Monday, November 15, 2010

Alcohol News - 46/2010

The Local (Sweden) - 'Alcolocks' for all new cars: Social Democrats
The Social Democrats have proposed that all new cars sold in Sweden be equipped with ignition locks to prevent a vehicle from starting if the driver is intoxicated.
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Baltic Business News (Estonia) - Estonia's alcohol consumption in 2009 fell to five-year low
Consumption of alcohol in Estonia fell in 2009 to a five-year low of 10.16 litres of pure alcohol per head, the Estonian Institute of Economic Research said.
Read more (Denmark) - New measures to stop alcohol sales to youths
The Alcohol Advertising Board has presented a new set of alcohol marketing guidelines to protect children and young people against alcohol advertisements, reports Berlingske Tidende.
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Finland, the WHO and alcohol: Solid evidence that price DOES matter
In 2004, Finland lifted the prohibition on people bringing cheap alcohol into the country. The results were disastrous and consumption rose by 10%, along with alcohol related illness.
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San Francisco Chronicle - Alcohol and Marijuana Use by Teens Harms Intellect
A new study has been released from The University of New Mexico School of Medicine comparing the mental abilities of teens that abused alcohol and marijuana to those who abstained from drugs.
Read more (New Zealand) - AA supports Government’s focus on drink drivers
The AA is pleased the Government is focussing on repeat and serious drink drivers, who are the people who cause the greatest amount of alcohol-related road trauma.
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Radio New Zealand International (Tonga) - Tonga to tighten controls on alcohol
Tonga is bringing in new laws to try and counter alcohol abuse. The police commander, Chris Kelley, says there’ll be new categories of licences, and this’ll mean bars being separated from restaurants and retailers providing a closed off area housing their alcohol products.
Read more (Scotland) - MSPs reject alcohol minimum pricing
Plans to introduce a minimum price for alcohol have been finally killed off by the Scottish Parliament as MSPs passed legislation aimed at tackling the country’s binge drinking epidemic.
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Sify (Russia) - Alcohol consumption in Russia is double WHO limit
Per capita alcohol consumption in Russia is twice the critical limit set by the World Health Organisation (WHO), an official said Friday.
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Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey) - Cafe owners protest recent tax hike on alcohol in Istanbul
Members of the Beyo─člu Entertainment Venues Association protested Thursday the recent 30 percent tax hike on alcoholic beverages, claiming the government is using the national budget deficit and personal health as excuses to clampdown on alcohol.
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National Institutes of Health (USA) - NIH-supported study finds strategies to reduce college drinking
Highly visible cooperative projects, in which colleges and their surrounding communities target off-campus drinking settings, can reduce harmful alcohol use among college students, according to a report by researchers supported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), part of the National Institutes of Health.
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