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Alcohol News - 52/2010

Daily Mail (Finland) - The 'violent' gene: Genetic mutation found only in Finnish men that makes them fight
A genetic mutation that makes men impulsive and aggressive, especially when drunk, has been isolated in Finnish men. Research on violent criminals in Finland has uncovered a genetic variant of a brain receptor molecule that contributes that makes people more likely to be aggressive when they have been drinking.
Bloomberg (Denmark) - Alcoholics May Stop at One Drink With Help From Lundbeck Anti-Abuse Drug
The first pill designed to curb a person’s urge to have more than a few drinks at a sitting is undergoing tests in Europe, promising doctors and public-health authorities a new approach to fighting alcoholism. The drug, nalmefene from H. Lundbeck A/S in Valby, Denmark, blocks brain signals that make activities such as sex and drinking feel good. Should trials succeed, the medicine may win clearance in Europe as early as 2012, becoming the first new alcoholism treatment approved there in more than 15 years.
The Baltic Course (Lithuania) - Alcohol excise tax not to be cut in Lithuania
The Seimas in Lithuania has supported the presidential veto, refusing to reduce the excise duty on alcoholic beverages.
Los Angeles Times (USA) - Infant deaths from SIDS surges on New Year's Day, new study finds
Babies who die from SIDS are 33% more likely to die on New Year's Day than any other day of the year, a new study finds. Researchers say alcohol use the night before by parents or caretakers may play a role in SIDS deaths.
NPR - Parenting Style Plays Key Role In Teen Drinking
For teenagers, friends play a big role in the decision to take that first drink. And by the 12th grade, more than 65 percent of teens have at least experimented with alcohol. But what parents do during the high school years can also influence whether teens go on to binge drink or abuse alcohol.
MedPage Today - Alcohol Linked to Psoriasis in Women
Women who have more than two alcoholic drinks a week -- particularly nonlight beer -- appear to be at increased risk of developing psoriasis, a large prospective study found.
TIME - Even Small Amounts of Holiday Drinking Boost Cancer Risk
More evidence for the conventional wisdom of "everything in moderation": even a small increase in alcohol intake can up the risk of several different kinds of cancer, according to researchers at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, so revelers would be wise not to overindulge this holiday party season.
Daily Nation (Kenya) - Festive season with a difference as new alcohol control law keeps Kenyans sober
It is Christmas once again and, for the first time in Kenya, the father of the house might just be sober, thanks to the new alcohol law. For the first time ever, bars were not allowed to open all night on Christmas Eve. They will also remain closed until 2 pm on Christmas day.
YLE News (Finland) - Finns Willing to Pay More Tax on Alcohol and Tobacco
Finns appear willing to favour increases in taxation on alcohol, tobacco, confectionery and capital gains in order to balance public finances, a survey commissioned by YLE indicates. However, there is little enthusiasm for higher income or energy taxes, the survey carried out by pollster Taloustutkimus reveals.
Voxy (New Zealand) - Kiwis Challenged To Give Up Alcohol In February
We're heading into the silly season, a time when Kiwis drink a lot more than usual. But a new campaign hosted by the Drug Foundation will provide New Zealanders with a much needed opportunity to give their bodies a break in February. (EU) - Europe urged to address excessive drinking
Researchers in Athens for a meeting hosted by the European Association warned Europe has the highest rate of alcohol consumption in the world and 1-in-15 adults suffers serious health conditions as a result.
Economic Times (India) - Delhi to be first city with 2D bar-coding on liquor bottles
In a move to check sale of spurious liquor and bootlegging, all alcohol bottles sold in the city will soon have two-dimensional modern bar coding with Delhi government today deciding to rope in Tata Consultancy Service for the purpose.
AngolaPress (Angola) - Archbishop urges abstinence from exaggerated consumption of alcohol
The archbishop of Lubango, Gabriel Mbiligui, urged Tuesday in this city the population to abstain from exaggerated consumption of alcohol during Christmas and new year.

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Alcohol News - 51/2010

Views and News from Norway (Norway) - Drunk and disorderly
As Norwegians head into the last weekend before Christmas, the holiday party season known as julebordsesong will hit its climax. It won’t be unusual to see drunken Norwegians staggering along Karl Johans Gate in Oslo, or along Bryggen in Bergen. Sleeping city residents can often be rudely awakened at 4:30am by drunks yelling on the sidewalk outside, even in this winter’s bitterly cold temperatures.
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Statistics Finland (Finland) – Causes of death 2009
The number of alcohol-related deaths has almost doubled in twenty years. The biggest growth was seen half-way into the first decade of the 2000s when the alcohol tax was lowered. In the past few years, the number of alcohol-related deaths has remained almost unchanged and even fallen somewhat.
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The subject of my presentation is “Much more than Prohibition,” because the paper I presented at the conference emphasized the extensive similarities that existed between the two nation’s alcohol policies during the 1920s. Much of the scientific temperance literature used in advocating for Prohibition in Finland originated from American temperance groups.
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European Addiction Research (Sweden) - Alcohol Habits in Sweden during 1997–2009 with Particular Focus on 2005 and 2009, Assessed with the AUDIT: A Repeated Cross-Sectional Study
Earlier increases in drinking levels between 1997 and 2001 may reflect a latent high demand that was restricted by low availability. When availability due to European Union harmonization increased, alcohol consumption followed suit. After a period of adaptation, alcohol consumption appears to have stabilized.
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BMJ (Denmark) - Testing the validity of the Danish urban myth that alcohol can be absorbed through feet: open labelled self experimental study
Our results suggest that feet are impenetrable to the alcohol component of vodka. We therefore conclude that the Danish urban myth of being able to get drunk by submerging feet in alcoholic beverages is just that; a myth. The implications of the study are many though.
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Boston Herald (USA) - Mass. alcohol poisoning deaths soar in past decade
Alcohol poisoning deaths are soaring in Massachusetts, and state health officials are pointing to a number of potential causes — from binge drinking to the sales tax exemption given to alcohol sold in stores.
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BusinessWeek - AA May Help Stem Alcohol Abuse in Female Convicts
Attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at least once a week increases the likelihood that jailed women and those recently released from jail can recover from alcohol abuse, researchers have found.
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Pediatric SuperSite - Caregiver alcohol consumption increased risk for SIDS
Alcohol consumption by parents appeared to be a risk for sudden infant death syndrome, according to researchers from the University of California, San Diego.
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Medscape - Moderate Alcohol Intake May Raise Risk for Amphetamine Abuse
Research published today provides more evidence that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol may increase an individual's vulnerability to amphetamine abuse.
Read more (USA) - Over the Limit: Underage Kids See More Alcohol Ads
A new study claims a rise in TV alcohol advertising to underage young viewers -- and that the distilled spirits industry has breached its self-imposed limits.
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Los Angeles Times (New Zealand) - New Zealand reconsiders laws liberalizing sale of alcoholic drinks
The brightly colored poster for the annual fundraiser at an elementary school in this quaint town tucked into Tasman Bay advertised face painting, a bouncy castle — and a fully licensed bar.
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Times LIVE (South Africa) - New law might ban Alcohol adverts
New legislation might ban alcohol brands from advertising, place a moratorium on new liquor licenses and make any drinking before driving illegal, Beeld reported on Thursday.
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BBC News (UK) - High income households among biggest alcohol drinkers
Top earners are more likely to drink alcohol frequently than adults in poorer households, a survey says. The Health Survey for England 2009 found that 29% of men and 17% of women in the highest-earning group consumed alcohol on five or more days a week.
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Montreal Gazette (Canada) - Make booze cheap for homeless, costly for everyone else: Study
Rock-bottom liquor prices should be raised to limit excess drinking among young people and heavy drinkers, but liquor should be given free to homeless drunks to manage their consumption, a new University of Victoria study says.
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PR Newswire (USA) - Fed Delays on Alcohol Labeling Stymieing National Policies on Alcohol and Obesity
The National Consumers League (NCL) has once again called on the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) to issue a final rule to improve alcohol beverage labeling.
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Vancouver Sun (Canada) - Walking while intoxicated can be a high-risk activity
Heading into the two deadliest days of the year for pedestrians, experts say dangers of 'drinking and walking' should be taken seriously.
Read more - Liquor store density linked to domestic violence
Opening more neighborhood pubs and liquor stores could lead to more violence in local residents' homes, hints a new Australian study.
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Internal Medicine News Digital Network - Changes in Cigarette Prices Affect Alcohol Consumption
Raising cigarette taxes has the unwanted effect of increasing alcohol consumption, including binge and heavy drinking.
Read more - Individuals who are victimized -- especially in childhood -- likely to abuse alcohol and other drugs
A new study finds strong associations between victims' experiences -- such as unwanted sexual activity, neglect and physical violence -- and substance use disorders.
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BBC News (UK) - Debate called for on alcohol ban on public transport
Rail and bus operators have been urged to consider an alcohol ban by a drinks awareness charity. Alcohol Concern said the majority of assaults on the staff of one train company in Wales were alcohol-related.
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PR Newswire - Preconceived Notions About Alcohol Lead to Trouble for Students Traveling Abroad, LMU Study Finds
American college students participate in study abroad programs to expand their horizons and experience life among different cultures. But their attitudes toward alcohol use in other countries can create negative consequences, a Loyola Marymount University study has found.
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Online News Website (EU) - Excessive Alcohol Consumption Growing Problem in Europe
Europe is dealing with the problem of excessive alcohol consumption and the life-threatening effects it is having on it’s citizens.
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NW Evening Mail (UK) - ‘Bigger killers than banned narcotics’
A LEADING Cumbrian drugs expert says alcohol and tobacco are bigger killers than any banned narcotic.
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Eurasia Review (Russia) - Russia: Binge Drinking and Sudden Death
Alcohol is a major cause of unnecessary death among Russian men. That fact is unlikely to surprise even the most casual observer of Russia. But after crunching several years’ worth of data, a leading researcher expressed a sense of surprise over the extent of reckless drinking in Russia and its impact on heart disease.
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Alcohol News - 50/2010

BNN News (Lithuania) - Lithuania lowers excise tax on alcohol
The Lithuanian Parliament has supported the reduction of excise tax on alcohol by 27.5%. The new tariff will enter into force on January 1, next year.
Read more - Alcohol and Drugs in Norway 2010
This publication presents a selection of statistics related to alcohol and other substances. The National Institute for Drug and Alcohol Research (SIRUS) obtain the data from public statistics and our own studies. This is twenty-second edition of Alcohol and Drugs in Norway.
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Umeå University (Sweden) - Social marketing design and evaluation of responsible drinking: A case study of the Swedish organization IQ-initiativet AB
The field of marketing does not only consist of traditional marketing and the focus on promoting products and services to increase sales. In recent years a new branch within the marketing field has been established with the focus of promoting behaviours that will benefit the individual and the society as a whole; social marketing. Our purpose with this paper is not only to introduce the reader to social marketing but to describe and explain how social marketing campaigns are created and how the campaigns can be evaluated.
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URA-Inform (Ukraine/Estonia) - Ukraine bypassed Estonia on mortality rates from alcoholism
Ukraine has the second highest death rate from alcohol abuse (including alcoholic psychosis) in the whole WHO European Region and gives primacy only in Estonia.
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For the first time in the European Parliament, the MEPs Against Cancer (MAC) interest group hosted a meeting to evaluate the cancer hazards of alcoholic beverages, and the potential impact of this knowledge on alcohol-related policy in order to address concerns over a lack of public awareness about the carcinogenicity of alcohol.
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BusinessWeek (USA) - 40 Million in U.S. Driving Drunk or Drugged
Despite massive efforts to curb drunk driving, some 30 million Americans are driving drunk and another 10 million are driving drugged each year, federal officials report.
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The Daily Princetonian (USA) - Lower legal age would not curb binge drinking, study says
A new research study challenges the idea that lowering the legal drinking age from 21 to 18 will help lower binge drinking on college campuses.
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WalesOnline (Wales) - Hospital alcohol admissions highest for a decade
THE number of people admitted to hospital with an alcohol-related health problem in Wales has reached a 10-year high.
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ABC News (Australia) - Dry areas just send grog trouble elsewhere: study
Controls on price, trading hours and the number of alcohol outlets are among the most effective strategies for reducing alcohol harm in Indigenous communities, a report from the National Drug Research Institute says.
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Daily Nation (Kenya) - Alcohol law all set to limit drinking hours
Kenyans should not expect their local pubs to operate round the clock this festive season as the regulations of the alcohol law may be published in a week.
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Sify (China) - Alcohol ups risk of coronary artery disease in Chinese men
A Chinese study has suggested that moderate-to-heavy alcohol consumption increases angiographically significant coronary artery disease.
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EASL (Europe) - Liver experts’ consensus: European citizens are drinking themselves to death
New research and measures to tackle societal alcohol consumption are to be announced at liver disease conference Athens, Greece, Saturday 11th December 2010: Europe is failing to deal with the life-threatening effects of excessive and regular alcohol consumption on its citizens’ health.
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Vancouver Sun (Canada) - Quebec drops plan to lower blood-alcohol level for drivers
The Quebec government caved in to popular resistance and political opposition Monday by dropping a measure to lower its legal blood-alcohol level for drivers.
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DI-VE (Malta) - Maltese alcohol consumption lowest in EU, report maintains
Malta has the lowest rate of alcohol consumption in the EU, and the lowest proportion of 15-year-old who have been drunk, a European report claims.
Read more (EU) - WHO: Europe has heart lifestyle issues
About 4 million people die annually in Europe from cardiovascular disease attributed to lifestyle rather than underlying medical conditions, a researcher says. Dr. Lars Moller of the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe says public awareness and education campaigns have not succeeded in reducing cardiovascular disease.
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OECD (EU) - Health at a Glance: Europe 2010
This special edition of Health at a Glance focuses on health issues across the 27 European Union member states, three European Free Trade Association countries (Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) and Turkey. It gives readers a better understanding of the factors that affect the health of populations and the performance of health systems in these countries.
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HGV UK (EU) - European police issue drink drive warning
Police officers across Europe will be running their one-week campaign to mount a crackdown on drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs. The European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL) is again warning drivers of the dangers of driving while impaired by alcohol, or drugs, or a combination of the two.
Read more (Spain) - Spaniards Use Less Cocaine, but Get More Drunk
A study indicates that alcohol and tobacco consumption in Spain are lower than 3 years ago. It also shows that drug usage went down for the first time.
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Washington Post (USA) - Experts debate merit of making drinking age 21
What role does the 21-year-old drinking age play in the phenomenon of young adults bingeing on alcohol? This has become a fiercely debated topic in the past few years.
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Alcohol News - 49/2010

Bertelsmann Stiftung (Finland) - An attempt to ban evocative alcohol advertising
In summer 2009 the Finnish Government set up a working group to evaluate, among others, whether restrictions on evocative (visual) alcohol advertising were necessary. The working group finished its work in summer 2010 and concluded that no additional measures were needed concerning evocative alcohol advertising. This raised opposition, and consequently a bill proposing that only product information would be allowed to be shown in the commercials was introduced in Parliament in September 2010.
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Stylish Classic (Denmark) - Alcohol may affect sperm health
The decrease in sperm count seen in men, in Europe and the United States in recent decades could be due, at least in part, to exposure to alcohol in utero. In a study published recently in the journal Human Reproduction, Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen and colleagues at the University Hospital of Aarhus (Denmark) show that men whose mothers drank more than one drink per day during pregnancy have sperm production reduced by one third, and the effects are already noticeable after only two drinks per week, or 24 grams of alcohol. This is the first time such a link is highlighted.
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Baltic News Network (Lithuania) – Lithuania extends alcohol sale time
Starting from January 1, spirits will be sold from 8.00 AM to 12.00 AM, reports 60 Parliament deputies voted for the amendments, while 40 were against, nine deputies refrained.
Read more (Canada) - Quebec nixes lower drivers' alcohol limit
Quebec's government has reversed itself on a plan to lower the maximum blood-alcohol limit for drivers to 0.05 per cent from 0.08 per cent, officials said.
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WebProNews - Google Adjusts AdWords Alcohol Policy
Google has made changes to its advertising policy on alcohol for AdWords. The company now allows ads to promote the sale of hard alcohol and liquor.
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Renal and Urology New - Alcohol May Adversely Affects Vision in Type 2 diabetics
Moderate and heavy alcohol consumption may be associated with an increased risk of declining visual acuity, but not diabetic retinopathy, in patients with type 2 diabetes, data suggest.
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Fiji Broadcasting Corporation Ltd (Fiji) - Cigarettes and alcohol abuse kills: Ministry
More then 82% of Fiji’s population die of non-communicable diseases says the Health Ministry and two major contributing factors are the excessive use of cigarettes and alcohol.
Read more (Ireland) - Teens' horror at seeing mums and dads being drunk
THE vast majority of teenagers believe parents should not get drunk in front of their children, new research has shown.
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WalesOnline (Wales) - North Wales: ‘Smoking, alcohol and drugs are key concerns’
The lifestyles of people living in the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board area, which covers Anglesey, Gwynedd, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham are generally in line with the Welsh average.
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Medical Daily - Stigma discourages those with alcohol disorders from receiving treatment
Despite the existence of effective programs for treating alcohol dependencies and disorders, less than a quarter of people who are diagnosed actually seek treatment. In a recent study by Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health researchers report that people diagnosed with alcoholism at some point in their lifetime were more than 60% less likely to seek treatment if they believed they would be stigmatized once their status is known.
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The Korea Herald (South Korea) - Share of household spending on alcohol, cigarettes drops
The ratio of Koreans’ spending on alcohol and cigarettes to their total spending fell to a record low in the third quarter as people grew concerned about their health, data showed Monday.
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TMCnet (WHO) - Itransition Helps WHO Launch Initiative to Prevent Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Itransition Software Development Company, an international software development company, along with the World Health Organization (WHO), the Dutch Ministry of Health, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction (the Trimbos), have launched a new pilot project with the objective to prevent alcohol and substance abuse in Brazil, India, Mexico and Belarus.
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InsideVandy (USA) - STUDY: Alcohol consumption has an impact on final grades
Final exams are less than a week away, and students will be confronted with choices that will have an impact on their academic performance. A recent study conducted at the U.S. Air Force Academy found that alcohol consumption before and during final exam period is detrimental to students’ performance.
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The Guardian (UK) - David Nutt: 'The government cannot think logically about drugs'
If someone were to invent a perfectly safe ecstasy pill, what would be done about it? It's the sort of scenario clubbers like to speculate about, usually at around 6am, a little the worse for wear after a big night out. It's less common to hear it from a neuropsychopharmacologist and former government scientist – but it is, Professor David Nutt says earnestly, "the key question". So what does he think the government would do?
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Radio New Zealand (New Zealand) - Full strength beer ban at all cricket internationals
New Zealand Cricket says full-strength beer will not be sold at any venue during international matches this summer.
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Irish Medical Times (Ireland) - Ireland paying heavy price for alcohol
“We are all paying a high price for cheap alcohol,” the national charity for alcohol-related issues, Alcohol Action Ireland, has warned, while calling on the Government to implement budgetary measures it says could earn the Exchequer up to €182 million additional revenue and help reduce the estimated €3.7 billion in avoidable costs caused by alcohol-related harm each year.
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WalesOnline (Wales) - Call for zero alcohol drink-drive limit
PARENTS who have lost children to drink-drivers last night attacked the Government for failing to introduce an immediate “zero” alcohol limit for motorists.
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Jerusalem Post (Israel) - Many women unaware alcohol and pregnancy don’t mix
Less than a quarter of Israeli women are aware of the risk of drinking alcohol during pregnancy, according to a study conducted by pediatrician Dr. Yehuda Santzky and the Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Petah Tikva.
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Washington Post (USA) - Experts debate merit of making drinking age 21
What role does the 21-year-old drinking age play in the phenomenon of young adults bingeing on alcohol? This has become a fiercely debated topic in the past few years.
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Alcohol News - 48/2010

ERR (Estonia) - Alcohol Producers Make Pact to Limit TV Advertising
Private television stations and alcohol producers signed an agreement on November 25 to voluntarily limit advertising of alcoholic beverages during times of day when a large share of TV audiences are children and young people.
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The Foreigner (Norway) - Norwegians critical to own drinking culture
Drunk and violent Norwegians in many places are a common sight when going out for the evening in the weekend. A majority blame the nightspots and their own culture, according to a new national inquiry from the Directorate of Health.
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MAD (Denmark) - Danish anti-alcohol campaign: Showing lack of coolness
They are known worldwide for their fondness for beer and their expertise in brewing it. But alongside this familiar facet of their national identity, there is a darker side to the Danish relationship with alcohol. In fact, Denmark has a serious alcohol problem.
Read more (Sweden) - Bridging the world : Alcohol Policy in Transition and Diverging Alcohol Patterns in Sweden
The present dissertation aims at analysing the effects of recent alcohol policy changes. The traditional strict policy in Sweden had focused on high pricing and limited availability to control levels of alcohol consumed and thus alcohol-related harms.
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Fox News (USA) - Alcohol-Laced Whipped Cream Raising Concerns
The alcohol-laced energy drink Four Loko has been stirring up a lot of controversy in the last month, and now there’s another concoction on the market that is raising some eyebrows.
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BusinessWeek (UK) - U.K. Considering Moves to Cut Tobacco And Alcohol Consumption
U.K. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said he’s looking at ways to cut tobacco and alcohol consumption as he tries to improve public health, with the focus on the poorest people.
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Boston Globe (USA) - Report: Alcohol sends 1,000 young per year to Ers
Boston public health officials says alcohol-related problems are sending nearly 1,000 college-age residents to hospital emergency rooms each year.
Read more (New Zealand) - Alcohol ban call as park erupts
Alcohol may be banned from all public events at Christchurch's Hagley Park after a night of "chaos" at Christmas in the Park.
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BBC News (Wales) - Charity calls for alcohol licensing powers for Wales
Alcohol Concern is calling for powers over the licensing and pricing of alcohol to be devolved to Wales.
Read more (UK) - People power to end 24 hour drinking, says minister
It is up to local people to "reclaim the streets" from drunken yobs and end 24 hour drinking, the minister in charge of tearing up Labour's licensing laws said today.
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BusinessWeek - Girls Who Suffer Child Abuse May Abuse Alcohol as Adults
Women who were sexually or physically abused as children are at increased risk for drinking problems, researchers say.
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The Press Association (Scotland) - Alcohol behind 'most violence'
The head of Scotland's largest police force has said most of the violence in the west of the country is linked to alcohol.
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Medical News Today - Binge Drinking Tied To Double Risk Of Heart Disease
A study that compared the drinking patterns of middle aged men in France to counterparts in Belfast in Northern Ireland, found that binge drinking was linked to nearly double the risk of heart disease, suggesting that Belfast's binge drinking culture, where there is a tendency to drink a lot of alcohol in one day at the weekend, could be fuelling the city's high rate of heart disease.
Read more (Canada) - Bureaucrats face new booze rules
Treasury Board President Stockwell Day announced new rules for hospitality expenses for the public service, including a ban on expensing alcohol other than "situations that are necessary for the rules for protocol."
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ABC Online (Australia) - Thousand of kids living with problem drinkers
New research from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre shows more than 700,000 children live with parents who drink heavily.
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ABC Online (Australia) - Push to ban alcohol sponsorship in sport
Pubs, bars and brewing companies should be stopped from sponsoring sport, the Northern Territory Law Society says.
Read more - Study Assesses Effectiveness of Mandatory Alcohol Testing Programs
In 1995, the United States implemented mandatory alcohol testing programs for motor carriers. Commercial truck drivers with a blood-alcohol content of .04 or higher are subject to immediate suspension.
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Times of Malta (Malta) - Call for random breathalyser tests
As the festive season approaches, substance abuse agency Sedqa has called for a change in the law to allow the police to carry out random breathalyser tests at road blocks as a way of clamping down on drunk driving.
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Alcohol News - 47/2010

The Baltic Course (Estonia) - Alcohol advertising volume in Estonian TV channels grows
The amount of alcohol commercials in Estonian TV channels has grown considerably over the past few years but still they form a small amount of all commercial, LETA/National Broadcasting cites a TNS Emor study.
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Wiley Online Library (Finland) - The effects of a large reduction in alcohol prices on hospitalisations related to alcohol: a population-based natural experiment
The results, obtained in a natural experimental setting when trends and seasonal variation had been taken into account, suggest that the reduction in alcohol prices led to increases in alcohol-related hospitalisation in certain population groups, most among 50-69-year-olds, in Finland.
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The Local (Sweden) - Swedish government split on rural booze sales
A government inquiry has proposed that farm stores in Sweden be allowed to sell both locally produced and imported alcoholic products, while critics argue that the state-owned Systembolaget retail monopoly is at risk.
Read more (Sweden/USA) - What Can Florida Learn From Sweden's DUI Laws?
The sometimes lenient treatment of DUI suspects has victims' families in Central Florida demanding changes. It's already happening in Sweden, which is home to the toughest drunk driving laws in the world.
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European Journal of Public Health (Sweden/EU) - Alcohol consumption and harm among elderly Europeans: falling between the cracks
The ageing of Europe means that the absolute number of older Europeans with alcohol use disorders will rise and the consequences of these changes must be considered early. However, little is currently known about the health, social and economic impacts of alcohol consumption by this cohort.
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Daily Mail (UK) - The binge drinkers' by-law: Sale of cheap alcohol to be banned by ten councils
A ground-breaking bylaw that would ban the sale of cheap alcohol across a whole county has been drawn up in a bid to cut hospital admissions.
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ABC Online (Australia) - Surge in demand for alcohol rehab
Alcohol has a grip on Australians and the situation is getting worse, experts say. The warning follows a surge in the number of alcohol-related admissions to one of Sydney's leading drug rehabilitation centres.
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TopNews United States - Increase in Taxes on Alcohol and Tobacco, Currency Levy Could Help Fund Health-Care
As per the World Health Organization, increasing taxes on tobacco and alcohol and imposing levy on foreign exchange transactions could provide funds for the health-care of a number of people across the globe, who cannot afford the same.
Read more (Uganda) - Experts Plan Fight Against Alcohol Abuse
Experts have asked governments and donor agencies to allocate more resources towards research into alcohol and substance abuse, especially in developing countries.
Read more (UK) - Britons now visit pubs 'to eat rather than drink'
British pubgoers are more likely to visit their local to eat rather than drink, as the rise of the gastropub calls time on the traditional "boozer".
Read more (Canada) - Campaign launched to focus on alcohol-facilitated sexual assaults
Edmonton police and SAVE (Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton) are launching a new marketing campaign they hope will get people talking. The "Don't be that Guy" campaign focuses on the issue of alcohol-facilitated sexual assaults in our city.
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Times of India - Energy drink leads to alcohol dependence
A new research has suggested that college students who frequently consume heavily-caffeinated energy drinks are more likely to become alcohol-dependent.
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ABC Online (Australia) - Alcohol bans linked to drop in stabbings
A trauma surgeon at the Alice Springs Hospital says there has been a significant drop in the number of women being treated for stab wounds and it could be due to increased alcohol restrictions.
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New York Daily News (USA) - Alcohol-related emergency room visits skyrocket in New York: 74,000 in 2009
Heavy boozing has caused a shocking spike in drunken injuries and emergency room visits in New York, a troubling new study says.
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Yorkshire Post (UK) - City's wealthiest most likely to drink excessively says doctor
PEOPLE living in some of Sheffield's wealthiest areas are the most likely to drink alcohol to excessive and dangerous levels, a new report has revealed.
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Times of India - Binge drinking makes men impulsive
A new study has found that adolescents into binge drinking are more likely to engage in risk-taking behaviour.
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CNN (blog) - Teen brain more prone to drug, alcohol damage
Teens may act invincible, but when it comes to drugs and alcohol, they're actually more vulnerable than adults to harmful effects on the brain, researchers said at Neuroscience 2010, the Society for Neuroscience conference in San Diego, California, on Monday.
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Sify - Childhood sexual, physical abuse linked to alcoholism in women
A new research has revealed that women who suffered sexual or physical abuse as children are more likely to abuse alcohol than are others.
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Independent (Ireland) - High prices and advertising curbs help tame teen drinking
The modern-day Irish 15-year-old boy admits to getting drunk more than twice a year but they are behaving better than their older brother.
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Austrian Times (Austria/Germany) - Austria observes German 'drink and ride' debate
Public transport officials in Austria are looking across the border as Germany has become entangled in a heated debate over the possible introduction of a "drink and ride" limit for passengers.
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Alcohol News - 46/2010

The Local (Sweden) - 'Alcolocks' for all new cars: Social Democrats
The Social Democrats have proposed that all new cars sold in Sweden be equipped with ignition locks to prevent a vehicle from starting if the driver is intoxicated.
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Baltic Business News (Estonia) - Estonia's alcohol consumption in 2009 fell to five-year low
Consumption of alcohol in Estonia fell in 2009 to a five-year low of 10.16 litres of pure alcohol per head, the Estonian Institute of Economic Research said.
Read more (Denmark) - New measures to stop alcohol sales to youths
The Alcohol Advertising Board has presented a new set of alcohol marketing guidelines to protect children and young people against alcohol advertisements, reports Berlingske Tidende.
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Finland, the WHO and alcohol: Solid evidence that price DOES matter
In 2004, Finland lifted the prohibition on people bringing cheap alcohol into the country. The results were disastrous and consumption rose by 10%, along with alcohol related illness.
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San Francisco Chronicle - Alcohol and Marijuana Use by Teens Harms Intellect
A new study has been released from The University of New Mexico School of Medicine comparing the mental abilities of teens that abused alcohol and marijuana to those who abstained from drugs.
Read more (New Zealand) - AA supports Government’s focus on drink drivers
The AA is pleased the Government is focussing on repeat and serious drink drivers, who are the people who cause the greatest amount of alcohol-related road trauma.
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Radio New Zealand International (Tonga) - Tonga to tighten controls on alcohol
Tonga is bringing in new laws to try and counter alcohol abuse. The police commander, Chris Kelley, says there’ll be new categories of licences, and this’ll mean bars being separated from restaurants and retailers providing a closed off area housing their alcohol products.
Read more (Scotland) - MSPs reject alcohol minimum pricing
Plans to introduce a minimum price for alcohol have been finally killed off by the Scottish Parliament as MSPs passed legislation aimed at tackling the country’s binge drinking epidemic.
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Sify (Russia) - Alcohol consumption in Russia is double WHO limit
Per capita alcohol consumption in Russia is twice the critical limit set by the World Health Organisation (WHO), an official said Friday.
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Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey) - Cafe owners protest recent tax hike on alcohol in Istanbul
Members of the Beyoğlu Entertainment Venues Association protested Thursday the recent 30 percent tax hike on alcoholic beverages, claiming the government is using the national budget deficit and personal health as excuses to clampdown on alcohol.
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National Institutes of Health (USA) - NIH-supported study finds strategies to reduce college drinking
Highly visible cooperative projects, in which colleges and their surrounding communities target off-campus drinking settings, can reduce harmful alcohol use among college students, according to a report by researchers supported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), part of the National Institutes of Health.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

BBC: Scottish minimum pricing alcohol plan defeated

The Scottish government's plans for minimum drink pricing have been defeated at Holyrood, despite a last-minute offer to save the measure.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ADD: Men of Quality are not afraid of Equality

This was one of the messages that came out of the conference “Reconstructing Manhood?” which took place in Oslo 26-27 October. The conference was the first of its kind in Norway, presenting experiences from engaging men in developing countries to a Norwegian audience.
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Alcohol News - 45/2010

The Local (Sweden) - Sweden counts the cost of substance abuse
The cost of drug, alcohol and prescription medicine abuse amounts to 150 billion kronor ($22.4 billion) per annum in Sweden, according to an ongoing government inquiry.
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Views and News from Norway (Norway) - Sales dip at state wine monopoly
For the first time since the 1980s, sales at Norway’s state liquor and wine monopoly Vinmonopolet have declined. Some blame competition from far lower taxes and prices in Sweden, and are calling for an end to tax-free sales at, for example, Norwegian airports.
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Medicine JournalFeeds (Finland) - The effect of survey sampling frame on coverage: the level of and changes in alcohol-related mortality in Finland as a test case
Alcohol-related mortality, and hence probably also alcohol consumption, is on average much higher in the subgroups of populations excluded from survey sampling frames. Due to the small size of the excluded group in the Finnish context, this has only a small effect on population-level estimates.
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CSPNET (USA) - Michigan Bans Caffeinated Alcohol Drinks
The state of Michigan has banned caffeinated alcoholic beverages. The Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) rescinding the approval of all "alcohol energy drinks." The commission will notify beverage makers via a commission order about the product ban; they will have 30 days to remove these products from the state of Michigan, it said.
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Scotland Courier (Scotland) - Pressure mounts to set minimum price for alcohol
Prominent doctors, publicans, police officers and charity leaders from across Tayside and Fife have thrown their weight behind plans to introduce a minimum price per unit for alcohol in Scotland.
Read more (New Zealand) - MPs to vote on liquor reform
Parliament will vote for the first time this week on legislation cracking down on youth drinking.
Read more (Namibia) - Organisation Fights Alcohol, Drug Abuse
Blue Cross Namibia held a community outreach meeting at Katutura's OD location on Saturday to create awareness on alcohol and drug abuse, an event attended mainly by the youth of that community.
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Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Child binge drinking study released
Children who are supplied with alcohol by people other than their parents are up to six times more likely to binge drink, a new study has found.
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ERR News (Estonia) - State Sets Alcohol Consumption Target to Eight Liters
Estonia should set a target to decrease its alcohol consumption to eight liters per person annually, asserted the National Institute for Health, an agency of the Ministry of Social Affairs.
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Morning Advertiser (UK) - Below cost ban on alcohol by May 2012
A ban on the below cost sale of alcohol could come into effect by May 2012, the Government has said.
Read more - Genetic link likely in alcoholism, depression
A Christchurch woman whose parents suffered from alcoholism and whose father also had depression is being treated for both conditions as part of a new study.
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The Australian (Australia) - Sport can't afford to stay under the influence of alcohol
ALCOHOL provides sporting bodies with pots of gold. It also causes them untold angst. It's a dilemma that tugs at the very fibres of sport. How can organisations take money from the same party that inevitably contributes to their players disgracing both themselves and their sport?
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Friday, November 5, 2010

SPECIAL: World media about "The Most Dangerous Drugs"

World media is filled with opinions concerning the recent report according to which the most dangerous drug is alcohol. Here is a small selection of these articles. But first, the controversial list itself:

Time - The Most Dangerous Drugs? Alcohol, Heroin and Crack — in That Order
How often does life really imitate art? Let's imagine that a writer has been commissioned to develop a comedic screenplay about the deeply serious business of how to classify and control drugs. The plot is likely to feature that staple slapstick character “the mad scientist,” and since Hollywood tends to choose Britons to portray its eccentrics and villains, the writer makes the scientist a British professor. What's a good name for a nutty professor? Why not Professor Nutt?

The Portugal News - Portuguese experts agree ‘alcohol is more harmful than drugs’ in wake of controversial UK study
A controversial new study co-authored by a former UK chief drugs advisor which claims alcohol is more harmful than hard drugs like heroin or crack cocaine has been widely backed by Portuguese experts and clinical professionals.

The Guardian - Britain's drugs hypocrisy is a giant self-inflicted wound
A dreary ritual follows any pronouncement from Professor David Nutt, former government drugs adviser and brain chemistry pundit. First, politicians groan. Then civil servants hide. Then newspaper editors run howling back to the dark ages. Nothing happens, absolutely nothing.

The Economist (blog) - A new study suggests alcohol is more harmful than heroin or crack
MOST people would agree that some drugs are worse than others: heroin is probably considered to be more dangerous than marijuana, for instance. Because governments formulate criminal and social policies based upon classifications of harm, a new study published by the Lancet on November 1st makes interesting reading.

Herald Scotland - We have to take a sober look at excessive drinking culture
Alcohol is more damaging to society than heroin, according to the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs. You bet it is. In Scotland, 93% of men and 87% of women over the age of 16 drink alcohol – as do almost half of 15-year-olds. But we drink with such recklessness that it lands 115 of us in hospital every single day.

BBC News (blog) - Drugs debate hots up
Today sees the publication of two pieces of scientific research that threaten to destabilise further the orthodoxy on drug policy in Britain.

The Independent - Leading article: A welcome injection of science
No wonder they got rid of Professor David Nutt. The man who was the Government's chief adviser on narcotics – until he was sacked by the previous Home Secretary – has produced a new guide to the relative harmfulness of drugs and it runs almost entirely counter to the official classification. Dr Nutt and others have formed a breakaway Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs which has produced the new study.

Toronto Star - Why study says alcohol more dangerous than heroin, cocaine
The former U.K. drug czar has published a study damning alcohol as a more dangerous drug than heroin or crack cocaine and urged governments to radically readjust their targets in the fight on narcotics. One Canadian expert said the study should prompt a new discussion about the dangers of alcohol abuse and a “more rational” consideration of our overall drug policy.

Scotland Courier - David Nutt's alcohol study backed by Scottish groups
Drugs and alcohol charities have thrown their weight behind a controversial new study which claims alcohol is more harmful than heroin. Although the licensed trade said any such comparisons are spurious, SNP politicians claim the research shows the need to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BBC: 'Alcohol most dangerous drug to society' - Prof Nutt

Alcohol is more harmful than heroin or crack, according to Professor David Nutt, the former UK chief drugs adviser.

Prof Nutt co-authored a report published in medical journal the Lancet which ranks 20 drugs on 16 measures of harm to users and to wider society.

Tobacco and cocaine are judged to be equally harmful, while ecstasy and LSD are among the least damaging.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Alcohol News - 44/2010

The Copenhagen Post (Denmark) - Boozy Copenhagen
Approximately 800 inflatable bottles were floated out on to Peblinge Lake on Monday to represent the consumption of alcohol by Copenhagen residents.
Read more (Denmark) - City council: widespread sale of alcohol to underaged
MPs say upholding alcohol purchase laws is seller’s responsibility Although sales of beer, wine and spirits to anyone under 16 is illegal, 84 percent of the city's 15-year-olds have purchased alcohol at least once within the past month.
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Mmegi Online (Norway/Botswana) - Blue Cross calls for more tax on alcohol
An alcohol policy training manager for Blue Cross Norway has called on the government of Botswana to increase taxation in such a way that the alcohol industry covers all the expenditure created by alcohol consumption.
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New York Daily News - Alcohol is more harmful than heroin or crack: study
Alcohol is even worse than heroin and crack on the list of "most harmful" drugs, according to a new study published in the British medical journal, The Lancet.
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Adelaidenow (Australia) – Flawed stats veil alcohol usage
An article published yesterday by the Medical Journal of Australia argues that the Australian Bureau of Statistics has significantly underestimated alcohol consumption for years, a mistake that undermines alcohol policies.
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White Lake Beacon (USA) - ‘Super’ drunk law starts Sunday with enhanced penalties
Starting Sunday, Michigan's new high blood alcohol content (BAC) drunk driving law takes effect, with enhanced penalties for first-time drivers convicted of operating with a BAC of .17 or higher.
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TVNZ – Study shows link between buying and bingeing
A new study has found that people with off-licence liquor outlets near their home are more likely to be binge-drinkers.
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TheMedGuru - Boozers need help to reduce alcohol consumption over time—study
As per a new research study, heavy drinkers may cut down on their alcohol consumption over the period of time, but even then they cannot really bring it down to the level of an average adult drinker.
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Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Drinks industry calls for 20% cut in alcohol excise duty
A package of stimulus measures to stem the tide of shoppers buying alcohol across the border were unveiled today by alcohol manufacturers and sellers.
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BBC News (Wales) - Drinking banning orders to help tackle drink crime
Magistrates in parts of Wales have new powers to ban people convicted of alcohol-related offences from pubs for up to two years.
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Times LIVE (South Africa) - Minister draws the line on alcohol abuse
Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi wants new laws to regulate South Africa's alcohol industry. Motsoaledi said the plan would be "extensive" and similar to the campaign launched against the tobacco industry which also led to a ban on cigarette advertising.
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Pediatric SuperSite - Drug and alcohol consumption linked to popularity in adolescents
Popular adolescents are more likely to consume larger amounts of alcohol and drugs than their less popular peers, according to study results announced in a press release.
Read more (Kenya) - Cut the Lectures - Alcohol is a Drug - a Ruinous One
Using drugs is dangerous - a social vice that must be stamped out. Experimenters are surveyors and probers, while users are slack-jawed, mouth breathing degenerates.
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The (Sweden) - Efforts to curb youth drinking 'ineffective'
A new report released on Monday has questioned the efficacy of the Swedish government's investment of about 900 million kronor ($135.81 million) over the last 10 years in reducing youth alcohol consumption.
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Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey) - Turkish tourism industry displeased with tax hike on alcohol
Turkish tourism industry representatives have strongly criticized a recent increase in the private consumption tax, or ÖTV, on alcoholic drinks.
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Independent (UK) - Government urged to tackle 'passive drinking'
The Government must tackle the damaging effects of "passive drinking" and give communities greater influence over licensing laws, campaigners said today.
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The Way (UK) - Alcohol puts a Brit in hospital every 7 minutes
A Briton is admitted to hospital with alcohol-related issues every seven minutes, according to official figures. Data from the NHS Information centre highlights that there has been a 54 per cent rise in the number of alcohol-related hospital visits in the past decade, as binge drinking takes its toll on the UK population.
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Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Scots council is first to call time on new liquor licences
New pubs, clubs or off-sales will be banned from opening across a Scottish local authority area in a highly controversial move designed to tackle the area’s chronic alcohol record.
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AOL Health - Alcohol, Flu May Trigger Strokes
Tossing back a few drinks during a night out with friends. Coming down with a cold or the flu. These might seem like harmless and seemingly unrelated events. But they all have something in common: They could raise your risk of having a stroke -- at least temporarily, a new study examining stroke triggers finds.
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Alcohol News - 43/2010

The Wall Street Journal Blog (EU) - EU Mulls Booze Warning Labels
Brussels is a battlefield of rule-making; there are always a thousand small skirmishes taking place off-camera, many with an impact on your future and the bottom lines of big companies.
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The Forigner (Norway) - Norway’s ‘no-no’ to alcohol ads could be corked
TV channels transmitting from abroad with content aimed at Norwegian viewers are not permitted to advertise alcohol under current Norwegian legislation, but this could contravene European law.
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Helsinkin Sanomat (Finland) - Working group proposes new alcohol restrictions for Helsinki
A working group of the City of Helsinki is proposing radical measures to curtail what it sees as an “alcohol-friendly culture” that permeates in the city. The task force wants to ban alcohol advertising in advertising space that is owned by the city. It also proposes that the city stop serving alcoholic beverages at city events, and take stronger action against drinking among young people.
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New York Times (Iraq) - Drug and Alcohol Abuse Growing in Iraqi Forces
A growing number of Iraqi security force members are becoming dependent on drugs or alcohol, which has led to concerns about a significant addiction problem among the country’s armed services as the insurgency remains a potent force and American troops prepare to depart at the end of next year.
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Morning Advertiser (UK) - Underage drinking costs NHS £19m a year
Underage drinking, fuelled by the "ludicrously cheap price of alcohol" in supermarkets, is costing the National Health Service £19m a year.
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New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Cut drink-drive limit: doctor
The Government believes New Zealand drivers aren't ready to moderate their drinking. We know they are. So take responsibility for keeping our roads safe by signing up: Two Drinks Max.
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MSN India - Smart people drink more alcohol, says new study
In the National Child Development Study in the UK and the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health in the US, childhood intelligence was measured before the age of 16.
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ABC Online (Australia) - NSW wants to ban energy drinks on tap
The New South Wales Government says it plans to ban the sale of energy drinks on tap at clubs and pubs.
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Ivanhoe - Heavy Alcohol Use May Cause Change In Teen Cognitive Development
Alcohol, to an adolescent, is usually seen as a rite of passage. Many teenagers view drinking as a gateway into adulthood, or independence.
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Businessweek - Study Confirms It: Booze Impairs Decision-Making
A new study confirms what many people may know first- or secondhand: Too much alcohol slows reaction time and increases errors during decision-making.
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USA Today - Alcohol and caffeine drinks: The next student health problem?
Three beers, a can of Red Bull and a large espresso: no big deal, many college students might say. Three beers, a can of Red Bull and a large espresso times three or four, and they still might tell you they're not intoxicated.
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Medscape - Variants in Region of Ethanol Metabolism Gene Predict Alcoholism Risk
A search for genetic factors that influence individuals' early experience with ethanol has found variants in or near CYP2E1 associated with stronger responses and inebriation after relatively low alcohol intake.
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Arka News Agency (Armenia) - Minister: Armenia conducts serious negotiations with WTO on taxation of alcohol drinks and tobacco
Armenia conducts serious negotiations with WTO on taxation of alcohol drinks and cigarettes, said Armenian Minister of Economy Nerses Yeritzyan during the parliamentary discussions of state budget 2011.
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Crikey (Australia) - Universities: a marketing arm of the alcohol industry?
Public health efforts to reduce the harm caused by risky alcohol consumption should be paying much more attention to university campuses, says public health policy consultant Margo Saunders.
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The Guardian (UK) - Charity calls for ban on alcohol ads on pre-watershed TV and online
Alcohol Concern has called for a ban on TV and internet alcohol ads after conducting research claiming that well over a million under-16-year-olds saw multiple drinks commercials while watching England games during the World Cup.
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FairWarning (USA) - Looser About Drinking and Driving, U.S. Suffers More Alcohol-Related Deaths
Compared to most other countries, the U.S. has a lax standard for determining whether someone behind the wheel is driving drunk. The U.S. is one of only 16 nations with a limit for blood alcohol content of .08.
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Alcohol News - 42/2010

Icenews (Iceland) - Reykjavik bars to be forced to close earlier
A majority of Reykjavik’s city council has voted to shorten the licensing hours of city centre premises selling alcohol at weekends. The bars with the latest closing times will be made to shut an hour earlier.
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YLE News (Finland) - Police Chief Calls for Compulsory Breathalyzer Ignition Locks
Finland’s Police Commissioner, Mikko Paatero, has called for the compulsory installation of breathalyzer ignition locks and speed limit devices in all cars. In Paatero’s opinion the maximum permitted amount of alcohol in the blood while driving should be reduced to a level of 0.2 parts per one hundred milliliters.
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BioMedCentral - The sociodemographic patterning of drinking and binge drinking in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland, 1994–2002
Our results support the continued power of traditional drinking habits in the North Eastern part of Europe. In the future the target groups for prevention of excessive drinking should also include young and less-educated women in all four countries studied.
Read more (Sweden) - Alcohol Advertising in Sweden, UK and EU - a comparative study
The reason why the rules on the area of alcohol advertising differ so much is because Sweden and the UK have two completely different alcohol policies, which reflects on all other aspects of the handling of alcoholic beverages in the society.
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Sky News (UK) - Warning Over Booze Cheaper Than Chocolate
Health groups have called for the Government to act to tackle the "plague" of illness caused by cheap alcohol.
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The Guardian (UK) - Parents' drinking is damaging millions of children, say charities
Heavy drinking by parents is doing so much damage to children that a national inquiry into the scale of the problem is needed, two influential charities demand today.
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TheMedGuru (India) - Alcohol consumption rises sharply among Indian teens—survey
The abuse of alcohol use among teenagers in India is escalating at what analysts say, is an alarming rate.
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Dallas Morning News (USA) - Teen drinking lawsuit may publicize Texas' host law
provide alcohol to anyone under 21 except your own children. But many are unaware that under a law passed with little fanfare in 2005, they may be liable for damages caused by intoxication after knowingly allowing a minor under 18 to be served alcohol.
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EurekAlert - Why are men more susceptible to alcoholism?
Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances, and men are up to twice as likely to develop alcoholism as women. Until now, the underlying biology contributing to this difference in vulnerability has remained unclear.
Read more (New Zealand) - Supermarkets 'driving alcohol affordability'
Supermakets should be forced to supply their alcohol pricing data to the Government to prove they are not using it as a loss-leader, alcohol research groups say.
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GhanaWeb (Ghana) - Navrongo Traditional Council bans alcohol consumption during funerals
The Navrongo Traditional Council in the Kassena-Nankana East District of the Upper East Region, has taken measures to stop the consumption of alcoholic beverages during funerals.
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Medical News Today - Breast Cancer Risk Significantly Lower With Exercise, Body Weight Control And Drinking Less Alcohol
Regardless of whether or not you have a family history of breast cancer, your risk of developing the disease can be reduced considerably if you do exercise regularly, keep your body weight as near as possible to the ideal for your height and age, and consume less alcohol, say researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center, New York, USA, who carried out a study involving over 85,000 postmenopausal women.
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The Zimbabwe Standard (Zimbabwe) - Fierce opposition to planned booze ban
IMBIBERS and traders have roundly criticised government’s proposed regulations that will bar outlets from selling beer after 7pm on week days.
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TIME - 4 Reasons Binge Drinking Is a Public Health Problem
One out of 3 adults and 2 out of 3 high school students who drink alcohol binge drink, according to recent government surveys. Startlingly, the data suggest that 90% of the alcohol consumed by high-school kids and more than half the alcohol consumed by adults is downed during the course of binge drinking.
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TopNews United States (USA) - Justice System to Discuss the Issue of FASD among Prisoners
To discuss the problem of offenders affected with fetal alcohol syndrome and justice system’s approach towards it, a meeting will be held between Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and his provincial counterparts this week.
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Irish Times (Ireland) - Is alcohol too cheap?
WHILE THE PRICE of everything else was rising at sometimes frightening speeds during the boom years, the cost of alcohol, one thing that might be considered fairly integral to Irish society was falling dramatically.
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