parents are surprisingly receptive to being screened for alcohol problems during a visit to their child's pediatrician, including those who have alcohol problems. And if they need help, many parents would look to their pediatrician for a referral, according to a new study in the November issue of the journal Pediatrics.

GMA (Philippines) - Bill simplifying alcohol, tobacco taxes could raise P31-B in revenues

Manila could raise as much as P31 billion only if the government would approve a bill simplifying “sin" taxes. (UK) - Alcohol consumption doubles since the 1960s

The link between alcohol consumption and dementia is being ignored and unless urgent action is taken today's binge drinkers will be tomorrow's dementia patients, psychiatrists said. (UK) - Alcohol, drug abuse sees 42,000 Brit pupils sent home

With substance abuse on the rise, around 42,000 Brit pupils have been sent home for alcohol or drug-related reasons in the past four years.

Scotsman (UK) - Do we need new crackdown on drink adverts?

IN A RECENT television advert for Coors Light lager, two men and a woman were shown drinking in the mountains and singing a ragga-style song with the lyrics: "Hear me now! You taste so light, just like an eagle wing, up high in the Rockies gonna do ma ting. You taste so light, just like the arctic air, ice cold from the land of the grizzly bear."

MarketWatch (USA) - Seven States Still Force Prohibition-era Bans on Election Day Alcohol Sales

On November 4th, voters in seven states will be able to choose a president but not a bottle according to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS).

Reuters (Australia) - Tough new alcohol laws to stop Sydney violence

In an effort to stem a wave of alcohol-related violence on Sydney's streets, authorities will no longer issue 24-hour liquor licenses and 50 pubs and clubs will be forced to lock-out patrons and serve drinks plastic glasses.

New Vision (Uganda) - Increase taxes on alcohol, activists urge Government

THE Government should increase taxes on alcoholic products so as to reduce its consumption and curb traffic accidents and alcohol-related ailments afflicting the masses, activists have said.

Bloomberg (India) - WTO Judges Reverse Ruling Over Indian Alcohol Taxes

World Trade Organization judges reversed a ruling that Indian duties on U.S. alcohol imports don't discriminate against products such as Brown-Forman Corp.'s Jack Daniels whiskey, backing the Bush administration's appeal.

ABC Online (Australia) - 50pc of homeless 'dependent on alcohol, drugs'

New research from the Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD) shows a large percentage of homeless people are dependent on alcohol and drugs.

Adv Psychiatric Treat - Brief alcohol interventions – everybody’s business

Heavy drinking poses a significant risk to public health in the UK. Opportunistic screening and brief interventions offer a cost-effective method of reducing the harm related to excessive alcohol consumption at both an individual and a public health level.

BBC News (UK) - NHS alcohol services 'struggling'

The NHS is failing to get a grip on the growing alcohol problems in England, a watchdog says.

CNN - Does drinking alcohol shrink your brain?

People who drink alcohol -- even the moderate amounts that help prevent heart disease -- have a smaller brain volume than those who do not, according to a study in the Archives of Neurology.

Voxy (New Zealand) - Health Vs Commercial Gain

The recent purchase of Liquorland by supermarket interests (Foodstuffs) demonstrates how ineffective our controls on alcohol are and just how vulnerable community health is to commercial interests.

WebProNews - Google Opens Door To More Alcohol Ads

The ads - which have been given a "Non-FamilySafe status" - are popping up all over related results pages. Ads for hard alcohol and liqueurs are not - they're still banned.

AFP (France) - French winegrowers march against 'prohibition' plans

Winegrowers are alarmed by plans, unveiled in a health ministry bill last week, to ban open bars and the handing out of free alcohol, which would include tastings in winegrowers' cellars.

Irish Times (EU) - Call for EU co-operation to fight drug crime

Speakers at the conference expressed concern that the EU strategy focused on drugs, without any emphasis on the harm done by alcohol.

Business World - Excise taxes on liquor violating WTO rules

THE FINANCE DEPARTMENT is using a new argument in its bid to raise vice taxes, pointing out that indigenous wines are enjoying lower excise taxes in violation of international trade rules.