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Alcohol News - 19/2024

News-Medical - Study uncovers alcohol's damaging effects on brain cells through oxidative stress
A recent study published in the journal Antioxidants reports that alcohol exposure can lead to the accumulation of oxidatively damaged proteins in neuronal cells.
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LRT (Lithuania) - Lithuanian parliament eases alcohol sale, advertising restrictions
The Lithuanian parliament Seimas on Thursday adopted amendments to the Law on Alcohol Control, easing alcohol sale and advertising restrictions.
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Baltic News Network (Latvia) - Latvian Saeima rejects proposal to increase alcohol purchase age to 20 years
To lower alcohol consumption in society, it is planned to limit the time for the sale of alcoholic beverages. Sale of alcohol Monday to Saturday is planned to be permitted only between 10:00 and 20:00, on 10:00 to 18:00 on Sundays. This is provided by the legislative amendments passed by the Saeima in the second reading on Thursday, the 9th of May.
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Medical Xpress (Australia) - Australian study finds large support for blocking online alcohol content
In a new study published in Health Promotion Journal of Australia, La Trobe University researchers found large support for a browser plug-in that blocks online alcohol-related imagery to prevent young people being influenced to start drinking alcohol or drinking to excess.
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IAS blog - Is a little bit of alcohol really good for us?: What we have learned from better-designed studies
Research has long found that, when compared with abstinence, moderate alcohol consumption is associated with lower risk for a diverse range of health outcomes.
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FARE Australia - Alcohol is a trigger for family violence – so why aren’t governments acting on it?
Over the years, many women have shared with me their experiences of violence and how alcohol was a trigger for that violence.
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MSN (Ireland) - Ireland to become first country to add health labels showing calories to alcohol products
Ireland is set to become the first country to have health labels added to alcohol products. Such labels will include information such as the number of calories and grams of alcohol in each product.
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NordAN (Sweden) - Social Democrats propose new model for farm sales compatible with Swedish alcohol monopoly
The Social Democratic Party presented a new model today to introduce farm sales in Sweden. The proposal entrusts the Systembolaget, Sweden's state-owned alcohol retailer, with creating a special farm sales assortment and a digital infrastructure, including a farm sales app for customers to use during visits.
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