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Alcohol News - 23/2024

BBC (Finland/Sweden) - Finland and Sweden move to relax strict alcohol laws
Sweden and Finland have moved to relax strict laws that govern the sale of alcohol, while preserving wider state monopolies.
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Helsinki Times (Finland) - Finnish Parliament votes to bring stronger alcoholic beverages to supermarkets
THE FINNISH PARLIAMENT on Wednesday voted 102 in favour and 80 against a government bill to raise the maximum alcohol content limit for beverages sold in supermarkets from 5.5 to 8.0 per cent.
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NordAN (Sweden) - Systembolaget's future threatened after today's farm sales announcement
Today (June 5, 2024), the government announced plans to move forward with so-called farm sales and will send the proposal to the Council on Legislation. The proposal, which allows entities other than Systembolaget to sell alcohol directly to customers, threatens the exemption from EU law that Systembolaget currently enjoys. This exemption is based on Systembolaget's status as a monopoly with exclusive rights.
Read more - Scientists find drinking alcohol on a long-haul flight could be bad for sleeping passengers’ hearts
A new study found that alcohol consumption and inflight cabin pressure could influence the heart health of sleeping passengers.
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The Conversation - Your favorite drink can cause breast cancer – but most women in the US aren’t aware of alcohol’s health risks
Did you know that casual drinks with friends or having a “wine mom” moment to unwind could actually be nudging up your risk for breast cancer? It sounds like a buzzkill. But it’s a truth that many might not know: Alcohol actually causes breast cancer.
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The Conversation - Young people may see more than 20 alcohol ads per hour on social media, research finds
It’s a Friday night and you’re scrolling through Facebook, mindlessly thumbing past photos from friends, when a liquor advertisement catches your eye.
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Loughborough University (UK) - Minimum pricing for alcohol helped curb demand during COVID lockdown
Minimum pricing can be very effective in reducing demand for cheap high-strength alcohol amid concerns about affordability fuelling problematic drinking - according to a study on the impact of the measure during the COVID lockdown.
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The Independent - Calls for airlines to stop selling alcohol on flights
Airlines should consider restricting or stopping the access to alcohol on flights to protect the health of passengers, academics have said.
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RNZ (New Zealand) - Police Commissioner floats tighter alcohol regulation as 'trade off' to reduce estimated $7.8b harm from booze
Internal police documents say alcohol creates 20 times the harm of meth but police deploy less than one percent of their staff on reducing its harm.
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Public Health Institute (USA) - New Study: Alcohol and Drug Use Cause Significant Harms that Go Beyond the Individual
A new study estimates that over their lifetime, more than a third of U.S. adults or 113 million people are harmed from someone else’s drinking while 46 million experience harms from someone’s else’s drug use.
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WHO (Greenland) - Tackling a long-running challenge: Greenland is developing recommendations for a national alcohol policy
The Government of Greenland, known as Naalakkersuisut, in collaboration with the Centre for Public Health in Greenland and WHO/Europe, have launched a project to develop recommendations for a new national alcohol policy, addressing a long-running public health challenge.
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RACGP (Australia) - Renewed push for alcohol warning labels
Healthcare experts are again calling for increased awareness of the link between alcohol consumption and cancer through clearer warning labels, public health campaigns and education in primary care settings.
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IAS Blog - Beyond Personal Harm: The Costs of Alcohol to Society
Alcohol use is linked to a range of harms that affect not only the drinker but also impact wider society. This impact is extensive and places a significant financial strain on the UK.
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Medical News Today - Alcohol-based mouthwash may disrupt oral microbiome, leading to gum disease and certain cancers
Alcohol-based mouthwash might increase the risk of developing health problems such as gum disease and some cancers, including colorectal cancer.
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NordAN (Estonia) - Coalition of Estonian organisations advocate for total ban on alcohol advertising
The Estonian Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition (ETAK), a member organisations of NordAN, has formally proposed a complete ban on alcohol advertising to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.
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AlcoholCampaign (Estonia) – Campaign in Estonia: ALCOHOL CAUSES CANCER
Alcohol is a scientifically proven carcinogen. The Estonian National Institute for Health Development (TAI) and the Health Insurance Fund is launching an awareness campaign called “Alcohol Causes Cancer” to increase public awareness of the cancer risk associated with alcohol and to encourage healthier behaviours.
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