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FASD News - 12/2014

Health RC - How to prevent birth defects – helpful knowledge sources for you to have a healthy baby
Birth defects occur to babies during their development in the uterus. Birth defects usually happen during the first 3 months of a pregnancy. The birth defects can cause changes in the baby’s body functions, or appears or both. Birth defects vary from moderate levels to severe ones. Many babies suffering from birth defects can’t survive. A birth defect can be found soon during gestation, at birth and after birth.
Anchorage Daily News (USA) - Under fire, Kelly says FASD prevention group remains 'hesitant' to embrace free birth control
Under fire for his remarks on birth control in this Daily News Q&A, Sen. Pete Kelly told colleagues today that his FASD prevention think tank might one day embrace contraception as a prevention tool but is instead focused on free pregnancy tests for now. (New Zealand) - Thinking of drinking while pregnant?
New Zealand health groups say Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is reaching pandemic proportions, with high numbers of people living with the disorder undiagnosed.
CAMH - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD): An under-recognized issue, which may be on the rise globally
A special issue of the open-access International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) is intended to increase awareness of the negative effects of alcohol use in pregnancy and to improve prevention, treatment and care for those living with FASD.
IJADR - An international campaign to raise awareness of the risks of drinking in pregnancy
The EUFASD Alliance, in collaboration with partners in health education from the Local Health Authority of Treviso, Italy, and a creative partner, Fabrica, propose to develop a campaign which can be adapted to countries and cultures around the world. (Australia) - Support for pregnant mothers who drink is lacking
The Northern Territory is considering legislation to make drinking during pregnancy an offence in a bid to combat foetal alcohol spectrum disorders. But, as Cathy Pryor writes, experts say education and support are the keys to tackling the issue.
Real Clear Policy - The Disputed Case Law on 'Fetal Harm'
Rennie Gibbs's daughter, Samiya, was a month premature when she simultaneously entered the world and left it, never taking a breath. To experts who later examined the medical record, the stillborn infant's most likely cause of death was also the most obvious: the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck.

FASD Informed Practice for Community Based Programs
Anchorage Daily News - Q&A: Senator proposes free pregnancy tests in 'war' on FASD
Senate Finance co-chair Pete Kelly, who says he is declaring war on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in Alaska, this week described his plan of attack.
PreventionInstitute - FASD Prevention, Diagnosis and Support - The Honourable June Draude, Minister of Social Services
A Message from the Government of Saskatchewan: FASD Prevention, Diagnosis and Support - The Honourable June Draude, Minister of Social Services.
PreventionInstitute - Time to Get Serious About FASD Prevention -- Dr. Sterling Clarren
It seems so simple. If a woman does not drink while pregnant, her baby will not have a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Dr. Sterling Clarren talks about the challenges of protecting babies from this lifelong disability.
Inter Tribal Health Authority - ITHA - Parenting with FASD
Home Visiting Strategies that work with First Nations families. Presented by the Inter Tribal Health Authority (ITHA) Maternal Child Health (MCH) Program.
PreventionInstitute - Meconium Testing to Determine Alcohol Exposure -- Dr. Gideon Koren
Meconium is a baby's first bowel movement after birth. It can be tested to see if the baby was exposed to alcohol before he was born. Dr. Gideon Koren explains meconium testing, how it is used, and some of the ethical issues with this test.

Third European Conference on FASD
Building on the success of the first European conference on FASD (Kerkrade, Netherlands, 2010) and the second European conference on FASD (Barcelona, Spain, 2012), we are pleased to announce the third European conference on FASD, to be held in Rome.
University of Regina - FASD at the Frontline: Dialogue and Strategies for New Outcomes – April 23
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is an umbrell aterm for a wide range of issues that may result from prenatal exposure to alcohol. FASD presents a particular challenge in the province, an urgent challenge, and it impacts citizens and agencies alike. The goal of this FREE one-day workshop is to help meet that challenge.
The 6th International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
This advanced level conference continues to bring together experts from multiple disciplines to share international research. From the pure science, to prevention, diagnosis and intervention across the lifespan, the conference will address the implications of this research and promote scientific/community collaboration.

The International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research - Second Special Issue: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Alcoholism - Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder on Adaptive Functioning
As found previously, both prenatal alcohol exposure and ADHD increase adaptive behavior deficits in all domains. However, these 2 factors interact to cause the greatest impairment in children with both prenatal alcohol exposure and ADHD for communication abilities. These results further demonstrate the deleterious effects of prenatal alcohol exposure and broaden our understanding of how ADHD exacerbates behavioral outcomes in this population.
Open Journal of Pediatrics - Effectiveness of a Novel Low Cost Intervention to Reduce Prenatal Alcohol Exposure in the Congo
This study demonstrates the effectiveness of a low cost in-office intervention to reduce prenatal alcohol exposure in the Congo.

IN OTHER LANGUAGES (Italy) - Disturbo dello Spettro Fetale Alcolico: sottovalutati gli effetti dell’alcol in gravidanza
I rischi dell’assunzione di alcol durante la gravidanza vengono generalmente sottovalutati dalla maggior parte delle donne.

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Smoking Alcohol The Dangerous New Trend - Dr. Oz Show

It's the popular new trend that can cause more alcohol poisoning and lung damage than drinking: smoking alcohol. Dr. Oz reveals how with this craze can turn deadly.

Alcohol: without the hangover?

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Alcohol News - 12/2014

Irish Independent (Ireland) - Alcohol abuse causing harm to one in four of us
The misery inflicted on others due to someone else's drinking is leaving one in four people coping with the trauma of family rows, drunk driving, assault, vandalism or money difficulties.
Fox News (USA) - Alcohol’s role in traffic deaths vastly underreported, study shows
While much progress has been made in the fight against drunk driving, a new study from U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism indicates that alcohol-related traffic deaths are still vastly underreported on death certificates.
Public Radio International (UK) - Britain is sobering up with alcohol-free 'dry bars'
In the UK, a number of bars that don't serve alcohol have opened up recently. They are called "dry bars" — and they're places where people can hang out, have a bite to eat and drink "mocktails."
USA TODAY - Starbucks serving alcohol at more locations
Like others in the ultra-competitive restaurant world, the coffee giant plans to expand the number of domestic locations that sell alcoholic beverages.
Eleven Myanmar (Myanmar) - Alcohol consumption increasing in Myanmar
The rate of alcohol consumption is rising in Myanmar, with local production of beer, wine and spirits at more than 25 million gallons annually, according to the local reports.
Caymanian Compass (Cayman Islands) - Alcohol is drug of choice for teens
More than half of Cayman Islands students do not use substances at all, according to a report on substance use by the territory’s adolescents, but among those who do, alcohol is the most popular drug of choice.
EurekAlert (Finland) - Drinking alcohol several times a week increases the risk of stroke mortality
Consuming alcohol more frequently than twice a week increases the risk of stroke mortality in men, according to a study carried out at the University of Eastern Finland. The results show that the effects of alcohol are not limited to the amount consumed, but also the frequency of drinking matters.
World Health Organization (Australia) - Protecting unborn babies from alcohol-related harm
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) is the umbrella term for impairments of the growth and development of the brain and the central nervous system caused by drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Aboriginal women in Australia have shown how communities can take action to protect their women and babies from alcohol-related harm in pregnancy. - Drug and alcohol abuse could be linked with poor development of "love hormone"
Addictive behavior such as drug and alcohol abuse could be associated with poor development of the so-called "love hormone" system in our bodies during early childhood, according to researchers at the University of Adelaide. (Canada) - Half of young Cape Bretoners struggle with alcohol: report
Some startling figures have come out in a report compiled by health professionals and police about the over-consumption of alcohol in Cape Breton.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Public health isn't a priority for profit-driven alcohol industry
FOR the first time, an Irish Government has decided to treat our harmful relationship with alcohol as a public health problem in an effort to bring about positive change in a society where binge drinking and drunkenness has become normal, accepted behaviour.
The FINANCIAL (EU) - Tackling alcohol related harm requires better actions
Europe is the heaviest drinking region in the world – Europeans drink more than twice as any other region, according to EUbusiness Ltd.
Irish Mirror (Ireland) - One in ten workers forced to pick up the slack left from boozy colleagues
Workers are having to carry the can for colleagues who are drinking too much, shock new research has revealed. The HSE’s “Alcohol’s Harm to Others in Ireland” report shows that one-in-ten employees have experienced negative consequences as a result of a co-worker’s heavy drinking.
The Age (Australia) - Health call for harder stand on pubs, clubs
Victoria should follow NSW's lead by introducing 3am last drinks in pubs and clubs and a statewide ban on the sale of takeaway alcohol after 10pm, health groups say.
Radio New Zealand (New Zealand) - Alcohol policies must change – Palmer
Former Law Commission president Sir Geoffrey Palmer says an increase in the tax on alcohol would be an important step in changing New Zealand's binge drinking culture.

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Alcohol News - 11/2014

BBC News - Alcohol-related brain damage report highlights concerns
A report into alcohol-related brain damage (ARBD) should serve as a "wake-up call", Alcohol Concern Cymru said.
NHS Choices - Alcohol at end of aisles linked to 'boosted sales'
“Putting alcohol and fizzy drinks at the end of supermarket aisles does make us buy more,” the Mail Online reports.
Los Angeles Times (USA) - About 88,000 U.S. deaths each year traced to alcohol use, study says
Alcohol is responsible for about 88,000 deaths in the U.S. each year, according to a new government report on the toll of excessive drinking. (Ireland) - Drug and alcohol abuse leading to care proceedings for children
DRUG AND ALCOHOL abuse, mental illness and social isolation are the main causes leading to care proceedings, according to the latest reports by the Child Care Law Reporting Project.
Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey) - 84.9 pct of Turks ‘don’t drink alcohol,’ according to Health Ministry
Some 84.9 percent of Turks say they do not consume alcohol, according to a Health Ministry study titled “Health and Nutrition in Turkey” conducted among 44,607 participants.
EurActiv (EU) - Lawmakers urge alcohol curbs on minors
The European Parliament's Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) has voted on Monday (10 March) in favour of an EU proposal to reduce alcohol consumption by minors.
YLE News (Finland) - New health chief backs calls for tighter alcohol laws
As the Health Ministry draws up new laws on the sale of alcohol, the new head of Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) says he supports further restrictions on the sale of beer and cider.
Forbes (USA) - Update On Binge Drinking Among College Students: From Bad To Worse
Recent data on college age drinking from NIH, specifically the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)–its first update since an initial review in 1976– has brought to light the significant consequences of binge drinking among college students.
ABC Online - Community action 'not enough' to reduce alcohol harm
Community action does little to curb the severe problems arising from risky drinking behaviour, say authors of a new study. (Ireland) - Alcohol Forum says alcohol is wreaking havoc on communities around Ireland
Over the week communities throughout Ireland will get involved with activities to raise awareness of issues surrounding alcohol such as family problems, assaults, crime and anti-social behavior.
Vancouver Sun (Canada) - Harm reduction program for chronic, homeless alcoholics saves money: B.C. Study
A new study says a program that provides alcohol to chronic, homeless alcoholics reduces emergency hospital visits and arrests, likely saving taxpayer dollars in the long run.
Otago Daily Times (New Zealand) - Cases of women with cirrhosis of the liver multiply
Seventeen women in the South were diagnosed last year with cirrhosis of the liver from drinking too much alcohol.

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FASD News - 10/2014

The Independent - Drinking alcohol early in pregnancy, even in small amounts, increases chances of harming your baby, study finds
Women who drink less than the officially recommended intake of alcohol during the first weeks of pregnancy may still be at higher risk of having smaller babies or of giving birth prematurely compared to women who do not drink alcohol at all, a study has found.
ABC Local (Australia) - Research to look at FASD rates among young offenders
New research is set to provide a better picture of those affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) in the WA prison system.
The West Australian (Australia) - Help for alcohol birth defects
The Federal Government plans to make foetal alcohol spectrum disorder a registered disability, which will enable potentially thousands of WA children to get support and treatment they cannot get.
The Guardian (Australia) - ‘Lack of action’ on harmful use of alcohol in Indigenous communities
State and federal governments have failed to take on multiple recommendations to curb the harm alcohol does in Indigenous communities, the Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre (Kalacc) has said in a submission to the government’s latest inquiry.
Daily Mail (UK) - Alcohol link to premature birth: Just three drinks a week in early pregnancy can double the chance
Just three drinks a week in early pregnancy can double the chances of having a premature or unexpectedly small baby - with middle class mothers most at risk, warn researchers.
BBC News (UK) - Pregnancy drinking examined as possible crime in landmark case
A long-running court case set to be heard in the Court of Appeal has reignited the debate over drinking while pregnant - and whether doing so to excess should be considered a crime. - Middle-class mothers’ alcohol risk to babies
Middle-class mothers are at greater risk of having premature and smaller babies as they drink too much in pregnancy, a study has found.
Monthly Prescribing Reference - Research Supports Alcohol Abstinence Advice Pre-Conception
Women who consume alcohol before pregnancy and during the first two trimesters are at increased risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes, according to research published online March 10 in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Two units of alcohol a week risks foetus
Just two alcoholic drinks a week in early pregnancy may increase the risk of having a premature or small baby, and it is middle-class women who are most likely to drink more than this. (Canada) - How 'One-Stop' Care Lifts New Moms from Addiction
Sun streams into the bright room painted in vibrant hues of green and blue. In a messy circle of soft sofas, baby strollers and rockers, six women sit watching infants crawl at their feet and toddlers play with scattered toys.
The Independent (UK) - Offering financial incentives an effective way to encourage healthier lifestyles, researchers claim
One recent study found that smokers in deprived areas who were offered £12.50 per week to quit smoking had a three-month quit rate of more than 30 per cent - more than double the national average.

Webinar: What Nurses Need to Know About FASD
Nurses play a key role in preventing prenatal exposure to alcohol and in empowering individuals and families affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs). This webinar will provide a broad overview of both FASD prevention and intervention in the context of nursing. It is geared to nurses from all fields and levels. Professionals, providers, families and caregivers will also find the information useful.

30MommasTips - Ten Ways to Help a Child with FASD and a $100 Babies R US Gift Card #Giveaway #PreventFASD
For the first five years of Ainsley's life we spent countless resources trying to figure out ways to help manage her disability. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is incredibly tricky to diagnose, and then to manage on an average day.
Anchorage Daily News - Alcohol & Me: Deb Evensen
Deb Evensen has been educating school districts and other organizations about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders for more than 30 years in Alaska and beyond. She shares a few things she wants every Alaskan to know about FASD.
TheFarleyCenter - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
CAPHC Presents - Moment to Moment: Growing Up with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
The following training video on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is produced by the Washington State Department of Social Services and is part of the Foster Parent Web.
CAPTA Citizen Review Panel Project - Oregon Courts
A presentation by one of the leading authorities on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Diane V. Malbin, M.S.W., Founder of FASCETS, will explain what FAS is, how.

Alcohol and Alcoholism - Adolescents' Use of Alcohol, Tobacco and Illicit Drugs in Relation to Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: Modifications by Gender and Ethnicity
The study aimed to investigate (a) the association between low to moderate prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) and the use of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs in adolescence and (b) whether the associations are modified by gender and ethnicity.

IN OTHER LANGUAGES (Netherlands) - Alcohol verhoogt risisco vroeggeboorte
Dat alcohol niet goed is tijdens de zwangerschap weten we natuurlijk allang, echter wie aan het begin van haar zwangerschap drie glazen alcohol per week nuttigt, loopt een dubbel risico op een vroeggeboorte.
Aanstaande moeders die in het begin van een zwangerschap drie glazen alcohol per week nuttigen lopen een dubbel risico op een vroeggeboorte. Drinken in de maand voor de conceptie kan daarnaast de grootte van de baby beïnvloeden. Dit meldt de Telegraaf.

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Alcohol News - 10/2014

 The Independent - Drinking alcohol early in pregnancy, even in small amounts, increases chances of harming your baby, study finds
Women who drink less than the officially recommended intake of alcohol during the first weeks of pregnancy may still be at higher risk of having smaller babies or of giving birth prematurely compared to women who do not drink alcohol at all, a study has found. - Liquor labels found to understate alcohol content
Nearly 30 percent of alcoholic beverages were found to have inaccurate labels, putting consumers at risk, according to a March 10 survey compiled by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), a division of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. While most beverage alcohol containers complied with U.S. label regulations, on many the booze contained more alcohol than stated and above regulatory tolerances.
The Canberra Times (Australia) - New study reveals alcohol, not drugs, major factor in one-punch assaults
Research suggesting the majority of fatal one-punch assaults are linked with alcohol and not illicit drugs will be presented at a forensic science seminar in Canberra on Tuesday.
BBC News (Turkey) - Turkey: 'Anti-alcohol' web clampdown mulled
Turkish authorities are mulling heavy fines for people who promote alcohol and drinking on social media, it's reported. (EU) - EU level action on alcohol 'vital' for reducing harm
The European commission must renew its alcohol strategy if it is to tackle the huge health and societal impacts associated with drinking, argues Glenis Willmott. (EU) - EU must play 'support role' for national alcohol strategies
The EU must 'support' member states in tailoring individual approaches to tackle alcohol consumption and related harm, writes Marina Yannakoudakis.
YLE News (Finland) - Study: More people buying alcohol, natural products and medicine online
Finns bought a total of 10.5 billion euros worth of services, goods and electronic content last year, although the number also includes value added tax and shipping costs. Online consumption has grown by a fifth in three years.
WalesOnline (Wales) - Jagerbomb fears as expert warns energy drinks and strong alcohol could be a deadly cocktail
Campaigners are warning of the potentially deadly dangers of downing strong alcohol mixed with high-energy drinks.
Eleven Myanmar (Myanmar) - Parliament rejects 200% tax increase on tobacco and alcohol
The Union Parliament on Monday (March 10) rejected a private member’s bill that proposed a 200 percent tax increase on tobacco products and alcoholic beverages. (Armenia) - Time restriction to put on advertisement of alcohol beverages by electronic media
The program proposes to ban advertisement of cigarette, as well as strong alcohol beverages from 06:00 to 22:00 (alcohol content 20 and more volume unit) by electronic means of mass communication.
NL Times (Netherlands) – Alcohol Poisoning up 350% in NL
5300 people ended up in the emergency room last year, with alcohol poisoning. In 2012, the number of drinkers who got alcohol poisoning, or ‘coma-drinkers’ stayed the same, it seems from figures out of consumer organization VeiligheidNL (SafetyNL). In that year, around 5300 people were in hospital for alcohol poisoning-related reasons. This is three times as many compared to 2003, when the numbers were around 1500.
Jakarta Post (India) - Surabaya nears strong alcohol ban on minimart shelves
In a bid to increase restrictions on the distribution of alcoholic beverages, the Surabaya municipal administration is set to impose a ban that will prohibit the sale of beverages containing over 0.5 percent alcohol at supermarkets and minimarts.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Teachers deal with students' drug and alcohol abuse, report says
The binge drinking and drug taking culture among high school students is having a detrimental impact on schools, a survey of principals found, with teachers spending significant amounts of classroom time dealing with the fallout of weekend parties.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - Alcohol consumption declines amid economic uncertainty
Alcohol consumption in Finland has declined hand-in-hand with the erosion of the purchasing power of Finns. On Wednesday, the Finnish Hospitality Association (MaRa) revealed that revenue from the alcohol tax in 2013 was 93 million euros lower than anticipated by the Government in its budget draft.
Wall Street Journal (Czech Republic) - Booze Outlawed for Czech Legislators While Session in Progress
The speaker of the lower house of Czech parliament banned the sale of alcohol at restaurants and cafes on the premises of the country’s legislature during plenary meetings, ending a long tradition of allowing politicians to enjoy cheap beer, wine or liquor during working hours.
InSerbia News (Serbia) - Serbian Teenagers Drink More Than Teenagers In Europe
Young in Serbia experience first drunkenness when they are 15, while 40% got intoxicated once or more until they were 16 years old. About 90% tried alcohol before turning 18.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Coroner lashes out at NZ's dangerous drinking culture
A man who died after drinking up to 20 shots of spirits, 10 bourbon and cokes and a couple of beers in one evening, has prompted a coroner to lash out at the country's dangerous drinking culture.

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Alcohol News - 9/2014 (UK) - Mother's little helper: The social network helping women beat the bottle
BUSY mum Kate Baily used to enjoy a glass of wine. And then another one. Her friends all seemed to be doing the same but Kate knew something was wrong – and then she discovered Soberistas, an online community that changed her life.
Daily Mail (UK) - Drinking yourself into anaesthetised state 'is now socially acceptable': NHS boss says intensive care swamped by alcohol cases
A third of intensive care beds at weekends are taken up by patients critically ill from alcohol, according to the NHS’s head of critical care.
Daily Mail - Binge drinkers who consume weekly intake in one go twice as likely to die prematurely as those who spread out the amount they drink across seven days
Binge drinking could double your risk of death - even if you drink very little the rest of the time, a study has found.
Science Codex - International research project: The more available alcohol is, the more likely that people will drink heavily
The International Alcohol Control (IAC) study is a newly developed international collaborative project designed to collect comparative data on alcohol consumption and policy-relevant behaviors in both high- and middle/low-income countries.
Scientific American - Wine Becomes More Like Whisky as Alcohol Content Gets High
In the past two decades the maximum alcohol content of wine has crept up from about 13 percent to, in some cases, northward of 17 percent, a side effect of the growing popularity of wines with richer fruit flavor.
ABC Local (Australia) - Research shows closing pubs and clubs early reduces alcohol related assaults
New research has found a reduction in assaults in Newcastle, after the introduction of ground breaking alcohol measures, has been maintained.
Irish Times (Ireland) - ‘You never have to explain why you drink; you always have to explain why you don’t’
“If alcohol didn’t exist and it was discovered, I don’t think there’s a government in the world that would allow it,” said Alastair Campbell, the former Labour government spin doctor, on a visit to Dublin yesterday. “I know from my own days as a heavy drinker that there’s nothing worse than being lectured about it – so change must happen at a societal level, that’s what happened with gay rights and racial equality.”
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia shuts doors after Fiona Nash cuts off funding
An organisation that has been advising Australian governments on alcohol and drug policy for almost half a century shut its doors on Friday.
Daily Mail - Trying to stick to a diet? Alcohol - NOT chocolate - is the biggest temptation
The British researchers hope that learning more about dieting downfalls will help slimmers plan for problems and strengthen their willpower.
Sky News (Australia) - Crackdown On Alcohol-Fuelled Violence In Oz
Some of the world's toughest alcohol laws are being introduced in Sydney, Australia, after a spate of deaths of young men caused by drunken violence.
The Independent Florida Alligator (USA) - Alcohol age limit linked to reduced drunken driving
The legal drinking age could have tangible consequences of reducing traffic accidents, suicide and assault. That’s what the findings of a study by two Boston University School of Public Health researchers showed. A review was published Monday by the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Anti-social behaviour sees Irish Rail passengers hit with alcohol ban
Passengers using certain services on Irish Rail will no longer be able to drink alcohol on board - with the Galway to Dublin service highlighted.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - Alcohol and drug related costs creep up to 2bn
Alcohol and drug use place a substantial burden on Finland's public coffers, with the related costs creeping up to approximately two billion euros in 2011 – equalling the funds allocated annually for Finnish universities and the operations of the Defence Forces.
YLE Uutiset (Finland) - Government imposes further restrictions on alcohol advertising
On Friday, President Sauli Niinistö is expected to sign off on proposed amendments to Finland’s alcohol advertising legislation presented by the Government on Thursday. The amendments will make Finland’s already stringent alcohol advertising restrictions even tighter.
NordAN - Estonia approved alcohol policy green paper
Government of Estonia approved the principles and measures introduced in the alcohol policy green paper, prepared under the guidance of the Ministry of the Social Affairs.

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Women of Substance

FASD News - 8/2014

The Lancet - The international charter on prevention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
The first international conference on prevention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders was held in Edmonton, AB, Canada, on Sept 23—25, 2013. The conference resulted in the production, endorsement, and adoption of the following international charter on the prevention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder by more than 700 people from 35 countries worldwide, including senior government officials, scholars and policymakers, clinicians and other front-line service providers, parents, families, and indigenous people. It is presented to all concerned in the international community as a call for urgent action to prevent fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
The Independent (UK) - Drinking alcohol while pregnant could become a crime after landmark test case
A landmark test case due to be heard by the Court of Appeal could criminalise excessive drinking during pregnancy. It will be argued that a six-year-old girl is the victim of a crime because she suffered brain damage when she was exposed to alcohol in the womb - a risk that her mother was aware of, Sky News has reported.
Mirror - One in four miscarriages could be PREVENTED, according to new research
Being obese, lifting heavy objects and boozing during pregnancy all raise the risk of an expectant mum losing her unborn child.
MedicalXpress - New research reinforces danger of drinking alcohol while pregnant
Women who drink alcohol at moderate or heavy levels in the early stages of their pregnancy might damage the growth and function of their placenta – the organ responsible for supplying everything that a developing infant needs until birth - research at The University of Manchester shows.
Irish Health - Alcohol in pregnancy 'damages placenta'
Women who drink moderate to heavy amounts of alcohol during the early stages of pregnancy may damage their placenta, a new study has found.
Colorado (USA) - Pregnant Arapaphoe County Citizens Must Avoid Alcohol
With 595,546 residents, Arapaphoe County has the third highest population in Colorado state (as of 2012). The Tri-County Health Department (data from the 2011 Arapahoe County Health Profile) found that in September 2011, 19.5 percent of Arapahoe residents (aged 18 years and older) had indulged in binge drinking. A significant percentage of them were women.
Mancunian Matters - Even just TWO alcoholic drinks in early pregnancy can stunt baby's growth, says Manchester study
Two or three drinks while pregnant could damage the growth of a baby’s internal organs and impact their psychological development, according to a Manchester study.
Anchorage Daily News - Our View: Break silence about FASD, make awareness universal
Deb Evensen of Homer has worked in education about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) for 30 years. She's still working for a wider awareness of those cruel afflictions, which are 100 percent preventable -- but when not prevented, last for life.
Anchorage Daily News - A diagnosis can change the life of a child with FASD
Most children and especially most adults with a fetal alcohol syndrome disorder will never be diagnosed.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Lives and crimes: Kids who suffer foetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Before Jack ever had a drink, alcohol permanently changed his brain. The 26-year-old's mother drank while pregnant and today Jack suffers from foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). He is impatient, impulsive, with a poor memory and a short attention span.
Food World News - Fathers Drinking Before Pregnancy May Cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
We all know that women who drink alcohol while pregnant can cause significant problems for their unborn children. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) can cause issues such as retarded intellect, stunted growth and nervous system abnormalities. Now, though, researchers have found that it's not just mothers who should watch what they drink. It turns out that dads may also have more accountability.

BMC - Alcohol consumption during pregnancy and birth outcomes: the Kyushu Okinawa Maternal and Child Health Study
This is the first study in Japan to show that maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy of 1.0 g or more per day was significantly positively associated with the risk of PTB, but not LBW or SGA.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - A Prospective Cohort Study of Alcohol Exposure in Early and Late Pregnancy within an Urban Population in Ireland
Most studies of alcohol consumption in pregnancy have looked at one time point only, often relying on recall. The aim of this longitudinal study was to determine whether alcohol consumption changes in early and late pregnancy and whether this affects perinatal outcomes.
PLOSone - Detrimental Effects of Ethanol and Its Metabolite Acetaldehyde, on First Trimester Human Placental Cell Turnover and Function
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) describes developmental issues from high maternal alcohol intake, which commonly results in fetal growth restriction and long term morbidity. We aimed to investigate the effect of alcohol and acetaldehyde, on the first trimester placenta, the period essential for normal fetal organogenesis.
Alcoholism - Administration of Memantine During Withdrawal Mitigates Overactivity and Spatial Learning Impairments Associated with Neonatal Alcohol Exposure in Rats
These data have important implications for the treatment of EtOH's neurotoxic effects and provide further support that ethanol withdrawal significantly contributes to FASD.
Alcoholism - Sensory-motor deficits in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder assessed using a robotic virtual reality platform
The current study has shown that robotic technology is a sensitive and powerful tool that provides increased specificity regarding the type of motor problems exhibited by children with FASD.

Mofasorg - Love. Hope. Joy. - 2014 Public Awareness Campaign
The Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS) is spreading love, hope and joy to moms everywhere in Minnesota by using these three positive, uplifting and empowering words in a new advertising campaign to talk about the serious issue of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).
YouManitoba - Café Scientifique: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder & a Need for a 21st Century Human Rights Response
Worldwide, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is the only disability of its type that is considered 100 per cent preventable.
Susan Rich - Introduction to the Better Safe Than Sorry project
As a board certified psychiatrist, I have recently seen a 10th person with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) awaiting a possible death sentence and work with a forensic psychologist who has evaluated approximately 60 of these individuals over the past several years.
World News - Drinking while pregnant will soon be a crime
Women who put their unborn babies at risk by drinking to excess during pregnancy should be prosecuted, say activists.
Ackerman61 - Women of Substance
A short film exploring women and addiction. Exec. Producer: South Shore District Health Authority, Producer: Nancy Ross.

Neue Nordhäuser Zeitung (Germany) - BACHELORAND IM KMG REHA-ZENTRUM
Das KMG Reha-Zentrum Südzhayn freut sich über einen weiteren erfolgreichen Bacheloranden, der sich mit der Fatalen Alkoholspektrumsstörung, der vorgeburtlich entstandenen Schädigung eines Kindes durch von der schwangeren Mutter aufgenommenen Alkohol, wissenschaftlich auseinander gesetzt hat.
Iltalehti (Finland) - Kuntien säästöt voivat vaarantaa päihdeäitien hoitoa
Kun Miina (nimi muutettu) oli teini-ikäinen, hänen äitinsä ryyppäsi rajusti ja odotti lasta. Miina asui isällään ja seurasi tilannetta järkyttyneenä sivusta. Pikkusisko syntyi lopulta alkoholin vammauttamana FAS-lapsena. Kehitysvamman näki jo vauvana kasvoista, harittavista silmistä ja pienistä höröistä korvista.
West - Welfare Society Territory (Italy) - Bere in gravidanza potrebbe diventare un reato
È perseguibile penalmente una donna incinta, che consuma tanto alcool da causare danni al nascituro? Un dibattito che sta coinvolgendo media e opinione pubblica britannici, in seguito alla controversia legale di cui è protagonista una giovane madre. Prima condannata e poi assolta per aver bevuto mentre era incinta della figlia. Nata con gravi danni cerebrali.