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Alcohol News - 6/2011 (Norway) - Trends in alcohol consumption, harms and policy: Norway 1990 – 2010
Over the past two decades recorded alcohol sales in Norway have increased by almost 50%. Although control policy measures are somewhat weakened over this period, the increase should also be viewed in light of the significant increase in purchase power, implying that alcohol has become relatively cheaper for the consumers. (Sweden) - Trends in alcohol consumption, harms and policy: Sweden 1990–2010
Over the past two decades, alcohol consumption in Sweden has grown by 20 per cent as a result of an increasing consumption of wine and strong beer. The rise is driven by a combination of factors such as the higher physical availability and lower real prices of alcohol, which suggests that alcohol has become much more affordable. (Finland) - Trends in alcohol consumption, harms and policy:Finland 1990 – 2010
This article reports developments in the Finnish alcohol field from 1990 to 2010, focusing on changes and trends in alcohol consumption, drinking habits and alcohol-related harm. We pay special attention to changes in alcohol availability and alcohol policy and look at the factors behind changes in alcohol policies.
Reuters (Russia) - Battle for alcohol in Muslim Russia is deadly business
A masked guard clad in camouflage pokes his AK-47 rifle into the shoulder of a vodka-guzzling client in a hotel bar in Russia's Muslim Ingushetia region, and orders him to leave immediately.
USA Today (USA) - Polls: Young non-drinkers up in down economy
The tough economy appears to be having a sobering effect — literally — on incoming college freshmen. Some new surveys of high school students suggest increasing numbers are beginning college as teetotalers.
Voxy (New Zealand) - Medical Evidence Shows Drinking Age Should Be 21
A new report examining the medical evidence argues that the drinking age should be raised to 21. The report "YOUNG PEOPLE AND ALCOHOL: What Does the Medical Evidence Tell Us About the Legal Drinking Age in New Zealand?" was commissioned by Family First NZ, and prepared by UK psychologist Dr Aric Sigman. Dr Sigman is a Fellow of the Society of Biology, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and a recipient of the Chartered Scientist Award from the Science Council.
AFP (Turkey) - Booze enters Turkey's political battlefield
Braving snowy sub-zero weather, hundreds of people gathered in downtown Ankara at the weekend for an unprecedented anti-government protest, brandishing not flags and banners but... beer cans and glasses of champagne.
Irish Health (Ireland) - Many unaware of alcohol-cancer link
Ireland's next government has been urged to introduce explicit health warnings on alcohol products, particularly in relation to cancer. Alcohol Action Ireland (AAI), the national charity for alcohol-related issues, made its appeal to coincide with World Cancer Day (February 4). It pointed out that there is ‘an undeniable link' between alcohol and many cancers, however some drinkers are unaware of this.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Liver disease soars among young
THE risk of young people being admitted to hospital with alcohol-related liver disease has risen more than tenfold over five years. Researchers say the figures show anti-drinking campaigns are failing to reach teenagers.
The Guardian (UK) - The price of a drink: survey reveals cost of alcohol abuse
The toll that alcohol takes on many people's lives is laid bare in a survey which has prompted fresh calls for action to tackle widespread chronic drinking across Britain.
TVNZ - Study shows alcohol and sport a bad mix
There is a clear link between alcohol-related sponsorship of sport and heightened rates of problem drinking, new Australian research shows.
Metro (UK) - £55 bottle of beer with 32 per cent alcohol on sale
If you fancy a beer at home before going out, best avoid Tactical Nuclear Penguin – at 32 per cent it could send you to sleep instead.
Deutsche Welle (Germany) - German teenagers are drinking less alcohol, but more irresponsibly
Over the past 30 years, alcohol consumption among German teens has dropped by half, according to a federal study. Though officials view the results as largely positive, concern remains about youth binge drinking.
Informante (Namibia) - Fight against alcohol abuse – which way Namibia?
As a young person, I was very happy when I firstly heard the Governor’s plan to close a certain police canteen because of unbecoming behaviour officers engage in.  The issue of alcohol abuse is a national issue that needs unified efforts from all patriotic Namibians.
The Hindu (India) - “Control availability of alcohol, tobacco”
Chancellor of VIT University G. Viswanathan has urged the Central and State governments to take stringent measures to control the availability and use of alcohol and tobacco to save the youth from cancer. (USA) - DWI: What Would It Cost To Reduce The Numbers?
A series of blog entries in the New York Times discuss drunk-driving law and what the law generally seeks to prevent--fewer alcohol-related injuries and deaths--but how we go about achieving it without severely overstepping constitutional boundaries to due process is a major challenge.
The London Daily News (UK) - Why the Heineken deal is good for the wallet but bad for the "legacy"
With confirmation that leading brewer Heineken will be the official "lager supplier" at the London Olympic Games next year, and sponsor of the 2012 Games, in a city which has seen its accident and emergency departments swamped by drunks, there should be a hard long look at this deal.
European Public Health Alliance (EU) - 2010 - Overview of activities in implementation of EU Alcohol Strategy
Between September and November 2010 all the existing EU structures working on alcohol conducted their meetings. You can find below reports of the following : the Open Alcohol and Health Forum, the European Alcohol and Health Forum, the Forum Science Group, as well as the Committee on National Policy and Action.

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