Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Alcohol News - 4/2014

The Japan Times (Japan) - Alcohol dependency in Japan
An estimated 6.45 million people in Japan suffer from alcohol-related problems. Among them are 800,000 people who suffer from alcohol dependency severe enough to require medical treatment, yet only 40,000 of them receive such treatment each year, according to findings of a research team of the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry. Excessive drinking costs the nation ¥4.15 trillion and 35,000 lives annually.
Oxford Mail (UK) - Keeping track of alcohol consumption with drink scratch cards
A GO on a scratch card usually carries the promise of a big cash win, but health chiefs are using them for a more serious message.
Civil Society Media (UK) - Drinkaware changes board after criticisms over links to alcohol industry
Drinkaware has radically overhauled its trustee board, and taken the decision to limit the number of trustees employed in the alcohol industry to two, after an independent audit found that the alcohol awareness charity was too close to the drinks industry.
ABC Local (Australia) - Alcohol-related violence concerns police
The head of the Western Region police command doesn't believe three violent incidents over the weekend reflect a trend.
The Atlantic - Drinking During Pregnancy: Even a Little Impairs Childhood Academics
There is conflicting advice out there about drinking a small amount, particularly of wine, during pregnancy. Some research has said it may even be beneficial. Today the National Bureau of Economic Research says that's wrong. (Australia) - Sydney introduces alcohol law to curb violence
Australia’s most populous state has launched a crackdown on alcohol after a series of random one-punch assaults, with liquor stores forced to close at 10pm and nightclubs banned from allowing entry after 130am or serving drinks after 3am.
Daily Mail - One binge in pregnancy 'harms child years later': Children 'more likely to be badly behaved' if their mother drinks more than two glasses of wine
Just one night out during pregnancy can have long-lasting effects on the child’s behaviour, a study suggests.
Authint Mail - Hereditary genes linked to increased cancer risk from alcohol
People who drink and carry two hereditary cancer genes, and are at an increased risk of suffering from cancer owing to an alcohol by-product, says a study.
Yahoo!7 News (Australia) - Fewer drunks presenting to hospital since alcohol crackdown
A drop in the number of alcohol-related presentations to the Royal Adelaide Hospital is further proof the late-night alcohol crackdown is working, the South Australian Government says.
Medscape (Americas) - Alcohol-Related Deaths Continue to Climb
Alcohol consumption directly led to nearly 80,000 deaths per year in 16 North American and Latin American countries between 2007 and 2009, according to new research.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - AMA wants a national summit to curb alcohol abuse and related violence
Doctors will demand the Abbott Government show national leadership on the ''epidemic'' of alcohol abuse by calling a national summit to change the nation's booze-soaked culture.
Berwick Today (UK) - Hidden costs of excess drinking are a growing cause for concern
Health experts are becoming increasingly concerned about the levels of alcohol being consumed in homes across north Northumberland.
The Daily Telegraph (Australia) - Cider bringe drinking on the rise
CIDER is almost twice as alcoholic as beer and full of calories, but it is now the beverage of choice for one in five Australians.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Alcohol News -3/2014 (USA) - Obama: Pot is not more dangerous than alcohol
President Barack Obama said he doesn’t think marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol, ‘‘in terms of its impact on the individual consumer.’’
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Alcohol sales: Experts call for figures to be publicised
Hundreds of millions of litres of alcohol are swallowed in Australia each year but the NSW government has no idea how much is consumed in its own backyard.
SBS (Australia) - NSW cabinet bunkers down on alcohol issue
NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell is expected to announce a plan to curb alcohol-fuelled violence after taking it to cabinet on Monday.
Fox News (USA) - Alcohol consumption is the direct cause of 80,000 yearly deaths in the Americas
Alcohol consumption is the direct cause of nearly 80,000 deaths in the Americas each year, according to a new study. Published in the journal Addiction, the study analyzed yearly mortality rates from 16 countries in North and Latin America. The researchers focused on deaths that were specifically attributed to alcohol, meaning death would not have occurred without some form of alcohol consumption.
New Post Leader (UK) - Alcohol is costing us over £120m
New figures have revealed that alcohol is costing Northumberland more than £120m a year. According to Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, booze problems are costing the county’s workplace and wider economy £54.2m annually.
The Guardian (USA) - Alcohol consumption higher in more liberal US states, study shows
Becoming more liberal is enough to turn you to drink – at least, according to scientists. As populations in America become less conservative their overall alcohol consumption, in particular of beer and spirits, rises, a study into the relationship between drink and politics over almost half a century has revealed.
Medical News Today - How drinking the legal limit of alcohol impairs vision by 30%
Having a designated driver on hand while drinking is an important part of being responsible on the road. Though blood alcohol concentration restrictions are imposed on drivers, how is our vision affected when we are under this limit? Researchers in Canada set out to answer this question and found that our vision is impaired by up to 30% - before we even hit the legal limit.
TIME - Mashed Up Memory: How Alcohol Speeds Memory Loss in Men
Middle aged men who drink 2.5 drinks per day may accelerate memory loss by six years, according to a new study.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - Minister Huovinen wishes to tighten alcohol taxation
The availability of alcohol must see new restrictions, says Minister of Health and Social Services Susanna Huovinen. The threat of restrictions is worrisome for the brewery and restaurant industries, which have actively lobbied against the changes.
The Guardian (Australia) - Australia, we need to talk about alcohol
Australia has already demonstrated that changes in drug culture are possible by drastically reducing our number of smokers. We need to follow suit with alcohol and further educate drinkers.
Daily News & Analysis - Alcohol does not just gives you a kick, it can also give you cancer: Lancet/WHO
Tipplers beware: Alcohol leads to cancer of the mouth, throat, and food pipe. Prestigious international medical journal Oral Oncology has said it in its latest edition for the first time. (EU) - EU action plan 'ignores' decades of scientific advancement in alcohol policy
I recently took part in several discussions in Brussels with health commissioner Tonio Borg and the alcohol and health forum. In these discussions the new action plan on alcohol, prepared by DG sanco, was one of the addressed topics. With regard to these discussions, I would like to raise awareness on my disappointment in relation to the new priority of 'young people, binge drinking and heavy drinking'.
The Santiago Times (Chile) - 2,000 Chileans die each year directly due to alcohol, study says
Chile sits above the average for the Americas in the rate of deaths directly caused by drink, with liver disease dominating a death list that includes neuropsychological disorders, alcohol poisoning and acute pancreatitis.
The Age (Australia) - Binge drinking: youth's relationship to alcohol being reshaped by rapid social change
With the state cabinet on Monday to discuss what extra measures could be adopted to tackle the cocktail of excessive alcohol consumption and street violence, it is clear the issue is not peculiar to NSW.
Daily Mail (UK) - Why boozy Britain is the gout capital of Europe: One in 40 diagnosed with condition
Our love of alcohol and reliance on junk food has made Britain into the country worst affected by gout in Europe, researchers claim. A record one in 40 people in the UK have been diagnosed with the painful arthritic disorder that famously afflicted Henry VIII – bringing the total number of patients with the condition to around 1.5million.
NBC 7 San Diego (USA) - Study: "Minimally Buzzed" Drivers Often Cause Fatal Crashes
A new study on traffic accidents released by UC San Diego Thursday reveals that “minimally buzzed” drivers – including those with a very low 0.01 blood-alcohol level, well below the legal limit of 0.08 – are often to blame for fatal car crashes. (UK) - Government accused of burying alcohol data
A controversy over cheap alcohol has made a mockery of government boasts about open data, ministers have been warned.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

FASD News - 3/2014

International Business Times UK (UK) - Pregnant Drinkers Behind UK Rise in Birth Defects
There has been a 48% increase in the number of babies born disabled or deformed after their mothers drank alcohol during pregnancy. According to new figures, there were 313 cases of foetal alcohol syndrome in the UK last year, up from 212 in 2009-10.
London Community News (Canada) - Cost of FASD will snowball: Ontario nurses
Spoon-feeding MPPs the governing Liberals’ own prevention propaganda, Ontario’s nurses say the province must get out in front of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) or we’ll all pay a lot more down the road.
Brainerd Daily Dispatch (USA) - MOFAS awards 23 grants to host community events for new and expecting parents
There are 23 organizations in Minnesota that have been selected for the 2014 public awareness grants through the Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS).
YottaFire - Even moderate drinking in pregnancy can affect children at school
New research from The University of Queensland has found that women who regularly drink as little as two glasses of wine per drinking session while pregnant can adversely impact their child’s results at school.
Daily Mail - Smoking or drinking during pregnancy can make your baby GAY, claims professor
A controversial new study claims that decisions made by women when they are pregnant can affect their babies brains including determining their sexuality, intelligence and chances of developing autism.
Wagonertribune (USA) - More counseling needed to reduce pre-pregnancy alcohol use
The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) reminds women who are pregnant or could become pregnant that alcohol use during pregnancy is a leading cause of preventable birth defects and developmental disorders in the United States.
Houston Chronicle (USA) - Report says most health professionals don’t Discuss drinking with pregnant women
Texas state officials note that January is National Birth Defects Prevention Month. The Texas Office for Prevention of Developmental Disabilities focuses on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). In a press release, it says “only 17 percent of pregnant women reported that a health professional talked with them about their drinking, according to a new Vital Signs report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Growing Your Baby - New Technology Helps Researchers Study Effects of Alcohol on Fetal Hearts
While some studies have claimed that it is “safe” to consume moderate amounts of alcohol during pregnancy, there is still a cold, hard truth when it comes to alcohol consumption during pregnancy: no one can say for certain how much must be consumed before the damage is done. (Canada) - Hamilton's pregnant women more likely to keep smoking
The smoking rate among pregnant women in Hamilton is well above the provincial average and the health unit wants to bring the rate down. On average, 16.7 per cent of expectant Hamilton mothers smoke. In some areas of the lower city, that number increases to more than 35 per cent.

SPECIAL OFFER - 'The Knotted Cord'. Transgenerational Alcohol Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder (ARND)
Please note that you, as well as any of your colleagues or your libraries with an interest in the field, are also entitled to a special 40% discount on all prepublication orders. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please email Tricia Worthington at and enter Prepub40 in the subject line of the email. Multiple copy orders are welcome and we offer bulk order discounts as well.
FASD Prevention - 2 Minute Spot
Rural Health Channel - Drinking For Two
This documentary poses the question "Is it safe to drink at all when you're pregnant?" To answer this, we hear from a number of people with this problem, their families and experts. The program includes cases studies to illustrate the issues for children, adults and Indigenous communities in particular. Drinking for Two? is a short version of program 614 Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, which was first broadcast in November 2006.

The International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research - Screening in treatment programs for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders that could affect therapeutic progress
The Life History Screen may have utility as a self-report measure that can be used at the outset of treatment to identify clients with cognitive impairments and learning disabilities due to prenatal alcohol exposure.
Twenty years of patient surveys confirm a FASD 4-Digit-Code interdisciplinary diagnosis
led to substantial access to and benefit from interventions
Patient surveys over 20 years confirm an interdisciplinary diagnosis using the 4-Digit Code provides substantial access to and benefit from interventions across the full spectrum of FASD diagnoses.
First People's Child and Family Review Special Edition Abstracts

March 4-5, 2014 – Canada Northwest FASD Partnership Symposium
The Department of Health and Social Services, welcomes the chance to explore innovative approaches and initiatives that can both prevent FASD and improve the quality of life for people living with this disorder.

Documentary: Drinking For Two

Monday, January 13, 2014

Alcohol News - 2/2014

The Local (Germany) - Alcoholism in Germany rises by a third
The number of alcoholics in Germany has increased by more than one third to almost two million, with under-25s being particularly affected, according to a study on Thursday.
Medical Xpress - One question may gauge the severity of unhealthy drug and alcohol use
Primary care physicians seeking to determine whether a patient's drug or alcohol use is problematic often have to rely on lengthy questionnaires containing dozens of items with multiple response options.
The Canberra Times (Australia) - Alcohol-fuelled violence on the rise: medical staff
Emergency specialists such as Drew Richardson see the aftermath of alcohol-fuelled violence all too often. The Canberra Hospital's emergency department say they deal with the consequences of drunken assaults on a nightly basis.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Safer Sydney: NSW government considers alcohol crackdown
The George Street area may be in line for a Kings Cross-style intervention, which could mean restrictions on late-trading hotels in the southern Sydney central business district in a bid to drive down alcohol-related violence.
The Times of Israel (Israel) - Concerns raised over Arab youth’s drug, alcohol abuse
Drug and alcohol abuse among Israeli Arabs is made worse because the society lacks the resources to counter the trend, according to an expert from the Israel Anti-Drug Authority.
The Guardian (UK) - Quarter of Britons give up alcohol in January, says poll
A quarter of Britons have stopped drinking alcohol in January, while nearly a half intend to cut down on their usual intake, a survey has shown.
Daily Mail (UK) - How ministers 'caved into the alcohol lobby': 130 meetings with supermarkets and drinks firms - then they shelved plan for minimum alcohol price
Campaigners have accused ministers of caving in to pressure from the drinks and supermarket industries to drop plans to impose a minimum price for alcohol.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol and ‘cattle class’ flying lead to air rage
According to Caitriona Carmody of Carmody & Company Solicitors, the firm that initially represented Lauren, passengers charged in air-rage incidents come from a “wide spectrum” of the general public. What most of them do have in common, she says, is the consumption of alcohol; in fact, in most reported cases of air rage, alcohol is a primary factor, whether taken on its own or – as in Lauren’s case – mixed with other substances.
BBC News - Should there be a word for an 'almost alcoholic'?
Everybody thinks they know what an "alcoholic" is, but what about those who drink too much but fall short of the common definitions of alcoholism? Should there be a word that bridges the gap between alcoholic and non-alcoholic?
Science Daily - By the Numbers: Simple 10 Step Approach to Reducing Harms of Alcohol
Much the same way individuals are encouraged to know their blood pressure and cholesterol numbers to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a new editorial in the Journal of Psychopharmacology urges the European public to know and monitor their alcohol intake number using a simple 10 point plan.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Alcohol News - 1/2014

Medical News Today - Young adults 'damage DNA' with weekend alcohol consumption
College students are renowned for partying at the weekends, and this usually involves having a drink or two. But new research has found that this level of alcohol consumption may cause damage to DNA. This is according to a study published in the journal Alcohol.
Medical News Today - Alcohol, tobacco and drug use higher in mentally ill, study shows
New research from the Washington University School of Medicine has revealed that compared with the general population, alcohol, tobacco and drug use is much higher among individuals who have psychotic disorders.
New York Daily News (USA) - Your favorite alcohol could reveal your political beliefs
Democrats prefer Grey Goose vodka and Tanqueray gin, while Republicans would rather drink Wild Turkey and Jim Beam, according to consumer data from GFK MRI. (Kenya) - Moi Warns Over Rising Alcohol Consumption
Former President Moi has warned that the country is slowly slipping back into alcoholism. He said addiction was rampant in the 1970s. Moi appealed to governors and their county governments to check on alcohol consumption.
Myanmar Times (Myanmar) - No sign of booze law as alcohol back on the shelves
Bottles of imported wine and alcohol are back on the shelves of major supermarkets around Yangon despite there being little movement on the part of the government to pass legislation that would legalise its sale outside of select hotels and duty-free shops.
Parent Herald (UK) - ‘Janopause' or the Act of Quitting Alcohol in January Can Make You Healthier
Quitting alcohol for the month of January alone can make people healthier by improving sleeping patterns and aiding in weight loss, a recent study finds. (India) - Delhi court asks govt to revisit policies on alcohol
Expressing concern over rising incidents of crime near liquor vends, a court here has asked the Delhi government to revisit existing policies on prohibition of sale and consumption of alcohol and drugs to ensure safety of citizens. (UK) - Huge increase in towns blighted by alcohol trouble since drink laws relaxed
The number of town centres and neighbourhoods officially classed as being blighted by problem bars and pubs has soared by 150 per cent since Labour relaxed drinking laws, new figures show.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - National Institute for Health and Welfare: disadvantages of alcohol use moderately decreased in 2012
The injurious effects of alcohol use diminished slightly in 2012 compared to the previous year, reveals the recently published Yearbook of Alcohol and Drug Statistics.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Greens push for ban on alcohol promotion during sports
The Greens will push for a ban on the promotion of alcohol in sport, arguing it provides a loophole for the alcohol industry to market its products to children.
Cambridge News (UK) - 'Drinkers are getting younger': 17-year-old treated at Addenbrooke's in Cambridge for alcohol-related liver disease
Addenbrooke’s is one of only two hospitals in the country that has treated a 17-year-old patient for alcohol-related liver disease. Over the past three years, two 17-year-olds have been admitted to hospital with the problem, with one treated at St James’s University Hospital in Leeds.
Nigerian Tribune (Nigeria) - Alcoholic aphrodisiac: Nigerian youths’ new dangerous passion
A generation of alcoholics find new love in aphrodisiacs in bottles. Tade Makinde reports. For Nigerian youths, it is now a case of what the elders can do, the youth can do far better (and much worse).
The West Australian (Turkey) - Turkey hikes consumption taxes on cars, alcohol, cigarettes
Turkey has raised the special consumption tax on new passenger cars, alcoholic drinks, tobacco products and mobile telephones, the country's Official Gazette announced on Wednesday. (New Zealand) - Father wants action on internet alcohol sales
Justice Minister Judith Collins is being accused of having a "rather ostrich-like attitude" to online sales of alcohol to minors by the father of an underage teen caught buying vodka online.
Belfast Newsletter (Northern Ireland) - Government papers: Northern Ireland’s abstinence ‘unique in Europe’
A 1983 Department of Health paper examined what it said was Northern Ireland’s uniquely high level of non-drinkers. It said the level of total abstinence was “possibly unique in Europe”, and added: “Approximately a half of all adult women and over a third of males report that they had not consumed any alcohol in the previous year.
The Voice of Russia (Germany) - Health advice: do not leave drunken friend alone
Germany's health promotion office has issued important advice for teenagers dealing with a friend who may have had one drink too many at a party: do not let your friend go home alone.
Scotsman (Scotland) - NHS could save £600m with early liver screening
EARLY screening for liver disease – often caused by obesity or alcohol – could save the NHS £600 million a year, a charity has said.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Challenging our drinking culture by degrees
Knowing how much you are drinking, exercising moderation, pacing yourself and an absolute no to drink driving are important seasonal messages around alcohol consumption, according to DrinkAware’s chief executive, Fionnuala Sheehan.
Yorkshire Post (UK) - Health warning over ‘white collar’ drinking
HEALTH chiefs have issued a warning amid fears that increasing numbers of middle-class people in Wakefield district are putting themselves at risk through excessive drinking in the home.
The Canberra Times - Unhealthy big business spreading great harm
Tobacco, alcohol, and diabetes related to overweight and obesity all have one feature in common. They are each largely driven, and in the case of tobacco completely caused, by powerful commercial interests in the form of transnational corporations. It has been said that China's booming economy has brought with it a medical problem that could bankrupt the health system.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

FASD News 1/2014

NordAN - Danish study raises further questions regarding alcohol and pregnancy
Children of mothers who drink alcohol during pregnancy ‘better behaved’, declares the Telegraph. Children whose mothers drank during pregnancy perform better, summarizes The Copenhagen Post.
news-medical - Binge drinking during pregnancy can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome
Recent data shows that more than 500,000 women in the U.S. report drinking during pregnancy, with about 20 percent of this population admitting to binge drinking. Even one episode of heavy drinking can lead to the collection of birth defects known as fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).
BBC News (UK) - Pub pregnancy test plea to halt FASD
Mothers-to-be are bombarded with advice during pregnancy, but when it comes to alcohol the NHS message is clear: avoid it. Can putting pregnancy test kit machines in pubs go a step further in getting the message across?
Otago Daily Times (New Zealand) - FASD support offered
Dr Jenny Salmon, RCpN, BN, PhD, of Vauxhall, makes some points about the diagnosis and treatment in the South Island of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
Bixby Bulletin (USA) - More counseling needed to reduce pre-pregnancy alcohol use
As the celebratory New Year’s Eve approaches when opportunities for alcohol use increase, the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) reminds women who are pregnant or could become pregnant that alcohol use during pregnancy is a leading cause of preventable birth defects and developmental disorders in the United States.
eMaxHealth - Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: Consequences of Imbibing During Pregnancy
Alcohol use in women of childbearing age is ubiquitous. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) reported that 7.6% of pregnant women used alcohol and 1.4% admitted to binge drinking (at least 4 drinks at one time) in 2010. (Nepal) - Health ministry to stop smoking, drinking during pregnancy
The Ministry of Health and Population is to implement a special program to check the trend of smoking and drinking alcohol by women during pregnancy.
Science Daily - Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol Disrupts Brain Circuitry: No Safe Level of Drinking During Pregnancy, Neuroscientist Says
Prenatal exposure to alcohol severely disrupts major features of brain development that potentially lead to increased anxiety and poor motor function, conditions typical in humans with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), according to neuroscientists at the University of California, Riverside.
Science Daily - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Heart Defects May Be Caused by Altered Function, Not Structure
Recent data shows that more than 500,000 women in the U.S. report drinking during pregnancy, with about 20 percent of this population admitting to binge drinking.
Journal Sentinel - Fetal alcohol syndrome changes the way the heart works, study finds
New research suggests that fetal alcohol syndrome changes the way the heart functions before it actually changes the organ's structure.
MNT - How alcohol leads to birth defects - clues from embryo heart images
Scientists have found a way to image the very early development of the embryonic heart in research that may help them to explain how drinking alcohol in pregnancy can lead to heart defects at the baby's birth.

FASD Webinar- FASD: An In-depth Overview and National Dialogue with the Experts
For more information on this presentation, including copies of powerpoint presentations and other resources, go to the CAPHC Knowledge Exchange Network at Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).
Beyond Screening - Understanding the Core Deficits and Diagnosis of FASD
This webinar is an extension of our webinar series on screening tools for FASD. We will be welcoming speakers from the CN-CYR and the NeuroDevNet communities to help bring some of the latest information on this important subject.
NeuroDevNet: FASD Research from the Lab to the Community
Many are familiar with NeuroDevNet, one of Canadas Research Centres of Excellence, and their research in genetics and structural alterations in the brain as a result of fetal alcohol exposure.

The International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research - Screening in treatment programs for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders that could affect therapeutic progress
The Life History Screen may have utility as a self-report measure that can be used at the outset of treatment to identify clients with cognitive impairments and learning disabilities due to prenatal alcohol exposure.

Noticias de la Ciencia y la Tecnología - La exposición prenatal al alcohol altera la "circuitería" cerebral
La exposición prenatal al alcohol altera severamente algunos de los principales rasgos del desarrollo cerebral, lo cual puede conducir a un incremento de la ansiedad y a un empobrecimiento de la función motora, síntomas típicos en humanos con trastornos del espectro alcohólico fetal (o FASD por sus siglas en inglés), de acuerdo con las conclusiones a las que han llegado unos neurocientíficos de la Universidad de California en Riverside, Estados Unidos.