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Alcohol News - 13/2016

The Guardian (UK) - How British ‘cafe culture’ drinks revolution ended in failure
The extension of licensing hours in England and Wales has triggered a rise in binge drinking and an associated increase in mental and physical health problems, according to new research.
Huffington Post - My Struggle With Alcohol: Why I Said Goodbye
When I quit drinking, outer appearances said I still had it all together. My life, family and career were intact and fully functional. Like so many problem drinkers—especially mothers—I didn’t fit the alcoholic stereotypes. (Germany) - Boozed up migrants BANNED from bringing alcohol into camps
GERMAN authorities are clamping down on asylum seekers bringing alcohol into their camps - claiming booze is fuelling violence and sex crimes among Muslims unused to drinking.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol should not be promoted as a risk-free gateway to good cheer
Three people will die in Irish hospitals today from alcoholism. On the way to the funeral parlour there’s a good chance they will pass large billboards promoting the wonders of drinking.
Toronto Sun (Canada) - Time for zero blood alcohol limit when driving?
For the next two or three decades, I partied, and drove, partied and drove. Never got caught. Never crashed. Never hurt anybody. There must have been close calls, though. I hate to think.
Newser (USA) - Americans Name Drug They Fear Most—and It's Legal
The second deadliest drug in the US after tobacco is similarly legal, and claims more lives than all illicit drugs combined with 88,000 deaths a year.
ABC Online (Australia) - Health policy experts call for overhaul of alcohol tax
Health experts are calling on the Federal Government to implement major reforms to alcohol tax, arguing that the changes are long overdue.
BBC News (UK) - York's alcohol-related hospital admissions up more than a third
The number of hospital admissions involving alcohol in York has increased by more than a third in six years, Public Health England says.
South African Broadcasting Corporation (South Africa) - South Africans urged to unite against alcohol abuse
Transport Deputy Minister, Sindisiwe Chikunga says the abuse of alcohol is a major problem in South Africa. Be it in respect of road fatalities, crime and social issues.
Irish Times (Ireland) - ‘Often by the time the patient reaches us, the alcohol damage is irreversible’
What attracted me to gastroenterology as a specialty was the wide range of diseases that present to us, from acute emergencies to the management of chronic gastrointestinal disorders, meaning that each week in the hospital is different. (UK) - Action on alcohol to form part of UK's 'modern crime prevention strategy'
Better partnerships and more effective information-sharing at the local level will be needed to reduce alcohol-related crime and disorder, the government has said.
RAPSI (Russia) - Russian courts closed 156 alcohol-selling websites in five-month period
Russian courts satisfied more than 114 lawsuits over online sales of alcohol and ordered to close 156 websites and webpages in a five-month period, RIA Novosti reported on Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Alcohol News - 12/2016

Medical Daily - Moderate Alcohol Consumption May Not Offer Any Health Benefits After All; Claims May Be Based On 'Flawed' Science
Drinking a couple of glasses of wine at the end of the day is an indulgence you can feel good about — at least that’s what science says. Countless studies have linked moderate drinking to a variety of health benefits, including a reduced risk of heart failure and a longer life.
The Guardian (Australia) - Northern Territory alcohol plan could revive banned drinkers' register
An alcohol management policy released by the Northern Territory government appears to leave open the door to a return of the banned drinkers’ register – a policy ditched by the Country Liberal party after taking office in 2012.
Indiana Lawyer (USA) - Study shows ‘problematic’ alcohol use by attorneys
A new study completed by the American Bar Association Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has given some much needed data on lawyers struggling with substance abuse and depression.
Medical News Today - The smell of alcohol can affect behavior
The mere smell of alcohol appears to reduce people's level of control over their behavior, according to research published in the journal Psychopharmacology.
ABC Online (Australia) - Drink drivers to be forced to use alcohol interlocks from this year, WA Minister says
Alcohol interlock devices being introduced in Western Australia this year will go a long way to slashing the incidence of drink driving, Road Safety Minister Liza Harvey has said.
JK News USA (South Korea) - The South Korean Government Encourages People To Stop Drinking Alcohol To Avoid Cancer
The South Korean government is encouraging its people to stop drinking alcohol to avoid cancer. The Ministry of Health and Welfare is tightening guidelines on alcohol consumption. While the old guidelines recommend drinking liquor of not over two glasses daily, the new ones will encourage not drinking at all, said The Chosun Ilbo.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Judging ‘morning after’ driving condition an uncertain science
That more drivers over the alcohol limit “the morning after the night before” are being apprehending by An Garda Síochána is not surprising. A combination of late-night binge-drinking followed by an early start means people are often driving with higher blood alcohol concentrations than they realise.
Huffington Post - It Takes A Shockingly Little Amount Of Alcohol To Cross Into Binge Drinking
If you’re pulling the crew together for a bar crawl on St. Paddy’s Day, just keep one thing in mind: It only takes a few drinks to cross over into “heavy” or “binge” drinking territory.
Medical Daily (USA) - Nearly A Third Of America's Medical Students Report Alcohol Abuse
If anybody understands the negative health consequences associated with drug and alcohol abuse, it’s someone training to be a doctor. And yet, after devoting thousands of hours to their studies, competing with some of the brightest minds in the country, and expecting more than $150,000 in educational debt, a lot of med students can’t wait to unwind with an alcoholic beverage. Or two. Or a few more than that. Maybe even some prescription painkillers.
New Zealand Police (New Zealand) - Police not surprised by alcohol-fuelled violence in Auckland CBD
Auckland City Police say they are disappointed but not surprised at the violence in the CBD over the weekend. Two people were taken to hospital with serious injuries and two others were arrested following four large-scale fights within the city centre on Saturday night.
The New Times - Alcohol increases skin cancer risk
It’s not just exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light which can increase your chances of developing the most dangerous form of skin cancer, melanoma. Now, new research published in the British Journal of Dermatology, says drinking alcohol regularly could also increase your risk - by up to 55%.
Reuters - Ignition lock laws cut alcohol-related crash deaths
States that require convicted drunk drivers to install ignition interlock devices in their cars had a 15 percent drop in alcohol-related crash deaths compared to states without these requirements, research shows.
HeraldNet - Alcohol makers need to do more to limit ads kids see
Among advertisements on TV, it's hard not to like many of those that market beer, wine and spirits. Most are entertaining, funny — farewell Most Interesting Man in the World — and particularly effective.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

FASD News - 11/2016 - Alcohol worst of all drugs that affect fetal health
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) set off a firestorm of controversy this month when they suggested that women stop drinking alcohol if they are trying to get pregnant, or could get pregnant. Some people took this advice as the CDC prioritizing hypothetical, yet-to-be-conceived children over real women, which has brought up a number of issues from female autonomy to access to birth control—but how clear is the science about what causes fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and related fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).
The News-Press (USA) - SalusCare: Help available for addicted moms-to-be
Pregnancy on most occasions is a most joyous time in a woman’s life. However, for women with addiction to alcohol and/or other licit or illicit drugs it can be traumatic. Addiction in these cases are usually accompanied by depression and loss of hope and helplessness. Unfortunately, these events happen all too often.
Ottawa Citizen (Canada) - Ontario set to unveil first strategy on fetal alcohol disorder
The Ontario government is set to announce the province’s first strategy to combat Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) – a strategy expected to include a massive education effort aimed at would-be mothers, teachers and health care providers.
The Guardian (Australia) - Northern Territory attorney general backs Roseanne Fulton ruling
John Elferink dismisses calls for 24-year-old woman with foetal alcohol disorder to be placed in secure facility but ‘won’t second guess’ court decision she was fit to stand trial for property offences.
Sentinel Standard - Let's Talk About It: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: The missing diagnosis
“Class, I want everyone to open up your desks, take out your math books, turn to page 49 and work on problems 1-10.” The previous set of instructions, or similar, has no doubt been spoken in classrooms all over Ionia County, and indeed the state, if not the U.S. Also, undoubtedly, most children were able to complete those instructions.
Science Daily - For both men and women, pregnancy and alcohol are toxic mix
Scientists are rather unequivocal on the issue, as it turns out. "Alcohol is probably the worst of all of the drugs in terms of effects on the fetus," said Rajesh C. Miranda, Ph.D., professor at the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine.

European Conference on FASD 2016: Abstract Submission and Registration
The 4th European Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) will be held at the prestigious campus of the Royal Holloway University, London, from 12th to 15th September 2016. The research symposium will take place from the 12th to the 14th with an accredited Professional Training Day to be held on the 15th September. The training day is co-organized with NOFAS-UK.
FASD and Justice Webcast (March 24)
This is a great opportunity to take advantage of another free webcast, titled: FASD and Justice, which runs for one hour and thirty minutes.
Research on Adolescents and Adults: If Not Now, When? (April 6 - April 9)
This interactive 2016 conference will provide an opportunity to be at the forefront of addressing these issues. We will leverage the experience of the diverse group of professionals, researchers, students, families and individuals with FASD who attend to stimulate the discussion of research, evidence for practice, models, and ideas to expand our knowledge of how we can sustain and enhance the lives of those with FASD.

Challenged Hope - FASD Podcast
It was my privilege to be interviewed live by Art Waves radio host, Bernadette Rule, on Sunday, March 13, 2016, on the subject of FASD and also my memoirs: Two Decades Of Diapers, and, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: The Teen Years, plus my novellas.
Drinktank - Communication and people with FASD
While a child with FASD might want to do what they are asked, whether they are eventually able to do so will depend on the way the instructions are expressed. For example, a neuro-typical child will respond appropriately when asked to pour water into a glass.

J Popul Ther Clin Pharmacol - Adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Factors Associated with Positive Outcomes and Contact with the Criminal Justice System
As has been found previously, early diagnosis of FASD is associated with more positive outcomes including reduced amount of contact with the CJS. It is likely that early diagnosis leads to the receipt of more supports throughout childhood and contributes to a better understanding of FASD by family and caregivers.
Pediatrics - Prenatal Alcohol Exposure, FASD, and Child Behavior: A Meta-analysis
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) and prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) are associated with behavioral difficulties, although there are no published systematic reviews that summarize and critique the literature.
Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability - Adaptation in families raising children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Part I: What has helped
There is limited research investigating the lived experiences of parents raising children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). The aim of this paper is to use qualitative analysis to identify how parents have adapted to the experience of raising their child with FASD.
Ethics, Medicine and Public Health - Expert evidence in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder cases
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is an umbrella term relating to a set of disorders, including Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), partial Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (pFAS), Alcohol Related Developmental Disorder (ARND) and Alcohol Related Birth Defects (ARBD).
American Journal of Forensic Medicine & Pathology - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy: A Case Report in Medicolegal Autopsy
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is a range of birth defects associated with prenatal alcohol exposure. Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is the most serious form of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
Alcoholism - Theory of Mind in Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Theory of mind (ToM) refers to the ability to understand and make inferences about other people's intentions, feelings, and beliefs. Although children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) are known to have deficits in social-cognitive function, little is known about ToM in FASD.
Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice - Experiences in the Canadian Criminal Justice System for Individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Double Jeopardy?
The study explored the experiences of individuals in the criminal justice system with a Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) in order to identify possible ways to reduce the likelihood of re-entry into the criminal justice system.
J Popul Ther Clin Pharmacol. - Life Expectancy of People with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
To estimate the life expectancy and specify the causes of death among people with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). MethodsIncluded were all patients recorded in Alberta provincial databases of inpatients, outpatients, or practitioner claims from 2003 to 2012.

Stadt-Panorama (Germany) - Vortrag: Alkohol in der Schwangerschaft und die Folgen für das Kind
Anläßlich des Weltfrauentages bietet die Gleichstellungsstelle der Stadt Dinslaken in Kooperation mit der Drogenberatung im Diakonischen Werk eine gemeinsame Vortragsveranstaltung zu dieser Thematik an.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Alcohol News - 11/2016

Medical News Today - Alcohol triggers breast cancer-causing gene
Each year, tens of thousands of cases of breast cancer in the US and Europe are linked to alcohol consumption, and it is also linked to an increased risk of cancer recurrence in women with early-stage breast cancer. Now, a new study provides a direct link between alcohol, estrogen and a cancer-causing gene.
The Week UK (UK) - Parliament splurges £1.2m on alcohol in two years
Bars in the House of Commons saw alcohol sales of £1.2m over the past two years, a Freedom of Information request revealed.
ITV News (EU) - Raise tax on alcohol to cut liver deaths, say researchers
Simple and cheap changes to alcohol policy at EU level could reduce mortality across Europe, according to researchers at the University of Southampton.
Newshub (New Zealand) - Auckland cracks-down on underage alcohol sales
An Auckland Council crack-down on the sale of liquor to minors has resulted in an application to have Southmall Liquor Bargain's licence cancelled.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Food watchdog warns of dangers mixing energy drinks with alcohol
They are available for as little as 49c a can but the long-term effects of regularly consuming trendy energy drinks are unknown, a new report from Safefood warns. (Canada) - Alcohol ad crackdown could curb underage drinking, researcher says
A nursing and social work professor who researches underage drinking, is calling for restrictions on alcoholic beverage advertisements in a bid to reduce underage drinking and binge drinking by teens and young adults.
The Guardian (Australia) - Stop advertising alcohol on public transport, urges report
A new report from the Alcohol Advertising Review Board calls on state and territory governments to legislate to remove all alcohol advertising from public transport and transit stops.
Detroit Free Press (USA) - State toughens rules on anti-drunken driving devices
Gov. Rick Snyder has signed bills that update state regulations on breath-alcohol interlock ignition devices.
euronews (Spain) - Alcohol ban hits Spanish resort island of Mallorca
The popular Spanish tourist island of Mallorca has brought in a night time booze ban. The sale of alcohol in shops, vending machines and from street sellers is now forbidden in several areas between midnight and eight a.m.
Ottawa Sun (Canada) - Province has new plan to tackle Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
The Ontario government is set to announce the province’s first strategy to combat Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) – a strategy expected to include a massive education effort aimed at would-be mothers, teachers and health care providers. (UK) - Time to revisit estimates of costs of alcohol to society, says new article
The journal Addiction has pre-released an article calling for a revision of the regularly cited £21 billion estimate for the cost of alcohol to society in England and Wales. The paper, ‘Which cost of alcohol? What should we compare it against?’, is authored by IAS Policy Analyst Aveek Bhattacharya and claims that “these estimates rely on data that are between 4 and 12 years out of date and sensitive to questionable assumptions and methodological judgements”.
WHO (EU) - New WHO study reveals that while smoking by school-aged children has declined significantly, young people’s health and well-being is being undermined by gender and social inequalities
A new pan-European WHO survey of schoolchildren reveals that the proportion of 15-year-olds who first smoked at the age of 13 has fallen significantly since 2010. The report goes on, however, to warn that while 80% of respondents report generally high rates of life satisfaction, differences between genders and socioeconomic status are adversely affecting many young people's health, well-being and lifestyle choices at a critical stage in their development.
Economic Times - Beware! Binge drinking can kill you in your sleep
Perceived as a lighthearted, fun and humorous rite among college students, binge drinking may lead not only to impaired judgment but also increase the risk of dying in one's sleep, say experts.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Alcohol News - 10/2016

EUROPP - European Politics and Policy (UK) - The government’s own numbers show that alcohol is under-taxed
Whilst weighing up his options for next week’s Budget, the Chancellor will be coming under significant industry pressure to cut alcohol duty, as he has for the past three years. One common argument is that UK consumers are overburdened with alcohol taxes.
Daily Mail (UK) - We really ARE a nation of binge drinkers: 10% of Britons down a week's worth of alcohol in just one session
Millions of Britons drink their weekly alcohol limit in a single day, figures reveal. And those most likely to drink frequently and excessively are the middle class and middle aged. Doctors say many adults still see alcohol as being ‘relatively safe’ despite repeated health warnings from the Government and other experts.
WebMD - Pot Smokers May Face Greater Risk of Alcohol Abuse
People who smoke pot may be five times more likely to develop a problem with alcohol, such as addiction, a new study says. (Netherlands) - Over 900 Dutch teens hospitalised with alcohol poisoning last year
Last year over 930 Dutch teenagers ended up in hospital because they had drunk too much alcohol, a rise of nearly 20% on 2014. And the number with acute alcohol poisoning was up 27% on the previous year, figures collated by paediatrician Nico van der Lely show. (UK) - Alcohol the biggest impairment to drivers, says new report
Alcohol is the biggest impairment to drivers, according to a new report published by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport (PACTS).
The Star (Kenya) - Alcohol abuse is up 30% in North Rift
CONSUMPTION of alcohol has gone up by more than 30 per cent in North Rift counties after government officials relaxed the campaign to wipe out illicit liquor.
Economic Times - Children with parents who drink alcohol are more likely to pick up the habit
Can you imagine an 11-year-old picking up a beer bottle? Scientists have now found that one in seven 11-year-olds in Britain has drunk more than a "few sips of alcohol" at least once -- nearly 14 percent. - Six signs the next 10 yrs. for alcohol biz will be like the last 20 for tobacco
Don't be alarmed: A second-coming of Prohibition isn't on the horizon, and alcohol manufacturers will remain profitable just as Big Tobacco remains solvent. America is driven by freedom to make choices, even when they're unanimously unhealthy, and alcohol won't stop being the drug of choice for the stressed or the celebrating. - Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke Jumps Just After Drinking Alcohol
While scientific research has established a link between moderate alcohol consumption and better heart health, a new study suggests that this connection is actually quite complex with potential risks as well as benefits. In fact, new findings show that in the hour following even moderate consumption of alcohol, the risk of heart and stroke doubles.
Newshub (New Zealand) - Alcohol violence commonplace in hospitals
Alcohol-fuelled violence is still far too common in New Zealand emergency departments with intoxicated patients frequently hurting themselves.
Medical Daily - Alcoholic Drinks, No Matter How Many Calories They Have, Can Still Impede Weight Loss
It’s no secret that alcohol is often the greatest nemesis to the waistline — and since many alcoholic drinks are high in “empty calories” lacking any nutritional value, it’s no wonder why. This leaves many people reaching for a light beer or a Skinnygirl cocktail. While lower on calories, these can still throw a wrench into your diet plans.
Medical Daily - Alcohol Addiction Affects Dopamine Levels In Brain, Making It Harder To Catch A Buzz, Easier To Relapse
Alcohol is one of the most addictive substances on the planet, and for those who develop a dependency, sudden withdrawal can produce physical symptoms in the body such as shaking and delirium. But, while much is known about how alcohol withdrawal affects the body, a recent study delved deeper, and investigated how sudden alcohol withdrawal affects the brain.
China Post (Taiwan) - Alcohol ban meets with civil servant derision
The Executive Yuan's recent announcement to civil servants nationwide, requesting they comport themselves with dignity in public settings and avoid excessive alcohol consumption, has been met with derision by junior civil servants.
The Massachusetts Daily Collegian - Binge drinking in college can affect cancer risk later in life
Research has found that drinking alcohol throughout one’s life can lead to an increased chance of developing certain types of cancers later in life, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

FASD News - 9/2016

Science World Report - Sleep Changes Seen From Fetal Alcohol Exposure May Explain Learning, Mood Problems
Exposure of a developing brain to binge levels of alcohol results in a permanent fragmentation in slow-wave sleep, with the extent of the fragmentation influencing the severity of related cognitive disorders, according to study authors.
Medical Xpress - Research pinpoints devastating impacts of fetal alcohol syndrome
Children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders are affected by a range of problems, including anxiety, depression, aggression, delinquency and diminished learning capacity a new review of evidence reveals.
Whitehorse Star (Canada) - MP picks up cause for those afflicted with FASD
Yukon MP Larry Bagnell introduced a private member’s bill last week that would ensure a change in how individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) are treated in the criminal justice system.
New Zealand Doctor Online (New Zealand) - NZMA submission on Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) action plan
The NZMA is calling on the government to take action to modify New Zealand’s “alcogenic” environment which promotes a culture of excessive drinking leading to Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).
Sentinel-Standard - Let's Talk About It: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: The missing diagnosis
Tracy used something called “confabulation,” common in persons with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), a form of brain damage that occurs when the mom drinks alcohol during pregnancy. Confabulation is filling in with what seems logical, because you can't remember what actually occurred.
Read more
TVNZ (New Zealand) - 'It makes me feel like my brain's going to burst' - 46,000 Kiwis suffer from fetal alcohol disorder
And for some 46,000 Kiwis, FASD is a daily battle which the Government will not recognise as a disability. Seven Sharp spoke to several families with a child suffering from FASD, including Alex and his mum Jackie, who drank while pregnant.

Invisible - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and the Justice System
This video features the personal stories of three people with FASD and their struggles within the justice system. Invisible exposes the myths and realities of FASD and what experts believe is needed to help offenders with the disorder.

Journal of Attention Disorders - Comparing Executive Functioning in Children and Adolescents With Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and ADHD A Meta-Analysis
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are associated with a range of neurocognitive impairments. Executive functioning deficits are a hallmark feature of both disorders.
The Lancet - Comorbidity of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: a systematic review and meta-analysis
The high prevalence of comorbid conditions in individuals with FASD highlights the importance of assessing prenatal alcohol exposure as a substantial clinical risk factor for comorbidity. The harmful effects of alcohol on a developing fetus represent many cases of preventable disability, and thus, alcohol use during pregnancy should be recognised as a public health problem globally.
Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology - Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders are clearly brain-based
The Lancet - Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: complexity from comorbidity
Every day, in the USA alone, 100–500 children are estimated to be born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).1 Most will never be diagnosed with FASD, and those who are will often wait years for a correct diagnosis.
Trends in Cognitive Sciences - Drinking During Pregnancy and the Developing Brain: Is Any Amount Safe?
Heavy prenatal alcohol exposure can have lifelong, disabling effects on brain and cognition. Unlike animal studies, research on light-to-moderate drinking in humans demonstrates less consistent impact. Discussions of negative research findings in popular media underestimate potential adverse outcomes and complicate decisions about risks versus benefits of light-to-moderate drinking during pregnancy.
AAPGateways - Prenatal Alcohol Exposure, FASD, and Child Behavior: A Meta-analysis
Meta-analysis reveals that FASD and PAE are associated with problematic behavior in many, but not all domains. This clearly affects families, and should be considered in clinical practice by providers.
Clinical Case Studies - The Clinical Application of Applied Behavior Analysis in a Child With Partial Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
The current case study describes the longitudinal assessment of a young child diagnosed with Partial Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and pervasive developmental disorder–not otherwise specified.

Rynek Zdrowia (Poland) - Szczecin: pijana matka urodziła pijane dziecko
Szacuje się, że rocznie w Polsce przychodzi na świat ok. 900 dzieci z FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), a dziesięć razy więcej dzieci ma inne zaburzenia związane z alkoholem opisywane jako poalkoholowe spektrum wrodzonych zaburzeń rozwojowych - FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder).
DocCheck News (Germany) - FASD trocken reicht nicht
Um fetale Alkoholspektrumstörungen (FASD) zu vermeiden, reicht es nicht aus, ab der ärztlich nachgewiesenen Gravidität Hochprozentiges zu vermeiden. Wissenschaftler des CDC raten sogar Frauen, die schwanger werden könnten, auf ethanolhaltige Getränke zu verzichten. - Fötus-Schädigung durch Alkoholkonsum in der Schwangerschaft keine Körperverletzung
Trinkt eine Frau während ihrer Schwangerschaft regelmäßig Alkohol, kann das später geborene Kind wegen erlittener alkoholbedingter Schäden keine staatliche Opferentschädigung verlangen.
Policlinico News (Italy) - Alcol, CRARL e FARMACAP firmano un protocollo d’intesa
È stato siglato lo scorso 24 febbraio un importante protocollo d’intesa fra il Centro di Riferimento Alcologico della Regione Lazio (CRARL) diretto dal prof. Mauro Ceccanti e l’Azienda Speciale Farmasociosanitaria capitolina (FARMACAP), diretta dalla Dott.ssa Simona Laing.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Alcohol News - 9/2016

BBC News (UK) - Government policies lead to fall in alcohol consumption
A new report has found that government policies have had a positive impact on alcohol consumption in Scotland.
Yale Daily News - Study shows alcohol more harmful for people with HIV
A Yale-affiliated study found that individuals with human immunodeficiency virus experience more negative effects from alcohol use than individuals without HIV.
Medical News Today - A little alcohol in pregnancy puts future generations at risk
Previous studies have shown that alcohol use and related disorders pose a significant threat to global health. Exposure to moderate amounts of alcohol in utero or during early life puts humans at greater risk for alcohol abuse in adolescence and adulthood.
Vancouver Sun (Canada) - B.C. introduces minimum pricing for alcohol
B.C.’s new minimum price structure for alcohol is a good step toward protecting public health, but it also helps defend existing liquor stores from new competition, according to an addictions researcher.
Baltic Times (Lithuania) - Lithuanian anti-alcohol activists call for restrictions on alcohol sales
Tuesday March 1, 2016, saw a group of Lithuanian activists present the Central Electoral Commission with their initiative to collect signatures for the adoption of amendments to the law on alcohol control. (New Zealand) - Alcohol availablity at lowest level for 18 years
Kiwis are drinking less beer and wine, and when they do partake they're more likely to choose lower alcohol options like cider or low alcohol beer.
Gazette (UK) - Tendring councillor, Mark Platt, challenged Alcohol Minister, Karen Bradley, over failure to introduce minimum alcohol price
A TENDRING councillor has challenged the Government over its failure to introduce booze laws to boost the battle against street drinking and anti-social behaviour. Calls have been made to introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol to target town centre drunks.
Scotsman (Scotland) - Politicians urged to protect children from alcohol adverts
Campaigners have united to urge Scottish politicans to do more to prevent children from seeing alcohol adverts.
OnMedica (UK) - Alcohol-specific deaths down, but alcohol-related deaths up
Fewer adults are dying from conditions directly caused by alcohol, such as alcoholic liver disease and alcohol poisoning, show new figures published by Public Health England (PHE).
Bangkok Post (Thailand) - Activists demand big hike in booze taxes
The government should increase taxes on alcohol just as it has done with cigarettes in order to discourage new drinkers, the Centre for Alcohol Studies says. (Canada) - Binge drinking 'tying up' Alberta emergency rooms, says doc
Binge drinking is "a major problem" that is tying up emergency room services in Alberta, says one hospital doctor.
Read more - Drinking heavily just once a month exposes you to this health risk
The dangers of binge drinking are already well-known, however a new study has found for the first time that binge drinking can also increase blood pressure in young 20-something adults, possibly leading to high blood pressure and its related chronic diseases.