Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Alcohol News - 2/2017

Malta Independent (Malta) - Wardens empowered to breathalyse drivers, zero alcohol limit for taxi, bus drivers –traffic law bill
A draft bill will go through its first reading in parliament tonight that is aimed towards making Malta’s roads safer for both drivers and pedestrians. Among the proposed changes, that would need to go through a parliamentary debate before being made law, is that those individuals who are paid to drive passengers – such as taxi drivers and bus drivers – have an alcohol limit of zero.
The Guardian - Alcohol advertising is aggressive and linked to youth drinking, research finds
Leading health researchers from around the world including Australia have presented the strongest evidence to date that alcohol advertising is at times aggressive and reaching children, and is associated with youth drinking.
Addiction: Special Issue: The Regulation of Alcohol Marketing: From Research to Public Health Policy - Starbucks ends ‘Evenings’ alcohol program
The Seattle-based coffee chain on Tuesday is ending its “Evenings” program, which offered beer, wine and small-plate noshes in 439 U.S. stores, including as many as nine in the Indianapolis area.
The Scientist - Neural Mechanism Links Alcohol Consumption to Binge Eating
Consuming calorie-dense foods usually induces a feeling of satiety in animals. But in humans, large amounts of alcohol—the second most calorie-dense nutrient after fat—can trigger overeating.
Medical Daily - Alcohol And Memory: Drinking To Forget May Strengthen Bad Memories, Hurt Sufferers Of PTSD
Many people try to deal with unpleasant memories by drinking alcohol, but a new study has suggested that this coping mechanism doesn't work, and may actually worsen certain mental health conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
CBS (USA) - Report: Texas fans drink most alcohol per capita in the country
According to a Wall Street Journal report, Texas fans drank the highest amount of beer-per-capita in the 2016 season, putting Longhorns fans at No. 1 in the nation in beer sales.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Self-harm with alcohol abuse rises on public holidays
Over 30 patients are treated for self-harm every day in hospitals and a third of cases involve alcohol, new research shows.
Science Daily (USA) - Ignition interlock laws reduce alcohol-involved fatal crashes
Estimated 1,250 alcohol-involved fatal crashes were prevented in 21 states where mandatory interlock laws have been implemented.
Sky News Australia (Australia) - Alcohol most concerning drug in WA
Alcohol is still the drug that causes most concern to Western Australian health professionals, prompting a new government website showing the financial and health benefits of reducing consumption.
The Times (UK) - Alcohol blamed as liver cancer quadruples
The number of people diagnosed with liver cancer in Ireland has more than quadrupled in 20 years and is set to continue rising.
Yahoo7 News (Australia) - Helping children with drug and alcohol addiction deemed 'near impossible'
At least 20 Aboriginal people were filmed fighting on Seaview Road last week, with experts warning alcohol and drug-fuelled violence is rife.

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