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Alcohol News - week 26/2009

BBC - Alcohol link to one in 25 deaths

One in 25 deaths across the world are linked to alcohol consumption, Canadian experts have suggested. Europe had the highest proportion of deaths related to alcohol, with 1 in 10 deaths directly attributable. Within Europe, the former Soviet Union countries had the highest proportion at 15%, or around one in seven deaths.
TIME - Stemming the Rise in Global Alcohol-Related Deaths,8599,1907408,00.html

Associated Press (Russia) - Study blames alcohol for half 1990s Russian deaths

A new study by an international team of public health researchers documents the devastating impact of alcohol abuse on Russia — showing that drinking caused more than half of deaths among Russians aged 15 to 54 in the turbulent era following the Soviet collapse.

RedOrbit - Prenatal Nutrients And Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Doctors are searching for new ways to protect unborn babies from the dangerous health impacts caused by a drinking mother.

Science Blogs - The Friday Fermentable: "Mixing Drinks With Work and Staying Sober, Too" (NYTimes)

I don't know if Kim Severson of the New York Times knew this when writing her thought-provoking article earlier this week, but it coincided with the annual meetings of the Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA) and the College of Problems on Drug Dependence (CPDD).

Brandweek (USA) - Alcohol Consumption Up in the Home

While the recession has likely driven some people to drink, the odds are they are doing it at home these days, according to a recent study from Mintel.

The Examiner (USA) - College-educated women admit to drinking while pregnant

The Centers for Disease Control questioned more than 500,000 women. They found that one in eight women reported drinking some amount of alcohol while pregnant.

New York Times (USA) - Alcohol a Common Factor in Suicide

Alcohol has long been known to play a role in suicides, but there have been little data regarding which victims use it and how often.

Sowetan (South Africa) - Alcohol damages lives in Gauteng

ALCOHOL is the drug of choice for people in Gauteng with almost half of the patients at treatment centres in the province being treated for alcohol abuse.

Azerbaijan Business Center (Azerbaijan) - 82% of Baku residents do not drink alcohol

Baku, Fineko/ International Research Group Business Insight (BI) has conducted a poll to research lifestyle of the population of Azerbaijani capital Baku that covered 660 respondents (women - 65% and men - 35%).

Monsters and (Netherland) - Study says number of elderly Dutch alcoholics on the rise

The number of elderly people with an alcohol problem in the Netherlands is rising, according to a report released on Monday. (USA) - Prevention Programs Don't Decrease Alcohol Problems in Colleges

Ralph Hingson, Sc.D., M.P.H., and colleagues have published the results of their research which shows that binge drinking, drunk driving, and alcohol-related deaths increased among college students over the first half of the decade. (Lithuania) - StatoilHydro fights Lithuanian alcohol ban –report

Norwegian oil and gas group StatoilHydro is trying to reverse a ban on the sale of alcohol at petrol stations in Lithuania, claiming it may lead to massive lay-offs, daily Dagens Naeringsliv said on Wednesday.

CBS 4 - Alcohol May Be Unsafe At Any Level For Women

Several years ago studies indicated a glass of red wine might have beneficial effects on heart health. But scientists cautioned heavy use of alcohol might raise a woman's risk of developing breast cancer. A new study reported in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute indicates even moderate use of alcohol can be dangerous. (UK) - Minimum alcohol price 'could halve hospital admissions for drinking'

Prof Gilmore, the president of the Royal College of Physicians, said the move could reduce the numbers admitted for alcohol problems by around 100,000.

National Business Review (New Zealand) - NZ Treasury weighs in on ‘shonky’ Berl alcohol report

The Berl report into the social costs of alcohol being used by the Law Commission is work that doesn’t look like it meets the “normal standards you would expect”, according to Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Dr Peter Bushnell.

MedPage Today - Heavy Daily Drinking Boosts Chances of Lethal Brain Hemorrhage

Fatal hemorrhagic strokes were more than three times as common in men who had at least six drinks daily, researchers found.

MOSNEWS (Estonia/Finland) - Estonian service delivers cheap booze to Finland

Finnish officials are at wit’s end over a loophole in import laws that is allowing an Estonian internet service to deliver alcohol inexpensively to Finland, Estonian Postimees newspaper reports.

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