Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Alcohol News - 4/2017

NPR (Belgium) - Belgium's Parliament Rejects Ban On Free Alcohol
Since the 1990s, lawmakers have been given free beer and wine in the parliament building. A member of the ethics committee suggested that maybe banning it could "improve the quality of debate." - New Study Reveals Detrimental Effects of Heavy Alcohol Use On Adolescent Brains
A new study found that heavy alcohol use altered brain activity in adolescents, even when those adolescents did not meet the criteria for a substance use disorder.
Medical Xpress - Binge drinking may quickly lead to liver damage
Alcohol consumed during just seven weeks of intermittent binge drinking harms the liver in ways that more moderate daily drinking does not, according to researchers at UC San Francisco.
ABC Online (Australia) - Doctors call for ban on alcohol sponsorship of cricket
A group of leading Australian doctors is calling for alcohol sponsorship of cricket to be banned, saying it is harming children.
Imperial College London - The brains of alcohol dependents and binge drinkers may recover differently
Cells that clear damage in the brain are less active in alcohol-dependent patients after withdrawal than in models of adolescent binge-drinking.
The Boston Globe (USA) - ‘Everything is on the table’ in sweeping review of state alcohol rules
Massachusetts Treasurer Deborah Goldberg is throwing open the doors to the most extensive rethinking of how the state regulates alcohol since the end of Prohibition, directing a new task force to create a more cohesive set of rules that “deals with the 21st century.” (India) - Bihar liquor ban: No new licences to manufacture alcohol from next financial year, says Nitish Kumar
While existing licences will not be renewed either, affected companies will be allowed to make non-alcoholic products in their current establishments.
Ecommerce News (Sweden) - Sweden wants to ban online sales of alcohol
The government of Sweden has proposed a new law that will make it illegal for online shops to sell alcohol to Swedish consumers. The new rules are envisaged to enter into force on 1 January 2018. The law is most likely to go against the EU regulations and the European Union has declined such proposals before.
BBC News (UK) - Worst 'alcohol harm' areas in Scottish Borders identified
A report has highlighted the parts of the Scottish Borders which are worst hit by "alcohol-related harm". (Ireland) - Debate: We need to tell pregnant women not to drink alcohol
A RECENT STUDY suggests that over 60% of Irish mothers drink alcohol during pregnancy. The research looked at more than 3,500 Irish maternal records from 1990 to 2011 and examined the rate of foetal alcohol syndrome, where the baby in the womb was affected.
The Moscow Times (Russia) - Russian Alcohol Consumption Dives 33% From 2009
Russian alcohol consumption has plummeted by a third in the past seven years, official statistics have revealed.

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