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Alcohol News - 17/2013 - Int’l alcohol policy symposium discusses harms of alcohol
The harm that alcohol consumption causes to individuals, families and society as a whole and the possible policies that could be adopted by Turkey and other countries are being discussed at a global two-day symposium that started in İstanbul on Friday.
Iceland Review (Iceland) - Icelanders Spend More on Alcohol, Less on Tobacco
Icelanders spend the lowest proportion of their income on tobacco in Europe but a slightly higher than average proportion on alcohol, according to the latest data from Eurostat.
Pharma Times - Lundbeck heads north for first launches of anti-alcohol drug
Lundbeck has launched its alcoholism treatment Selincro in its first markets - Norway, Finland, Poland and the Baltic countries.
Codewit (Finland) - Finland: Underage girls are heavier drinkers than their male counterparts.
Overall, teenage drinking has declined in Finland since the start of the century, but one out of ten young people reports drinking to the point of passing out. Underage girls are heavier drinkers than their male counterparts.
Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - Hibs back calls for end to ban on alcohol sales at Scottish football grounds
HIBS last night added their support to calls for an end to Scottish football’s alcohol ban. Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell reopened the debate last week by revealing the champions are interested in a scheme to relax laws that prevent the sale of ale.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Billy Keane: Alcohol reports won't tell you of a generation dying before our eyes
THE doctors from The Royal College of Physicians in Ireland are asking the Government to ban the sponsorship of sporting events by alcohol companies. (Namibia) - Police Worried About Alcohol-Related Crime
SIX people were killed in different parts of the country over the weekend, while three fatal car accidents and one rape were reported to the police.
Gulf Times (Qatar) - ‘Up to 5% of population’ addicted to alcohol or drugs
Up to 5% of Qatar’s population, aged 18-60 years, is addicted to either alcohol or drugs, a Supreme Council of Health official said yesterday. “Between 3 to 5% of Qatar’s population is addicted to either alcohol or drugs, which is why we want to establish the Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre in order to tackle the problem head on,” Supreme Council of Health’s Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre medical director Dr Mounir Soussi told a press conference. (Iran) - Iran's Health Ministry warns about increased alcohol use among youth
Iran's Health Ministry has issued a warning about the increase of alcohol use amoug young people in the country, ISNA reported.
The Guardian (Scotland) - Should those with a vested interest comment on minimum alcohol pricing?
A new study suggests alcohol companies and supermarkets misrepresented scientific research when submitting findings to a consultation on minimum alcohol pricing.
Daily Mail - Being overweight and drinking alcohol TRIPLES the risk of deadly liver disease in women
Being overweight and drinking alcohol dramatically increases the risk of developing fatty liver disease, according to a study presented at the International Liver Congress. - Clues into how alcohol disrupts the brain
Researchers have identified how alcohol might affect key brain proteins. The finding could eventually lead to the development of drugs that could disrupt the interaction between alcohol and the brain.
Al-Monitor (Tunisia) - Alcohol Consumption High In Tunisia, Despite Prices
Alcohol consumption in Tunisia has never been a matter of a trend or a social phenomenon. Rather, there is a cultural tradition of consumption that dates back to the seventh century B.C. and is not relevant to social, religious or even moral values. - This Kills More People than AIDS or Tuberculosis
April raises awareness for both Alcohol and Domestic Violence. Unfortunately, there is a great need for more awareness of both. My patients in and around menopause commonly discuss issues related to alcohol and if I ask about it, they discuss domestic violence issues with me as well.
The Independent (UK) - Supermarkets 'distorted' scientific findings on alcohol
Leading supermarkets and drinks companies distorted evidence in an attempt to prevent the Scottish Government introducing a minimum price for alcohol, researchers say.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Doctors tired of alcohol damage
Surgeons across Australia are urging a change to the nation's drinking culture, saying they are tired of patching up people hurt as a result of drunken violence.
ABC Online (Australia) - Call for tougher restrictions on alcohol advertising in sport
New research analysing alcohol advertisements during the finals series of both the AFL (Australian Football League) and NRL (National Rugby League) reveals the large number of alcohol ads during both broadcasts.
Daily Free Press (USA) - Student alcohol abuse misjudged, study suggests
Despite older research stating otherwise, a new study suggests alcohol abuse and related deaths may be more prevalent on college campuses than previously thought, something that several Boston University students said could be reversed with increased awareness. (UK) - Anna Soubry: Minimum alcohol pricing is still Government policy
Anna Soubry, the minister for public health, has said that minimum alcohol pricing is still necessary despite David Cameron scrapping the controversial measures.
Atlanta Business Chronicle (USA) - Survey: Up to 3 million alcohol-impaired teens could soon hit roads
The next few months bring graduations and summer celebrations – and likely more teen drinking and driving, according to a survey by Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students Against Destructive Decisions. (Canada) - 'Responsibly' ads for alcohol moderation get mixed reviews
An Alberta advertising campaign encouraging drinking in moderation that wraps up this week received mixed reviews.

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FASD News - 16/2013

NOFAS – NOFAS responds to “light drinking” Research
Research published last week in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology affirms that, “…the safest option for pregnant women is to avoid drinking [alcohol] during pregnancies.” Although, if you read the headlines or the research sponsor’s news release you wouldn’t find that statement anywhere. (Canada) - Signs warn of risk in mixing booze, pregnancy
Nanaimo's liquor-service sector will soon be required to warn patrons about the dangers of mixing alcohol with pregnancy.
Canada FASD Research Network - Light Drinking During Pregnancy: CanFASD Responds to Confusing Information That Continues to Cloud the Issue
A recent article, in the BBC (April 16, 2013) online reported about a study in an International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (BJOG). The headlines read: “Light drinking ‘not harmful to baby’ say scientists,” and “Light drinking during pregnancy does not harm child behavioural or mental development.” - Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder linked to pot's active ingredient
Endocannabinoids, compounds chemically similar to the active ingredient in marijuana, play a role in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, U.S. researchers say.
The Toronto Observer (Canada) - Ad campaign turning heads one belly at a time
While roaming around Toronto these days you might have seen some interesting poster ads. Ads displaying words such as ‘love’, ‘joy’, ‘mom’ and ‘hope’, have been turning heads because the letter ‘O’ is actually the bare belly of a pregnant woman.
Northern Advocate (New Zealand) - Safer Journeys - North mums-to-be putting babies at risk
Mums-to-be are putting their babies at risk by continuing to drink during pregnancy, and even driving under the influence of alcohol.
Medical Daily - Rich Women Most Likely to Binge Drink
Binge drinking is a risk factor in many health and social problems that affect women, including unintentional injuries, violence, liver disease, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, breast and other cancers, reduced cognitive function, and alcohol dependence.

YourAlberta - FASD Prevention: Women and Pregnancy
This session provides background information on FASD including data on alcohol use during pregnancy, how FASD can be prevented, and challenges that are faced in interventions.
YourAlberta - The Role of the Grandmother in FASD Care and Support
In this session, Florence and Donita explore the seven stages of a woman's life, to create awareness of what the woman requires at each stage and how best to support her.
YourAlberta - Engaging Students with FASD
Dr. Jacqueline Pei gives a brief overview of the challenges a child with FASD will face in the classroom environment and focus on strategies for their success.
YourAlberta - Forensic Assessments of Youth Affected by FASD
Dr. Ann Marie Dewhurst will discuss the differences between traditional psychological assessments and forensic assessments.
YourAlberta - Living with FASD - As a Person, As a Parent
This session is intended to share the experiences of a mother who both lives with a diagnosis of FASD and parents one child with and one without FASD.
YourAlberta - Winning the Battle With FASD: A Family Success Story
The Soetaert Family will provide an in depth conversation of how a family of five affected by FASD cope with the day to day challenges as well as successes.
YourAlberta - FASD and Practice: Issues for Prosecutors
This session will provide a brief overview of mental health provisions of the Criminal Code.
mofasorg - FASD Prevention
Do you know what FASD is? Can you describe one symptom of someone with an FASD? Did you know that there are myths and facts surrounding FASD? This training will help to answer those questions and will provide strategies and resource information for you or someone that you know. FASD is preventable.
YourAlberta - Financial Literacy for Individuals with FASD
This session will examine the financial literacy training needed by individuals with FASD.
Telethon Institute Newsletter - Alcohol, Pregnancy and FASD Newsletter
Welcome to the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research Alcohol, Pregnancy and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Research Group April 2013 Newsletter.
SAMSHA – FASD the Course

First International Conference on Prevention of FASD - September 23 - 25, 2013
This is the first international conference to address the primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of FASD. Plenary sessions will promote discussion and reflection on promising and innovative approaches for preventing FASD, such as policies and programs to address alcohol use and the social determinants of health.
Australasian FASD Conference - 19- 20 November 2013
The Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) and the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) invite you to the Australasian Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Conference in Brisbane on 19- 20 November 2013.
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Best Practices in the Last Frontier - May 22-24, 2013

YLE (Finland) - Alkoholivaurioituneet lapset tarvitsevat enemmän tukea
Suomessa ei tarkkaan diagnosoida alkoholivaurioituneita lapsia. Lapsi jolla on FASD, eli alkoholin altistuksen aiheuttama monimuotoinen oireyhtymä, tarvitsee neuropsykologi Åse Fagerlundin mukaan enemmän yhteiskunnan tukea.
Berliner Zeitung (Germany) - Expertin: Kinder suchtkranker Eltern brauchen mehr Hilfe
Kinder suchtkranker Eltern brauchen nach Ansicht von Experten noch mehr gezielte Hilfe aus der gesamten Gesellschaft.

BJOG - Light drinking versus abstinence in pregnancy – behavioural and cognitive outcomes in 7-year-old children: a longitudinal cohort study
The findings suggest that light drinking during pregnancy is not linked to developmental problems in mid-childhood. These findings support current UK Department of Health guidelines on drinking during pregnancy.
Alcoholism - Associations Between Multivitamin Supplement Use and Alcohol Consumption Before Pregnancy: Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System, 2004 to 2008
Approximately 50 to 70% of childbearing-aged women consume alcohol and up to 23% of pregnancies have some level of prenatal alcohol exposure.
The Journal of Neuroscience - Anandamide–CB1 Receptor Signaling Contributes to Postnatal Ethanol-Induced Neonatal Neurodegeneration, Adult Synaptic, and Memory Deficits
The transient exposure of immature rodents to ethanol during postnatal day 7 (P7), which is comparable with the third trimester in human pregnancy, induces synaptic dysfunctions.
Health Education and Behavior - A Comparison of Maternal Outcomes From an Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Prevention Program for Mothers Choosing an Intervention Versus Being Randomized
Self-determination theory and substantial research findings suggest that more desirable outcomes may occur when participants are able to choose their prevention or treatment interventions, as having a choice may lead to greater motivation and feelings of self-efficacy.
Disease Models and Mechanisms - Long lasting alterations to DNA methylation and ncRNAs may underlie the effects of fetal alcohol exposure
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) are characterized by life long changes in gene expression, neurodevelopment, and behavior. What mechanisms initiate and maintain these changes are not known, but current research suggests a role for alcohol induced epigenetic changes.

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Alcohol News - 16/2013

The Foreigner (Norway) - Norway Liberals liberate supermarket wine sales
It looks as though Norway might be moving towards a more (foreign) shopper-oriented alcohol policy just over five months before the general election. Last weekend’s national Party congress saw a majority vote in favour of wine and beer over 4.75 per cent alcohol by volume gracing the shelves of ordinary supermarkets and shops.
The Local (Denmark/Sweden) - Danish beer bottles 'too sexy' for Sweden
A cartoon depiction of a topless woman has been deemed too sexy for Sweden's state run liquor store monopoly Systembolaget, forcing a brewery in Denmark to change the beer bottle's label for the Swedish stores.
The Foriegner (Norway) - Supermarket wine will never work, says Norway trade organisation
Norwegian alcohol industry players think politicians and consumers will have a hangover after buying wine and strong beer in supermarkets. (Finland) - Alcohol industry claims higher taxes will mean tax losses
Finland's alcohol beverage industry says that a planned tax hike for its products will lead to more people buying cheaper drink in Estonia, depriving Finland of hundreds of millions in tax revenues.
MedPage Today - Excess Alcohol Tied to Diabetes Precursor
Prediabetes in younger patients with early-stage hypertension may be one more risk to add to the list for heavy drinking, a study showed. (UK) - Minimum alcohol pricing may not happen over 'big, bossy government' fears
Minimum alcohol pricing may be scrapped over fears the Coalition would seem like a "big bossy government cracking down on people who don't have a problem", a health minister has admitted.
U.S. News & World Report (USA) - Drunk Driving Not the Only Way Alcohol Leads to Teen Deaths: Study
Less than one-third of the 4,700 annual underage drinking-related deaths in the United States result from road crashes, according to a new study.
Science Daily - Parents Can Help Their Children Avoid Alcohol Pitfalls During Transition from High School to College
Prior research has shown that the transition from high school to college is a particularly vulnerable time, associated with increased alcohol use and risk of negative alcohol-related consequences.
Medical Xpress (Australia) - Australians drink to get drunk but want alcohol reforms
Australians are increasingly drinking alcohol to get drunk but just one in five believe they drink too much. - Taste of beer, not alcohol, said trigger of urge to drink more
Just the taste of beer, even without alcohol, causes the release of brain chemicals that make us want to drink more and become intoxicated, U.S. scientists say.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Alcohol most available in Chch's poorest suburbs
People living in Christchurch's poorest suburbs have the easiest access to booze and cause the most alcohol related harm.
KYW Newsradio - Study: People Consume More Calories When Drinking Alcohol
If you feel like you’re eating more when you drink alcohol, you’re probably right. According to a study by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, people consume more calories on days they drink than on days when they don’t imbibe.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Expert: Ireland operates as ‘conveyor belt’ for alcohol industry
Ireland operates as a “conveyor belt” for the alcohol industry with 60,000 children starting to drink every single year, an Oireachtas committee has heard.
aidsmap (EU) - Liver disease a major cause of illness and death across the EU: action needed to save lives
Liver disease is the cause of a considerable burden of illness across the European Union (EU), investigators report in The Journal of Hepatology. The authors calculate that 170,000 deaths each year are attributable to liver cirrhosis, with 47,000 of these caused by liver cancer. The main causes of liver disease were excess alcohol consumption, viral infections and obesity, all of which are “amenable to prevention and treatment”.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Doctors warn alcohol sponsorship of sports 'grooming' child drinkers
DOCTORS today demanded a ban on alcohol sponsorship of sporting events warning the drinks industry is “grooming” child drinkers.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Alcohol News - 15/2013

Xinhua - Alcohol, drugs cause low birth weight: Australian study
Women with drug or alcohol related mental disorders are up to four times more likely to have a low- birth weight baby, an Australian study revealed. (Helsinki) - Yle: Government planning outright ban on public alcohol advertising
Government is considering an outright ban on public alcohol advertising, Yle reports. The ban would also affect advertisements in media such as radio and the social networking site Facebook . However ads would still be permitted in sports sponsorships and will remain visible in stadia and on sports gear. (Finland) - Finnish government says NO to alcohol advertising
According to a recent news from Helsingin Sanomat, a Finnish government is planning to ban all alcohol outdoor advertising. While this would sound a good and educational solution for any modern nation who has already took steps towards more healthier world, especially in Finland where excess alcohol usage is a common health problem, plans do not fit for everyone.
The Local (Sweden) - Alcohol seizures down despite tough new law
Despite the introduction of a new law strengthening the powers of customs officials, the number of seizures of alcohol ordered online has declined dramatically in 2013.
Daily Nation (Kenya) - Governors urged to curb alcohol abuse, insecurity
County governments in Central region have an uphill task of curbing insecurity and alcoholism. “Alcoholism is expected to pose a great challenge to the new leaders,” said outgoing Central Provincial Commissioner Japhter Rugut. (USA) - Report outlines role of health departments, community coalitions in regulating alcohol outlet density
Regulating alcohol outlet density, or the number of physical locations in which alcoholic beverages are available for purchase in a geographic area, is an effective strategy for reducing excessive alcohol consumption and associated harms.
Vibe Ghana (Ghana) - Check excessive alcohol ads on TV and radio
Reverend Joseph Bosomah, Acting Chairman of the Central Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, has expressed concern about the excessive alcohol ads on television and radio. (UK) - Pubs demand minimum alcohol price
The heads of pubs, nightclubs and breweries are pleading with David Cameron to stick to his plans to introduce a mininum alcohol price.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Gastroenterologists call for action on cheap alcohol
The Irish Society of Gastroenterology has called on the Government to introduce a 1 per cent levy on alcohol advertising and sponsorship expenditure.
EPHA (EU) - Evening reception - alcohol & cancer: a report from the Royal College of Physicians & the Alcohol Health Alliance UK
The current EU framework in the area of alcohol - the EU Strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol related harm - came to an end in 2012 but Europe still remains the world heaviest drinker.
Thanh Nien Daily (Vietnam) - HCMC gov’t rejects police proposal to limit alcohol trade
The Ho Chi Minh City municipal administration has rejected a suggestion made by its police to place limits on the trade of alcoholic drinks after 10 p.m. as an attempt to reduce traffic accidents. - Baylor University study shows acute dose of alcohol may cause greater impairment in elderly
An acute dose of alcohol may cause greater impairment in coordination, learning and memory in the elderly than in young people, according to a study by Baylor University.
Guardian (Russia) - The Last Man in Russia, and the Struggle to Save a Dying Nation by Oliver Bullough – review
If Russia is dying, Bullough suggests one doesn't have to look far to find the cause. Russians are literally drinking themselves to death. If Bullough is right, then the staggering figure of Boris Yeltsin is a more accurate symbol for the nation that Putin's gung-ho, karate black-belt.
Haringey Independent (UK) - Annual Health Report ‘Is Haringey over the limit?’ sets out Haringey Borough Council plans to tackle alcohol
A senior doctor says harm from alcohol is one of the biggest challenges facing the borough. This year’s Annual Health Report, entitled ‘Is Haringey over the limit?’, sets out how Haringey Borough Council plans to tackle drink-related harm in the borough.
Legalbrief (South Africa) - Alcohol adverts Bill will curb misuse, says Minister
Anti-alcohol organisations argue Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi's announcement that a Bill restricting alcohol advertising is likely to be presented to the Cabinet this week is a step in the right direction to curb alcohol misuse, says a report in The Mercury. (New Zealand) - Teens avoid harm from relaxed booze laws
Lowering the drinking age to 18 has not led to more binge-drinking or alcohol-related road accidents among young people, researchers have found.
Times of India - Reduced alcohol intake cuts dependency
A potential new treatment for alcoholism called nalmefene has been found to be effective and safe for reducing alcohol consumption in alcohol dependent individuals.

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NordAN - alcohol consumption in Nordic and Baltic countries

FASD News - 14/2013

CBC Toronto (Canada) - Alcohol And Pregnancy
Matt Galloway spoke about an ad campaign on downtown streets, with Gal Koren. He is the president of FASworld Toronto . The ad campaign is spreading awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
Standard Digital (Kenya) - Pregnancy and alcohol don’t mix
Have you ever seen a pregnant woman drinking a certain brand of alcohol. Not in the hidden but openly? I have. And the person who was proudly refilling her glass was her husband.
Nanaimo Daily News (Canada) - Signs warn of risk in mixing booze, pregnancy
Nanaimo's liquor-service sector will soon be required to warn patrons about the dangers of mixing alcohol with pregnancy. Nanaimo city council is set to approve a new bylaw mandating liquor-licensed establishments to post warning signs about drinking while pregnant. Restaurants, pubs and liquor stores will have until January to put up the new signage or owners could the risk of facing a $100 fine.
Brandon Sun (USA) - Campaign targets drinking, pregnancy
THE North Point Douglas Women's Centre is trying to get the message out to expectant mothers about the dangers of FASD, one poster at a time.
Adelaide Now (Australia) - Foetal alcohol syndrome linked to binge drinking by mums
YOUNG women who binge drink while pregnant are producing a new wave of school children with learning difficulties, experts say.
Deccan Chronicle (India) - Booze turns A womb killer
Here is a case which should make parents who consume alcohol unmindful of the effects it would have on their yet to be born progeny sit up and take note. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is not something to be taken casually, say docs.
West Virginia Public Broadcasting (USA) - Substance Abuse Prevention Partnership focuses on addicted babies
The Cabell County Substance Abuse Partnership hosted its seventh annual summit recently as it educates the public on the growing issues of substance abuse in pregnant moms. (Canada) - Peer support reinforces breast-feeding benefits
While the percentage of women breastfeeding their babies continues to increase across the country, a Lakehead University researcher says that's not the case with Aboriginal women. (USA) - Alcohol Use by Pregnant Women
Fetal alcohol syndrome usually results from alcohol exposure at 3-8 weeks gestation. Because of this many women may be drinking while they are unaware that they are pregnant. As a result, reported alcohol use just before pregnancy may be the most accurate measure of use in early pregnancy.

First International Conference on Prevention of FASD - September 23 - 25, 2013
This is the first international conference to address the primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of FASD.
FASD: Best Practices in the Last Frontier – May 22-24 2013
The Arctic FASD Regional Training Center and the UAA Center for Behavioral Health Research and Services invites you to attend the 2013 conference on FASDs – FASD: Best Practices in the Last Frontier.

Human Relations Media - DRUGS, ALCOHOL & PREGNANCY
One out of ten babies in the U.S. has been exposed to drugs like cocaine and alcohol in the womb. The results are often tragic: undersized, unresponsive babies with nerve damage, seizures, deformities, impaired motor skills and (as they grow older) behavior and learning disabilities.
VancouverSunOnline - What are the Effects of Alcohol on Pregnancy?
Alcohol is a toxin and its effects on your baby if you drink to excess are well documented. Dr. Karen Buhler, family physician, discusses the effects of alcohol on pregnancy.
docstoc - Read the history of FASD - Alcohol and Pregnancy and Fetal – Girls, Women and Alcohol: Making informed Choices
This resource was written by women for women to give you useful information about alcohol and help you make healthy and well-informed choices about your alcohol use. It is not designed to make women stop drinking alcohol.
New website – KnowFASD
SAMSHA - Addressing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) In Women’s Residential Substance Abuse Treatment
SAMSHA - Integrating Sustainable Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Services in Your Existing Service Setting

PLOS - Cost of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis in Canada
As a result of using the most conservative approach, the cost of FASD diagnostic services presented in the current study is most likely underestimated. The reasons for this likelihood and the limitations of the study are discussed.
PubMed - Alcohol use in pregnancy: insights in screening and intervention for the clinician
Alcohol consumption during pregnancy remains a common occurrence and is associated with a multitude of adverse birth and long-term outcomes. Binge drinking in particular is shown to be particularly harmful to the developing fetus. Effects include full fetal alcohol syndrome, with characteristic facial dysmorphology, growth restriction, and developmental to delays.
Alcoholism - Diffusion Tensor Imaging Correlates of Saccadic Reaction Time in Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Eye movement tasks provide a simple method for inferring structural or functional brain deficits in neurodevelopmental disorders. Oculomotor control is impaired in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), yet the neuroanatomical substrates underlying this are not known.
Alcoholism - Comments and Reflections on Ethics in Screening for Biomarkers of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
Early identification of and intervention for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) has been shown to optimize outcomes for affected individuals. Detecting biomarkers of prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) in neonates may assist in the identification of children at risk of FASD enabling targeted early interventions.
PNAS - Understanding variability in ethanol teratogenicity
Ethanol is the most widely used psychoactive drug and, when used inappropriately, can have deleterious effects. The developing fetus is particularly sensitive to the deleterious effects of ethanol.

Tribuna (Romania) - Consecinţele consumului de droguri asupra fătului şi nou–născutului
Abuzul de droguri reprezintă o problemă de sănătate publică şi nu una legală şi este, în conformitate cu afirmaţiile American Committee of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ACOG, 1984) unul din riscurile majore ale obstetricii contemporane atât pentru mamă cât şi pentru făt.

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Alcohol News - 14/2013

EurActiv (EU) - Fighting alcohol harm: The EU's strategy under review
Europeans have the highest per-capita consumption of alcohol, and drinking causes nearly 1-in-10 cases of ill health and premature death. The European Commission’s informal alcohol strategy, launched in 2006, is set for a detailed evaluation in 2013, with the policy objective of reducing the health and social harm caused by excessive alcohol consumption.
Finland Times (Finland) - Google stops alcohol ads
Search engine operator and online marketing company Google has decided to stop advertisements of alcohol and alcoholic beverages in Finland from Tuesday.
Mmegi Online (Botswana) - Botswana drinking rate fell before alcohol levy
A World Health Organisation (WHO) report indicates that the rate of drinking in Botswana was already declining before the alcohol levy was introduced in 2008. The report says that Botswana's alcohol consumption went down in a five-year period from 2000-2005.
Egypt Independent (Egypt) - Bad spirits: Brotherhood govt targets Egypt's alcohol industry
A few streets down from a crowded local mosque in the affluent satellite suburb of 6th of October City, Abu Ramez proudly stacks Egyptian beer and wine onto the shelves of his supermarket, Bazaar al-Gamaa. (Nigeria) - Nigeria: Minister Cautions Nigerians On Excessive Salt, Alcohol Intake
The Minister of State for Health, Dr Muhammad Pate, on Sunday cautioned on excessive consumption of salt and alcohol as the world marks the Health Day.
New Vision (Uganda) - Drivers should not take any alcohol – Police
AS long as you have tasted alcohol, do not get behind the wheel, otherwise you risk being arrested and charged, says Dr. Steven Kasiima, the traffic Police senior commissioner. (Russia) - Government campaign targets alcohol abuse
A legendary capacity for hard drinking is finally being challenged – by a changing work ethic and a government crackdown.
BU Today - A Drink a Day Raises Cancer Risk, Study Says
How many of us enjoy a glass or two of wine at dinner? How many of us have read that moderate drinking of red wine is good for the heart? How many of us know that even moderate drinking might increase our cancer risk?
The Independent (UK) - Street disorder drops after Ipswich bans super-strength alcohol
An East Anglian town has seen a dramatic fall in street disorder since most of its shopkeepers banned the sale of super-strength alcohol.
Daily Mail (UK) - Children as young as SEVEN are being admitted to hospital with alcohol addiction
Children as young as seven are being admitted to hospital with alcohol problems, an investigation has found.
Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Underage drink fears as supermarket beats ban
THE campaign against underage drinking and anti-social behaviour in Scotland has been dealt a heavy blow after the country's largest local authority lost a landmark ruling at the Court of Session. (Australia) - Close legal loophole and boot out booze ads, VicHealth urges
A LEGAL loophole allowing alcohol advertising during the day should be closed immediately, the state's peak health group has urged.
Pro Bono Australia (Australia) - Cost of Alcohol Misuse Double Govt Revenue
The cost to society from alcohol harm and misuse in Australia is double that raised in tax and excise revenue by the Federal Government, according to a new study by the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC).
RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty - Low Life Expectancy Continues To Plague Former Soviet Countries
More than two decades after the fall of communism, most former Soviet countries still have mortality rates significantly higher than those in Western Europe.
B92 (Serbia) - Serbia "fourth in alcohol consumption"
An adult citizen of Serbia consumes an average of about 11 liters of alcohol each year, ranking Serbia the fourth country in Europe.
CTV News (Canada) - Ontario's doctors say province needs to address its 'drinking problem'
Ontario has a drinking problem and the government must do something about it, the organization representing the province's doctors said Tuesday.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Of all deaths on the road to responsible alcohol approximately thirteen percent. Strictly speaking: no alcohol, but the drivers.
News in English (Norway) - Demand crashed Vinmonopolet site
Thirsty, holiday-bound Norwegians were so curious about the opening hours at Norway’s state wine and liquor store chain, Vinmonopolet, on Wednesday that their heavy traffic to the monopoly’s website ended up crashing it. Vinmonopolet’s restricted opening hours may be liberalized somewhat next year.
Nordstjernan (Norway/Sweden) - Systembolaget closed due to Norwegian invasion
Swedish Systembolaget (the government owned chain of liquor stores) was closing in the town of Strömstad as a precaution because of the massive “invasion” of Norwegians expected around Easter.
The Baltic Course (Lithuania) - Lithuania health min wants to increase excise duty on cigarettes and alcohol every year
Lithuanian Minister of Health Vytenis Povilas Andriukaitis says that he is in favour of continuously increasing excise duties on cigarettes and alcohol, reports LETA/ELTA.
ICEnew (Finland) - Finland clamp down on under-age drinking
Three people who bought alcohol on behalf of Finnish under-age drinkers have each been given tough sentences by the Vantaa district court. The leader of the trio, a 59-year-old man, has been charged with tobacco sales crimes, weapons crimes, alcohol crimes and tax fraud. (Finland) - Tough sentences in under-age alcohol case
A trio who bought alcohol for under-age drinkers in the capital city region were convicted of tax fraud and alcohol crimes at Vantaa district court. (Finland) - Finnish research: “Coffee might protect alcohol drinkers from liver disease”
The researchers asked nearly 19,000 Finnish men and women aged from 25 to 74 about their coffee and alcohol consumption. They also measured participants’ blood levels of the liver enzyme gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT).
Baltic Course (Estonia) - Estonian beverage producers set a ceiling to alcohol content of cider and long drink
Estonian Beer Association members A. LeCoq, Saku Õlletehas ja Viru Õlu will reduce the alcohol content of cider produced and marketed at a the local market to 4.5% and that of long drink to 5.5% starting July 1, 2013, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - The price that society pays for heavy drinkers' freedom is a crying shame
I was shown a photo recently of me giving a leaving certificate to one of my students. The photo moved me greatly because the boy is now dead. His name was Thomas Kelly and he was killed last year when someone hit him from behind while he strolled in Kings Cross with his girlfriend.
IrishCentral (Ireland) - Irish government set to introduce a minimum price on alcohol to tackle abuse
The government is preparing measures, including setting minimum pricing, to tackle alcohol abuse. A major study of how much alcohol Irish people consume is already underway. The report will determine how often they go to the pub and with whom they drink.
SU The Daily Orange - Nasa: Healthy ideas about body image, alcoholic beverage consumption must be promoted
College women face more scrutiny than their male counterparts when it comes to gaining weight from excessive drinking. Some companies have found a way to cash in on this stigma by creating alcohol marketed specifically toward the insecurities of women.
The Nationa Student (UK) - Alcohol restriction proposed for under 25s
To curb binge drinking in the UK, a Government think-tank has proposed restricting all alcohol consumption by people under 25 to their recommended daily amount of units.
Daily Mail (France) - 'Le binge-drinking' takes hold of France as alcohol-related hospital admissions rise by 30%
France has seen a sharp rise in the number of people being hospitalised for alcohol-related conditions. Around 400,000 people out of a population of 65 million are admitted to French hospitals every year for conditions like comas, hepatitis and liver cirrhosis, a rise of 30 per cent compared with three years ago.
Adelaide Now (Australia) - Foetal alcohol syndrome linked to binge drinking by mums
YOUNG women who binge drink while pregnant are producing a new wave of school children with learning difficulties, experts say.
Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey) - Governor of Aegean province defends anti-alcohol measures overturned by court
The Afyonkarahisar Governor’s Office has defended its decision to restrict alcohol consumption in the western province after a court recently struck down anti-drinking measures, saying its moves were not illegal.
Prague Daily Monitor (Chech Republic) - Gov't toughens fight against alcohol drinking, smoking
The Czech government Wednesday approved a plan of the state's tougher fight against excessive alcohol drinking and smoking, mainly by young people, by enhancing prevention steps at schools and setting up a network of services for those in trouble due to drugs, alcohol and gambling.