Monday, January 31, 2011

Alcohol News - 5/2011 (Sweden) - Schools Take Part In Europe-Wide Drug and Alcohol Survey
The European School Survey Project on Alcohol and other Drugs (ESPAD) is about to launch its 2011 questionnaire. The study, led from Sweden, will carry out its fifth survey this year. Forty countries will take part, including small nations such as Iceland, Faroe Islands, Malta, Cyprus and the Isle of Man.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - Finland's Räsänen accuses Risikko of kowtowing to alcohol industry
Päivi Räsänen, the Finnish opposition Christian Democrat leader, said Saturday that she was disappointed in Paula Risikko's decision not to pursue a ban on image-based alcohol advertising.
University of Gothenburg (Sweden) - Women involved in leisure activities drink less alcohol
Women who are satisfied with everyday life and are involved in leisure activities rarely have problems with alcohol, reveals a thesis from the Sahlgrenska Academy.
News24Online (Denmark) - Alcohol in pregnancy can damage kids fertility
Mothers who drink alcohol while they are pregnant may be damaging the fertility of their future sons, experts believe. The Danish researchers analysed the sperm of almost 350 young men and compared the results with information on drinking habits their mothers had given 20 years earlier when pregnant with them.
MSNBC - Heavy drinking may raise abnormal heart rhythm risk
People who drink regularly, especially heavy drinkers, may be more likely than teetotalers to suffer atrial fibrillation, a type of abnormal heart rhythm, according to a research review.
PC Magazine - Alcohol-Detecting Cars Could Keep Drunk Drivers Off the Road
Researchers in Massachusetts are working on creating technology that would keep a car from starting if the driver is drunk.
TVNZ (New Zealand) - Review calls for mandatory alcohol warnings to women
A Trans-Tasman review recommends a push for labels to be placed on alcohol warning of the dangers of drinking while pregnant.
NACS Online (USA) - Tax and Trade Bureau Considers Alcohol Labeling
A proposal presently before the federal Tax and Trade Bureau — the agency with authority over alcohol labels — is seeking that alcohol producers list nutrition information such as calories, carbohydrates, serving size and alcohol per serving on spirits, beer and wine, the Associated Press reports.
Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Scots top UK alcohol league
Scots were typically drinking one unit of alcohol more per week in the year to 2009 – the equivalent of a single whisky, one-third of a pint of beer or half a standard glass of red wine.
Natural Products INSIDER - JAMA Commentary: Energy Drinks Accelerate Risks
Energy drinks, with or without alcohol, pose a threat to individual and public health and safety and more research is needed to guide regulation, according to Amelia M. Arria, Ph.D., and Mary Claire O’Brien, MD, both from University of Maryland School of Public Health, in a JAMA commentary.
Bloomberg (Turkey) - Erdogan Defends Revised Alcohol Curbs in Turkey, Hurriyet Says
Stiff new alcohol curbs in Turkey are necessary to protect Turkish youth and have nothing to do with the religious sentiments of the Islamic-rooted government, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Hurriyet newspaper. (UK) - Alcohol-related liver disease in young people up 50% in a decade
The number of young people having to be treated in hospital for serious liver disease has risen by more than 50 per cent in the last decade, figures show.
World Radio Switzerland (Switzerland) - Beer ad ban sought for sports events
Addiction Info Switzerland is calling for a ban on advertising for booze at sporting events as paert of a total overhaul of the country’s Alcohol Act.
Business Daily Africa (Kenya) - Bar owners lose court battle against alcohol laws
The alcoholic beverages industry players face further revenue losses after High Court ordered the full implementation of the alcohol control law.
Independent (UK) - In a glass of our own: Britain's troubled relationship with alcohol
Everyone is in a hurry to drink themselves into insensibility," observed a foreign visitor to this country. - Anxiety -- not social fears -- may spur teens to drink more
A new study in the journal Alcohol and Alcoholism highlights the complex relationship between mental health and substance use. Although it was known that anxious teens often self-medicate with alcohol, a group of Finnish researchers, led by Sari Fröjd at the University of Tampere, showed those teens are also more likely to continue using alcohol two years later. (Belarus) - Interior Ministry Wants to Reduce Permissible Level of Alcohol in Blood
The permissible level of blood alcohol from 0.5 to 0.3 ppm will be reduced in Belarus in 2011. This was reported by Interior Minister Anatoli Kuleshov. "The document, providing for reducing the permissible level of alcohol in the blood, is currently under consideration by the Council of Ministers," said the MIA head.
Financial Times (Vietnam) - Vietnam: Diageo thirsty for local alcohol
While a select class of wealthy Vietnamese men like nothing more than cracking open a bottle of Johnnie Walker with their mates at a karaoke bar, the vast majority of alcohol consumed here is home-made “rice wine” served in re-used plastic water bottles. But tastes are changing as the middle class grows and Diageo, the global drinks group, has forked over £33m for a stake in a local vodka maker as it seeks to tap into the growing fondness for higher quality but affordable Vietnamese brands.
The Publican (UK) - May claims below-cost ban will cut alcohol incidents by 7,000
Home Secretary Theresa May has claimed the ban on below-cost selling will mean 7,000 fewer alcohol-related incidents and 1,000 fewer hospital admissions a year.
Ukrainian Radio (Ukraine) - Alcohol industry will be privatized sooner or later, Minister says
This opinion was expressed by Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food Mykola Prysiazhniuk. "Sooner or later the alcohol industry will be corporatized and privatized. But what a form - now we are working on with the Ministry of Economy," the minister said.
Deutsche Welle (Germany) - German thirst for beer continues to fall
Beer consumption in the home of some of the most-loved beer brands in the world is continuing to drop, according to official statistics released this week. Beverage makers are turning to experimental alternatives.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Call for price floor below which alcohol cannot be sold
A LEADING charity has called for the sale of alcohol to be restricted and the introduction of a price floor below which it cannot be sold.

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