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Alcohol News - 31/2012

The Baltic Course (Lithuania) - Suggestion in Lithuania: drunk drivers who cause car accidents always hold responsible
In order to reduce the number of drunk or otherwise intoxicated drivers in Lithuanian roads Lithuanian Member of Parliament Evaldas Jurkevicius proposes to strengthen the provisions of the law, when intoxicated people take part in a car accident.
The Baltic Course (Estonia) - Estonian courts sent 1,190 drunk drivers to prison in H1
Estonian courts sent 1,190 drunk drivers to prison in the first half of the year 2012, LETA/Eesti Päevaeht writes. While in the first half of last year, the police caught 3,029 drunk drivers, the number in the first half of this year was 3,336.
The Foreigner (Norway) - Norwegian alcohol consumption up and down
Norway’s inhabitants are drinking more wine but beer sales have decreased because of the bad summer weather. Statistics Norway (SSB) reported that in 2011 the turnover for wine was 77 million litres, 4 million litres more than in 2010, an increase of 5.6 percent.
Medical Daily (Sweden) - New Drug Compound to Treat Alcohol Dependence Takes the Pleasure Out of Drinking
Soon, a new drug might take the pleasure out of drinking in people who are excessively dependent on alcohol. Researchers have found a compound that could reduce alcohol dependence by balancing levels of a chemical messenger that makes people feel happy after drinking.
RedOrbit - Alcohol And Energy Drink Mixes Linked With Casual, Risky Sex
A new study from the University at Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions (RIA) has found a link between the consumption of caffeinated energy drinks mixed with alcohol and casual — often risky — sex among college-age adults.
Columbia Daily Tribune (USA) - More towns ban alcohol on beach
One South Carolina beach recently imposed a temporary ban on booze on its shores, and a nationally known beach expert says there are more shore towns that ban alcohol than permit it. He said the laws generally are passed to prevent rowdy gatherings and everything that goes with them, not to prevent folks from walking the sand with wine in a plastic cup.
Science Daily - Alcohol Could Intensify Effects of Some Drugs in the Body
Scientists are reporting another reason -- besides possible liver damage, stomach bleeding and other side effects -- to avoid drinking alcohol while taking certain medicines.
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Herald Sun (Australia) - Alcohol 'epidemic' devastates lives, says judge in Ebony Dunsworth case
A COUNTY Court judge who today jailed a driver who killed a teenage girl said alcohol abuse was at epidemic proportions in Victoria and was causing devastation on the roads. - Behavioral, Cognitive Challenges Define Fetal Alcohol Exposure
New research suggests the only sign of fetal alcohol exposure may be signs of abnormal intellectual or behavioral development.
Medical Xpress (UK) - True cost of alcohol related ambulance call-outs revealed
The study, by Newcastle University experts, working with the North East Ambulance service (NEAS) and the North East Alcohol Office (BALANCE) looked purely at the cost to the ambulance service and not at the total cost to the NHS.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Don’t drink alcohol and swim water safety chiefs warn
THE dangers of mixing alcohol with swimming or sailing has been highlighted by water safety chiefs. An average 140 people drown in Ireland every year, with alcohol consumption a contributory factor in several cases.
Himalayan Times (Nepal) - Draft alcohol control policy ready
Nepal Alcohol Policy Alliance (NAPA) is submitting a draft Alcohol Control Policy, which mainly covers the sale and consumption of alcohol, to the Ministry of Health and Population within 15 days. (New Zealand) - Govt needs to pass Alcohol Reform Bill
Auckland Council has taken further steps to deliver better local alcohol policies and is calling for the government to get on with passing the Alcohol Reform Bill so the community can have a greater say over efforts to address alcohol abuse.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Time to tackle Irish drink culture
The issue of the profoundly negative social impact of alcohol use and abuse in Ireland has engaged much discussion recently. The negative impact on health and premature death has been less discussed, but deserves more attention.
Prague Post (Chech Republic) - Czech teens top list of underage drinkers
Ask why they are drinking alcohol, and you get a range of answers. "It's fun and an opportunity to make friends," says František, 16, as he downs a bottle of lager with a group of classmates on Prague's Petřín Hill.
Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey) - University alcohol ban ignites reactions
Social media users have reacted to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s comments saying that a school campus is no place to go and “get drunk.”
Irish Times (Ireland) - The drinks industry will not do the right thing
THE NEW measures to reduce alcohol related harm proposed by Minister Róisín Shortall deserve support from all sectors of society. She wants to restrict drink advertising, phase out the sponsorship of sporting and cultural events by 2016, introduce minimum pricing, and impose a responsibility levy which will be used to change Ireland’s unhealthy drinking culture. International evidence shows that these measures are among the most cost-effective interventions to reduce harmful alcohol consumption.
Otago Daily Times (New Zealand) - Split drinking age proposal debated
A group of panelists invited to speak at the Otago University Debating Society's "great alcohol debate" last night presented a range of views on whether the age at which people can buy alcohol from off-licences should be raised.

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Alcohol News - 30/2012

YLE News (Finland) - Seniors also get rowdy at summer events
The summer concert season has its fair share of rowdy conduct. Uncouth deportment by senior festival patrons often outstrips that of their younger counterparts.
The (Sweden) - Ikea uncaps new beer: no assembly required
Swedish furniture giant Ikea has released a new addition to its global product range - light and dark own-brand beer - though shoppers in Sweden will have to wait before they can have a taste due to the country's liquor laws.
The (Sweden) - Police told not to 'waste' bootleg booze
Police in western Sweden have been ordered to cease pouring seized alcoholic drinks down the drain due to the risk of poisoning the local water supply.
Businessweek - Alcohol Harms Thinking in Older Adults, Researchers Say
Certain types of alcohol use after age 65 may affect memory and thinking, according to two studies that raise new questions about earlier research that suggested drinking may stymie cognitive decline.
CBS News (USA) - 1 in 13 pregnant women drink alcohol, CDC says
Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is the leading preventable cause of birth defects and developmental disabilities in children, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Wall Street Journal (South Korea) - No More Tolerance For Alcohol-fuelled Crime
A social consensus has been reached – finally – to change South Korea’s drinking culture. Hite-Jinro Group, the biggest maker of alcohol drinks with a 48% of market share, since last week has been labeling four kinds of soju and beer with a message that says, “No more drunken violence! Let’s improve wrong drinking culture.” (Scotland) - Alcohol ban on Scotland’s trains between 9pm and 10am comes into force
A ban on consuming alcohol on board Scotland’s trains in the mornings and evenings has come into force.
U.S. News & World Report - Alcohol Poses Serious Risks for Those With Diabetes
People who have certain chronic medical conditions, such as type 1 diabetes, are even more susceptible than most to the ill effects of alcohol, though they may not be aware of how potentially dangerous alcohol can be.
BBC News (UK) - Tougher alcohol marketing rules 'may be needed'
Tougher rules on alcohol marketing may be needed, including possibly a ban on sports sponsorship, MPs say.
Fife Today (Scotland) - Government to defend alcohol price
The Scottish Government will vigorously defend minimum pricing for alcohol against the legal challenge from the drinks industry, the Health Secretary has said.
BBC News (Scotland) - Quarter of intensive care patients 'have drink problem'
A quarter of patients who end up in intensive care in Scotland have drink problems, most with chronic alcohol disease, a survey has said.
Al-Arabiya (Egypt) - Alcohol strictly prohibited in Egypt’s 4 major Islamic holidays beyond Ramadan: minister
Egyptians won’t be able to purchase alcoholic beverages during the month of Ramadan as well as the four major Islamic holidays, an Egyptian daily reported on Sunday citing a new decision by the Tourism Minister.
ABC Online (Australia) - Alcohol Fuelled Violence - Dr. Anthony Lynham
I want to take you inside Monday morning in a major Brisbane hospital. This morning is normally the morning from hell. Alcohol fueled violence is on the increase, and it's putting a huge drain on our health system.
Men's Fitness - Even Moderate Alcohol Consumption Has Dementia Risk
A new study questions the benefits of alcohol for the brain, with even 7 to 14 drinks a week linked to symptoms of dementia in elderly.
Reuters (Russia) - Russian upper house backs alcohol advertising ban
Russia's upper house of parliament backed a bill banning Internet advertising of alcohol as part of the Russian government's drive to curb alcohol abuse in the country.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol action plan talks deferred
THE CABINET has deferred discussion on the Government’s action plan on alcohol until September amid disagreement between Fine Gael and Labour over how strong its measures should be.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Get tough on alcohol ads and labels: AMA
The federal government should finally crack down on alcohol advertising and require warning labels on booze after the bashing death of Thomas Kelly, the head of the Australian Medical Association says.
RedOrbit - Pregnant Women Continue To Drink Alcohol Despite The Risks
It has long been known that drinking alcohol during pregnancy can hinder fetal brain development, and now a government health survey has found that one in 13 women (7.6 percent) drink when they are carrying and some even go on binges, further risking the development of their unborn child.
Health policy solutions - Opinion: Any alcohol during pregnancy is a risk
Most pregnant women across the United States listen to and rely on sound medical advice from their doctors and other health experts when determining how to protect the health of their unborn babies. “Don’t drink during pregnancy” is a message based on evidence that resonates with most expectant mothers and contributes to the health of future generations.
The Guardian (UK) - NHS needs support from local authorities to tackle alcohol problems
The health select committee's report on the government's alcohol strategy rightly identified that the government should give more emphasis to the health impact of chronic alcohol misuse, which causes more than 6,000 deaths and costs the NHS over £3bn a year.
Independent Online (South Africa) - ‘Pupils use drugs and alcohol at 13’
Pupils in Gauteng high schools use drugs to enhance their performance. And the majority of pupils who abuse drugs are in Grade 12.
San Francisco Chronicle (USA) - DUI fatalities drop sharply after interlock law
Preliminary results show alcohol-related traffic fatalities dropped in the year since the state began requiring an ignition interlock for those convicted of drunken driving. (New Zealand) - Children with Foetal Alcohol more likely to end up in prison
The Health Select Committee should take seriously Children’s Commissioner Dr Russell Wills concerns about the increase of children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders(FADS), says Kim Workman, Director of Rethinking Crime and Punishment. FASD is an umbrella term describing the range of effects that can occur in an individual prenatally exposed to alcohol.

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Alcohol News - 29/2012

INAUTONEWS (Sweden) - Autoliv developing automatic in-car breath sensor
Autoliv is developing an alcohol breath sensor that will operate automatically when the driver gets in the car.
The Guardian (UK) - Alcohol packaging should carry graphic health warnings, urge doctors
Bottles of beer, wine and spirits should carry cigarette-style graphic health warnings to make clear that alcohol is linked to cancer, infertility and violence, doctors are urging. - Study: Alcohol is more of a "gateway" drug than marijuana
For generations we have been told that marijuana is the gateway drug to harder drugs, but a new study from the University of Florida contradicts that claim. Researchers believe that the true “gateway drug” is alcohol. - Twitter offers 'age verification' tool to alcohol brands
Twitter users can expect to see more age verification requests now that the site has made its pilot program available for free to any company that with age-restricted content. Twitter has been testing the feature for the past month through select beer company accounts.
The Guardian (South Korea) - South Korea cracks down on alcohol-fuelled violence
South Korean drinkers are being warned not to let their prodigious consumption lead to violence, amid evidence of an epidemic of alcohol-fuelled crime. (UK) - MPs to warn: Alcohol industry in the "last chance saloon"
The alcohol industry is in the "last chance saloon" and should face heavier regulation if it does not take action to discourage dangerous drinking, a report by MPs will warn. (New Zealand) - Kiwis bombarded by alcohol messages
Labour is calling for changes to stop the normalisation of alcohol by sporting and cultural heroes amid an 'explosion' of foetal alcohol syndrome.
Radio New Zealand (New Zealand) - 'Explosion' in foetal alcohol syndrome
The Ministry of Health says talk of a significant increase in the number of children with foetal alcohol syndrome is of real concern.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Majority support minimum price for alcohol
MORE THAN half of Irish men are against a ban on alcohol industry sponsorship of sports events as promised by the Government, a new survey has found. However most adults (58 per cent) support a minimum unit price for alcohol, according to the survey by the Health Research Board released yesterday.
Reuters (Russia) - Fresh blow for Brewers as Russia plans advertising ban
Russia is poised to further tighten rules on alcohol advertising, dealing a fresh blow to Carlsberg and other brewers who have invested heavily in one of the world's fastest-growing markets.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol and inequality factors in people taking own lives in rural areas
FOR ONE young man, suicide seemed a more natural option than trying to get into college. An older man said he would be better off dead because he was a burden on others.
Times of Malta (Malta) - Alcohol consumption trends and facts
Without wishing to enter into a tit-for-tat argument with Sina Bugeja as chief executive officer of The Foundation for Social Welfare Services, after her letter of July 3, I feel that, given her questioning of our “sources” for the quotes I made in my Talking Point of June 7, it is only fair I give her the facts.
Ynetnews (Israel) - Alcohol advertising on billboards, buses banned
The Knesset Economics Committee has approved regulations that will significantly reduce advertising of alcohol, which come on the heels of a law restricting advertising of alcoholic beverages passed three months ago.
BusinessLIVE (South Africa) - Brewer extends sponsorship, while government mulls alcohol advertising
This deal comes as both the Department of Social Development and Department of Health want to pass legislation that would in effect prohibit the advertising and promotion of alcoholic products.
The Moscow Times (Russia) - Duma Passes Draft of Alcohol Ad Bill
Russia is poised to further tighten rules on alcohol advertising, dealing a fresh blow to Carlsberg and other brewers who have invested heavily in one of the world's fastest-growing markets.
AFP (Chech Republic) - Czech teens, Europe's heaviest underage drinkers
Shaken awake by police on a park bench, a 12-year-old boy from Prague was so drunk he could neither walk nor talk -- grim evidence of an unparalleled alcohol scourge affecting underage Czechs.
Business Day (South Africa) - OPINION: Good case for a total ban on alcohol advertising
The voice of the public health community, which does not have a vested interest in deriving an income from the sale or marketing of alcohol products, has been largely absent in the debate.

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FASD News 28/2012

News and articles
The Seattle Times (Denmark) - Danish study doesn't change the answer: Don't drink while pregnant
A Danish study suggests a few drinks per week during pregnancy has no effect on children's intelligence or activity levels. Two University of Washington professors looked at the study and conclude what most research shows; It is not safe to drink during pregnancy. (Canada) - Foster parent says more FASD supports needed
A foster mother in Thunder Bay says the community desperately needs more services for people suffering from fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
Calgary Herald (Canada) - 365 babies born with FASD in Alberta each year
For every day of the year, there's an Alberta baby born brain-damaged because his or her mother drank while pregnant.
Herald Review (Denmark) - Danish study gives women mixed message
The Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS) is concerned that the recent research study from Denmark gives women a mixed a message.
Ninemsn (Australia) - Graphic warnings could fight alcohol abuse
"Demon drink" is the new health battle-ground, with higher taxes, drinking ages and graphic warnings similar to those on tobacco products touted as ways to fight alcohol-related birth defects and other issues.
ABC Online (Australia) - More education urged on pregnancy drinking risks
The chairman of a committee investigating foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) says too many people are unaware of the risks and consequences associated with drinking alcohol while pregnant.
Marketwire (Canada) - Government of Canada Announces Funding for Development of A Substance Abuse Program for Young Offenders in British Columbia
Kerry-Lynne Findlay, Member of Parliament for Delta-Richmond East and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice on behalf of the Honourable Rob Nicholson, P.C., Q.C., M. P. for Niagara Falls, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, today announced funding to the McCreary Centre Society for the development of effective substance abuse treatment program for young offenders with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and associated cognitive impairments in British Columbia.
Courier Mail (Australia) - Alcohol's damage to fetus won't go away
LAST week my little boy brought a sheet home from school titled, "No Excuse Spelling Words - Year Two". Here were 36 words that children, who had spent the past 21/2 years in school, should be able to spell.
McClatchy Washington Bureau (USA) – Should fetal alcohol syndrome spare death row inmates?
A mother's failures are etched on Mark Anthony Soliz's face. It's the damaged face of a child whose mother drank heavily, sniffed paint and used drugs while pregnant, the face of a youth who was largely abandoned.
TopNews Arab Emirates - Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Haunts Children’s Development
There is no doubt that women during pregnancy must avoid drinking alcohol, a recent report showed what kind of affects it can have on such kids.
Science Daily - Pregnant Women Should Avoid Alcohol During Pregnancy, Experts Say
Experts at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine disagree with a series of new studies from Denmark that suggest consumption of up to 8 alcoholic drinks a week or occasional binge drinking during pregnancy is generally safe for the developing baby. - Daily drinking in pregnancy 'not safe'
“Pregnant women can binge drink safely,” according to a report in today’s Metro. Expectant mothers should be able to “down up to 12 alcoholic beverages a week knowing it will have no ill effect on their offspring before the age of five”, the paper continued.
University of Washington - Response to Danish Study
A new Danish study on alcohol and pregnancy reports that drinking up to 8 alcoholic drinks per week during pregnancy has no effect on children’s intelligence or activity levels. But this goes against everything we have heard about the dangers of drinking during pregnancy.
Youtube - Alcohol.Think Again: No alcohol during pregnancy is the safest choice
MJA - Aboriginal women, alcohol and the road to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
As I have reported earlier,1 I believe that the historical and political background and the cultural aspects of drinking have been insufficiently considered. There is an entrenched expectation of Aboriginal community members that to drink is an expression of identity and culture.
Alcohol - Effects of exposure to moderate levels of ethanol during prenatal brain development on dendritic length, branching, and spine density in the nucleus accumbens and dorsal striatum of adult rats
These findings suggest that exposure to moderate levels of ethanol in utero can have profound effects on brain regions related to reward processing and provide possible clues relevant to understanding increased self-administration of drugs of abuse in animals exposed to ethanol during brain development.
APS - Vascular Effects of Maternal Alcohol Consumption
Maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy is a significant field of scientific exploration primarily because of its negative effects on the developing fetus which is specifically defined as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).
Froentiers - Role of non-coding RNAs in the neuroadaptation to alcoholism and fetal alcohol exposure
The control of gene expression is a fundamental process in all of biology. Understanding the mechanisms by which genes are turned off and on in a temporally and spatially mediated fashion, represents an area where major scientific advances are likely to occur in the next decade.
Kreisbote (Germany) - Fetale Alkoholspektrumsstörung FASD bei Kindern - Vortrag bei den Gesundheitstagen in Fürstenfeld
„Ca. 10.000 Kinder werden in Deutschland mit FASD geboren, das sind etwa 1,5% der Geburten“, erzählt Veerle Moubax. „Nur die wenigsten werden später ein selbständiges, erfülltes Leben führen können“.

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Alcohol News - 28/2012

The Copenhagen Post (Denmark) - Born to be wild ... and loaded
As kids nationwide mix end of school celebrations with alcohol, a new study finds that one in 12 Danish teens have serious substance abuse problems.
Herald Review (Denmark) - Danish study gives women mixed message
The Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS) is concerned that the recent research study from Denmark gives women a mixed a message. The study states that low to moderate drinking of up to 8 alcoholic drinks per week is generally safe for the developing baby.
WebMD - First-Time Teen Alcohol, Drug Use Peaks in Summer
Teens are much more likely to try alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs for the first time during the summer months, according to a new survey.
Los Angeles Times (Iran) - Iran confronts its alcohol problem
After years of denying the prevalence of illegal alcohol in Iran, officials are addressing the issue, while continuing to treat drinking as a sin and a crime.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Ministers condemn 'cynical' alcohol promotion
A controversial shop promotion offering cheap alcohol for children’s allowance day has been condemned by Government ministers. Four Centra stores were ordered to withdraw the “cynical” offers after politicians and children’s groups raised concerns.
The Voice of Russia (Russia) - Russia to ban alcohol ads
Alcohol advertisements will disappear from the Russia in media. After increasing the excise duty, the Lower House of the Russian Parliament adopted a bill that imposes a complete ban on advertising alcohol in printed editions as well as on the Internet.
Psychiatric News - Treating Social Anxiety Doesn’t Decrease Alcohol Consumption
In any substance abuse treatment setting—whether inpatient or outpatient—patients frequently present with comorbid social anxiety disorder, which impedes treatment.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - We're awash with alcohol
A mere two years and a bit more after the Law Commission reported on the issue, the Government has been dragged into a bar and told to pour itself something bracing. The result has been the curate's egg called the Alcohol Law Reform Bill.
BBC News (UK) - Two thirds 'turn to drink' to relax in the evening
Almost two-thirds of people rely on alcohol to relax in the evenings, the charity Drinkaware has warned. - Increased Risk of Alcoholism Linked to Bariatric Surgery
People who undergo the most popular weight-loss surgical procedure are at increased risk of developing problems with alcohol, according to researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. (France) - France enacts breathalyzer law
A new law has gone into effect in France requiring every driver to carry two breathalyzer devices in their vehicle at all times. The government is hoping to reduce the number of deaths related to drunk driving by encouraging drivers to test themselves if they think they’ve had too much to drink.
China Daily (China) - Alcohol drinks sales hit a high
Thanks to rising demand and per capita disposable income, China's consumption of alcoholic drinks is expected to reach 84.37 billion liters in 2016. That represents an average annual compound growth rate of 5.9 percent from 2012, said Frost & Sullivan, a US-based market consultancy.
Malta Independent Online (Malta) - Drugs and alcohol are ‘an escape from reality’
Drug and alcohol consumption have become a not insignificant feature of the culture of seeking boundless relief, especially at weekends, but it is the culture of an escape from reality, Caritas director Mgr Victor Grech yesterday told the San Blas community graduation ceremony.
Daily Mail (UK) - To beat addiction and alcoholism, doctors must treat the causes as well as the consequences
I asked the senior partner of a large group medical practice how many of their patients were illegal drug users or people who consumed alcohol to damaging levels. The reply was, 'Well, we've certainly got three'.
FOOD Magazine – Australia (Australia) - Victoria failing on alcohol policies: Auditor-General
The number of alcohol-related assaults in Victoria have risen rose by almost since 2001, while the number of ambulance attendances to deal with incidents related to alcohol more than tripled.
The (Germany) - Young teens in party ban to fight binge-drinking
Young German teenagers could be banned from public events where alcohol is sold – even though they cannot legally buy it – after 8pm if not with a parent, according to new plans to stop teen binge drinking. (Germany) - Study: 7 percent wine intolerant
About 7 percent of adults suffer from an intolerance to wine, researchers in Germany found.

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Alcohol News - 27/2012

The Nordic Page (Norway) - Government Takes Action against Passive Drinking
Every year, 1.5 million people in Norway are affected by others' alcohol consumption. In this frame, the government is concerned about the increasing damage of alcohol, the result of the increasing alcohol consumption.
USA TODAY - Alcohol-sensing technology could become standard in all cars
The long-term transportation funding bill just approved by Congress includes funds for researching alcohol-detection technology that could eventually be standard equipment in all new cars. (Canada) - Should alcohol flow freely across Canada?
A new federal law, Bill C-311, makes it legal to carry wine from one province to another, but it doesn't apply to beer, cider or spirits, and it doesn't supersede decades of complicated provincial law. (UK) - Alcohol ban for Commons staff – but not MPs
Clerks, librarians and other House of Commons employees will be barred from consuming alcohol during the day under planned new rules expected to take effect in the autumn.
DailyTech (France) - France to Require All Drivers to Carry Breathalyzers
It's hard to think of France without thinking about wine. As part of a French plan to curb drunk driving within the country, France has become the first country to require all drivers to carry handheld breathalyzers in all vehicles. The law extends to tourists as well. The law went into effect on July 1 and was approved in March of 2011. - Best Practices to Treat Alcoholism Reviewed
Canadian experts have published a comprehensive review of the most effective treatments for alcohol dependence. As in the U.S., alcohol dependence is one of the most prevalent addictions in Canada.
Independent Online - The truth about women and alcohol
Gone are the days when women might sip a sweet sherry at Christmas but leave the serious drinking to the menfolk. Twenty years ago, women drank on average five and a half units per week. It’s now closer to eight units, with a rising number, nearly a fifth of women, drinking more than the recommended maximum of 14 units a week. (USA) - Native Americans strive for health against alcohol, chaos and trauma
Pearl Scott lifts the baby from the crib and balances the child on her hip, just as someone did with her when she was a baby 20 years ago. (Canada) - Quebec targets risky drivers with law changes
The changes to the province's highway traffic act includes a "three strikes, you're out" provision, which forces drivers caught over the legal blood alcohol limit three times to install an ignition interlock device to prevent the car from starting if they are impaired. (UK) - Alcohol fuels rise in British arrests abroad
Between April 2011 and March 2012, there were 6015 arrests involving British nationals, compared to 5,700 in the previous year.
BBC News (Northern Ireland) - £7m Big Lottery funding to tackle alcohol abuse
The Big Lottery Fund is giving £7m in grants to help tackle alcohol abuse in Northern Ireland.
eGov monitor (Scotland) - UK Health: More Scots get help to cut drinking
Statistics released today by NHS National Services Scotland show that in 2011-12, 97,830 ‘Alcohol Brief Interventions’ (ABIs) were carried out – 60 per cent above the target of 61,081 interventions - and that every health board exceeded its target. This is a marked increase from 2010-11 when over 88,000 ABIs were delivered.
The Age (Australia) - Intervention laws linger as NT gets rules on alcohol
ELEMENTS of the federal intervention in the Northern Territory will continue for another 10 years, after Labor and the Coalition combined to pass the laws before Parliament rose for the long winter break.
Daily Mail (UK) - UK's teenage girls are biggest binge drinkers in Europe as more than half of 15-year-olds drink to excess at least once a month
Teenage girls in Britain are more likely to be binge drinkers than anywhere else in Europe, according to a devastating dossier on our nation’s problems with alcohol.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Raise alcohol buying age: poll
Raising the age at which people are allowed to buy alcohol has been given overwhelming support in a Herald DigiPoll survey.
The (Germany) - French breathalyzer law to hit German drivers
From Sunday German drivers crossing the border into France will have to carry their own breathalyzer kit or face a fine, as a new law comes into force designed to remind motorists of the dangers of drink driving.