Monday, January 10, 2011

Alcohol News - 2/2011

IceNews (Finland) - Tasteful tipples outstrip binge boozing
Finns are becoming more sophisticated in their tastes in alcohol, choosing Champagnes and sparkling wines over beer and hard liquor, according to a national health body. As well as an increased interest more tasteful tipples such as Rosé, bottled long drinks are also flying off supermarket shelves.
Radio Sweden (Sweden) - Government plan to fight substance abuse
The Swedish center-right government has presented a four-year plan to reduce the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and narcotics - especially among the youngsters.
Nordstjernan (Sweden) - Young Swedes drink less
Alcohol consumption among young Swedes, especially men, is decreasing. Older Swedes and women drink as much as before whereas young men more than before say no to alcohol, according to researchers at Centrum för socialvetenskaplig alkohol och drogforskning, SoRAD (Center for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs).
Stockholm News (Sweden) - Risky job to review beverage serving
Three out of ten municipal alcohol administrators have experienced threats in connection with their work of inspecting alcoholic beverage serving at restaurants and pubs, according to a survey among the country's all 308 alcohol administrators.
Fox News (Chile) - Chilean Researchers Working on Alcoholism Vaccine
A team of researchers in Chile are working to come up with a vaccine against alcoholism. If successful, the patient will get a shot a month and not crave alcohol anymore.
BBC (Scotland) - Call to ban self-service tills for buying alcohol
The use of self-service supermarket tills for buying alcohol should be banned, according to an MSP.
TIME - The Growing Link Between Alcoholism and Obesity
Can salty, fatty, sugary foods be addictive? Recent neurological research has shown that overeating lights up the same brain pathways as drug use, so it's not surprising that new research from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found a connection between a family history of alcohol addiction and obesity. (Middle East) - Alcohol producers see cheer in region
From Saudi Arabia’s zero tolerance to Beirut’s buzzing nightlife, the Middle East poses challenges and opportunities for alcohol producers. And as the region realigns itself after the global financial crisis, the trends in drinks consumption also paint a picture of a region in flux.
AFP (Kenya) - Kenya cracks down on out-of-hours drinkers
Kenya has arrested several hundred people for out-of-hours drinking in the wake of new laws which restrict the sale and consumption of alcohol, according to police.
USA Today (Mexico) - Mexico City police clamp down on drunken driving
Inebriated drivers blowing over the legal limit routinely offer bribes to six-year-veteran cop Ernesto Martínez, who works with a team of police officers and doctors operating the "alcoholímetro," or breathalyzer.
Washington Post (USA) - JHU Study: Alcohol commercials reach growing number of youth
In recent years, alcohol companies have vowed to reduce the number of youth who see their commercials by voluntarily strengthening their own rules for when and where to place ads.
Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey) - Booze ad ban knocks Turkey's Efes Pilsen off court
Turkey’s leading basketball club will be forced to either change its name or shut down completely under a new bylaw on sponsorships by tobacco and alcohol brands that was published in the Official Gazette on Friday. (New Zealand) - Girls lead the drunken charge to A&E
A programme to track how booze-related injuries clog health resources has found an increase in the number of youths so drunk they need hospital emergency treatment and that girls are the fastest-growing group among young problem drinkers.
Irish Medical Times (Ireland) - New study links binge drinking in Ireland to higher risk of developing heart disease
The study, which compared drinking patterns of middle-aged men from three cities in France with those in Belfast, found that the volume of alcohol consumed over a week in both countries was almost identical. However, in Belfast, alcohol tended to be drunk over one or two days rather than regularly throughout the week, as in France.

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