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Alcohol News - 10/2023

Scotsman (Scotland) - The Drink Debate: How other countries regulate alcohol advertising
Under the proposals, the Scottish Government could prohibit alcohol-branded sports merchandise, including sponsorship on replica kits and ban alcohol advertising at any sports match which could have children in the audience.
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ABC (Australia) - More than 40,000 alcohol posts will be advertised on social media, report says
A new report has revealed alcohol companies are releasing more than forty thousand ads on Facebook and Instagram each year.
Read more (New Zealand) - What the alcohol industry doesn't want you to know
In The Drinking Game (Allen & Unwin, RRP $36.99), journalist Guyon Espiner explores what drives drinking culture, and why the alcohol industry is given a “free ride” despite selling a drug that causes enormous harm. In this edited extract, Espiner delves into exactly the problem with alcohol.
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Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Alcohol main reason for drug helpline calls, followed by cocaine
Alcohol is by far the main substance people are contacting a dedicated HSE drug helpline about, new figures show.
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CTV News (Canada) - Experts believe 'sober-curious' lifestyle driving alcohol sales down
A new Statistics Canada survey has found Canadians are buying less booze – leading sales to drop for the first time in a decade.
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Northern | Star Weekly (Australia) - RACGP urges action on alcohol delivery services
The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) has urged government to crackdown on alcohol delivery services, including those in Hume and Whittlesea.
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Vice - Amazon Wanted to ‘Unlock’ the Liquor Market by Secretly Lobbying to Change Laws, Leaked Document Shows
A confidential Amazon document obtained by Motherboard shows how the company wanted to make an aggressive push into the alcohol delivery market by launching a multi-state lobbying campaign to change alcohol licensing laws and regulations, in concert with a “limited government” think tank.
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EASL - Home of Hepatology - The central role of alcohol and food policies on liver health
Alcohol and food policies are increasingly being introduced to restrict marketing of and access to unhealthy foods.
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The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology - Distilling the message: Irish plans for alcohol warning labels
Ireland’s laws on alcohol could be about to change—if the Oireachtas have the stomach for it. In June of last year, Ireland informed the European Commission of its intention to introduce health warning labels on alcoholic products sold in the country, a provision allowed under Ireland’s draft Public Health Regulations 2022.
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Liverpool City Council (UK) - Blog: “We need to get serious about our relationship with alcohol – individually and collectively”
We do need to get serious about our relationship with alcohol – individually and collectively, because of the significant harm it does, and the resulting costs to the individual – and society.
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Scotsman (Scotland) - Scotland's alcohol advertising restrictions won't hurt the economy and could save lives – Aveek Bhattacharya
Saving lives versus supporting the economy. Health versus wealth. Certainly, that is the way SNP leadership candidate Kate Forbes seems to see it, suggesting that the measures could “undermine one of Scotland’s greatest exports... namely whisky”.
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NordAN (Finland) - FINLAND: alcoholic beverage traveler imports surge after COVID-19 pandemic recovery in 2022
In 2022, Finns purchased 36.9 million liters of alcoholic beverages on their foreign trips, equivalent to 4.0 million liters of pure alcohol. This represents an approximately 174 percent increase in the import of alcoholic beverages compared to the previous year.
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