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FASD News - 13/2019

Science Daily (Germany) - People who don't drink may still suffer harms from alcohol
Harms to people resulting from alcohol consumption by others in Germany in 2014 are assessed in a study published in the open access journal BMC Medicine.
The Western Star (Canada) - Most of Newfoundland and Labrador without access to fetal alcohol assessments: advocacy group
If it’s suspected a child in this province has fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), chances are they will need to leave the province to get an assessment and diagnosis, according to a provincial advocacy group.
The Guardian - GIFFORD-JONES: Babies should not have to live with consequences of a damaged brain
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms says that all Canadians receive justice. The U.S. Constitution states that “All men are created Equal”. But some children are born who do not receive justice and they will never be equal.
Youngstown Vindicator - Speaker’s message: End drug, alcohol use even before pregnancy
A speaker provided facts about the dangers to babies of fetal exposure to drugs and alcohol that most of the 150 professionals attending had never heard before.
CBC (Canada) - 'You're weird, you're different and nobody wants to be your friend': the loneliness of FASD
Myles Himmelreich says many people don't understand the daily struggles for people living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder or FASD.

PAHO - Webinar: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD): Epidemiology and Diagnosis (2019-04-10)
On Wednesday, 10 April 2019, PAHO will held the webinar "Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD): Epidemiology and Diagnosis" that will provide an overview of what are fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, current diagnostic criteria, clinical signs, and on how to identify people who could be affected.
dcafs - Understanding and Supporting FASD with Dan Dubovsky (May 30, Canada)
For parents, caregivers and professionals supporting individuals with diagnosed or suspected fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).
Manitoba FASD Coalition - FASD Info Series
These are FREE sessions sponsored by the Manitoba FASD Coalition and the Manitoba FASD Network.
AADANT - FASD Repetition Repeat and Again Strategies for front line professionals (3 April 2019, Australia)
The workshop highlights practical strategies for professionals when working with FASD cognitive impairments and challenging behaviours.

WELT (Germany) - PASSIVTRINKEN: Schon kleine Mengen Alkohol schädigen das ungeborene Kinder
Auch Nicht-Trinker leiden in vielen Fällen unter den Folgen von Alkoholkonsum: Im Straßenverkehr verursachen betrunkene Autofahrer tödliche Unfälle, bei Gewalttaten spielt oft Alkohol eine Rolle - und trinkende Mütter schädigen ihre ungeborenen Kinder.
HealthEd - Diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Interview with Dr Doug Shelton, 2017
CBC Radio - We don't look at [FASD] as we do many other disabilities
Myles Himmelreich, a motivational speaker and consultant on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, talks to @cbcwhitecoat about his own struggle with FASD.
CanFASD - Annotated Bibliography of Articles Published in 2018
Annually, researchers associated with the Prevention Network Action Team (pNAT) of the CanFASD Research Network search the academic literature for articles related to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) prevention.
NOFAS-UK (UK) - Kids with FASD are Trying
“Kids with FASD are trying”. How you read that statement matters. Understanding the brain/behavior link in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders leads to better outcomes and happier families. We’re here to help, please contact us.

University of Toronto - Exploring the Existence of a Unique Neurodevelopmental Profile of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
There is a general lack of consensus in the diagnostic criteria of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), which has ultimately resulted in the overlapping of the diagnostic criteria with those of other neurodevelopmental disorders.
Neuroscience of Alcohol - Maternal Separation Stress in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: A Case of Double Whammy
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) are caused by maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy. They result in varied developmental and behavioral deficits.
Neuroscience of Alcohol - Language Lateralization in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Prenatal alcohol exposure has profoundly negative effects on the brain. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) results from prenatal alcohol exposure, causing a wide range of physical, behavioral, and cognitive abnormalities, including language impairments.
Neuroscience of Alcohol - Ethanol Exposure During Development, and Brain Oxidative Stress
Ethanol exposure during pregnancy can produce a variety of central nervous system abnormalities in the offspring, resulting in a broad spectrum of cognitive and behavioral impairments that constitute the long-lasting effects observed in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).
Neuroscience of Alcohol - Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: Developmental Abnormalities in the Brain
Maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy can significantly impact the developmental trajectory of the offspring, resulting in lifelong alterations to brain anatomy, function, and behavior.
Campbell Collaboration - Protocol: Interventions for improving executive functions in children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD): systematic review and meta-analysis
While recent years have seen an increase in studies assessing interventions designed to improve EF functioning in children with FASD, a critical gap in the literature is the absence of an updated, comprehensive systematic review and meta-analysis in the area.
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research - Myelin Water Fraction Imaging of the Brain in Children with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
Given comparable MRI‐derived myelination fraction measures in PAE relative to controls, white matter alterations shown in other imaging studies, such as diffusion tensor imaging, may reflect micro‐structural anomalies related to axon caliber and density.
Canadian Journal of Bioethics - Stigmatisation, Exaggeration, and Contradiction: An Analysis of Scientific and Clinical Content in Canadian Print Media Discourse About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), a complex diagnosis that includes a wide range of neurodevelopmental disabilities, results from exposure to alcohol in the womb.
BMC Medicine - Quantifying harms to others due to alcohol consumption in Germany: a register-based study
The consumption of alcohol increases the risk of drinkers harming others. The extent of alcohol’s morbidity and mortality harms to others in Germany in 2014 was estimated for (1) fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) or fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) among newborns, (2) road traffic fatalities, and (3) interpersonal violence-related deaths.
Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health - Policymakers’ Perspectives Towards Developing a Guideline to Inform Policy on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: A Qualitative Study
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) has a high prevalence in South Africa, especially among the poor socioeconomic communities. However, there is no specific policy to address FASD.
Future Medicine - DNA-methylation abundantly associates with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and its subphenotypes
We have detected robust FASD associated differentially methylated positions and differentially methylated regions for FASD in general and for FASD subphenotypes, in other words on growth delay, impaired facial and CNS development.
Neuroscience of Alcohol - Connecting Prenatal Alcohol, Its Metabolite Acetaldehyde, and the Fetal Brain
This chapter reviews the role of acetaldehyde in relation to the established effects of prenatal alcohol exposure.
Neuroscience of Alcohol - Fetal Alcohol Exposure and the Central Nervous Control of Breathing
Consuming alcohol during pregnancy puts the future child at risk for several disturbances including learning and memory, but also somatosensorial impairments.
Neuroscience of Alcohol - Synaptic Plasticity in the Hippocampus and Alcohol Exposure During Brain Development
Alcohol (ethanol) disturbs learning and memory in human, nonhuman primates, and rodents.
Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology - Questioning Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: a Case Report of Multiple Etiological Factors
A wide range of etiological factors with unconfirmed prenatal alcohol exposure, such as neglect, trauma, and poor school attendance, suggests that FAS may be diagnostically restrictive as it pertains to the broad spectrum of prenatal alcohol effects and common comorbidities.
Our results are the first evidences indicating that in addition to central nerves system effects, fetal alcohol exposure induced alcohol preference in later life could also be produced by altered patterns of DNA methylation in the peripheral gustatory system, via dysregulated expression of oro-sensory-related genes.
Alcohol Clin Exp Res. - Relation Between Oppositional/Conduct Behaviors and Executive Function Among Youth with Histories of Heavy Prenatal Alcohol Exposure.
Youth with heavy prenatal alcohol exposure have high rates of behavioral concerns and psychopathology, including increased oppositional and conduct behaviors. The relation between those concerns and executive function (EF) deficits is unknown.
Neuroscience of Alcohol - Meconium Biomarkers of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
Alcohol is a well-known teratogen, and its use during pregnancy is associated with a range of neurodevelopmental and behavioral disorders in children (including fetal alcohol spectrum disorders).
Birth defects Research - The association between prenatal alcohol exposure and protein expression in human placenta
These results establish the feasibility of harvesting placental tissue for protein analyses of PAE in a prospective manner.

Deutsches Ärzteblatt (Germany) - Passivtrinken: Tausende Babys werden mit Behinderung geboren
Auch Nichttrinker leiden in vielen Fällen unter den Folgen von Alkoholkonsum: Im Straßenverkehr verursachen betrunkene Autofahrer tödliche Unfälle, bei Gewalttaten spielt oft Alkohol eine Rolle – und trinkende Mütter schädigen ihre ungeborenen Kinder.

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Alcohol News - 13/2019

Irish Health (Ireland) - Dublin to host international alcohol conference
A major international conference on alcohol policy is to be held in Ireland next year, it has been announced.
FRANCE 24 (France) - ‘Quoi, just two glasses?’ French urged to cut down on their drinking
France on Monday launched a national campaign to encourage the wine-loving French to cut down on their drinking after a study showed that a quarter of them over-consume. But many still feel that “a nice meal can’t be enjoyed without a good wine”.
Concordia University News - Cues that predict alcohol remain powerful long after prolonged sobriety, new research finds
Treating addiction to alcohol is no easy feat. While physical withdrawal symptoms can abate within days or weeks, up to 90 per cent of alcoholics are expected to relapse within four years following treatment.
Science Daily - Hearing loss before 50 may mean higher risk of drug and alcohol issues
People under age 50 with hearing loss misuse prescription opioids at twice the rate of their hearing peers, and are also more likely to misuse alcohol and other drugs, a new national study finds.
Vox - Why you’re likely going to hear more about being “sober curious”
Alcohol plays a dominating role in American social, political, and economic life — particularly for urban professionals, getting drinks can be as important a form of social currency as it was in college. But the odds are getting higher that liquor stores, bars, and restaurants will start to offer something different — nonalcoholic custom cocktails and brand-name beverages.
Times Series (UK) - Thousands of children admitted to hospital for alcohol and drug abuse
Thousands of children across the capital are being admitted to hospital for alcohol and drug abuse.
Business Today (India) - Like cigarettes, alcohol bottles to come with health warnings come April 1
The new regulation called the Food Safety and Standards (Alcoholic Beverages Standards) Regulation, 2018 will apply on all distilled alcoholic beverages (brandy, country liquor, gin, rum, vodka and whisky, liqueur or alcoholic cordial), wines and beer.
Healio - Seven alcoholic drinks per week enough to increase odds of hypertension
Moderate and heavy alcohol drinkers appear to have an increased prevalence of both stage 1 and stage 2 hypertension, according to a presentation at the American College of Cardiology Scientific Session.
Daily Mail - New Volvo will detect if its driver has drunk alcohol and slow down if they show signs of being over the limit
Volvo is to install technology in its self-driving cars that can detect if the driver is drunk. The Swedish carmaker said that from next year all new vehicles will have cameras and sensors to spot if the motorist is showing signs of being over the limit.
iLaw Journals University News - Alcohol in pregnancy : “No one would ask, how much radio activity for Pregnant women is okay”
The effects of passive drinking for babies to be underestimated. In the journal “BMC Medicine” researchers reported recently that in Germany every year thousands of babies born with a Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).
UNSW Sidney (Australia) - Women’s alcohol consumption catching up to men: why this matters
Women are catching up to men in rates of alcohol consumption and this has important implications for how we think about our community response to harmful alcohol use.
Gateshead Council (UK) - Alcohol - are we kidding ourselves?
Are we kidding ourselves when it comes to alcohol? That's the question being raised as a new report released today highlights the North East's drinking habits.
The Epoch Times - There’s a Deadly Link Between Alcohol and Breast Cancer, Yet Women Ignore It
Middle-aged women aren’t getting the message that there’s a proven link between alcohol consumption and higher breast cancer risk, according to researchers from Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia.
Oreanda (Russia) - Ministry of Health Prepares Bill to Increase Legal Drinking Age up to 21
Russian Ministry of Health proposed banning the sale of strong drinks of more than 16.5% alcohol by volume to the youth under 21 years of age. The law will come into force in January 2020.

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Alcohol News - 12/2019

Popular Science - You don't need to drink alcohol for it to harm you
No amount of alcohol is good for you, as study after study has shown. But often people—and the scientists who research them—forget that when they drink, they don’t just risk hurting themselves. They often hurt other people. Yet most of our understanding of the harms of alcohol have focused strictly on the drinker.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - Alko reports 8.5% drop in alcohol sales
ALKO on Tuesday announced it sold a total of 85.3 million litres of alcoholic beverages in 2018, signalling a drop of 8.5 per cent from the previous year.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Rise in ‘severe’ alcohol use, say experts
Growing numbers of people have developed a “severe” alcohol problem by the time they seek treatment, an official report shows.
Evening Standard (UK) - Passengers 'banned from drinking alcohol bought in duty-free' on flights
UK air passengers have been banned from drinking booze purchased in duty-free on flights because of a rise in alcohol-fuelled incidents in the air, it has been reported.
The Guardian - Should alcohol be banned on flights?
The government is reviewing airport licensing laws. But after another drunken brawl on a plane, should passengers be breathalysed before boarding – or even forbidden from boozing?
Deutsche Welle - Alcohol: Life gets better without it
Three weeks without a drop of alcohol. Three weeks where I felt fitter, more awake and more relaxed. What exactly happened to my body?
Science Daily - Scientists hunt down the brain circuit responsible for alcohol cravings
Scientists have found that they can reverse the desire to drink in alcohol-dependent rats -- with the flip of a switch. The researchers were able to use lasers to temporarily inactivate a specific neuronal population, reversing alcohol-seeking behavior and even reducing the physical symptoms of withdrawal.
ERR News (Estonia) - Analysis: Raising alcohol excise duty would decrease Estonia's revenue
While no such correlation applies to excise duty on tobacco, increasing the excise duty on alcohol would reduce Estonia's excise revenue, it appears from the results of an analysis commissioned by the Ministry of Finance and conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisors (PwC). - Alcohol linked to an irregular heartbeat
A study by Melbourne's Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute that's been presented in the US shows a link between alcohol consumption and an irregular heartbeat.
Medical Xpress - Is anxiety in childhood and adolescence linked to later alcohol use disorders?
In an Addiction analysis of relevant published studies, investigators found some evidence for a positive association between anxiety during childhood and adolescence with later alcohol use disorders.
EurekAlert - Alcohol marketing awareness linked to 'higher risk' drinking among UK teens
Alcohol marketing awareness linked to 'higher risk' drinking among UK teens. While ownership of branded merchandise is linked to future intentions to try alcohol among never drinkers
ABC News (Australia) - Drug and alcohol report uncovers burden in regional Australia
One afternoon in May 2016, paramedics found a 51-year-old man dead in a Sydney flat, slumped near a kitchen cupboard, with a syringe lying on the bench nearby. - A New Study Shows Alcohol Is Deadlier Than All Other Drugs
A report issued last week reveals that Oregon has a rate of alcohol-related deaths that are twice the national average. Per data released by the Trust for America's Health, out of the 50 states, Oregon ranks fifth in alcohol-related deaths, and Washington is 10th.
Spotify has been criticised by a major non-profit organisation for ignoring users with alcohol-dependency issues who have asked to opt-out of booze and liquor-related advertisements.
CBS Local - New Data Shows Drinking Alcohol May Increase Your Risk Of Cancer
Local doctor discusses how this new data could effect your daily glass of red wine.

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FASD News - 11/2019

Standard Freeholder (Canada) - Cornwall agencies given an Introduction to FASD
According to a Centre for Addiction and Mental Health study released last April, up to three per cent of Canadians could have fetal alcohol spectrum disorder which, if accurate, would make the condition more prevalent than autism (1.5 to 2 per cent of the population), but without nearly the same level of awareness or dollars for support and research. - The great tragedy of a damaged brain at birth
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms says that all Canadians receive justice. The U.S. Constitution states that "All men are created equal." But some children are born who do not receive justice. Nor will they ever be equal. It's because they have damaged brains at birth, due to mothers who drink alcohol during pregnancy.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - To a foetus, fancy French wine and cheap beer are both toxic
There is no safe type or quantity of alcohol for a foetus and the result of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder is incurable brain damage, says Aisling Foley.
The Costa Rica News (Costa Rica) - Alcohol And Pregnancy, A Very Bad Combination
Recently several scientific studies have been carried out, which have been published in several specialized journals, that show the action of alcohol, even in small doses on the fetus. (New Zealand) - Justice Minister Andrew Little shows support for specialised young adults court
A dedicated court for young adults with neurodisabilities is being considered by the District Court.
Biophotonics.World - Vasculature changes in the fetal brain due to prenatal alcohol exposure
Researchers at the University of Houston have used optical coherence tomography (OCT), a noninvasive optical imaging modality, to image acute changes in fetal brain vasculature minutes after maternal ethanol exposure. The team published their results in the Journal of Biophotonics in 2018.
The Epoch Times - Problem Drinking Among Women a Growing Concern
Last month, close to 40,000 people, mostly women, gave up alcohol for FebFast and many others will be participating in Dry July.
Detroit Free Press (USA) - House bill would require signs: 'Pregnancy and alcohol do not mix'
While the warnings have been well-known for years that pregnant women shouldn’t drink alcohol, the Michigan House of Representatives wants to reiterate the point in a big way. - New Moms Reduce Their Alcohol Intake, But It Doesn't Last Long
Research has shown that although new moms tend to cut down on drinking, it’s a dry spell that is short-lived, and mothers everywhere with screaming toddlers running around in the background while reading this are like, “Ya think?”
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Addicted baby born every three days
A baby is born suffering from alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms once every three days in Ireland, because the mother drank heavily during pregnancy or was addicted to drugs.
Alcohol Policy UK - Drinking in pregnancy: lasting effects of low-level alcohol use?
In this guest post, Kayleigh Easey (@KayEasey), a PhD student and member of the Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group (@BristolTARG) at the School of Psychological Science at the University of Bristol, takes a look at a recent systematic review investigating effects of parental alcohol use and offspring mental health.
CanFASD (Canada) - Could we fall behind? A look at FASD in Canada
The 8th International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is coming to Canada, from March 6-9, at the Westin Bayshore. Though Canada is honoured to host a conference featuring so many global FASD experts from multiple disciplines, our progress in critical action is hindered by the lack of a national strategy.
The Intelligencer (Canada) - ANNE ELSPETH RECTOR: Province needs to increase support
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder; FASD. What first comes to mind? Often, it’s anger at mothers who drank; yet, as judgement for one person clouds our compassion for the person impacted, we lose some humanity.
Creating a Family - What is it Really Like to Raise a Child with FASD?
What is it really like to parent a child with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder? Prenatal exposure causes brain damage and this damage causes specific behaviors that can make parenting challenging.
Minding the Brain - Alcohol and the Developing Brain
Jim and Kim are joined by special guest Audrey McFarlane to discuss the impact of alcohol on the developing brain. What are the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure? What happens when breastfeeding mothers consume alcohol?

InHandZ InnoVationZ - FASD: Repetition, Repeat and AGAIN, Strategies for Frontline Professionals. (10 April 2019, Australia)
The workshop highlights practical strategies for professionals when working with FASD cognitive impairments and challenging behaviours.
DRUG-FREE HAWAII - 2019 Conference Save the Date - FASD: Improving Outcomes Across Systems of Care (September 18, 2019, Hawaii)
The Hawaii FASD Action Group invites you to its 2nd FASD Conference to be held on September 18, 2019. More information and registration to be announced.

Action News Jax - Fetal alcohol syndrome often undiagnosed
Researchers say most children who were exposed to alcohol in the womb are not diagnosed. Action News Jax investigator Paige Kelton explains that can cause big problems.
YourTV Brockville-Smiths Falls - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Skylar More speaks with Kathy Botham about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and local support group Rural FASD. For more information visit
TabletWise - Tool to Detect FASD in Children Developed
Researchers have developed a tool to screen children for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). The research was published in the journal Frontiers in Neurology on 18th February 2019.
e-Book - Understanding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder A Guide To FASD For Parents Carers And Professionals
eBook Understanding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder A Guide To FASD For Parents Carers And Professionals available at with Format PdF, ePub, Audiobook & Magazine.
FASD Prelab: Normal Fish and Human Brain Development
FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) and Drug Exposure in Children
Concordia St Paul - Treating Children Impacted by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) with Play Therapy
Play therapy has strong benefits for many children. The therapeutic value of play knows no boundaries culturally, diagnostically, or linguistically.

Advances in Dual Diagnosis - Exploring the experiences of birth mothers whose children have been diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: a qualitative study
Four superordinate main themes and various subthemes were identified. To blame or not to blame captures the tension the mothers experience when considering the cause of their child’s condition.
Nursing New Zealand - Substance abuse: FASD 'entirely preventable'
The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD): A Policy Perspective
Although scientific evidence of the teratogenic effects of alcohol was published 45 years ago, and the awareness about this has increased since then, little has been achieved to effectively prevent the harms of alcohol use during pregnancy.
The Journal of Special Education - Teaching Children With Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder to Use Metacognitive Strategies
Metacognitive training is an emerging cognitive intervention for children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) that teaches children to think about their thinking and use strategies to improve learning and regulation.
The University of Western Ontario - Adolescents with FASD: Education-Based Strategies for Social Skills Development
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a permanent neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by physical, mental, and learning disabilities. Despite variability, individuals with FASD consistently struggle with acquiring appropriate social skills.
Biomedical Reviews - Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in pediatrics. FASD and the pediatrician
Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a complex and malformative condition due to the teratogenic effect of alcohol consumed during pregnancy.
Addiction - Prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder among Special Sub-populations: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
Global sub-populations of children in care, correctional, special education, specialized clinical, and Aboriginal populations have a significantly higher prevalence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
Advances in Dual Diagnosis - FASD: the current situation in the UK
It is 45 years since FASD was first named in a Lancet article by Jones et al. (1973). FASD represents a syndrome with a range of physical and neurological damage caused primarily by the mother consuming alcohol whilst pregnant.
Addiction Biology - Fetus morphology changes by second‐trimester ultrasound in pregnant women drinking alcohol
In this study, we investigated in pregnant women the association between urine ethylglucuronide (EtG—a biomarker of alcohol drinking) and indicators of the physical characteristics of FASD by prenatal ultrasound in the second trimester of gestation.
Developmental Psychobiolgy - Effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on social competence: Asymmetry in play partner preference among heterogeneous triads of male and female rats
Social behavior deficits associated with prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) are frequently described in terms of impaired social competence, which can be defined as the effectiveness in social interaction and the ability to employ social skills successfully within different interpersonal contexts.
Women and Birth - Women’s experiences of messages relating to alcohol consumption, received during their first antenatal care visit: An interpretative phenomenological analysis
Strategies to prevent fetal alcohol spectrum disorder need to include messages encouraging women to abstain during pregnancy, whilst at the same time, providing the type of individualised antenatal care that best enables this to be accomplished.
Drug and alcohol dependence - Prenatal alcohol exposure and offspring mental health: A systematic review
High levels of alcohol use in pregnancy have been shown to be associated with negative physical health consequences in offspring.
Women's Health Issues - State Policies Targeting Alcohol Use during Pregnancy and Alcohol Use among Pregnant Women 1985–2016: Evidence from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
Most states have at least one policy targeting alcohol use during pregnancy. The public health impact of these policies has not been examined. We sought to examine the relationship between state-level policies targeting alcohol use during pregnancy and alcohol use among pregnant women.
Environmental Science and Pollution Research - Cognitive function among schoolchildren in Lebanon: association with maternal alcohol drinking and smoking during pregnancy and domestic use of detergents and pesticides during childhood
To evaluate the relation between caregiver exposure to toxics during pregnancy and childhood and the child’s cognitive function in Lebanese children. This was a cross-sectional study conducted on Lebanese students in public and private schools from November 2017 to May 2018, enrolling 464 children.
Circulation Research - Antioxidant Treatment Prevents Profibrotic Changes And Cardiac Dysfunction In Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
Our studies focus on the role of cardiac fibroblasts in the developing heart, and how they are affected by prenatal ethanol exposure.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - Policymakers’ Perspectives Towards Developing a Guideline to Inform Policy on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: A Qualitative Study
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) has a high prevalence in South Africa, especially among the poor socioeconomic communities. However, there is no specific policy to address FASD.

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany) - Alkohol in der Schwangerschaft: Kinder leiden an FASD
Selbsthilfegruppe hilft Pflegeeltern und Betreuer, die sich um Kinder mit FASD kümmern: Ihre Mütter tranken in der Schwangerschaft Alkohol. (Italy) - Alcol & gravidanza: ostetriche, infermieri e mamme in guardia
Oggi è sempre più sentita l’esigenza di informare e educare le future mamme per evitare che l’alcol procuri effetti irreparabili sulla futura progenie.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Alcohol News - 11/2019

Detroit Free Press (USA) - House bill would require signs: 'Pregnancy and alcohol do not mix'
While the warnings have been well-known for years that pregnant women shouldn’t drink alcohol, the Michigan House of Representatives wants to reiterate the point in a big way.
UVic News (Canada) - Better policies could reduce harms of alcohol
Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial governments could be doing a much better job at implementing policies that reduce alcohol-related harms, according to new reports from the UVic’s Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research (CISUR).
Mondaq News Alerts - Uzbekistan: The Privatization Reforms Ending The State Monopoly In The Alcohol Industry
In pursuit of the goals set out in the State Program 2019, the President of Uzbekistan issued the Decree No. UP – 5656 of February 5, 2019 on the improvement of state regulation of the alcohol and tobacco industries (the "Decree"). As a result, the prolonged state monopoly on the production of vodka and other alcoholic beverages has been abolished.
Science Daily - Moderate alcohol consumption linked with high blood pressure
A study of more than 17,000 U.S. adults shows that moderate alcohol consumption -- seven to 13 drinks per week -- substantially raises one's risk of high blood pressure, or hypertension, according to research being presented at the American College of Cardiology's 68th Annual Scientific Session.
The Conversation UK (UK) - How alcohol companies are using International Women’s Day to sell more drinks to women
International Women’s Day on March 8 celebrates women’s achievements across the world and calls for action to speed up gender equality. Many alcohol companies also see it as an ideal opportunity to market their products to women.
Bustle - How Having Just 2 Alcoholic Drinks Affects Your Sleep, According To Science
Many of us welcome a glass of wine or two with dinner, or a beer while watching Netflix, in the hope that it'll help us drop off more swiftly and give us a better night's sleep. - Uncorked: ‘Mommy’ drinking culture normalizing alcoholism for women
Health care professionals and social workers warn social media memes could be contributing to a rise in alcohol use among women. Global's Marek Tkach reports.
KOMO News (USA) - Alcohol kills more people than all other drugs combined in Oregon
Paul Lewis, MD, the health officer for Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties, says in Oregon alcohol kills far more people than all other drugs combined.
Echo Live - What alcohol does to your body when flying
THE rush of finishing work, organising the house/kids/pets, and packing for a holiday, can make the lead up to a trip feel twice as stressful as life would otherwise be.
Inews - An expert explains the true health cost of moderate drinking
Conventional wisdom has been that drinking alcohol at moderate levels is good for us, but newer studies suggest that probably isn't the case.
Irish Times (Ireland) - RSA blames alcohol for failure to wear seatbelts
Road collision statistics suggest that alcohol consumption is a major reason why some road users are failing to put seatbelts on after getting into vehicles, the Road Safety Authority has said.
Mirage News (Australia) - New emergency department data exposes more harm from alcohol
New emergency department data exposes more harm from alcohol to our communities and the urgent need for governments and policy makers to take action, according to the peak body for emergency medicine in Australia.
News Now Finland (Finland) - Politicians mostly united against supermarket wine and spirit sales
The media company asked a group of leading politicians whether wine or strong alcohol should be available to buy in supermarkets. Perhaps surprisingly, most of them were against loosening up sales even more – and some had specific reasons for wanting to preserve the monopoly of state-run liquor store Alko.
Holyrood (Scotland) - Alcohol harm clinical group is named new Scottish Women’s Football sponsor
A campaign group formed by doctors who treat extreme cases of alcohol harm has become the new sponsor of women’s football in Scotland.
Cardiff University - A Longitudinal Study of European Students' Alcohol Use and Related Behaviors as They Travel Abroad to Study
New research has revealed that European students who travel abroad to study increase their alcohol consumption by 35% while they are away from home. This corresponds with an increase in alcohol-related harm.
Nordic Welfare Center - Alcohol consumption among young people in the Nordic countries is falling – the differences need to be examined
In all Nordic countries, minors are drinking less than before. Key reasons for this may be parents keeping a closer eye on their children and adopting a more restrictive attitude towards both their own alcohol consumption and that of their children.
Natural Medicine Journal - Early-life Alcohol Consumption and High-Grade Prostate Cancer
In this cohort of 650 men at the Durham VA Medical Center with biopsy-proven prostate cancer, heavier consumption of alcohol at an early age significantly increased the risk of high-grade prostate cancer on diagnosis.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Alcohol News - 10/2019

Bustle - Drinking Alcohol Is More Harmful To Young People Than Previously Thought, According To Study
While many studies claim that moderate alcohol consumption has potential health benefits, new research suggests that drinking alcohol is more harmful to younger people than it is helpful.
USA TODAY (USA) - U.S. deaths from alcohol, drugs and suicide hit highest level since record-keeping began
The number of deaths from alcohol, drugs and suicide in 2017 hit the highest level since federal data collection started in 1999, according to an analysis of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data by two public health nonprofits.
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - 'No safe level': what we're getting wrong with alcohol guidelines
“The French paradox was a total myth. The French had Europe’s highest rates of liver disease. But by cutting back on consumption of wine, they’ve dramatically reduced that. Research studies published on cardiovascular benefits – dating back 20 years – have been found to be flawed.”
Healio - Alcohol-mortality associations underestimated in cohort studies
Researchers report that the connections between alcohol and mortality established in cohort studies may underestimate negative health consequences of moderate drinking.
Science Daily - Smoking and alcohol: Double trouble for the brain?
Along with many other harmful health consequences, smoking tobacco causes chemical changes, oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain. Excessive alcohol use can have similar effects.
YLE News (Finland) - Finland's six-year alcohol sales slump ends
A law change permitting stronger drinks to be sold in grocery stores and other shops helped to triple the sales of long drink alcopops last year.
Independent Online - Tool to identify kids with alcohol-related developmental disorder
Researchers have developed a new tool that uses Machine Learning (ML) technology to screen children suffering from a type of developmental and neurobehavioral disorder, caused due to alcohol exposure while in the womb, quickly and at an affordable rate.
ABC News (Australia) - Australian working mums are asking for help to cut back on booze, doctors say
Leonie Moekotte never thought of herself as a heavy drinker. "What I was drinking was no different to what my friends were drinking," she said.
NDARC - Alcopops tax cuts drinking and harm
A new NDARC study found that the introduction of an alcopop tax has significantly reduced alcohol-related harm among young Australians, writes Carleen Frost.
IAS (UK) - Doing harm by doing good
Last week, the Guardian published a story on Heineken’s claims that its business brings social and economic benefits to the African region. According to the author, Oliver van Beemen, who spent years researching the Dutch company’s history in Africa and has written a book on this subject, such claims are misleading, citing low-wages for entry-level employees and Heineken’s use of “beer promotion girls” who were exposed to sexual exploitation and other serious risks.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

FASD News - 9/2019 - New Method Uses AI to Screen for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Scientists at the University of Southern California (USC), Queen's University (Ontario) and Duke University have developed a new tool that can screen children for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) quickly and affordably, making it accessible to more children in remote locations worldwide.
Watoday (Australia) - Immediate action urged to help WA children in prison with FASD
Tackling Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in children imprisoned at Banksia Hill Detention Centre demands immediate government action, Greens MP Alison Xamon has urged in parliament.
UM Today (Canada) - Mothers of children with FASD have high rate of inadequate prenatal care: U of M study
More than 40 per cent of Manitoba women who gave birth to a child with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) received inadequate or no prenatal care, a University of Manitoba study has found. (New Zealand) - An inconvenient truth: The commonly misunderstood disorder filling our prisons
Tamaki has Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) an incurable syndrome transmitted during pregnancy when alcohol from the mother's bloodstream reaches the developing fetus.
The West Australian (Australia) - OPERATION SAVE KIDS
A world-class paediatric researcher and a former WA chief psychologist are leading a landmark project in Leonora to uncover the prevalence and impact of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder in the northern Goldfields community.
National Post - 10/3 podcast: The myths and mystery of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
We have known for nearly half a century that drinking alcohol during pregnancy can harm an unborn child. But the rate of children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is higher than expected, and could outpace more widely understood disorders such as autism.
Alison Xamon (Australia) - Investment in preventing FASD more urgent than ever following Coroner’s report into Aboriginal youth suicide
The Government must invest in tackling the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) crisis in Western Australia, as an important part of addressing the devastatingly high rate of suicide in Aboriginal children, Greens spokesperson for Suicide Prevention Hon Alison Xamon MLC has said.

EUFASD - Welcome to the european conferance on FASD 2020 (14.09.2020-16.09.2020, Norway)
The first Competence Center for children with prenatal alcohol/drug exposure in Scandinavia is proud to host the EUFASD 2020 in Arendal, Norway. The 3 day conference from the 14th – 16th of September 2020 will be at the Clarion Tyholmen Hotel, Arendal.
FASD Information Network for Caregivers (FASD INC) London - FASD: Focussing on Success! (March 26, 2019 Canada)
A night out for parents/caregivers and professionals, to learn about FASD and to build capacity and support for brighter futures.
Substance Abuse Coalition Of Kanabec County & Recovering Hope Treatment Center - 04.9K FASD Awareness Walk, Run, Roll! (May 11, 2019 USA)
Enjoy this FREE community event on Saturday, May 11th at Mora Elementary School and the First Light Wellness Center. With an estimate of just over 7,000 babies born in Minnesota with prenatal alcohol exposure we are spreading the message of prevention and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder awareness!
9th International Conference on Adolescents and Adults with FASD (April 22 - 25, 2020 Canada)
More information coming soon!

CityNews Winnipeg (Canada) - Largest study of its kind on FASD
Researchers are making recommendations on how to prevent FASD after publishing the largest study of its kind on the disorder and prenatal care.
Мария Решетникова - FASD Communities Kick Start Fundraising
We are a group of parents, friends and other advocates who formed an action group to improve lives of young adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).
WSOCTV9 - 9 Investigates: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
9 Investigates: Identifying and treating fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.
Bethany Christian Services - Family Education: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD): Training for Parents
Bethany Christian Services and the Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS) are pleased to offer training resources specifically developed for prospective adoptive parents about FASD as it relates to infant, inter-country and foster care adoptions.
Australian Government - Reducing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in Australia
In November 2018 the Honourable Minister for Health, Greg Hunt, launched the National FASD Strategic Action Plan.
Challenged Hope - New book in the Strawberry and Cracker, Twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome series, by Barbara Studham
Talking to a child with a fetal alcohol-related diagnosis about their disorder is difficult.

Alcohol and Alcoholism - Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy on Brain Perfusion, Cognition and Behavior in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder—A Case Study
A 15-year-old girl diagnosed with FASD underwent 100 courses of hyperbasic oxygen therapy (HBOT). Prior to HBOT, single motion emission compute tomographic begin imaging (SPECT) revealed areas of hypo-perfusion bilaterally in the orbitofrontal region, temporal lobes and right dorsolateral—frontal, as well the medial aspect of the left cerebellum.
Birth Defects Research - Differentially sensitive neuronal subpopulations in the central nervous system and the formation of hindbrain heterotopias in ethanol‐exposed zebrafish
These data show differentially sensitive CNS neuron subpopulations with susceptibility to low levels of ethanol. In addition, these data reveal the formation of ethanol‐induced hindbrain heterotopias.
Birth defects research - Exploring the contributions and suitability of relational and community‐centered fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) prevention work in First Nation communities
Relational, trauma‐informed, and community‐centered FASD prevention programming was perceived to have positive impacts and be well suited for use within Indigenous communities, and allow for service delivery to be locally and culturally responsive.
Scientific reports - Prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Exposure by Analysis of Meconium Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters; A National Canadian Study
Our study aimed to estimate the prevalence of heavy fetal alcohol exposure through the analysis of meconium FAEEs as an objective biomarker of fetal exposure.
Medicina - Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. An underdiagnosed neuro-development disorder of uncertain prognosis
Prenatal exposure to alcohol is the cause of cognitive and behavioural disorders grouped under the term fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). The long-term evolution of subjects with FASD is often unfavourable, especially in social and academic fields.
Pharmacological Research - Striatal Morphological and Functional Alterations Induced by Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
Prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) is an insidious yet preventable cause of developmental disability. The prenatal stage is a critical period for brain development with the concurrence of high vulnerability to the acute and prolonged effects of PAE.
European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Biology - Fetal growth and maternal alcohol consumption during early pregnancy
Women who consume alcohol should continue to be advised of the fetal and maternal risks of heavy consumption and, if applicable, of the need to quit smoking and avoid illicit drugs.
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research - In Utero Exposure to Alcohol Impairs Reactivity of Cerebral Arterioles and Increases Susceptibility of the Brain to Damage Following Ischemia/Reperfusion in Adulthood
We found that in utero exposure to alcohol reduced responses of cerebral arterioles to ADP and NMDA, but not to nitroglycerin in adult rats.
Journal of Drug Issues - Effectiveness of a Specialized Inpatient Treatment Program for Substance and Alcohol Abusing Pregnant Women
Effectiveness of a 90-day inpatient treatment program designed for substance/alcohol abusing (SAA) pregnant women was evaluated. Participants were 100 SAA pregnant women who also had additional children.
ResearchGate - Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in pediatrics FASD and the pediatrician
Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a complex and malformative condition due to the teratogenic effect of alcohol consumed during pregnancy.
CanFASD - Article Summary: Suicide risk in adolescents with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
This study looks at suicidal ideation and serious suicide attempts among adolescents with high-functioning FASD, between 13-18 years old, and compares the prevalence rates of suicidal ideation among typically developing adolescents.

RTL Online (Germany) - Fetales Alkoholsyndrom: Christian (22) ist geistig behindert, weil seine Mutter trank
Jedes Jahr werden in Deutschland bis zu 10.000 Kinder mit sogenannten "Fetalen Alkoholspektrumstörungen" (FASD) geboren. Zu dem Fetalen Alkoholsyndrom (FAS) kommt es, wenn die Mutter während der Schwangerschaft Alkohol konsumiert.
Telemundo 52 - Nueva herramienta detecta síndrome de alcoholismo fetal con facilidad
Los científicos de la USC y otras universidades han desarrollado una nueva herramienta para detectar a los niños el trastorno del síndrome de alcoholismo fetal de manera rápida y asequible, haciéndolo accesible a más niños en lugares remotos en todo el mundo.
YLE (Finland) - Raskaus voi kannustaa alkoholiongelmaista raitistumaan
Raskaus voi tuoreen ruotsalaistutkimuksen mukaan auttaa alkoholiongelmaisia raitistumaan. Tulosten valossa myös naisten partnerit vähentävät alkoholin käyttöä raskauden myötä. American Journal of Psychiatry -lehden julkaisemat tulokset (siirryt toiseen palveluun) perustuvat 320 000 raskaana vuosina 1975–1992 olleen naisen terveystietoihin. (Poland) - Po wódce trafiła na porodówkę. Lekarze musieli ją uśpić, a niemowlę urodziło się pijane
Niemowlę z 0,5 promila alkoholu we krwi przyszło na świat kilkanaście dni temu w Białej Podlaskiej w województwie lubelskim. Matka dziecka była tak pijana, że lekarze nie byli w stanie się z nią porozumieć. Dzieckiem zajęły się już odpowiednie instytucje.