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Alcohol News - 35/2012 (Lithuania) - Lobbying in Lithuania - conservative MP suspected of taking bribe for revoking alcohol ad ban
55 thousand litas (16 thousand euros) in exchange for three bills. Such a deal was allegedly struck by conservative MP Vitas Matuzas. If suspicions are proven correct, it will be a major embarrassment not only for the Conservative Party, but for the entire Parliament that passed the bought bills. (Latvia) - Illegal alcohol market proportion in Latvia is nearly 40%
During the first half-year of 2012, excise tax on alcoholic beverage (except beer) was collected in the amount of 39.55 million LVL, which is 2.16 million LVL or 6% more than was collected in the same period of 2011.
Econpapers (Sweden/Finland) - Cross-Border Health and Productivity Effects of Alcohol Policies
This paper studies the cross-border health and productivity effects of alcohol taxes. We estimate the effect of a large cut in the Finnish alcohol tax on mortality, alcohol related illnesses and work absenteeism in Sweden. (Iceland) - Alcohol Permitted In Nursing Homes
City council has just passed a measure that would allow the sale of beer and wine in nursing homes.
CBS News (USA) - Survey: "Digital peer pressure" fueling drug, alcohol use in high school students
Back-to-school season is just around the corner, and researchers at Columbia University are warning that teens could face added drug and alcohol risks once classes start up.
World Socialist Web Site (South Africa) - Rising incidence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in South Africa
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) describes a range of permanent birth defects caused by the maternal intake of alcohol. The term Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is applied to children at the severe end of the spectrum. South Africa’s Western Cape and Northern Cape Provinces have the highest FAS prevalence in the world. (New Zealand) - 6% alcohol limit for RTDs dumped
The liquor industry has scored a win over the planned regulation of RTDs in the Government's alcohol reform package.
The Australian (Australia) - Alcohol use putting workers at safety risk
Many Australian construction workers are putting their safety at risk by drinking heavily and using drugs, a national survey shows.
Laboratory Equipment - Research Explains How Alcohol is a Carcinogenic
Almost 30 years after discovery of a link between alcohol consumption and certain forms of cancer, scientists are reporting the first evidence from research on people explaining how the popular beverage may be carcinogenic. The results, which have special implications for hundreds of millions of people of Asian descent, were reported at the 244th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society.
Firstpost - Just one alcoholic drink a day may up risk of cancer: Study
Binge drinkers are not the only ones who need to worry about the health implications of alcohol, even light drinking increases the cancer risk significantly, a new study has claimed.
Counsel & Heal - Imaging Study Sheds New Light on Alcohol-related Birth Defects
Researchers said maternal alcohol use is the leading known and preventable cause of birth defects and mental disability in the United States and alcohol's effects can cause a range of cognitive, developmental and behavioral problems that typically become evident during childhood, and last a lifetime.
Bangkok Post (Thailand) - Alcohol, tobacco taxes up
The cabinet on Tuesday approved the Finance Ministry's proposal to raise the excise tax on liquor and tobacco, meaning an immediate increase in the retail price of liquor and cigarettes, but not beer or wine.
Daily Mail (UK) - Parents who buy alcohol are 'creating underage drinking problems' for teenage girls
Parents are contributing to teenagers' drinking problems by buying them bottles of cheap booze, a probation watchdog has warned. Liz Calderbank, HM Chief Inspector of Probation, says parents underestimate the risks of buying 'boxes of lager' for their teenage children.
Wall Street Journal (USA) - Liquor Ads Win Airtime
The broadcasters are easing decades-old voluntary bans that limited their national alcohol advertising to beer and wine, which have less alcohol by volume than spirits.
New Zealand Doctor Online (New Zealand) - Regulate alcohol first, then ciggies: experts
Alcohol regulation should have preceded tobacco regulation because the direct harm to others from overuse of alcohol is the greater, addiction specialist Doug Sellman argues.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - New research shows alcohol causes most harm to innocent victims
Stark new research has laid bare alcohol's toll on innocent victims, with liquor playing a major part in large numbers of murders, fires, car crashes, random assaults and violence in the home.

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Alcohol News - 34/2012

Addiction (Finland) - Living in proximity of a bar and risky alcohol behaviours: A longitudinal study
Moving place of residence close to or far from a bar appears to be associated with a small corresponding increase or decrease in risky alcohol behaviour.
Sverige Radio (Sweden) - Government split over home alcohol delivery
Three out of the four parties in the Swedish center-right government coalition would like to allow the state liquor monopoly to take online orders and make home deliveries. But one party says no.
Scandinavian Journal of Public Health (Norway) - Alcohol-related hospital admissions: Missed opportunities for follow up? A focus group study about general practitioners’ experiences
Hospital admittances provide important opportunities for change, but hospital care is seen as fragmented and poorly communicated to the GPs. For shared responsibility and follow up, all participating agents, including the patient, must be sufficiently informed about what has happened and what will follow.
Baku Today (Latvia) - Residents of Latvia to pass the “points” on trade in alcohol
Within two months of inhabitants of Latvia have taken an active part in the creation of an interactive map “dots”, which is the illegal trade in alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs. This result was obtained after each was able to announce on Latvian site of State police on places where illegally selling alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. Such anonymous messages automatically sent to those residents police stations on the territory of these addresses. During this time, the map was 1007 sites with “points”.
Unity (Latvia) - Saeima to discuss alcohol consumption restriction among young people
Deputies of the Saeima Social and Labour Issues Commission and Defenсe, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee will gather on a joint meeting on Wednesday, August 22, to discuss the work group’s proposals on alcohol consumption restrictions among young people. (USA) - Majority in U.S. Drink Alcohol, Averaging Four Drinks a Week
Americans' drinking habits held steady in the past year, with 66% saying they consume alcohol and drinkers consuming just over four alcoholic drinks per week, on average. Beer continues to be Americans' preferred drink, although wine remains a close second, with liquor favored by 22%. - Study shows marriage stops men drinking – as their wives hit the bottle instead
Far from encouraging men to patronise a local pub to escape from domestic duties, marriage actively reduces their alcohol intake, according to research being presented at the American Sociological Association today.
Daily Mail - Alcohol mixed with energy drinks can raise risk of heart problems and other conditions
Youngsters who mix alcohol with energy drinks risk heart palpitations and disturbed sleep, researchers warn. A study found that the highly-caffeinated drinks used by millions to make them extra-alert on a night out raised the odds of a range of health problems.
Retford Today (UK) - Poor areas 'hit harder by alcohol'
Poorer communities have substantially higher levels of alcohol-related ill health, anti-social behaviour and premature deaths than their wealthier neighbours, research has suggested.
Medical Xpress - Both early alcohol use and early intoxication can herald trouble for college students
An early age at first drink (AFD) has been linked to later alcohol-related problems, which is one of the reasons behind the legal drinking age of 21 in the U.S. It is unclear, however, if increased risk is primarily due to initiation of any drinking, or initiation of heavier drinking.
MedPage Today - When Mom Boozes, Baby Has Effects for Years
The effects on growth and body composition of heavy prenatal exposure to alcohol are largely determined at birth and persist at least until age 9, researchers reported. (New Zealand) - MPs want to keep alcohol age at 18
Parliament is expected to vote on parts of the Alcohol Reform Bill next week, and MPs will have a conscience vote on whether to keep the purchase age at 18, move it back up to 20, or split the age to 18 for on-license venues such as bars and restaurants and 20 for off-licenses such as supermarkets and bottle stores.
Decoded Science - Age at First Drink: A Measure of Impending Problems
Teens may see experimenting with alcohol as a rite of passage to adulthood, but research by Dr. Meghan Rabbitt Morean of Yale University demonstrates that the age at which the experimentation occurs may make a big difference in the life of a young person.
Voxy (New Zealand) - Alcohol interlocks a step forward in drink driving battle
Associate Minister of Transport Simon Bridges launched the devices at Parliament today and, from September, judges will have the option to sentence a repeat drink driver or anyone caught at double the legal blood alcohol limit to have an alcohol interlock installed in their car.
ABC Online (Australia) - Alcohol plain labels needed, but lobby too powerful: campaigner
The Federal Government has finally won its battle for plain packaging on cigarettes. So host Jon Faine wants to know, why not alcohol? Rob Moodie is the Professor of Public Health at the Melbourne School of Population Health. He says the public needs to be pushed towards safer products, and wants tighter regulation of alcholic content as well as alcohol labelling and marketing. - New Study Explores Ways to Motivate the Unmotivated Problem Drinker
Alcohol dependency is increasing across the globe. The physical consequences of problem drinking are well known. And the relational and psychological damage that alcohol addiction causes are those that affect entire families.
AsiaOne (South Korea) - Korea counts the cost of cheap alcohol
Binge-drinking in Korea was once viewed as a relatively harmless deviation among the nation's workaholics, but its burden on public money and social capital is starting to prompt action. - Alcohol consumption may be election issue
Nova Scotia’s chief public health officer has been quite outspoken about the province’s problems with binge drinking, its common pairing with violence in Halifax’s downtown and its link to cases coming into the emergency room on weekend nights.
Bloomberg (US) - Drivers Twice Limit Involved In Most Drunk-Driving Deaths
Most drunk drivers causing fatal crashes in the U.S. have consumed about twice as much alcohol as laws allow, the top U.S. auto-safety regulator said.
Otago Daily Times - Booze worse than legal highs - health experts
Health professionals have told the Government that allowing the sale of alcohol while ruling out potentially less-damaging "legal highs" is farcical.

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FASD News - 33/2012

Daily Mail (UK) - Pregnancy test dispenser installed inside BAR in effort to stop women drinking while expecting
The owner of a bar decided to install a pregnancy test dispenser inside of the women's restroom in an effort to prevent fetal alcohol syndrome.
Sun News Network - Fetal alcohol syndrome can have no outward signs: Study
Fetal alcohol syndrome can be hard to diagnose because not all babies develop the distinct facial features normally associated with the disease, a new study has found. - Prenatal alcohol exposure effects last well into childhood
Women who heavily expose their unborn child to alcohol risk restricting their child's growth until the age of 9 years, researchers say.
CBS News (USA) - 1 in 13 pregnant women drink alcohol, CDC says
Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is the leading preventable cause of birth defects and developmental disabilities in children, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Daily Commercial News (Canada) - Governments of Canada and Yukon Invest in Affordable Housing in Whitehorse
The Governments of Canada and Yukon, along with community partners, gathered today to announce funding for Options for Independence, for a new building providing 14 new housing units for clients living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) in Whitehorse. (South Africa) - Sanford Research President Advances International Research on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)
Data from a recent trip to South Africa for Sanford Health’s Gene Hoyme, MD, will be used to develop criteria for more accurate recognition of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) in infancy and early childhood. Early recognition of this continuum of disorders is critical as it provides children with access to intervention services sooner and improves their health outcomes.
Medical News Today - Mothers Who Smoke While Pregnant Increase Their Baby's Risk Of Asthma
New research has discovered that mothers who smoke during pregnancy may cause wheeze and asthma in their children when they reach preschool, even among kids whose moms did not smoke until late pregnancy or after birth.
Voxy (New Zealand) - Prison more likely for those prenatally exposed to alcohol
The Health Select Committee should take seriously Children's Commissioner Dr Russell Wills concerns about the increase of children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders(FADS), says Kim Workman, Director of Rethinking Crime and Punishment. FASD is an umbrella term describing the range of effects that can occur in an individual prenatally exposed to alcohol. (South Africa) - South Africa: Headway in the Fight Against FAS
A far-flung Northern Cape town has been making world headlines over the last few years. Unfortunately for the wrong reasons - a 2002-study revealed that more than one in 10 (12.2%) children in the De Aar community had foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), giving the town the highest reported rate in the world.
Cambridge News - Toolkit tackles birth defects in developing world
A pioneering resource to help tackle birth defects, particularly in low and middle income countries (LMICs) has been made available free and online to health and policy professionals and patient groups worldwide.
Thats Life (Australia) - I paid the ultimate price for my binge drinking
Looking at my daughter Krystal, you would never know she was different to other girls her age. But the truth is, her life is plagued with health problems. Learning difficulties, vision and hearing impairments...
ABANow (USA) - Urges Training to Recognize FASD in Juvenile Justice System
RESOLVED, That the American Bar Association urges attorneys and judges, state, local, and specialty bar associations, and law school clinical programs to help identify and respond effectively to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) in children and adults, through training to enhance awareness of FASD and its impact on individuals in the child welfare, juvenile justice, and adult criminal justice systems and the value of collaboration with medical, mental health, and disability experts.
Risk Sense - Why We Need to Ban the Word “Safe” from Reports of Risk Research: The Example of Alcohol Use in Pregnancy
Yesterday, BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology electronically published in “Early View” 5 articles from a Danish research group, all of which use longitudinal data from 2003-2008 to consider the relationship (or lack thereof) between maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy and various outcomes (executive function, intelligence, attention) in these mothers’ children at 5 years of age.
National Times (Australia) - Everyone gets a say in the alcohol debate - except the foetus
In the debate over serving alcohol to pregnant women - following an incident in which a waitress refused to serve a pregnant woman alcohol in California - doctors, legal experts, women’s rights activists and hospitality workers have all weighed in. Sadly the foetus doesn’t get a say.
Science Nordic (Norway) - For Norwegian drug addicts, pregnancy might lead to incarceration
A unique law gives social workers in Norway the right to lock up pregnant drug addicts to protect the health of unborn children. A new study looks at how the pregnant users react to being incarcerated.

Second European Conference on FASD
Due to the summer vacation period, Early Bird registration has been extended to August 20. Make sure your registration and payment are received by this date to qualify for the reduced fee!
FASDlive 2012 Conference: Expanding our Vision
The FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, Saskatchewan Prevention Institute, and Canada Northwest FASD Partnership are pleased to invite you to our conference FASDlive 2012: Expanding our Vision.
Vorankündigung der 14. FASD Fachtagung 2012
Jedes Jahr werden in Deutschland immer noch 4000 bis 10 000 Menschen mit fetalen Alkoholspektrumsstörungen (FASD) geboren. Die vermeidbare Ursache für diese geistigen und körperlichen Fehlentwicklungen ist Akloholkonsum während der Schwangerschaft. Im Verlauf dieser Fachtagung werden wir Rückschau halten auf 40 Jahre Forschung und Prävention und auf die neuesten Entwicklungen in Forschung und Therapie …

Alcohol and Alcoholism - Advanced Gestational Age Increases Serum Carbohydrate-Deficient Transferrin Levels in Abstinent Pregnant Women
Carbohydrate-deficient transferrin (%CDT) is a well-established and highly specific biomarker for sustained heavy consumption of alcohol. However, in pregnant women, the specificity of this biomarker might be affected by advanced gestational age, even after accounting for increased transferrin concentrations in pregnancy.
Behavioural Brain Research - Prenatal ethanol exposure impairs passive avoidance acquisition and enhances unconditioned freezing in rat offspring
To clarify in detail the impaired behavior related to fear and anxiety seen in rat offspring prenatally exposed to ethanol, their behaviors were observed using an elevated T-maze (ETM) test, which allows assessment of passive avoidance acquisition and one-way escape separately, and an elevated open platform (EOP) test for the assessment of unconditioned freezing against innate fear.
Alcoholism - Children with Heavy Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Experience Reduced Control of Isotonic Force
Heavy prenatal alcohol exposure can result in diverse and extensive damage to the central nervous system, including the cerebellum, basal ganglia, and cerebral cortex. Given that these brain regions are involved in the generation and maintenance of motor force, we predicted that prenatal alcohol exposure would adversely affect this parameter of motor control.
Alcoholism - A Prospective Cohort Study of the Prevalence of Growth, Facial, and Central Nervous System Abnormalities in Children with Heavy Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
Most children who are exposed to large quantities of alcohol in utero do not develop fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Population-based prospective data on the risk of developing components of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), however, are limited.
Alcoholism - Prenatal Alcohol Exposure, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and Sluggish Cognitive Tempo
Alcohol-exposed children exhibited elevated SCT scores. Elevations were related to increased parent ratings of internalizing and externalizing behaviors and attention. These findings are observed in alcohol-exposed children regardless of ADHD symptoms and specific SCT items proved useful in distinguishing exposed children, suggesting clinical utility for this measure in further defining the neurobehavioral profile related to prenatal alcohol exposure.

Helsingborgs Dagblad (Sweden) - Skapa kunskapscentrum
Glöm inte bort grupper när neuropsykiatrin ska förbättras. Krav från Katarina Wittgard och Annelie Björkhagen Turesson.

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Alcohol News - 33/2012

Science Nordic (Norway) - For Norwegian drug addicts, pregnancy might lead to incarceration
A unique law gives social workers in Norway the right to lock up pregnant drug addicts to protect the health of unborn children. A new study looks at how the pregnant users react to being incarcerated.
Göteborg Daily (Sweden) - New treatment for alcoholism
Researchers in Sweden say they have found a potential treatment for alcohol dependence. The drug candidate, OSU6162, was developed by Nobel Prize winner Arvid Carlsson in Gothenburg. It has been studied for treatment of alcohol dependence by researchers at Karolinska Institutet and the University of Gothenburg.
Reuters (South Africa) - Insight: African alcohol binge raises pressure for crackdown
On a bitterly cold Saturday afternoon in Worcester, a forlorn rural community near South Africa's southern tip, the queue at the liquor store is the longest in town.
Examiner - Alcohol abuse can be predicted in adolescents by MRI
Lindsay M. Squeglia, Ph.D., of the University of California, San Diego led a group of researchers that reported a direct connection between the lack of brain activity in specific brain regions as detected by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and future heavy drinking in the September issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs that was reviewed at the Eureka Alert web site on August 8, 2012.
RTT News - Deadly Cocktail: Alcohol Ads In Youth Magazines Violate Industry Rules
Each year, more than $4 billion is estimated to be spent by the alcohol industry for marketing its products. That youth are being disproportionately exposed to appealing alcohol advertisements in magazines is a known fact.
Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - Revealed: Shocking figures show one Scottish child in 10 is living with an alcoholic parent
The research shows that up to 93,000 youngsters under the age of 16 are living with one or more parents with a drink problem. - Vigilant Parenting Helps Prevent Alcohol Misuse in Teens With ADHD
Children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are at risk for numerous social, psychological, and academic challenges. Negative behaviors can draw unwanted attention to children with ADHD and make them feel like they are different than their peers.
ABC Online (Australia) - Blanket alcohol ban to stamp out drinking in park
In a bid to quell problems with vandalism and anti-social behaviour Lake Macquarie Council has been asked to place a total ban on alcohol consumption at Mahrahkah Park and Charlestown Oval.
Firstpost (Australia) - End of good times on Facebook for alcohol brands
In a development which could impact the way brands in certain categories use Facebook, “The Australian Advertising Standards Board has ruled that Facebook is an advertising medium, and as such, company pages must comply with pertinent codes and laws, vetting all public posts to ensure they are not sexist, racist or factually inaccurate,” says Brandchannel. - Study finds more youth start using drugs, alcohol, tobacco during the
A recent report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration indicates that youths between the ages of 12 and 17 are more likely to start using drugs, alcohol and cigarettes during the summer than other portions of the year.
The Daily Post (New Zealand) - MP calls for tougher drink rules for teens
Tougher rules are needed to deal with alcohol-fuelled antics of young people, says Rotorua MP Todd McClay.