Monday, November 29, 2010

Alcohol News - 48/2010

ERR (Estonia) - Alcohol Producers Make Pact to Limit TV Advertising
Private television stations and alcohol producers signed an agreement on November 25 to voluntarily limit advertising of alcoholic beverages during times of day when a large share of TV audiences are children and young people.
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The Foreigner (Norway) - Norwegians critical to own drinking culture
Drunk and violent Norwegians in many places are a common sight when going out for the evening in the weekend. A majority blame the nightspots and their own culture, according to a new national inquiry from the Directorate of Health.
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MAD (Denmark) - Danish anti-alcohol campaign: Showing lack of coolness
They are known worldwide for their fondness for beer and their expertise in brewing it. But alongside this familiar facet of their national identity, there is a darker side to the Danish relationship with alcohol. In fact, Denmark has a serious alcohol problem.
Read more (Sweden) - Bridging the world : Alcohol Policy in Transition and Diverging Alcohol Patterns in Sweden
The present dissertation aims at analysing the effects of recent alcohol policy changes. The traditional strict policy in Sweden had focused on high pricing and limited availability to control levels of alcohol consumed and thus alcohol-related harms.
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Fox News (USA) - Alcohol-Laced Whipped Cream Raising Concerns
The alcohol-laced energy drink Four Loko has been stirring up a lot of controversy in the last month, and now there’s another concoction on the market that is raising some eyebrows.
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BusinessWeek (UK) - U.K. Considering Moves to Cut Tobacco And Alcohol Consumption
U.K. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said he’s looking at ways to cut tobacco and alcohol consumption as he tries to improve public health, with the focus on the poorest people.
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Boston Globe (USA) - Report: Alcohol sends 1,000 young per year to Ers
Boston public health officials says alcohol-related problems are sending nearly 1,000 college-age residents to hospital emergency rooms each year.
Read more (New Zealand) - Alcohol ban call as park erupts
Alcohol may be banned from all public events at Christchurch's Hagley Park after a night of "chaos" at Christmas in the Park.
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BBC News (Wales) - Charity calls for alcohol licensing powers for Wales
Alcohol Concern is calling for powers over the licensing and pricing of alcohol to be devolved to Wales.
Read more (UK) - People power to end 24 hour drinking, says minister
It is up to local people to "reclaim the streets" from drunken yobs and end 24 hour drinking, the minister in charge of tearing up Labour's licensing laws said today.
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BusinessWeek - Girls Who Suffer Child Abuse May Abuse Alcohol as Adults
Women who were sexually or physically abused as children are at increased risk for drinking problems, researchers say.
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The Press Association (Scotland) - Alcohol behind 'most violence'
The head of Scotland's largest police force has said most of the violence in the west of the country is linked to alcohol.
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Medical News Today - Binge Drinking Tied To Double Risk Of Heart Disease
A study that compared the drinking patterns of middle aged men in France to counterparts in Belfast in Northern Ireland, found that binge drinking was linked to nearly double the risk of heart disease, suggesting that Belfast's binge drinking culture, where there is a tendency to drink a lot of alcohol in one day at the weekend, could be fuelling the city's high rate of heart disease.
Read more (Canada) - Bureaucrats face new booze rules
Treasury Board President Stockwell Day announced new rules for hospitality expenses for the public service, including a ban on expensing alcohol other than "situations that are necessary for the rules for protocol."
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ABC Online (Australia) - Thousand of kids living with problem drinkers
New research from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre shows more than 700,000 children live with parents who drink heavily.
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ABC Online (Australia) - Push to ban alcohol sponsorship in sport
Pubs, bars and brewing companies should be stopped from sponsoring sport, the Northern Territory Law Society says.
Read more - Study Assesses Effectiveness of Mandatory Alcohol Testing Programs
In 1995, the United States implemented mandatory alcohol testing programs for motor carriers. Commercial truck drivers with a blood-alcohol content of .04 or higher are subject to immediate suspension.
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Times of Malta (Malta) - Call for random breathalyser tests
As the festive season approaches, substance abuse agency Sedqa has called for a change in the law to allow the police to carry out random breathalyser tests at road blocks as a way of clamping down on drunk driving.
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