Monday, January 3, 2011

Alcohol News - 1/2011

Helsinki Times (Finland) - Many Finnish parents drink too much alcohol
From the child's perspective, too much alcohol is consumed in one in four Finnish homes, the A-Clinic Foundation said on Thursday.
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YLE (Finland) - Alcohol Consumption Falls in Finland
Finns drank less alcohol this year than last. However, if alcohol tax is not raised, consumption might yet exceed recent records, says Valvira, the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health.
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IceNews (Iceland) - Higher alcohol and fuel prices for Iceland
The price of alcoholic drinks and petrol and diesel are set to increase from 1st January as another tax hike takes hold. Weary Icelandic consumers can take some comfort in the fact that the price rises will be smaller than previous increases since the banking crisis.
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Reuters - Family history of alcoholism raises obesity risk
People with a family history of alcoholism may be turning to high-calorie treats instead of booze to satisfy their addiction, U.S. researchers say, a change that could be fueling the obesity epidemic.
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USA Today (USA) - More underage drinkers end up in ER on New Year's
Alcohol-related New Year's celebrations send an alarmingly high number of young people to hospital emergency rooms, says a report out today.
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Ivanhoe - Alcohol Consumption Increases Amphetamine Abuse
Amphetamines are drugs known as stimulants, and are commonly abused in the U.S. This study shows that the amount of alcohol consumed may increase the likelihood of developing drug abuse, which can be used in helping to understand treatment challenges.
Read more (USA) - Alcohol: Limit access, prevent excess
U.S. public health experts propose protecting public health by limiting the days and hours alcohol can be sold.
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BBC News (Scotland) - Call to 'tag' bottles of alcohol in Scotland
Scottish Labour have called on local licensing boards to enforce the "tagging" of bottles of alcohol to help reduce under-age drinking.
Read more (UK) - Unhealthy lifestyle 'ingrained by age 16'
A sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits and alcohol consumption all kick in by the age of 19, but researchers found that 16 was the 'tipping point' for this type of behaviour.
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Herald Sun (Australia) - Alcohol behind almost all murders in Queensland, figures reveal
ALMOST every murder committed in Queensland during the past year was suspected to involve alcohol, crime statistics show.
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New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - PM's posers stall alcohol cuts
The Government believes New Zealand drivers aren't ready to moderate their drinking. We know they are. So take responsibility for keeping our roads safe by signing up: Two Drinks Max.
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Times of India - Binge drinking ups future depression risk
Researchers at the Loyola University Health System have found that exposing adolescent rats to binge amounts of alcohol permanently altered the system that produces hormones in response to stress.
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San Francisco Chronicle - Parenting style can determine teen drinking habits
Most parents agree that they don't want their teenagers drinking heavily. Although parents don't always agree on what deters a teen from filling up cup after cup at a high school keg party.
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AsiaOne (Thailand) - Alcohol banned in 110 parks
Most of Thailand's 110 national parks, including Khao Yai, have been declared alcohol-free zones. Not only will there be a ban on booze sales, but visitors will also be barred from bringing alcoholic drinks into the parks.
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Zee News (Sri Lanka) - No free treatment for alcohol-linked ailments: Lanka govt
State hospitals in Sri Lanka, which otherwise provide free treatment, will now make patients pay for treating ailments related to alcohol consumption.
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Focus Infomation (Spain) - Tougher traffic laws cut road deaths in Spain
The government credits the introduction of tough new road laws as well as the greater use of alcohol checkpoints and speed scanners for the decline in deaths from road accidents.
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