Monday, November 1, 2010

Alcohol News - 44/2010

The Copenhagen Post (Denmark) - Boozy Copenhagen
Approximately 800 inflatable bottles were floated out on to Peblinge Lake on Monday to represent the consumption of alcohol by Copenhagen residents.
Read more (Denmark) - City council: widespread sale of alcohol to underaged
MPs say upholding alcohol purchase laws is seller’s responsibility Although sales of beer, wine and spirits to anyone under 16 is illegal, 84 percent of the city's 15-year-olds have purchased alcohol at least once within the past month.
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Mmegi Online (Norway/Botswana) - Blue Cross calls for more tax on alcohol
An alcohol policy training manager for Blue Cross Norway has called on the government of Botswana to increase taxation in such a way that the alcohol industry covers all the expenditure created by alcohol consumption.
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New York Daily News - Alcohol is more harmful than heroin or crack: study
Alcohol is even worse than heroin and crack on the list of "most harmful" drugs, according to a new study published in the British medical journal, The Lancet.
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Adelaidenow (Australia) – Flawed stats veil alcohol usage
An article published yesterday by the Medical Journal of Australia argues that the Australian Bureau of Statistics has significantly underestimated alcohol consumption for years, a mistake that undermines alcohol policies.
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White Lake Beacon (USA) - ‘Super’ drunk law starts Sunday with enhanced penalties
Starting Sunday, Michigan's new high blood alcohol content (BAC) drunk driving law takes effect, with enhanced penalties for first-time drivers convicted of operating with a BAC of .17 or higher.
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TVNZ – Study shows link between buying and bingeing
A new study has found that people with off-licence liquor outlets near their home are more likely to be binge-drinkers.
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TheMedGuru - Boozers need help to reduce alcohol consumption over time—study
As per a new research study, heavy drinkers may cut down on their alcohol consumption over the period of time, but even then they cannot really bring it down to the level of an average adult drinker.
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Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Drinks industry calls for 20% cut in alcohol excise duty
A package of stimulus measures to stem the tide of shoppers buying alcohol across the border were unveiled today by alcohol manufacturers and sellers.
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BBC News (Wales) - Drinking banning orders to help tackle drink crime
Magistrates in parts of Wales have new powers to ban people convicted of alcohol-related offences from pubs for up to two years.
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Times LIVE (South Africa) - Minister draws the line on alcohol abuse
Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi wants new laws to regulate South Africa's alcohol industry. Motsoaledi said the plan would be "extensive" and similar to the campaign launched against the tobacco industry which also led to a ban on cigarette advertising.
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Pediatric SuperSite - Drug and alcohol consumption linked to popularity in adolescents
Popular adolescents are more likely to consume larger amounts of alcohol and drugs than their less popular peers, according to study results announced in a press release.
Read more (Kenya) - Cut the Lectures - Alcohol is a Drug - a Ruinous One
Using drugs is dangerous - a social vice that must be stamped out. Experimenters are surveyors and probers, while users are slack-jawed, mouth breathing degenerates.
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The (Sweden) - Efforts to curb youth drinking 'ineffective'
A new report released on Monday has questioned the efficacy of the Swedish government's investment of about 900 million kronor ($135.81 million) over the last 10 years in reducing youth alcohol consumption.
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Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey) - Turkish tourism industry displeased with tax hike on alcohol
Turkish tourism industry representatives have strongly criticized a recent increase in the private consumption tax, or ÖTV, on alcoholic drinks.
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Independent (UK) - Government urged to tackle 'passive drinking'
The Government must tackle the damaging effects of "passive drinking" and give communities greater influence over licensing laws, campaigners said today.
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The Way (UK) - Alcohol puts a Brit in hospital every 7 minutes
A Briton is admitted to hospital with alcohol-related issues every seven minutes, according to official figures. Data from the NHS Information centre highlights that there has been a 54 per cent rise in the number of alcohol-related hospital visits in the past decade, as binge drinking takes its toll on the UK population.
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Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Scots council is first to call time on new liquor licences
New pubs, clubs or off-sales will be banned from opening across a Scottish local authority area in a highly controversial move designed to tackle the area’s chronic alcohol record.
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AOL Health - Alcohol, Flu May Trigger Strokes
Tossing back a few drinks during a night out with friends. Coming down with a cold or the flu. These might seem like harmless and seemingly unrelated events. But they all have something in common: They could raise your risk of having a stroke -- at least temporarily, a new study examining stroke triggers finds.
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