Monday, November 22, 2010

Alcohol News - 47/2010

The Baltic Course (Estonia) - Alcohol advertising volume in Estonian TV channels grows
The amount of alcohol commercials in Estonian TV channels has grown considerably over the past few years but still they form a small amount of all commercial, LETA/National Broadcasting cites a TNS Emor study.
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Wiley Online Library (Finland) - The effects of a large reduction in alcohol prices on hospitalisations related to alcohol: a population-based natural experiment
The results, obtained in a natural experimental setting when trends and seasonal variation had been taken into account, suggest that the reduction in alcohol prices led to increases in alcohol-related hospitalisation in certain population groups, most among 50-69-year-olds, in Finland.
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The Local (Sweden) - Swedish government split on rural booze sales
A government inquiry has proposed that farm stores in Sweden be allowed to sell both locally produced and imported alcoholic products, while critics argue that the state-owned Systembolaget retail monopoly is at risk.
Read more (Sweden/USA) - What Can Florida Learn From Sweden's DUI Laws?
The sometimes lenient treatment of DUI suspects has victims' families in Central Florida demanding changes. It's already happening in Sweden, which is home to the toughest drunk driving laws in the world.
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European Journal of Public Health (Sweden/EU) - Alcohol consumption and harm among elderly Europeans: falling between the cracks
The ageing of Europe means that the absolute number of older Europeans with alcohol use disorders will rise and the consequences of these changes must be considered early. However, little is currently known about the health, social and economic impacts of alcohol consumption by this cohort.
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Daily Mail (UK) - The binge drinkers' by-law: Sale of cheap alcohol to be banned by ten councils
A ground-breaking bylaw that would ban the sale of cheap alcohol across a whole county has been drawn up in a bid to cut hospital admissions.
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ABC Online (Australia) - Surge in demand for alcohol rehab
Alcohol has a grip on Australians and the situation is getting worse, experts say. The warning follows a surge in the number of alcohol-related admissions to one of Sydney's leading drug rehabilitation centres.
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TopNews United States - Increase in Taxes on Alcohol and Tobacco, Currency Levy Could Help Fund Health-Care
As per the World Health Organization, increasing taxes on tobacco and alcohol and imposing levy on foreign exchange transactions could provide funds for the health-care of a number of people across the globe, who cannot afford the same.
Read more (Uganda) - Experts Plan Fight Against Alcohol Abuse
Experts have asked governments and donor agencies to allocate more resources towards research into alcohol and substance abuse, especially in developing countries.
Read more (UK) - Britons now visit pubs 'to eat rather than drink'
British pubgoers are more likely to visit their local to eat rather than drink, as the rise of the gastropub calls time on the traditional "boozer".
Read more (Canada) - Campaign launched to focus on alcohol-facilitated sexual assaults
Edmonton police and SAVE (Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton) are launching a new marketing campaign they hope will get people talking. The "Don't be that Guy" campaign focuses on the issue of alcohol-facilitated sexual assaults in our city.
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Times of India - Energy drink leads to alcohol dependence
A new research has suggested that college students who frequently consume heavily-caffeinated energy drinks are more likely to become alcohol-dependent.
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ABC Online (Australia) - Alcohol bans linked to drop in stabbings
A trauma surgeon at the Alice Springs Hospital says there has been a significant drop in the number of women being treated for stab wounds and it could be due to increased alcohol restrictions.
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New York Daily News (USA) - Alcohol-related emergency room visits skyrocket in New York: 74,000 in 2009
Heavy boozing has caused a shocking spike in drunken injuries and emergency room visits in New York, a troubling new study says.
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Yorkshire Post (UK) - City's wealthiest most likely to drink excessively says doctor
PEOPLE living in some of Sheffield's wealthiest areas are the most likely to drink alcohol to excessive and dangerous levels, a new report has revealed.
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Times of India - Binge drinking makes men impulsive
A new study has found that adolescents into binge drinking are more likely to engage in risk-taking behaviour.
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CNN (blog) - Teen brain more prone to drug, alcohol damage
Teens may act invincible, but when it comes to drugs and alcohol, they're actually more vulnerable than adults to harmful effects on the brain, researchers said at Neuroscience 2010, the Society for Neuroscience conference in San Diego, California, on Monday.
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Sify - Childhood sexual, physical abuse linked to alcoholism in women
A new research has revealed that women who suffered sexual or physical abuse as children are more likely to abuse alcohol than are others.
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Independent (Ireland) - High prices and advertising curbs help tame teen drinking
The modern-day Irish 15-year-old boy admits to getting drunk more than twice a year but they are behaving better than their older brother.
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Austrian Times (Austria/Germany) - Austria observes German 'drink and ride' debate
Public transport officials in Austria are looking across the border as Germany has become entangled in a heated debate over the possible introduction of a "drink and ride" limit for passengers.
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