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Alcohol News - 44/2012

Medical Daily (Finland) - Just One Alcoholic Drink a Day Could Lower Your Ability to Learn New Things
New study, from researchers at Rutgers University and the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland, has suggested that even moderate drinking could place drinkers at risk. Lead author Megan Anderson and her colleagues state that moderate drinking could place imbibers at risk for lower production of brain cells and decreased ability for certain types of learning.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - The disadvantages of alcohol increased five-fold in 20 years
“THE disadvantages for society caused by drinking in Finland have increased five-fold in 20 years, a yet unpublished study by the University of Eastern Finland reports. This year alone will result in a loss of a billion euro, as the loss is compared with Finland’s gross domestic product. In 1990 the drinking deficit amounted to 212 million euro.
Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Norway) - Alcohol plus medicine – a dangerous combination in traffic
The accident risk is very high if a driver combines alcohol with hypnotic or sedative medicines. This is the finding from a recent study by researchers at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, in collaboration with Oslo University Hospital, Ullevaal and the Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research.
Baltimore Sun (USA) - Alcohol companies target African-American youth
It is no secret that for decades, tobacco companies have filled disadvantaged communities with advertising and marketing attracting generations of young people of color to the products they peddle. A new report from the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health finds that alcohol companies are taking a page from the tobacco industry's playbook.
BBC News (UK) - Norwich alcohol sales ban proposed after crime rise
Reductions to late-night drinking hours are a step closer in Norwich following a vote by a city council committee. (South Africa) - South Africa: Alcohol Advertising Ban Still a Hot Debate
The advertising industry, civil society, academia and government, earlier this week, deliberated on the issue of banning alcohol advertising in a heated debate held in Johannesburg.
The Australian (Australia) - Indigenous MPs call for choice on grog
ABORIGINAL members of the Northern Territory parliament have spoken out in support of returning control over grog restrictions to local communities.
GlobalPost (USA) - Drug and alcohol problems in US rose by 70% over past decade: study
The number of drug and alcohol problems diagnosed by doctors in the US has increased 70 percent between 2001 and 2009, according to new research. (New Zealand) - MP defends proposed changes to alcohol law
Invercargill MP Eric Roy has defended the Government's Alcohol Reform Bill but says it does not always go far enough. The debate over the bill is expected to take up to 27 hours, or three weeks, of Parliamentary time, and feature a succession of unwhipped votes, where MPs do not have to vote with their party.
The Independent (UK) - Cheap alcohol is 'devastating' life in the North East
Doctors in the North East of England have urged the Government to set a 50p minimum price per unit on alcohol following concerns about its “devastating impact” on the region's health.
BBC News (Scotland) - Scottish minimum price law for alcohol tested in court
The drinks industry is going to court to challenge Scottish government plans for a minimum price per unit of alcohol.
Scientific American - Alcoholism and Social Exclusion
Treating alcoholism is incredibly difficult on many levels. One of the most difficult areas to deal with is social interaction, how people with alcoholism can interact with others.
Coastal Times (Canada) - Minimum pricing benefits not just small beer – study
THE evidence in favour of minimum pricing for alcohol is so strong it is only a matter of time before it is introduced, says the author of new research finding the policy had drastic effects when it was implemented overseas.
The Conversation (Australia) - The government has it wrong on alcohol’s role in chronic diseases
The Commonwealth government looks set to lose its top position in preventative health measures. Despite its world-first efforts on tobacco control, when the government next steps onto the world stage, it will be not be as a leader – its position on alcohol is out of step with the World Health Organization and contrary to evidence.
RIA Novosti (Russia) - Russia May Ban Cheap Wine
The Russian government may set minimum prices for wines to compensate domestic winemakers for rising world prices due to poor grape harvests in Russia and Europe, Izvestia daily reported on Monday.
Fleet News Online (France) - Car breathalyser fine enforcement delayed in France until March 2013
Fines to enforce the new law, which was introduced earlier this year, were due to come into effect on 1st November, but this has now been delayed until March 2013. At present, drivers including visitors from the UK face caution if caught driving in France without the compulsory kit.
BBC News (Scotland) - Scotland requests more drink-drive powers from UK government
More powers over drink-driving should be devolved to Scotland, Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill has said.
Voxy (New Zealand) - Local alcohol policies 'must be made compulsory'
New Zealand First says the Government must make it compulsory for every district and city council to adopt local alcohol policies.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

FASD News - 43/2012


Edmonton Examiner (Canada) - Sign of Hope campaign kicks off with already $60,000 raised
The latest incarnation of the long-running campaign will focus on local teens suffering from Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), said Caputo - who had the honour of kicking off Tuesday's events.

Medical Xpress - A family history of alcoholism may add to damaging effects of prenatal alcohol exposure
Prenatal exposure to alcohol (PAE) can lead to serious deficiencies associated with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), such as impairments in general intelligence, adaptive function, verbal learning and memory, attention, executive function, and visual-spatial functioning.
Read more
New Zealand Doctor Online (New Zealand) - BABIES + BOOZE – A Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Youth Social Media Awareness Campaign
The risk to unborn babies from alcohol has been making headlines for decades but Kiwis don't seem to be heeding the warnings. At least 50 percent of women think that drinking some alcohol during pregnancy is safe and 80 percent of teen pregnancies are alcohol exposed, according to New Zealand surveys. - Two Chicago students develop novel treatment method for fetal alcohol syndrome
Two Chicago high school students have developed a novel treatment method to reduce the negative effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and a new understanding of genetics behind the disease.
ABC (Australia) - Psychology: drinking and pregnancy
Our resident psychologist Damien Adler explains that in some cases drinking alcohol while pregnant can lead to a very serious condition called Fetal Alchohol Spectrum Syndrome. (USA) - 6-year-old tries to find homes for foster kids
Hannah was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. She had seizures and swelling of the brain. She spent her early years in physical, occupation and speech therapy. Her foster mother, Jennifer Daffron, says the pageant helped Hannah deal with her fear of lights, crowds, and speaking to people. It also got her thinking. Why wait to grow up when she could help foster kids right now, by selling a very special calendar?
WHO - Congenital anomalies
Congenital anomalies are also known as birth defects, congenital disorders or congenital malformations. Congenital anomalies can be defined as structural or functional anomalies, including metabolic disorders, which are present at the time of birth.
Kidskan (Canada) - FASDlive 2012 Encore: Supporting women who may be at risk of having a child with FASD
Trauma and the value of empathy, patience and cultural competency were the major themes at the post-conference symposium held on Sept. 14 as part of the FASDLive 2012: Expanding our Vision conference.

First International Conference on Prevention of FASD
This is the first international conference to address the primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of FASD.
Consensus Development Conference on Legal Issues of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
This conference is a 3-day juried hearing of evidence and scientific findings that allows for the engagement and collaboration of citizens, decision makers in government, and the justice system in addressing a specific set of key questions on legal issues of FASD.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - Womens Project
A TVC addressing Fetal Alcohol syndrome in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.
Academic backs alcohol bans in Aboriginal communities
With Northern Territory Chief Minister Terry Mills joining Queensland Premier Campbell Newman in discussing an end to alcohol bans for Aboriginal communities, prominent Indigenous academic Marcia Langton says the evidence supports keeping restrictions in place.
Webinar - Overview of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders FASD
The Key Worker Program
Anne Fuller and Roxanne Hughes discuss the British Columbia Ministry of Children and Families' Key Worker Program.
NOFAS - Luther Robinson on FASD
The National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS) is the leading voice and resource of the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) community.
NOFAS - Dr. Roger Zoorob on FASD - Southeast Regional Training Center
Department of Justice (Canada) - A Collaborative, Holistic Response to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
The Surrey & Vancouver FASD Collaboration Roundtables project continues to make progress on a problem that can be devastating to individuals and families, expensive and largely invisible: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, or FASD.

Alcohol and Alcoholism - The consequences of alcohol and pregnancy recommendations
What should be the public health messaging on drinking during pregnancy? The answer isn’t clear-cut. We know that there is strong evidence that high levels of alcohol consumption during pregnancy harm the developing fetus. However, we don’t know conclusively what the impact is of lower level alcohol consumption. That is, we don’t know if there is a truly safe level of alcohol use, nor do we know if the line between safe and unsafe alcohol consumption is the same for all pregnant women.
Alcoholism - A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Spatial Working Memory in Children with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: Contribution of Familial History of Alcohol Use Disorders
Heavy prenatal alcohol exposure leads to widespread cognitive deficits, including problems with spatial working memory (SWM). Neuroimaging studies report structural and functional abnormalities in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), but interpretations may be complicated by the co-occurrence of a family history of alcoholism.
Critical Public Health (Finland) - The emergence of the foetus: discourses on foetal alcohol syndrome prevention and compulsory treatment in Finland
The scientific discovery of foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) in the early 1970s made pregnant women's heavy alcohol consumption problematic. A growing concern over prenatal alcohol intake has made FAS a major public health issue in the developed western countries and led to the proliferation of practices that aim to prevent it.
University of Lethbridge - Parental guide to FASD : a focus on a multidisciplinary approach and communicating with professionals
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) can present many challenges for the individual and their family as they work towards accessing the appropriate supports. One major challenge in connecting with the appropriate professionals is communication and informing the support process from the perspective of the family.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Alcohol News - 42/2012

The Baltic Times (Estonia) - Ansip: current alcohol and tobacco excise taxes are optimal
Estonian Prime Minster Andrus Ansip expressed an opinion at the Riigikogu on Wednesday that although Estonia has one of the highest alcohol excise taxes in Europe, the tax rates of our excise goods are, all in all, optimal, Postimees Online reports.
ERR News (Estonia) - Duty-Free Allowances on Border Could Become Weekly Limits
Officials plan to tighten up the rules on duty-free allowances for cigarettes and alcohol on Estonia's border with Russia.
YLE uutiset (Finland) - If you look under 30, get your ID out
Members of the Finnish Grocery Trade Association have agreed that anyone who looks less than 30 years of age will have to produce a valid picture ID to buy tobacco or alcohol products as of the start of next year.
Skemman (Iceland) - The effect of the economic climate on alcohol and drug rehabilitation
The effect of economic conditions on the use and abuse of alcohol and other addictive substances has received some attention. However, this literature is in its infancy and limited focus has been on detailed mechanisms or reasons for changes in consumption, be it initiation of use, cessation or level changes of consumption. In this thesis we examine how the economic climate affects the degree of addiction at the time of admission to rehabilitation.
Chicago Tribune (USA) - Online alcohol sales fueling underage drinking
What do you know about online alcohol sales? I must admit that I knew little about this industry and was amazed with some of the statistics I recently discovered while reading an article in the September 2012 Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. If you're the parent of a 'tween or teen, here's another topic for discussion and for monitoring.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Tougher rules for alcohol advertisements
Advertisers selling alcohol or promoting the environmental benefits of their products will soon have less wriggle-room in ambiguous advertisements.
The Australian (Australia) - Bans on alcohol spawn generation of lucky children
THOUSANDS of indigenous children in remote Queensland communities, provided they are aged 10 years or younger, have never witnessed hundreds of their community members engaged in wild, drunken brawls, seen women being bashed or heard their screams in the night. Nor have they learned next morning that somebody was violently murdered the previous evening.
GlobalPost (UK) - One fifth of British parents think alcohol improves their parenting skills
Nineteen percent of Britain’s mothers and fathers believe that alcohol improves their parenting skills, a new report has found. Perhaps beer goggles make your kids look cuter.
The Australian (Australia) - Industry revolts as federal health agency proposes ban on discount booze
CHEAP wine will be banned under a federal health agency's plan to make drinkers pay at least $8-$10 for a bottle of booze.
Fox News (Haiti) - Haiti prime minister announces sin tax on alcohol cigarettes to pay for education
Haiti's government wants to raise $100 million for a special education fund by putting additional taxes on alcohol, cigarettes and gambling, the Caribbean nation's prime minister said Monday.
Medical Xpress - Veterans are at higher risk of alcohol abuse relapse due to smoking
In a new study published in Frontiers, Dr Timothy Durazzo and colleagues from the San Francisco VA Medical Center and University of California, San Francisco, expand upon their decade of research showing that smoking while kicking the alcohol habit impairs memory, learning and other cognitive skills—ultimately making it more difficult to weather the long storm of sobriety.
Newstrack India - Moderate alcohol intake 'ups irregular heart beat in heart disease patients'
Even "moderate" drinkers have a higher risk of atrial fibrillation (AF) than low-alcohol consumers, researchers say. An analysis of the association of alcohol consumption with the development of AF among subjects with coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, or other manifestations of cardiovascular disease (CVD) was based on subjects in two large antihypertensive drug treatment trials.
BBC News - Baby boomer alcohol harm 'more likely than in young'
More NHS money is spent treating alcohol-related illness in baby boomers than young people, a study says. - Alcohol problems may be influenced by neighborhood
Disadvantaged groups living in poor neighborhoods are much more likely to suffer alcohol problems than their wealthier counterparts, research shows.
Berwick Today (UK) - Social cost of alcohol adds to minimum unit price debate
NEW figures have revealed the full extent that alcohol misuse is having on the Northumberland economy - costing the workplace alone £44.69m in days lost. (UK) - Middle-aged drinkers 'unwittingly risking their health'
Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, chairman of the Alcohol Health Alliance, said “chronic” overconsumption of alcohol not only led to liver disease, but also increased rates of cancer, heart disease and stroke.

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FASD News - 41/2012

Medical Xpress - Delayed auditory processing found in fetal alcohol syndrome
Preschool children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) display delays in auditory processing, which may serve as a useful neural marker of information processing difficulties, according to research published in the October issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.
Northern News Services - Assessment team working to identify fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
One NWT family has been very straightforward with its adopted children as they cope with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. The mother of that family, whose name will be withheld in this story for privacy reasons, said she and her family have always been communicative about the disorder, its cause and its impact on their lives. (USA) - County Considering Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Warning Signs
More than 20 years ago, the Hillsborough County Commission adopted what was called the "Hillsborough County Alcoholic Beverage Public Awareness Ordinance," which required all establishments that serve alcoholic beverages to post a visible health warning sign on the premises. (South Africa) - FAS prevalence underestimated in South Africa
“The 15th October is National FAS Day and is an opportunity to once again highlight the incidence of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) in South Africa and the need for urgent, effective educational programmes to combat the problem.
The New Age Online (South Africa) - Alcohol study with kids at advanced stage
A three-year research study into the prevalence of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) among primary school pupils in Kimberley’s two communities of Roodepan and Galeshewe is at an advanced stage.
Womens Health and Urban Life - Decolonizing Policy Discourse: Reframing the ‘Problem’ of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder
In this paper, we examine how Canadian federal policy discourse on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) frames the ‘problem’ of alcohol use and FASD in gendered and colonial ways that marginalize the needs of women. (Australia) - Austrailan National advisory body urges government and service providers to take action to prevent fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
The National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee (NIDAC) has today released its Position Paper: Addressing fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in Australia, and is calling on government and health and related services to implement several recommendations to combat this preventable condition and to support sufferers and their families.

Anspear - My Name is Sam
My Name is Sam is an introduction to Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders developed by the FASD Trust. It contains a story book for children and a guidance section for parents and carers.

Alcoholism - Fetal Alcohol-Related Growth Restriction from Birth through Young Adulthood and Moderating Effects of Maternal Prepregnancy Weight
Fetal alcohol-related growth restriction persists through infancy, but its impact later in life is less clear. Animal studies have demonstrated important roles for maternal nutrition in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, but the impact of prenatal maternal body composition has not been studied in humans.

Eindhovens Dagblad (Netherlands) - Drinkende moeder makkelijk ontmaskerd
DEN HAAG - Uit de allereerste ontlasting van baby's valt af te leiden of de moeder tijdens de zwangerschap alcohol heeft gedronken. Onderzoekers van het Erasmus MC in Rotterdam hebben hiervoor de zogeheten meconiumtest ontwikkeld, vernoemd naar de donkergroene, plakkerige ontlasting van pasgeborenen.
Centrum Prasowe (Poland) - I Ty możesz przeciwdziałać FAS. Zobacz, jakie to proste!
Kompania Piwowarska i Fundacja FASTRYGA poszerzają zasięg kampanii społecznej „W ciąży nie piję alkoholu”, promującej wiedzę o FAS (Płodowym Zespole Alkoholowym). Organizatorzy przygotowali materiały edukacyjne na temat zagrożeń wynikających z picia alkoholu w czasie ciąży.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Alcohol News - 41/2012

Copenhagen Post (Denmark) - Annual fall anti-drinking campaign underway
The first of October marks the beginning of the annual temperance campaign conducted by the national health board Sundhedsstyrelsen. The media blitz featuring print, broadcast and billboard ads focuses each year on the societal and individual health risks associated with drinking too much alcohol.
ERR News (Estonia) - Medical Unions Propose Tax Hike on Light Alcoholic Beverages
Health care professionals are proposing that the money needed to meet their demands could be raised by bringing the excise tax on light alcoholic beverages level with the excise tax on strong alcoholic beverages.
Sverige Radio (Sweden) - Alcohol home deliveries on the way in Stockholm
The government has decided that four areas in Stockholm county can have home delivery of alcohol from the state monopoly Systembolaget on a trial basis.
Addictionts (Sweden) – New leads on the causes of alcoholism
In order to develop new medications for alcoholism, researchers need to understand how alcohol acts on the brain’s reward system. A previously unknown mechanism has been shown to block the rewarding effects of alcohol on the brain, reveals a thesis from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
BBC News (UK) - Warning over middle class parents' alcohol habits
Too many middle class parents are drinking excessively as a way of coping with the demands of family life, a report suggests.
The Telegraph (UK) - Beware British binge drinking, Cambridge video tells foreign students
A video urging new international students to steer clear of Britain's binge-drinking culture will be shown at Cambridge University this week.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Time to break link between alcohol and sport
Should something as generally positive and healthy as sport be seen in bed with alcohol and all its attendant health risks?
Scoience Codex - Moderate alcohol consumption may increase risk of atrial fibrillation in people with heart disease
Moderate alcohol consumption increases the risk of atrial fibrillation in older people with heart disease or advanced diabetes, found a study in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). - East Africa: WHO Warns of Alcohol Deaths
More people in the East African Community (EAC) partner states are expected to die due to alcohol-related causes, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned. - Smoking, alcohol tied to pancreatic cancer
The average age at which pancreatic cancer is found is 72, but U.S. researchers say those who smoke and drink heavily may develop it sooner.
Daily Finance - NTRR Formulates Plan to Dramatically Reduce Global Alcohol Addiction
As the United States and other nations, struggle with high rates of alcohol abuse and addiction, Neutra Corp. (OTCBB: NTRR) is developing a business plan to help eliminate the social health costs that alcoholism wreaks around the globe.
Ninemsn (Australia) - Alcohol warning can curb drinking: study
Negative warning labels on pre-mixed alcoholic drinks may help curb binge drinking among high-risk youths, research shows.
Interfax (Ukraine) - Ukraine needs alcohol policy concept, experts say
Ukrainian medical professionals say Ukraine has to adopt a concept for an alcohol policy at the legislative level. (Scotland) - Health Secretary 'firmly' believes minimum pricing meets European law
The Health Secretary still "firmly" believes that minimum pricing meets European law. Alex Neil also insisted that the measure is the "most effective and efficient way to tackle alcohol misuse in Scotland".

Monday, October 1, 2012

Alcohol News - 40/2012 (Finland) - Easy availability of alcohol increases risky drinking among the working aged
Moving to live near an on-site alcohol outlet increases the likelihood of risky alcohol behaviour. Moving further away may in turn decrease risky drinking. This was the conclusion of a recent Finnish study on the effect of the distance between home and an alcohol outlet on risky alcohol behaviour.
Healthy Living (Sweden) - Heredity behind subjective effects of alcohol
‘The experience of every person to alcohol is an important tool to understand why some people develop alcoholism and may be an indicator in itself to find out how alcohol a person can develop. Our discovery is part of the work prevention that can help a certain group of people who are at risk of drinking too much alcohol. (USA) - African-American youth seeing more alcohol ads
Young African-Americans are being exposed to substantially more ads for alcohol than the rest of their peers, according to report by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.
NPR - Mini-Counseling Sessions Can Curb Problem Drinking
Brief counseling from primary care doctors reduces "risky" drinking, defined as having more than four drinks a day for men, three for women, a federal task force says. (Australia) - Survey shows growing support for ban on alcohol until 21
ONE in three people believe that the legal drinking age should be lifted from 18 to 21, a new survey has found.
BBC News (UK) - UK government to back Scotland on minimum alcohol pricing
The UK government is to back the Scottish government when its minimum alcohol pricing legislation is challenged in the courts.
Times Online (EU) - Minimum alcohol pricing is delayed as Europe mulls over free trade
SNP Ministers’ attempts to introduce a minimum price for alcohol could be delayed after questions over their legality were raised in Europe.
General Surgery News - Alcohol Use Disorder Increases in Second Year After Bariatric Surgery
The prevalence of alcohol use disorder (AUD) increases in the second year after bariatric surgery compared with the year prior to surgery and postoperative year 1 (POY 1), according to a study in JAMA (2012;307:2516-2525).
Irish Times (Ireland) - Fears for future of Shortall's alcohol strategy
CAMPAIGNERS AGAINST alcohol abuse say there is “huge concern” for the future of the Government’s plan to tackle the issue following the resignation of Róisín Shortall.
Radio Prague (Chech Republic) - Czech government eases ban on liquor sales
Czech authorities believe they have the methanol crisis under control, and they have eased the ban on spirits sales. As of Thursday afternoon, hard liquor produced before 2012 can be sold without restrictions. But the government has also warned that the risk of poisoning is still very high as another two patients with methanol intoxication have been admitted to hospital over the last 24 hours. (Thailand) - Thais prefer alcohol to milk
Residents of Thailand consume alcoholic beverages at a 3-to-1ratio over milk, a national campaign for healthy alternatives said.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Sharp rise in drug and alcohol use in arrested people – study
A large number of people detained by police are drunk or on drugs at the time of their arrest, a new report shows.
Medical Xpress - Effect of behavioral intervention on alcohol misuse evaluated
Behavioral counseling interventions may be beneficial for adults with risky drinking behaviors, according to a review and meta-analysis published online Sept. 25 in the Annals of Internal Medicine.
The Guardian (Scotland) - Charity to support Scottish government in legal battle over alcohol price
A campaigning charity has won the right to support the Scottish government in its legal battle with drinks manufacturers that oppose the introduction of minimum pricing.
MedPage Today - Family Benefits From Treating Alcoholism
Treating alcohol addiction reduces its burden on the family budget and improves life for those who live with alcoholic patients, German researchers found.
Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - Health secretary Alex Neil: We'll show EU minimum pricing on alcohol is justified
SCOTTISH Health Secretary Alex Neil last night insisted the Government will win their battle with Euro bigwigs in Brussels over minimum booze pricing plans.
Washington Post (Russia) - Drunken driving tragedy forces Russia to think hard about safety on its roads
It took a weekend road tragedy to jolt Russia into action over one of its most deadly threats: a chronic culture of drunken driving.
New Vision - Alcohol’s effects are more than intoxicating
Alcohol has been named the world’s third greatest risk factor in the development of premature disease. This seemingly innocent drink is a staple in social gatherings but its effects often spills over into society as a whole.