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FASD News - 21/2016

Minneapolis Star Tribune (USA) - Minnesota is the first state to require foster parents learn about fetal alcohol disorders
For years, Mary Ann Holman-Turner was puzzled by the erratic behavior of her foster child Emmanuel, whom she nicknames "Man-man."
Tech Times - Father's Drinking Behavior May Up Risk For Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
While Father's Day gives every dad in the world a reason to celebrate, here's one proof men — who are planning to become fathers — should hold off on that celebratory drink. (South Africa) - South Africa's Foetal Alcohol Syndrome problem
Why are rates of the condition, resulting from exposure to alcohol in the womb, so high in South Africa? (Canada) - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder clinic now taking younger kids
The Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Clinic at NEO Kids is expanding, thanks to new Canadian diagnostic guidelines. - The effects of alcohol use on an unborn child
“40,000 babies are born every year that fall under an umbrella known as fetal alcohol syndrome disorder (FAS). Should mothers be charged with a crime when they have a baby with this disorder?
Washington Post - Amazing dogs that change the lives of children with disabilities
Dog-as-hero tops all other stories about the animal kingdom, and the sampling above, culled by Melissa Fay Greene for her new book, probably resembles a lot of what’s clogging your social media feeds.
Th Prevention Conversation - How To Convince Others That Your Normal-Looking Child Isn’t Normal
If we had a dollar for every time someone said, “Well, he doesn’t look like he has Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder,” we’d be millionaires. The truth is, our child’s disorder makes it hard to see the forest for the trees.
NIH (USA) - NIAAA advances fetal alcohol exposure research
Fifty years ago, alcohol wasn't widely considered a danger to the developing fetus - some doctors even infused pregnant women with high doses of it to prevent premature labor.

I was a nobody - Skip’s story
Even though fetal alcohol syndrome predicted a life of failure, Skip overcomes his disadvantage through love and pursuing his dreams.
AlcoholFreePregnancy - The Relationship Between FASD and ADHD - NOFAS Webinar
Gwendolyn Messer, M.D. Medical Director - Pediatrician Dr. Messer received her medical degree and completed her pediatric residency in at Emory University School of Medicine. Dr. Messer joined Children's Research Triangle in 2005 and became the Medical Director in 2010.

Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research – Erratum
In the article by Coles and colleagues, “A Comparison Among 5 Methods for the Clinical Diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders,” 2016, 40:1000–1009, an exception to the FASD 4-Digit Code in this study was not fully explained.
Read more
Reproductive Toxicology - Breastfeeding and maternal alcohol use: Prevalence and effects on child outcomes and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Ninety percent (90%) of mothers breastfed for an average of 19.9 months. Of mothers who drank postpartum and breastfed (MDPB), 47% breastfed for 12 months or more. In case control analyses, children of MDPB were significantly lighter, had lower verbal IQ scores, and more anomalies in comparisons controlling for prenatal alcohol exposure and final FASD diagnosis.
Stellenbosch University - Moral Responsibility for Prenatal Harm to Children: The Case of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
This dissertation deals with the problem of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and the moral responsibility of pregnant women who carry fetuses to term, as well as the rest of society, to try and prevent children from suffering from this condition.
WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY - An Analysis Of Virtual Place Learning/navigation In Children And Young Adults Prenatally Exposed To Alcohol
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder refers to the spectrum of disorders resulting from prenatal alcohol exposure and is the leading cause of preventable mental retardation. Rodent studies have found that prenatal alcohol exposure impairs performance on the Morris water maze.
Comparative Clinical Pathology - Ethanol effects on histobiochemical parameters of suckling pups borned from alcoholic rat mothers
Fetus and neonate growth retardation is one of the main characteristics of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) disorders. Ethanol can be transferred to the fetus through the placenta and to newborns through suckling.
Journal of Population Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Using Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice of Justice Professionals to Support their Educational Needs
There was widespread agreement of the need for more information and training about FASD to optimise outcomes for people with, or suspected of having a FASD, engaging with the justice system.
Child & Family Behavior Therapy - Improving FASD Children’s Self-Regulation: Piloting Phase 1 of the GoFAR Intervention
The initial parent training component of GoFAR, an intervention designed to improve the self-regulation and adaptive living skills of children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs), was piloted in a small, randomized clinical trial of 28 participants assigned to either a time-lapsed control group or one of two parent training groups who differed on whether the child’s computerized instruction was congruent or incongruent with the parent instruction.
Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment - Becoming FASD Informed: Strengthening Practice and Programs Working with Women with FASD
There is growing appreciation among health and social care providers, especially those working in community-based programs with women or young people with substance use problems and/or who have experienced violence, maltreatment, or trauma, that a high number of their program participants may have been prenatally exposed to alcohol or have fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).
Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry - Overview of the Genetic Basis and Epigenetic Mechanisms that Contribute to FASD Pathobiology
Prenatal alcohol (ethanol) exposure (PAE) is the underlying cause for a variety of birth defects and neurodevelopmental deficits referred to as "Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)".
Pediatric Dermatology - Fetal Alcohol Exposure and PHACE Syndrome: A Case and Autopsy Report
This report describes the clinical, radiologic, and autopsy findings of a newborn with PHACE syndrome (posterior fossa malformations, hemangioma, arterial anomalies, cardiac defects, and eye anomalies) and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. To our knowledge, the concurrence of these conditions has not been reported in the literature.

NOZ - Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (Germany) - 6750 Euro-Spende für Selbsthilfegruppe in Lingen
Die DAK-Gesundheit in Lingen unterstützt die Arbeit der FASD-Selbsthilfegruppe (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) mit 6750 Euro. Den Scheck übergaben Heinz-Gerhard Evers und Ferdinand Rausch an die Bundesvorsitzende der FASD-Selbsthilfegruppe, Gisela Michalowski aus Lingen. (Germany) - Schwangerschaft: Auch der Lebensstil des Vaters beeinflusst Baby
Elterliche Lebensgewohnheiten oder das Alter können die Entwicklung des Babys im Mutterleib beeinflussen. Stand bis vor kurzem vor allem die Mutter im Zentrum der Aufmerksamkeit, deuten immer mehr Studien darauf hin, dass auch der Einfluss des Vaters eine wichtige Rolle spielen könnte.
Serambi Indonesia (Indonesia) - Tidak Hanya Ibu, Gaya Hidup Ayah Juga Pengaruhi Kesehatan Anak
Penelitian telah menunjukkan bahwa gaya hidup ibu memengaruhi kesehatan anak-anaknya kelak. Tetapi, studi terbaru menyimpulkan, ayah juga berkontribusi terhadap status kesehatan anak-anaknya. (Poland) - Ojcom też tyka zegar
Nie tylko wiek i zdrowie matki, ale też wiek, stan zdrowia i tryb życia ojca mają wpływ na zdrowie przyszłego potomstwa - potwierdzają to kolejne wyniki badań naukowych.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Alcohol News - 21/2016 (Scotland) - Scottish alcohol sales increase to equivalent of 41 bottles of vodka per adult
SNP ministers have attempted to bolster their fragile legal case for introducing alcohol minimum pricing by pointing to new figures showing Scottish sales increased last year to the equivalent of 41 bottles of vodka per adult.
Times of India (India) - Alcohol kills an Indian every 96 minutes
As the debate over an alcohol bans grows across India, 15 people die every day - or one every 96 minutes - from the effects of drinking alcohol, reveals an IndiaSpend analysis of 2013 National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, the latest available.
The Guardian (India) - Why Tamil Nadu’s women want alcohol banned
Women in India have forced prohibition on to the political agenda as they blame alcohol sales for a big rise in domestic violence and rape in the region.
Fox News (USA) - Wrist-band device for alcohol monitoring wins U.S. Prize
A San Francisco-based company has won a U.S. government-sponsored competition with an alcohol monitoring devices that can be worn on the wrist, the latest milestone in the development of wearable technologies that monitor and diagnose medical conditions.
Science Daily - Alcohol exposure during adolescence leads to chronic stress vulnerability
Drinking during early to mid-adolescence can lead to vulnerability to chronic stress, according to new research from Binghamton University, State University of New York.
STV News (Scotland) - Justice minister: Alcohol ban to stay after cup final violence
Justice secretary Michael Matheson has said events at the Scottish Cup final on Saturday "underline" the need to to keep the ban on alcohol at football grounds.
Washington Times - Fraternity members immune to alcohol intervention: Report
College students who join fraternities or sororities have statistically showed no sign of cutting down alcohol consumption despite interventions, according to a new analysis published by the American Psychological Association.
BBC News (Finland) - Finland to free up strict drinking laws
Finland's centre-right government has agreed to free up the country's notoriously strict rules on the sale and advertising of alcohol, including the right to buy a round of drinks in most establishments.
The Baltic Course (Estonia) - Alcohol consumption per resident declined by 7% in Estonia in 2015
In Estonia, 13.8 liters of absolute alcohol was consumed per adult resident in 2015, 7% less than in the year before, the annual overview of the Estonian Institute of Economic Research shows, cites LETA.
Detroit Free Press (USA) - Study: 4 things could cut U.S. cancer deaths in half
Roughly half of cancer deaths in the U.S. could be prevented or forestalled if all Americans quit smoking, cut back on drinking, maintained a healthful weight and got at least 150 minutes of exercise each week.
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Daily Mail (Australia) - No smoking, limited alcohol, a healthy weight and regular exercise: Golden rules to a cancer-free life revealed – as it emerges up to a third of cases are preventable
A third of all cancers can be prevented by simple lifestyle choices, experts have warned. Giving up smoking, cutting down on alcohol and exercising are among factors which contribute to the disease according to doctors eager to debunk the myth that 'everything causes cancer'.
The Moscow Times (Russia) - Russians Significantly Cut Back on Booze — Drug Treatment Center
Over the past five years, Russians' alcohol consumption has dropped by almost a third, the Health Ministry's top drug specialist Yevgeny Bryun told the news website.
PanAmPost (Brazil) - Brazil Partners with WHO to Track Tobacco, Alcohol Industries
“It will also serve as a model to monitor the actions of other industries, such as processed food, alcoholic and soft drinks, considering that there are undeniable similarities between the strategies used by all these companies in order to undermine public policies,” the Observatory’s website said.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Alcohol News - 20/2016

MarketWatch - The world is drinking less alcohol — except Americans
People worldwide are drinking less alcohol — for the first time in 15 years. The U.S., however, was one notable exception.
CNBC (USA) - American kids see about 3 alcohol ads each day: Rand study
American kids as young as 11 are seeing a few ads for alcohol every day, concerning researchers who say advertising places young people at greater risk of using or abusing alcohol.
BBC News (India) - Why Tamil Nadu may soon ban alcohol
Tamil Nadu may soon become the latest Indian state to impose a complete ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol, writes the BBC's Geeta Pandey in Chennai.
Daily Mail (Australia) - Four in 10 admit to drinking so much they've vomited while one in five have got behind the wheel while drunk
A disturbing new report has shown that four in 10 Australians have drunk so much alcohol they've vomited while one in five admit to drink driving.
CBS News - Alcohol and high blood pressure may not mix
Even an ounce of alcohol a day might alter heart function if you have high blood pressure, researchers report.
The Korea Herald (South Korea) - Alcohol health warnings to be reinforced
The Health and Welfare Ministry said Thursday that it plans to change the health warnings on alcohol bottles for the first time in 21 years to raise awareness on the health risks of excessive drinking.
The Guardian (UK) - Experts call for warnings on all alcohol as men refuse to believe risks
Experts are calling for health warnings on all alcoholic drinks after data showed millions of middle-aged men drink above government guidelines and do not believe it does them any harm.
The Independent (UK) - Surge in girls' alcohol poisoning behind rise in teenage poisonings
Alcohol poisoning among girls is helping fuel a rise in poisonings suffered by teenagers, research suggests.
Medical Daily - Getting Married Lowers Your Risk Of Being An Alcoholic, But Only If You Find The Right Partner
Social issues play their role in every marriage, whether they be harmful or beneficial. Evidence has shown that people with a lower socioeconomic status are more likely to face troubles such as financial problems, drug abuse, and alcoholism that could impact their marriages, but what subsequent effect can marriage have on these issues?
Medical Daily - Heavy Alcohol Consumption Inhibits The Pancreas From Absorbing Vitamin C, Causing Long-Term Digestive Issues
It’s not news that alcohol is terrible for our bodies. Scientists and avid drinkers have long known the serious consequences alcohol can have on the liver, ranging from fatty liver disease to alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis — but that’s not all.
Science World Report - Paternal Alcohol Use, Lifestyle Cause Birth Defects
Birth defects were found to have a direct link to a father's age, environmental factors and alcohol use. According to researchers at the Georgetown University Medical Center, the defects were caused by the epigenetic changes that can likely affect later generations.
Cancer Therapy Advisor - Awareness of Link Between Alcohol Consumption, Cancer Risk Low in United Kingdom, Study Finds
Public understanding of the link between alcohol consumption and cancer in the United Kingdom is low, according to a report by the University of Sheffield and Cancer Research UK.
Baltic Times (Lithuania) - Lithuania's Central Electoral Commission handed over 60,000 signatures supporting restrictions on alcohol sales
A group of activists on Monday handed more than 61,000 signatures in support of a legislative initiative aimed at cutting alcohol consumption in Lithuania over to the Central Electoral Commission.
Medical Daily - Affordable Alcohol And Access To Bars Mean An Eight-Fold Increase In Traumatic Injuries In Some Areas
For years, the War on Drugs has taught Americans to believe that illicit drugs are dangerous and legal drugs are safe. But this dynamic is not that simple. While recreational drug use may certainly lead to devastating health consequences, research has shown that psychedelic drug use can actually decrease the rates of domestic violence. Meanwhile, alcohol, a legal substance, drives up rates of domestic violence.
Interfax (Ukraine) - Rada fails to criminalize alcohol and tobacco smuggling
The Verkhovna Rada has failed at first reading to adopt a bill providing criminal responsibility for tobacco and alcohol smuggling.
ABC Online (Australia) - Victoria to force all drink drivers to use alcohol interlocks
Victoria was the first jurisdiction in the world to make seatbelts compulsory nearly 50 years ago. Today the state has begun another push to lead the way in road safety.

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FASD News - 19/2016

USA TODAY (USA) - Bartenders banned from denying pregnant women alcohol in NYC
Pregnant women who belly up to New York City bars now have the law on their side. New guidelines went into effect across the city this week that prohibit bars from refusing to serve alcohol to women who are pregnant (or who seem to be pregnant).
Huffington Post - When Just a Little Is Too Much: The Risks of Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancy
One of my challenges in working with patients suffering from addictive illnesses is to help increase their motivation to stick with a long-term recovery plan. This is a significant challenge for many reasons, especially because the disease of addiction affects the brain’s ability to value long term recovery.
Regina Leader-Post - FASD centre trying to curb the effects of the disorder in the community
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is a complex problem but, for Cheryl Charron, helping those who live with it doesn’t have to be. (Canada) - Born with FASD, N.W.T. woman overcomes challenges to graduate top of class
Overcoming adversity has become second nature for Fort Smith, N.W.T.'s Jennifer Tourangeau. Despite that, the 36-year-old is still taking time to celebrate her accomplishments after graduating from Grande Prairie Regional College's Visual Arts and Design program, and being named valedictorian of her class.
Manitoulin Expositor - Foster care conference learns about life from an FASD perspective
Nobody gets up in the morning and decides to drink alcohol to condemn their unborn child with the challenges of living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). For Myles Himmelreich, of Calgary, that perspective has helped him to come to terms with the mother who gave him up for adoption. (New Zealand) - Youth justice age of 17 'enduring stain' on New Zealand's otherwise good record
A 2012 study there found that while between 0.1 and 5 per cent of the population lived with FASD, that group represented 10.9 to 11.7 per cent of young people in custody.
Radio New Zealand (New Zealand) - System 'set up to fail' people with neuro-disabilities
Amidst calls for inmates to be screened for neuro-disabilities, a woman has told Nine to Noon how her grandson, who suffers from Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, was jailed as a teenager.
Huffington Post UK (UK) - MAMA: No Alcohol = No Risk
It's been 18 months of hard work and back to the drawing board moments but this week, in collaboration with the Hospital Alcohol Liaison Service, I am proud to be launching our MAMA (Maternal Alcohol Management Algorithm) Pathway in our maternity unit.
Manchester Evening News (UK) - Hospital is the first in country to screen pregnant women for birth defects brought on by drinking alcohol
A hospital has become the first in the country to screen mums-to-be for birth defects brought on by alcohol consumption. Tameside Hospital is leading the way in pioneering a new approach to highlight the dangers of drinking in pregnancy to unborn babies.
Prevention Conversation - Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Current Canadian Efforts and Analysis of Gaps
Effective prevention of risky alcohol use in pregnancy involves much more than providing information about the risk of potential birth defects and developmental disabilities in children.

Alberta Government - Alberta FASD Learning Series: 4 webinars - May 17, 18, 19
Kun äiti joi raskausaikanaan - FASD-nuorten selviytymistarinoita -seminaari (September 8-9, Finland)
Kaksipäiväinen seminaari kokoaa yhteen ammattilaisia ja kokemusasiantuntijoita pohtimaan FASD:iin liittyviä kysymyksiä useista näkökulmista.

IGI-Global - Online Resources, Support, and E-Health for Families of Children with Disabilities: A Review of Empirical Evidence Regarding Attitudes, Use, and Efficacy
The term “disability” can encompass a number of conditions including cognitive, physical, psychological, acquired or congenital conditions. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA, 2004) recognizes 13 distinct disability categories for eligibility for special education services.
AlbertaCentreForChild - FASD Prevention and Support
Dr. Lynn Basford, Principal Investigator, University of Lethbridge
AlbertaCentreForChild - State of the Evidence Review in FASD Interventions
Shahirose Premji, Ph.D., University of Calgary
AlbertaCentreForChild - Alberta's FASD Policy Framework and Strategic Direction
Canadian Northwest FASD Partnership Members:
- Darren Joslin, Alberta Children’s Services
- Michelle Dubik, Healthy Child Manitoba
- Anne Fuller, British Columbia Ministry of Children and Family Development
AlbertaCentreForChild - Community of Practice Experience Panel

Alcoholism - Modeling Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Validating an Ex Vivo Primary Hippocampal Cell Culture System
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is the leading nongenetic cause of mental retardation. There are no treatments for FASD to date. Preclinical in vivo and in vitro studies could help in identifying novel drug targets as for other diseases.
Alcoholism - Associations Between Gestational Age at Birth and Alcohol Use in the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children
The relationship between gestational age at birth (GA) and alcohol use measures in early adulthood was examined in a large U.K. community-based birth cohort (Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children).
Determine any effects that maternal alcohol consumption during the breastfeeding period has on child outcomes.
Behavioral Health - Neurodevelopmental Disorder associated with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure (ND-PAE): A Beginner’s Guide for Clinical and Forensic Mental Health Professionals
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) are now recognized by the American Psychiatric Association allowing for diagnostic coding by both medical and non-medical clinicians in the DSM-5.
Alcoholism - A Comparison Among 5 Methods for the Clinical Diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Despite the prevalence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) and the importance of accurate identification of patients, clinical diagnosis may not be consistent across sites due to the heterogeneous nature of FASD and the characteristics of different diagnostic systems used.
Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews - Effects of pre-natal alcohol exposure on hippocampal synaptic plasticity: Sex, age and methodological considerations
The consumption of alcohol during gestation is detrimental to the developing central nervous system (CNS). The severity of structural and functional brain alterations associated with alcohol intake depends on many factors including the timing and duration of alcohol consumption.
William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal - Re-Evaluating the Criminalization of in Utero
Alcohol Exposure: A Harm-Reduction Approach
The right of women to self-govern their bodies and make informed decisions about continuing a pregnancy has long been recognized by the courts. Over forty years ago, Roe v. Wade clearly established legal protections and guaranteed women the right to terminate a pregnancy early in the reproductive process.
European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry - Inattention and impulsivity associated with prenatal alcohol exposure in a prospective cohort study with 11-years-old Brazilian children
This paper aimed to examine prenatal alcohol exposure and neuropsychological parameters and its relationship to impulsivity and inattention.
Liberty University - Prenatal Alcohol and Nicotine Exposure and the Subsequent Cognitive and Behavioral Deficits Seen in Children
Prenatal alcohol and nicotine exposure have well known physiological effects on the fetus. However, it is the goal of this thesis to inform the reader of of the deleterious effects that these substances can have on cognitive and behavioral development in children.
The Journal of Nutrition - Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Alters Fetal Iron Distribution and Elevates Hepatic Hepcidin in a Rat Model of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) causes neurodevelopmental disabilities, and gestational iron deficiency (ID) selectively worsens learning and neuroanatomical and growth impairments in PAE. It is unknown why ID worsens outcomes in alcohol-exposed offspring.
International Journal of Mental Health Systems - Predictors of alcohol and other drug use among pregnant women in a peri-urban South African setting
The study aimed to determine the association between these risk factors and alcohol and drug use among pregnant women in Hanover Park, Cape Town.
A convenient sampling technique was used to draw a sample of 110 pregnant women reporting for antenatal clinical checks in both private and public medical facilities in Uyo, Nigeria to investigate marital satisfaction and age as predictors of alcohol use during pregnancy.

Kehitysvammaliitto (Finland) - Pitäisikö aivovaurion saanutta lasta tai nuorta auttaa?
Tuhatkunta sikiöaikana keskushermostovaurion saanutta lasta jää joka vuosi tunnistamatta ja vaille asianmukaista jatkohoitoa. Myöhempinäkin vuosina suurin osa heistä jää palvelujen ulkopuolelle.
Latvijas Avīze (Latvia) - Personisks mātes stāsts par sekām bērnam pēc alkohola lietošanas grūtniecības laikā
Keitija Mičela (61) vēlas pastāstīt jums savu personisko stāstu, kā veidojusies viņas un meitas dzīve dēļ tā, ka gaidot šo atvasi – meitu Kārliju – viņa lietoja alkoholu.
Vietnam Plus (Vietnam) - [Infographics] Những điều chưa biết về hội chứng thai nhi rượu
Hội chứng thai nh​i rượu (FAS) nằm trong nhóm những rối loạn nguy hiểm nhất, còn gọi là hội chứng rối loạn hình ảnh thai nhi (FASD).

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Alcohol News - 19/2016

New York Times (USA) - Bartenders Can’t Refuse Pregnant Women Alcohol, New York City Says
It can be an awkward order for a pregnant woman: A glass of merlot, please. But she is legally entitled to it, according to New York City. (Canada) - UVic researchers find success with managed alcohol study
A new study led by a group of University of Victoria researchers shows that people who are homeless and severely alcoholic may benefit from a program that administers regular doses of alcohol throughout the day. - New study sheds more light on level of alcohol consumption among people with hepatitis C
Drinking alcohol can increase the risk of illness and death from the hepatitis C virus. A new national household study of U.S. adults published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that many people living with hepatitis C report either former or current excessive alcohol use.
The Epoch Times - Alcohol: The Most Celebrated—Yet Most Harmful—Drug in Society
In a world of meth labs and prescription opioid addiction, it can be easy to overlook the impact of a substance as socially accepted as alcohol. Yet according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), alcohol imposes many heavy burdens on both the individual and society.
ABC Online (Australia) - Fewer parents buying teenager children alcohol, study finds
The proportion of parents buying alcohol for their teenage children has fallen dramatically in recent years, Queensland researchers have found. - Majority of patients who misuse drugs and alcohol have chronic pain
With opioid addiction and prescription drug abuse considered one of the biggest public health threats of our time in the U.S., many are asking why so many Americans are struggling with addiction to illegal drugs and prescription medications. New research suggests that chronic pain may be part of the answer.
Health24 - Here's how alcohol messes with your nervous system
Have you ever wondered how alcohol affects your memory, or changes your behaviour? Take a closer look at the potential long-term effects of drinking in excess.
BBC News (Ireland/Scotland) - Irish in Scotland more at risk of alcohol-related disease and death, says study
Irish people living in Scotland are more than twice as likely to end up in hospital or die from alcohol-related diseases as white Scots, a study found.
Wall Street Journal (India) - More Than 100 Pilots Test Positive for Alcohol in India
More than 100 pilots in India over the past three years tested positive for alcohol in their bloodstream before they were scheduled to fly, sparking safety concerns about the country’s rapidly growing air-travel industry. - Alcohol linked to increased breast cancer risk and recurrence, study finds
It is common to have an occasional glass of wine at dinner or out socially, but for people with breast cancer, a new study reveals it could affect their health and their medication.
Healio - Universal alcohol screening may help reduce severe liver damage
New research presented at the International Liver Congress showed universal screening for alcohol in hospital settings may be able to identify individuals at greatest risk for alcohol-related harm, and, in turn, reduce the risk for more severe liver damage in the future.
LocalGov (UK) - Alcohol consumption has increased in retirees, Government figures reveal
Alcohol-related hospital admissions are falling for younger age groups, but increasing for the over 65s, new figures reveal. (EU) - Eurostar to impose alcohol ban on trains for Euros
Eurostar plans to ban alcohol on some trains during Euro 2016, which kicks off next month.
Finland Times (Finland) - Many Finnish workers have drinking problems
Every two Finns know at least one co-worker who drinks too much alcohol, according to the report of a survey commissioned by the Substance Abuse Prevention (EHYT) published on Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Alcohol News - 18/2016

Think Spain (Spain/EU) - 'Poor detection' of alcohol dependency in European hospitals, say Barcelona researchers
HOSPITAL patients are seven times more likely to be alcoholics than the general population, according to research by medics in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona province). The report claims European hospitals suffer 'serious deficiencies' in detecting high-risk or dependent drinkers.
Daily Mail (UK) - More pensioners admitted to hospital with alcohol issues
The number of pensioners being admitted to hospital because of alcohol is on the rise, new figures show. The rates of people over the age of 65 who are admitted to hospitals in England have been slowly creeping up since around 2008, according to new statistics from Public Health England (PHE).
Wall Street Journal - New Look at Alcohol and Weight Loss
Alcohol’s impact on decision-making derails more diets than its impact on actual caloric intake, says Eric Rimm, a professor of epidemiology and nutrition and director of the cardiovascular epidemiology program at Harvard’s T. H. Chan School of Public Health.
CCTV-America (USA) - US debates ban on advertising alcohol products
Now health advocates want to see a ban on advertising alcohol products. They say they’re being marketed more than ever.
The Drum (USA) - American Academy of Pediatrics calls for crackdown on alcohol product placement
Research from the American Academy of Pediatrics have called for greater regulation over alcohol brands marketing techniques after finding a correlation between problem drinking at a young age and use of product and brand placement in popular TV shows.
Medical Daily - Stronger State Alcohol Laws May Reduce Drunk Driving Deaths Among Teens
Nearly 1,700 young drivers aged 15 to 20 years old died in 2013. Although this is a 10 percent decrease from the previous year, motor vehicle injuries are still a leading cause of death among youth in the United States, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.
Parent Herald - Difficulty In Quitting Smoking Is Amplified By Heavy Alcohol Drinking
People who smoke cigarettes are more likely to have a harder time quitting their vice if they are also heavy alcohol drinkers. This is because alcohol dependence makes people process the nicotine in their bodies faster.
Scotsman (Scotland) - Babies tested for alcohol after concerns over regular drinking
Newborn babies in Scotland are being tested for alcohol after researchers raised concerns that some pregnant mothers are drinking regularly.
Radio New Zealand (Solomon Islands) - Solomons to introduce alcohol breath-testing
Random breath testing for alcohol is set to be introduced in Solomon Islands after the parliament passed new legislation.
Eater (USA) - Powdered Alcohol Preemptively Banned in 31 States
Powdered alcohol, arguably a very bad idea, has been banned in a majority of U.S. states before ever even hitting the market. A press release from industry watchdog group Alcohol Justice says "31 states have now legislated or regulated complete bans on powdered alcohol."
Bristol Post (UK) - Will alcohol soon be banned on airplanes?
THE majority of airplane passengers say they support alcohol restrictions on flights, with one in ten calling for a drink ban.
The Science Explorer - Stress, Depression, and Alcohol Use May Hinder a Woman’s Ability to Naturally Fight off HPV
In a first, researchers who followed a group of women for over a decade have suggested that stress and depression play a significant role in whether a woman can fight off a human papillomavirus (HPV) infection naturally or not, as well as alcohol, cigarette, and drug use.
Science Daily - Hormone, neurotransmitter systems disturbed in alcoholics' brains
The brain tissue of people with alcohol dependence shows a variety of changes compared to non-alcoholic control persons. All alcoholics' brains share some characteristics, but some are exclusive to the brain tissue of anxiety-prone type 1 alcoholics or impulsive type 2 alcoholics, according to a recent study.
Daily News & Analysis (India) - Drunk passengers are a nuisance, ban alcohol in airports, say airlines
Airports might become the new dry spots in the country with airlines complaining to the aviation regulator about the nuisance caused by drunk passengers.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

FASD News - 17/2016

The Herald‎ (Scotland) - Newborn babies tested for alcohol after shock research shows 42 per cent of mums drink while pregnant
NEWBORN babies in Scotland are being tested for alcohol after researchers found signs that pregnant mothers from all walks of life are drinking regularly.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Worry about Zika, but worry more about fetal alcohol disorder
For the last two months, it's been all Zika, all the time. Some 358 cases of the mosquito-borne disease have been reported in the United States — all travel-related, but ratcheting up anxiety for anyone who is pregnant. - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – What You Need To Know
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) is the term used to describe the range of disorders that arise in children after exposure to alcohol during pregnancy. This article is going to provide you with an overview of the diagnosis, signs, symptoms and management of FASD.
Whitehorse Star (Canada) - Yukon FASD rates higher than thought
Rates of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in the Yukon criminal justice system are significantly higher than previously thought. (Canada) - Yukon FASD study prompts calls for 'system-wide change'
A study in Yukon is showing the prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) within the criminal justice system. The condition affects an estimated 1 per cent of children in Canada, but new research shows the percentage of people within Yukon's justice system with FASD is 17.5 per cent, or about one in six. (Canada) - Dartmouth parents plea for more support for disabled son
Leo Jones has needed extra support since childhood. Adopted at age three, he has been diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome. He does work part time, but his parents still have to supervise him, as they do any time he leaves the house.
The Guardian (Australia) - Northern Territory urged to act on foetal alcohol spectrum disorder
The Northern Territory government is yet to implement a single recommendation from a report into the effects of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, 14 months after it was handed down. (Saint Kitts) - “I Am Too Young to Drink”
On Wednesday, 23rd March, 2016, the UWI Open Campus in St. Kitts hosted a presentation and discussion entitled ‘Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder’ (FASD), in which past Resident tutor and Head of the UWI Open Campus, Mrs. Olivia Edgecombe-Howell, led a conversation on the abovementioned topic, engaging persons in a riveting discussion on the causes and permanent impacts of this disorder to both individual and society.
Kenora Daily Miner and News (Canada) - KPDSB Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder program applauded at Toronto symposium
Keewatin Public School’s Transitions North program and its teachers received high praise for their work last month during a conference in Toronto.
The Sun (UK) - ‘I was left bitten, battered and bruised... by my four-year-old’: Woman adopts child suffering with heart-breaking symptoms of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder
A BRAVE mum is speaking out to raise awareness of the devastating effects alcohol can have on a developing foetus.
News24 (South Africa) - Alcohol research centre receives vehicle
A SPONSORED vehicle was delivered by De Aar Solar Power to the Foundation for Alcohol-Related Research (Farr) on the official re-opening of the Farr/Joan Wertheim Centre in De Aar on Thursday (21/04).

The Swedish Family Care Competence Centre - 2nd International Conference "Every Child has the Right to..." (Call for Abstract – May 15; Conference date 28-31 May 2017)
The 2nd International Young Carers Conference will challenge the international community to focus on the issues of children as next of kin and young carers. It aims to support society to take responsibility and actualize the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and, in particular, when a child has a family member who is seriously ill or has an addiction or mental illness or experiences bereavement in their family.
Broken Lives: Conference on Addiction & Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (May 19, 2016)
Registration has opened for the first-ever “Broken Lives: Addiction and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder” conference to be held May 19-20 in Whiteclay, Neb. Jointly sponsored by the Black Hills nonprofit Roots to Wings and Nebraskan nonprofit Special Needs Advocates and Parents (SNAAP), the conference is aimed at providing education and training to teachers, social workers, law enforcement, medical professionals, legislators and community policy makers.
FASD/ONE - Comordidity of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis (May 17, 2016)
Dr. Svetlana (Lana) Popova, MD, PhDs, MPH is a Senior Scientist in Social and Epidemiological Research (SER) at CAMH. She is also an Associate Professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, Epidemiology Division and the Factor Inwentash Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto. She has an appointment as a Graduate Faculty Associate Member with the Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto.
Fetales Alkoholsyndrom und Fetale Alkoholspektrumsstörungen (2016-05-11)

ERLC Administration - MODULE 1 Supporting Students with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders FASD
A key to supporting students with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD) is having a good understanding of FASD and how individuals with FASD are impacted.
MODULE 2 Supporting Students with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)
MODULE 3 Supporting Students with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders FASD
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: clinical guideline for diagnosis across lifespan
In this podcast, two of the authors of the guideline explain what to look for in clinical practice. Dr. Valerie Temple is a clinical psychologist at Surrey Place Centre in Toronto, and Dr. Christine Loock is a developmental pediatrician at Children's and Women's Health Centre of British Columbia, with an academic appointment at UBC.
AGLCdotCA - FASD - Kelly and Patricia Morgan
In this two-minute video, Kelly Morgan, an adult living with FASD and her adoptive mother, Patricia Morgan, discuss some of the challenges of living with FASD and how, with understanding and support, a person with FASD can overcome challenges and find success.
abcqanda - Q&A FactCheck - Foetal alcohol syndrome
Sharman Stone says "The thing about alcohol that concerns me most is the violence done to the unborn child when a mother drinks while she's pregnant, and then endangers the baby's brain integrity with foetal alcohol spectrum syndrome or foetal alcohol disorder. The baby's born permanently brain damaged, and Australia has some of the highest rates per capita of FAS or FASD in the world. It's one of our best-kept secrets."
FASD-ONE - Sean Monteith: FASD: Taking Action in Ontario Symposium 2016

What do mothers really want on mothers day? Flowers? probably, but what they really want is me time; sleep in, read a book, go out, and most of all a day free of all the hassles and bustles of running a home. We have put together a list of things you could do for mommy this mothers day. Of course, you are free to investigate and find out what yours want.
NOFASD Australia - The Loop – e-news (April)In this April issue of The Loop, we introduce Emeritus Professor John Boulton to the "From My Desk" section. Professor Boulton writes of the invisibility of FASD.

The FASEB Journal - Choline Supplementation Improves Behavioral Aspects of Mice Exposed to Ethanol in Utero
Maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy leads to a range of long lasting developmental defects and deficits in the child that include effects on brain and behavior, collectively known as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).
The FASEB Journal - Metabolic Phenotype and Increased Adiposity in a Mouse Model of Chronic Gestational Alcohol Exposure
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is the largest preventable cause of neurodevelopmental disability and recent studies suggest that prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) also increases obesity risk at adolescence.
The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse - Do attitudes and knowledge predict at-risk drinking among Russian women?
Drinking patterns among Russian women indicate substantial risk for alcohol-exposed pregnancies. Data about women’s knowledge and attitudes related to alcohol consumption during pregnancy and the extent to which women’s knowledge and attitudes affect their alcohol use remain limited.
Hormones and Behavior - Thyroxine administration prevents matrilineal intergenerational consequences of in utero ethanol exposure in rats
The neurodevelopmental fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is characterized by cognitive and behavioral deficits in the offspring. Conferring the deficits to the next generation would increase overall FASD disease burden and prevention of this transmission could be highly significant.
Behavioural Brain Research - Developmental and behavioral consequences of early life maternal separation stress in a mouse model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) can result in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), characterized by developmental disability. As children with FASD are often raised in suboptimal conditions, we have investigated the combination of PAE via maternal preference consumption of 10% ethanol in water with early life stress (ELS) via daily 3 h maternal separation and isolation.
Reproductive Toxicology - Ethanol exposure represses osteogenesis in the developing chick embryo
It is known that excess alcohol consumption during pregnancy can increase the risk of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). However, the effect of ethanol exposure on bone morphogenesis in fetus is largely unknown.
San Jose State University - Expanding a Drosophila Model of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: A Forward Genetic Screen for Developmental Ethanol Exposure Phenotypes
Previous research focusing on the role of the insulin signaling pathway has established Drosophila melanogaster as a model for FASD. Here I describe a forward genetic screen undertaken with the goal of expanding this Drosophila FASD model.
Alcohol and Alcoholism - Modeling Symptoms of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in a Rat Model of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Several studies indicate the similarity between the symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This study hypothesized that prenatal exposure to ethanol (EtOH) can be used as an animal model of ADHD in Wistar rats.

Mynewsdesk (Sweden) - Barn med medfödda skador av alkohol behöver särskilt stöd
Uppskattningsvis föds varje år cirka 1 000 barn med alkoholskador (FASD) i Sverige, 100–200 av dem har fetalt alkoholsyndrom, FAS, det vill säga grava skador. Ett mörkertal visar att det finns många barn med alkoholrelaterade fosterskador som inte upptäcks och därmed riskerar att inte få rätt stöd och insats.