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Alcohol News - 22/2024

ERR (Estonia) - Alcohol consumption rising in Estonia
Alcohol consumption is an ongoing problem in Estonia, the Ministry of Social Affairs believes. Researchers say an increase in excise duty and new sales limits would reduce drinking.
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LRT (Lithuania) - Alcohol, tobacco consumption down in Lithuania
One Lithuanian resident aged 15 and over consumed 11 litres of pure (100 percent) alcohol last year, 0.2 litres less than in 2022, according to data published by the country’s State Data Agency.
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Yle (Finland) - Parliament's Grand Committee gives green light to alcohol law changes
The Finnish Parliament’s Grand Committee approved the government’s proposed amendment of the Alcohol Act by a margin of 14-11 on Wednesday. One Christian Democrat lawmaker, Sari Tanus, voted against her government's bill.
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Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Australia) - Government must defy alcohol lobby to help end family violence, say advocates and MPs
Advocates and MPs say the government must stand up to the alcohol lobby if it's serious about stopping violence against women and children.
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BBC (France) - French Open brings in alcohol ban to stop unruly fans
The French Open has stopped fans drinking alcohol in the stands in a bid to end unruly behaviour, says tournament director Amelie Mauresmo.
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Medical Xpress (Australia) - Researchers urge immediate alcohol regulation to curb violence against women, kids
Community organizations and researchers working in violence prevention and alcohol harm reduction are meeting this week to discuss the role of alcohol in violence against women and children and the policy and program responses needed to address this.
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PsyPost - Even mild insomnia symptoms can predict future alcohol use in adults
A recent study published in the journal Alcohol, Clinical and Experimental Research has found a connection between sleep disturbances and alcohol consumption in adults.
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KTVZ (USA) - Cancer diagnoses could reach record high in 2024. Here's how alcohol increases risk.
Every day this year, almost 5,500 Americans, on average, will get the news that they have some form of cancer. That’s as the risk of dying from cancer has declined over the last three decades, a trend the American Cancer Society attributes to lower rates of cigarette smoking, early detection, and advancements in cancer treatment.
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CAMH (Canada) - Statement from CAMH
CAMH is disappointed that the provincial government has chosen convenience over the health and wellbeing of Ontarians. There are already more than 6,000 alcohol-attributable deaths a year in Ontario, and the changes announced today will significantly increase this number.
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IAS Blog - Young Adults Reduced Drinking During and After Pandemic
Heavy-drinking young adults in the United States significantly reduced their alcohol intake during the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes persisted even as the pandemic began to wane.
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NordAN (Finland) - In Finland, 89,000 minors have or have had a biological parent with a severe substance abuse problem
In Finland, 89,000 minors have at least one biological parent who has experienced a severe substance abuse problem at some point before the child reaches adulthood.
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NordAN (EU) - The role of the EU Parliament elections in shaping alcohol and public health policies
As the 2024 EU Parliament elections approach, various organizations emphasize the importance of strong public health policies, including those related to alcohol consumption.
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