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Alcohol News - 42/2010

Icenews (Iceland) - Reykjavik bars to be forced to close earlier
A majority of Reykjavik’s city council has voted to shorten the licensing hours of city centre premises selling alcohol at weekends. The bars with the latest closing times will be made to shut an hour earlier.
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YLE News (Finland) - Police Chief Calls for Compulsory Breathalyzer Ignition Locks
Finland’s Police Commissioner, Mikko Paatero, has called for the compulsory installation of breathalyzer ignition locks and speed limit devices in all cars. In Paatero’s opinion the maximum permitted amount of alcohol in the blood while driving should be reduced to a level of 0.2 parts per one hundred milliliters.
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BioMedCentral - The sociodemographic patterning of drinking and binge drinking in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland, 1994–2002
Our results support the continued power of traditional drinking habits in the North Eastern part of Europe. In the future the target groups for prevention of excessive drinking should also include young and less-educated women in all four countries studied.
Read more (Sweden) - Alcohol Advertising in Sweden, UK and EU - a comparative study
The reason why the rules on the area of alcohol advertising differ so much is because Sweden and the UK have two completely different alcohol policies, which reflects on all other aspects of the handling of alcoholic beverages in the society.
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Sky News (UK) - Warning Over Booze Cheaper Than Chocolate
Health groups have called for the Government to act to tackle the "plague" of illness caused by cheap alcohol.
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The Guardian (UK) - Parents' drinking is damaging millions of children, say charities
Heavy drinking by parents is doing so much damage to children that a national inquiry into the scale of the problem is needed, two influential charities demand today.
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TheMedGuru (India) - Alcohol consumption rises sharply among Indian teens—survey
The abuse of alcohol use among teenagers in India is escalating at what analysts say, is an alarming rate.
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Dallas Morning News (USA) - Teen drinking lawsuit may publicize Texas' host law
provide alcohol to anyone under 21 except your own children. But many are unaware that under a law passed with little fanfare in 2005, they may be liable for damages caused by intoxication after knowingly allowing a minor under 18 to be served alcohol.
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EurekAlert - Why are men more susceptible to alcoholism?
Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances, and men are up to twice as likely to develop alcoholism as women. Until now, the underlying biology contributing to this difference in vulnerability has remained unclear.
Read more (New Zealand) - Supermarkets 'driving alcohol affordability'
Supermakets should be forced to supply their alcohol pricing data to the Government to prove they are not using it as a loss-leader, alcohol research groups say.
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GhanaWeb (Ghana) - Navrongo Traditional Council bans alcohol consumption during funerals
The Navrongo Traditional Council in the Kassena-Nankana East District of the Upper East Region, has taken measures to stop the consumption of alcoholic beverages during funerals.
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Medical News Today - Breast Cancer Risk Significantly Lower With Exercise, Body Weight Control And Drinking Less Alcohol
Regardless of whether or not you have a family history of breast cancer, your risk of developing the disease can be reduced considerably if you do exercise regularly, keep your body weight as near as possible to the ideal for your height and age, and consume less alcohol, say researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center, New York, USA, who carried out a study involving over 85,000 postmenopausal women.
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The Zimbabwe Standard (Zimbabwe) - Fierce opposition to planned booze ban
IMBIBERS and traders have roundly criticised government’s proposed regulations that will bar outlets from selling beer after 7pm on week days.
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TIME - 4 Reasons Binge Drinking Is a Public Health Problem
One out of 3 adults and 2 out of 3 high school students who drink alcohol binge drink, according to recent government surveys. Startlingly, the data suggest that 90% of the alcohol consumed by high-school kids and more than half the alcohol consumed by adults is downed during the course of binge drinking.
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TopNews United States (USA) - Justice System to Discuss the Issue of FASD among Prisoners
To discuss the problem of offenders affected with fetal alcohol syndrome and justice system’s approach towards it, a meeting will be held between Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and his provincial counterparts this week.
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Irish Times (Ireland) - Is alcohol too cheap?
WHILE THE PRICE of everything else was rising at sometimes frightening speeds during the boom years, the cost of alcohol, one thing that might be considered fairly integral to Irish society was falling dramatically.
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