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FASD News -17/2019

National Post - How two generations coped with a FASD diagnosis
Very little was known about FASD when Dolores gave birth to Kim in 1971. Now Dolores is helping raise Kim’s daughter Sarah, who is also living with FASD.
It’s been 45 years since researchers revealed the risks of drinking during pregnancy. But as Vanessa Hrvatin reports, rates of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder are three times higher than previously believed — just as more women are drinking, and drinking more, than ever before.
FASD is associated with a bewildering number of symptoms. But as Vanessa Hrvatin writes, the biggest barrier to early detection and treatment may be social not biological.
Regina Leader-Post (Canada) - Frank talk on the stigma of FASD at a Vancouver shelter
“Every time I picked up the pipe and lighter, I hated myself.” Meet the women raising babies after fighting alcohol and drug addictions.
Kids in care suffer disproportionately from prenatal exposure to alcohol. But prospective parents say they are too often in the dark about what’s ahead of them. As Vanessa Hrvatin discovers, that can lead to heartbreaking outcomes.
Ottawa Citizen (Canada) - Living with FASD: Adoptive parents share strategies they learned from their three children
The Mores have learned what helps their kids best — but it’s not always been easy. The story of the Smith Falls, Ont., family is just one in our series on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
The West Australian (Australia) - Northern exposure for FASD aid
Raised in Anchorage, Alaska, by her grandparents, alarm bells rang for nine-month-old Tami Eller’s carers when it became clear her head was not growing.
Winnipeg Sun (Canada) - How these Winnipeg classrooms are rethinking lessons for kids with FASD
‘They’re just kids that are coming to school. They just want to be accepted and be successful.’
Daily Mail (USA) - Rise in US pregnant women drinking alcohol: 1 in 9 occasionally drink and 4% binge-drink, CDC report says
The rate of women are drinking alcohol while pregnant has gone up in the United States, new data show.
Science Daily - No safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy, suggest researchers
An international group of researchers has taken one of the first major steps in finding the biological changes in the brain that drive fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. New work using chaos theory to analyze brain signals shows the long-term effects.

ColleMcvoy - The Quest to End Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders One Fact at a Time
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) are the most common form of preventable brain injury in babies. Yet one in 20 children has FASD.
Calgary Herald - Disorder with 1,000 faces: The Calgary clinic diagnosing patients with FASD
Experts at a Calgary clinic discuss the rigorous testing that goes into diagnosing patients with FASD.
Health Nexus Santé - FASD Web Tutorial – Services
The purpose of this short video is to help user understand how to search for services on the website.
NEWS-on-Tour - Alkohol in der Schwangerschaft! Wie schädlich ist es wirklich?
Alkohol in der Schwangerschaft! Wie schädlich ist wirklich? Caritas Oberberg klärt auf... esperanza Schwangerschafts-/Eltern- und Väterberatung des Caritasverbandes für den Oberbergischen Kreis e.V., Talstraße 1, 51643 Gummersbach
ThinkTech Hawaii - Drinking and Gestating (Family Affairs)
NavNeuro - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – With Dr. Jeffrey Wozniak
Today we give an overview of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), which includes a collection of disorders that occur when a fetus is exposed to alcohol. We discuss this topic with Jeffrey Wozniak, Ph.D., a neuropsychologist with extensive research and clinical experience in FASD.
nasgp - Alcohol exposure prenatally and its effects on children and young people
This is a guideline on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder from SIGN outlining the assessment and management of children who have had prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE). It was published in Jan 2019.

Alcoholism - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: A review of the neurobehavioral deficits associated with prenatal alcohol exposure
This paper provides a comprehensive review of the cognitive and behavioral outcomes of prenatal alcohol exposure, including domains of general intelligence, executive functioning, language development, learning and memory, adaptive functioning, academic performance, and concurrent psychopathology.
Alcoholism - Are low to moderate average alcohol consumption and isolated episodes of binge drinking in early pregnancy associated with facial features related to fetal alcohol syndrome in five‐year‐old children?
These findings suggest that low to moderate levels of PAE or isolated binge exposures may place some fetuses at risk for FAS/PFAS. Thus, conservative advice is still for women to abstain from alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
WALDEN DISSERTATIONS AND DOCTORAL STUDIES - Preconception Health and Preterm Birth Differences Among U.S.-Born and Foreign-Born
Foreign-born Black women giving birth in the United States have superior preterm birth outcomes compared to their U.S-born Black peers. Many studies have focused on tobacco use and medical risk factors, but few have focused solely on preconception health.
Biology of Sex Differences - Chronic low alcohol intake during pregnancy programs sex-specific cardiovascular deficits in rats
Exposure to an adverse environment in early life can have lifelong consequences for risk of cardiovascular disease. Maternal alcohol (ethanol) intake is common and associated with a variety of harmful effects to the fetus.
Alcoholism - Ethanol Exposure Increases miR‐140 in Extracellular Vesicles: Implications for Fetal Neural Stem Cell Proliferation and Maturation
Collectively, the dysregulated miRNA content of extracellular vesicles following ethanol exposure may result in aberrant neural progenitor cell growth and maturation, explaining brain growth deficits associated with prenatal alcohol exposure.
Developmental Neuroscience - Functional Connectivity and Metabolic Alterations in Medial Prefrontal Cortex in a Rat Model of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: A Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and in vivo Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Study
Prenatal ethanol exposure alters brain structure, functional connectivity, and behavior in humans and rats. Behavioral changes include deficits in executive function, which requires cooperative activity between the frontal cortices and other brain regions.

Aleteia PL (Poland) - Bezpieczna dawka alkoholu w ciąży nie istnieje. Świadectwo ojca 6-letniej Asi z zespołem FASD
Nazywane są „niewidzialnymi dziećmi”. Niewidzialnymi, ponieważ nie dostrzeżono ich przed urodzeniem, gdy sięgano po lampkę czerwonego wina, po kilka łyków piwa czy kieliszka wódki – pierwszego „za mamę”, drugiego „za dzidziusia”.
YLE (Finland) - Äidin alkoholinkäyttö vammautti Jennyn pysyvästi jo sikiönä – hänestä kasvoi silti moninkertainen voittaja
Jenny Kärkkäisellä todettiin FAS eli sikiön alkoholioireyhtymä (siirryt toiseen palveluun) jo synnytyslaitoksella. Hänellä oli näkövamma, aivovamma ja nivelvammoja. Hänen kasvonpiirteensä ja pieni kokonsa olivat tyypillisiä FAS-lapselle.

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Alcohol News - 17/2019

Bustle (USA) - How Much Do People Spend On Alcohol? An Analysis Shows How Much People In U.S. Cities Spend Over A Lifetime
Recently,, an alcohol use disorder resource, looked at how much people spend on alcohol over the course of a year — and over the course of a lifetime. The results might just make your bank balance wince.
University of Cape Town News (South Africa) - A minimum unit price on alcohol could limit heavy drinking
In May 2018, Scotland introduced a minimum unit price of 50p per unit (8g) of alcohol, with the aim of reducing abusive drinking. Research had shown that a large proportion of very cheap alcohol consumed in Scotland took the form of heavy drinking, resulting in drunkenness and other socially unacceptable behaviour.
MuMbrella (Australia) - Junk food and alcohol ads scrapped by Queensland government
Queensland’s state government has announced it will ban junk food and alcohol ads at government-owned outdoor sites in an effort to combat childhood obesity.
Quartz - Why faking positive emotions at work can lead to heavier alcohol consumption
Here’s an experiment. Think of the last time you had a rough night at home: your kid threw a fit; your partner was insensitive; the bills were too high; your parents demanded too much. Now think of the next morning, when, being short on rest and patience, you went to work and forced a smile. You acted like everything was fine, even though internally, you felt way off your game.
The Brussels Times - University study finds reason to ban advertising of alcohol
A total ban on the advertising of alcohol is necessary from the public health point of view, according to a study conducted at the University of Ghent for the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (Belspo) and relayed on Wednesday by the newspaper De Morgen.
The Moscow Times (Russia) - Half of Russia’s Alcohol Sold Illegally, Regulators Say
Almost half of the alcohol products sold in Russia last year were on the market illegally, the state Federal Alcohol Market Regulation Service (Rosalkogolregulirovanie) said this week. (Greece) - A third of Greeks drive under influence of alcohol
More than a third of Greek motorists drive while under the influence of alcohol, significantly above the European Union average, according to the Hellenic Society of Forensic Medicine.
Independent Online (South Africa) - Alcohol abuse a massive role in emergency incidents in Cape
Injuries related to alcohol abuse plays a dominant role in the province and is an increasing societal problem which is impacting and placing strain on the Western Cape Government Health Emergency Centres in the Cape Town Metropole.
Healthline - How ‘Mommy Juice’ Culture Is Normalizing Alcohol Addiction
If you think it’s becoming more difficult to avoid seeing phrases like that on social media, you’re not alone. Between memes, jokes between friends, and even movies dedicated to women and their love for wine, it can sometimes feel like there’s no escaping the “mommy juice” banter.
The Federalist - Almost Everything You Know About Alcohol Prohibition Is Wrong
We should stop comparing alcohol prohibition to other kinds of prohibition. Yes, it did fail, but the reasons for its failure cannot be extrapolated to other forms of prohibition.
EurekAlert (Australia) - Heavy drinkers consuming more than half of all alcohol
La Trobe University researchers have found the heaviest drinking 10 per cent of Australians drink over half the alcohol consumed in Australia, downing an average of six standard drinks per day.
VICE (India) - 'Ban Alcohol or We Won't Vote': Rural Women in South India Warn Political Leaders
Reeling from the consequences of rampant alcoholism among men in rural areas, many women in the south Indian state of Karnataka are protesting using their vote.
The Brussels Times (Belgium) - Tax evasion on alcohol sales increases in Belgium
Last year, excise duty evaded on beer, wine and spirits amounted to 17 million euros and 10.9 million in 2017, it emerged from Roel Deseyn's (CD&V) written question to the minister of finance Alexander De Croo (Open Vld), De Tijd reported on Tuesday. - April Is Alcohol Awareness Month: The Wide Spectrum of Alcohol Use Disorder
I used to work with a guy who ate a half of a donut and let the other half sit on his desk for the rest of the day. It didn’t bother him, but it drove me crazy. I couldn’t concentrate on anything he said with that tasty pastry lying there.
MyNation - World Liver Day: Here's how social drinking is killing your liver
The liver is one of the most hardworking organs in your body and it turns out your weekend party-mode may just be causing irreparable harm to your liver.
Vietnamnet (Vietnam) - VN lacks tight control over alcohol consumption
Vietnamese people consume alcoholic beverages in excess but the country lacks specific regulations for prevention of its harmful effects, Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Truong Son has said.
South China Morning Post - How binge drinking – even if you stop before you’re pregnant – can harm your baby’s life chances
Studies suggests that drinking while pregnant can affect children and grandchildren, and even drinking before conception can have harmful effects.
The Standard (Australia) - More than a quarter of family violence incidents involve alcohol in Warrnambool
Alcohol is involved in at least one-in-four domestic violence incidents that end up at the Warrnambool Base Hospital Emergency Department however Western Region Alcohol and other Drug Centre director Geoff Soma says that figure could be much higher.

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Alcohol News - 16/2019

Business Insider - I spent a weekend at Coachella, and my favorite part of the festival is a rule most people over 21 would probably hate
Before attending, I had heard that Coachella restricts all alcohol consumption to designated 21-plus areas away from the stage. I thought I would hate that rule, but it ended up creating a festival experience with fewer rude drunk people, less trash, and an overall nicer atmosphere.
Yahoo News (Australia) - More Aussies getting alcohol and drug help
More than 130,000 Australians sought help for drug problems last financial year, with alcohol the most common substance, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report released on Wednesday.
Business Day (South Africa) - Is it time to introduce a minimum unit price on alcohol?
In May 2018, Scotland introduced a minimum unit price of 50p per unit (8g) of alcohol, with the aim of reducing abusive drinking. Research had shown that a large proportion of very cheap alcohol consumed in Scotland took the form of heavy drinking, resulting in drunkenness and other socially unacceptable behaviour.
YourTango - Why Labeling People 'Alcoholics' Is Just Another Form Of Victim Blaming
I'm sober, but I'm not an alcoholic — and my addiction isn't the real problem. I finally stopped using the addictive, carcinogenic drug ethanol — known by its street name, alcohol — a year ago.
Ottawa Citizen (Canada) - Experts worry that looser alcohol laws may encourage risky drinking
Ontario’s proposal to loosen the rules on drinking — especially in public — has worried a number of community groups wanting to see the province provide more resources for alcohol-related health-care costs.
Medical News Bulletin (Australia) - Most women don’t know the link between alcohol and breast cancer
A new study by Australian researchers investigated why middle-aged women increasingly drink alcohol despite the well-known association between alcohol and breast cancer. (Netherlands) - Health covenant heavily influenced by food and alcohol industry, say experts
The government covenant to promote public health is biased in favour of the food and alcohol industry, health law professors said on Friday.
Psychology Today - Warning Signs Your Co-Worker May Have an Alcohol Problem
April is National Alcohol Awareness Month, sponsored by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), which works to raise awareness about the treatment and prevention of alcoholism, especially among today’s youth. - Tobacco and alcohol leading cause of head and neck cancer
THE leading causes of head and neck cancer are tobacco and alcohol use, the Department Health-Center for Health Development (DOH-CHD)-6 warned.
The Times - Call for global 50% rise in tax on sugar and alcohol
A global health taskforce advised by Nicola Sturgeon is recommending a 50 per cent increase in tax on rise in alcohol and sugar.
The Advocate (Tasmania) - Tasmania ranked second last in Australia on Alcohol Policy Scorecard
Tasmania has failed the most recent national Alcohol Policy Scorecard, ranking second last in the nation.
The Advocate (Australia) - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare releases new report on drug and alcohol services
The Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Council says many treatment services have significant waiting lists for those who wish to receive help for substance abuse.

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FASD News - 15/2019

Manitoulin Expositor (Canada) - Editorial: Government must recognize the challenges of FASD
There is an inherent stigma that attaches to the medical condition known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) that must be solidly laid to rest if we are to build the political will that can force governments and their health agencies to put in place the supports needed to deal with one of the most insidious and pervasive, if largely invisible, health issues facing society.
NOFAS (USA) - An Alcohol-Free Pregnancy is the Best Choice for a Healthy Pregnancy
In observance of April's Alcohol Awareness Month, the National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS) is raising awareness about the risk of prenatal alcohol exposure and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). (Canada) - No formal grades past Grade 6 for Hamilton teen with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Seventeen-year-old James Gowland does not have formal grades beyond Grade 6 and does not have any friends. His father says this is because the public education system has failed James, who has fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
New Scientist - 3D facial analysis could help identify children with rare conditions
Children with rare conditions could be diagnosed quicker thanks to 3D facial analysis software.
So you know a little about me, my name is CJ and I am 35 years old. I was diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome when I was a baby. I was in foster care and then adopted by my last foster family when I was five years old, along with my older brother and sister who both also have FASD.
ProofAlliance - What are the Differences Between FASD and Autism?
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have a number of overlapping characteristics. They are both neurodevelopmental disabilities that can affect brain function, development, behavior, and social interaction.
CanFASD Blog - Genetic and Epigenetic Perspectives on the Role of Fathers in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Research evidence is clear that maternal prenatal alcohol exposure may lead to the child developing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). However, less research and discussion has focused on the potential contribution of paternal alcohol exposure on FASD.

British Columbia - Finding Purpose: Living with FASD (October 9, 2019 Vancouver Canada)
In his presentation Myles will share life experiences on what it is like to live with a disability that is so stigmatized and misunderstood. By giving personal examples of sensory issues, processing, and executive functioning Myles hopes to encourage and inspire audiences, and society as a whole, to change the way they see and understand FASD.
Maryelen And Paula Mcphail - FASD WORKSHOP (May 10, 2019 UK)
Workshops for professionals - social workers, teachers, GPs, adoption services - that work along side anyone with FASD or may think they have FASD.

University of British Columbia - PDFs and video recordings from the FASD Conference 2019
These materials are only posted with speakers’ consent. If the session you are looking for is not listed below, it means that the speaker did not allow for his/her presentation to be available online.
Mini Learning Module - FASD Explained
Taking 30 minutes or less to complete, our Mini Learning Modules capture everything you expect from Open Future and deliver it in a bite size format.
Kids Brain Health Network - FASD Through a Variety of Lenses – Dr. James Reynolds
Dr. Reynolds also spoke last week about FASD in the classroom with the British Columbia Provincial Outreach Program for FASD (POPFASD). In the podcast “FASD Through a Variety of Lenses,” Dr. Reynolds shares his knowledge, experience and ideas around how educators can best support students with FASD.
FASD Ontario - Your source of accurate, up-to-date FASD information for Ontario
Welcome to FASD Ontario, your source of accurate, up-to-date Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) information for Ontario. This website will help you find the closest available FASD services, learn about a variety of FASD topics, read the latest news and find training. We hope you visit the site often.

Dev Period Med. - Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders - diagnostic difficulties in the neonatal period and new diagnostic approaches
Diagnosis of fetal alcohol syndrome is based on the appearance of growth deficiency, the presence of the three key features of facial dysmorphism (short palpebral fissures, thin upper lip, smooth or flattend philtrum) and/or disorders in the central nervous system (minimum 3) and prenatal exposure to alcohol (confirmed if possible).
Journal of Fetal Alcohol Risk and Prevention - Understanding Contraceptive Behaviour to Prevent Unintended Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies
Given the lifelong impacts that can be experienced for individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), prevention of unintended alcohol-exposed pregnancies is an area that requires serious attention.
Reproductive Toxicology - Statistical sensitivity analysis for the estimation of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders prevalence
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) are thought to be the leading cause of developmental disabilities worldwide. Accurate estimates of the prevalence of FASD have been lacking.
Physical and Occupational Therapy In Pediatrics - Sensory Processing in Young Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Sensory processing differences in young children with FASD are supported when compared to children with PAE who are “at risk” for future diagnoses.
VIU - Supporting students with FASD and trauma
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is a neurodevelopemental disorder which is caused from prenatal consumption of alcohol.
The FASEB Journal - A zebrafish FASD model for congenital heart defects
Mothers who drink during pregnancy expose their developing babies to ethanol, and excessive drinking often produces devastating birth defects collectively termed fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).
Acta Neuropathologica Communications - Targeting the β2-integrin LFA-1, reduces adverse neuroimmune actions in neuropathic susceptibility caused by prenatal alcohol exposure
Recently, moderate prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) was shown to be a risk factor for peripheral neuropathy following minor nerve injury. This effect coincides with elevated spinal cord astrocyte activation and ex vivo immune cell reactivity assessed by proinflammatory cytokine interleukin (IL) -1β protein expression.
University of Alberta Libraries - Short- and Long-Term Impacts of A Working Memory Intervention for Children with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
This dissertation consists of two studies designed to: (1) determine the neurobehavioural profile reflecting the strengths and limitations of children with Parental Alcohol Exposure (PAE) and (2) evaluate the short- and long-term impacts of a 25-session Cogmed© intervention on improving working memory and other cognitive, learning, and behavioural functioning in children with PAE.
Nursing Outlook - Pregnant and Parenting Women with a Substance Use Disorder: Actions and Policy for Enduring Therapeutic Practice
Journal of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Risk and Prevention - Predictors of Alcohol Use Disorders in Argentinean Pregnant Women
Urgent action is needed in the region to prevent prenatal drinking, and pregnant women with an AUD should be the focus of distinct efforts.
Repozytorium UR - The effect of alcohol on neuroglia in the developing brain and in adults
During puberty, the young body undergoes transformation not only within the reproductive and hormonal systems, but also significant changes in the central nervous system (CNS).
Dev Period Med. - Asymmetric neonatal spasms as an early sign of brain malformation potentially caused by regular light alcohol consumption during the first 22 weeks of pregnancy, a clinical case report
Spasms in the form of seizures are rarely reported in the neonatal period. Their recognition has to lead to urgent brain imaging study to look for the underlying cause and to implement timely, appropriate corrections in the treatment strategy.
Am Acad Pediatrics - Misalignment of Coronary Microvasculature Detected in a Model of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure using Optical Coherence Tomography
Congenital coronary anomalies can result in severe consequences such as arrhythmias and sudden death. Research has been dedicated to coronary development, but gaps exist in this area of study due to a lack of tools to visualize all the vessels.

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Alcohol News - 15/2019 (Australia) - Vic wants crackdown on alcohol Influencers
VicHealth has says there needs to be a crack down on social media influencers advertising alcoholic brands without revealing they are being paid to do so.
africanews (Ethiopia) - Ethiopia passes tough law regulating alcohol sales, adverts
Ethiopia has banned all advertising of alcoholic drinks, as part of efforts to promote healthy living in the East African nation.
The Japan Times (Japan) - Japan to mandate alcohol tests for flight attendants and plane inspectors following string of drinking-related incidents
The transport ministry said Tuesday it will mandate Breathalyzer tests for all flight attendants, engineers and flight operations managers after loosely imposed drinking regulations came under fire for a series of alcohol-related problems at Japanese airlines.
Medical News Today - Alcohol use disorder: Brain damage may progress despite sobriety
A new study goes against the grain of previous research by suggesting that alcohol-induced brain damage does not stop when alcohol use ends.
Medical News Today - 'Even moderate alcohol consumption increases stroke risk'
Some research has suggested that drinking alcohol in moderation could have protective effects against stroke. However, a large cohort study in a Chinese population shows that this is not the case at all.
The Cardiology Advisor - Epidemiological Evidence Does Not Support Protective Effects of Alcohol for Stroke
In contrast to findings using conventional epidemiology, genetic epidemiology found that alcohol intake is associated with uniform increases in blood pressure and stroke, according to a study published in The Lancet.
The BMJ (WHO) - Exclusive: Partnering with alcohol industry on public health is not okay, WHO says
The World Health Organization will not engage with the alcohol industry when developing alcohol policy or implementing public health measures, its staff have been told, and any government seeking advice from a collaboration with industry should be warned of the dangers.
Washington Post (USA) - The Big Number: 17.6 million Americans suffer from alcoholism
If alcohol is affecting your life and relationships — you find it’s hard to control how much you drink or you depend on alcohol to get through the day — you may be among the 17.6 million adult Americans, 1 of 12, who have an alcohol-use disorder, according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.
CTV News (Canada) - Toronto's medical officer of health raises concerns about proposal to sell alcohol earlier
Toronto’s medical officer of health has authored a new report that suggests offering alcohol at restaurants earlier in the day may not be such a great idea.
United States Army (USA) - Alcohol Awareness Month focuses on education, treatment
In the movies, you can always spot an alcoholic -- it's your stereotypical down-and-out drunk passed out at a bar or on the street corner clutching a bottle of booze in a paper bag. In reality, high-functioning alcoholics can be anyone -- a Soldier, spouse, friend or even yourself.
ITV News (UK) - Leading charity calls for new approach to addiction
A new approach must be adopted to tackle addiction in Northern Ireland, a leading addiction charity has said. Addiction NI has called for government departments and communities across the region to unite in a renewed effort to end the harm being felt in many families and communities from alcohol and drug use.
TVNZ (New Zealand) - Flaxmere in midst of 'alcohol holocaust', local councillor tells licensing authority
Flaxmere community leaders fighting the renewal of a bottle store's liquor licence are hoping to set legal precedence by arguing that the Treaty of Waitangi principles should apply to liquor laws.
Euro WHO (Moldova) - Evidence brief for policy: Informing amendments to the alcohol control legislation directed at reducing harmful use of alcohol in the Republic of Moldova
In the Republic of Moldova, alcohol is readily accessible to the whole population, even children, leading to high consumption levels and a number of alcohol-related negative health and economic consequences.
The Guardian (Australia) - 'Toxic deals': concerns for children over NRL and AFL clubs' alcohol advertising
A new study has highlighted the extent to which alcohol advertising is ingrained within Australia’s two major football codes, with concerns raised about the effects of the near-blanket exposure on children.
The Economic Times - Alcoholic fatty liver disease does more harm than you know, may up cancer risk
In a new study, researchers have discovered important differences in the biological pathways that lead to cancer for alcoholic fatty liver disease compared to a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. (Russia) - Russian teenagers twice reduced the consumption of alcohol
Russian teenagers of 15–17 years old began to consume less alcohol. In 2013, 3.8 cases of alcohol dependence per 100 thousand people, in 2017 the figure dropped to 1.7.

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Alcohol News - 14/2019

The Atlantic (USA) - Millennials Are Sick of Drinking
On January 20, 2017, Cassie Schoon rolled into work with a hangover. It was the morning of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, and Schoon, who doesn’t count herself among the president’s fans, had gone out for drinks with friends the night before to take her mind off it. - Drinking alcohol during teenage years linked with stunted brain growth
DRINKING DURING ADOLESCENCE and early adulthood can slow down brain development, according to researchers who studied alcohol’s effects on monkeys. (New Zealand) - Alcohol ban proposed to stop unruly behaviour at Canterbury club rugby league games
The days of having a beer on the sideline during rugby league games in Christchurch are nearly over.
The Conversation UK (UK) - Alcohol misuse is more common in the armed forces than post-traumatic stress disorder
Alcohol has historically been used in the UK armed forces to encourage bonding and to deal with difficult experiences. And while alcohol use is now on the decline, harmful drinking in the forces is still double that of the general population.
Live Science - For Cancer Risk, a Bottle of Wine Equals This Many Cigarettes
Drinking a bottle of wine per week may be like smoking five to 10 cigarettes in the same time period, in terms of cancer risk, according to a new study from the United Kingdom.
Jamaica Gleaner (Jamaica) - Health Ministry Gears Up For Salt, Fats, Alcohol Fight
Health Minister Christopher Tufton has sounded the warning that stricter regulations on foods high in trans and saturated fats and sodium, as well as for tobacco and alcohol products, are on the horizon.
Forbes - Should Airlines Consider Banning Alcohol On Aircraft?
Drunk and out-of-control passengers are becoming a real problem, groping and assaulting flight attendants, fighting other passengers and air marshals, attempting to open the aircraft door mid-flight and attempting to get into the cockpit, among other issues.
BBC News (UK) - More adults seeking support for alcoholic parents
The number of adults seeking help to cope with an alcoholic parent has tripled over five years, according to a leading charity.
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Calls for federal budget to address drug and alcohol crisis
After almost nine years clean, former drug addict Elizabeth Gal, 35, considers herself one of the lucky ones.
Washington Post (USA) - ‘Safe’ teen drinking? Here’s why parents shouldn’t facilitate it.
Referred to by social scientists as “harm reduction,” this strategy is more than just ineffective, say experts. It’s helping to fuel an epidemic of teenage binge drinking.
India Today (India) - Doctors raise alarm as alcohol consumption hits new high in Delhi
If the air doesn't get you, booze surely will. Delhi consumes five lakh litres of alcohol worth Rs 6 crore every month, a new survey by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) done in collaboration with the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) has found.
The Guardian (UK) - Drugs before sex more common in UK than in Europe or US – study
UK citizens are more likely than Europeans or those living in the US to have taken drugs such as MDMA and cocaine before sex during the last year, according to a new study.
The Scotsman (Scotland) - NHS Lothian chief warns proposed health service cuts will lead to ‘premature deaths’
Proposals to cut more than £2.3m from drugs and alcohol support services across Edinburgh will “contribute to premature deaths”, the region’s top public health consultant has warned.
Social media has become a key marketing platform for alcohol brands. Social media makes it possible for advertisers to spread messages via consumers and to involve them in the production of marketing content.