Monday, June 15, 2009

Alcohol News - week 24/2009

Institutes of Health (USA) - As College Drinking Problems Rise, New Studies Identify Effective Prevention Strategies

Alcohol-related deaths among U.S. college students rose from 1,440 deaths in 1998 to 1,825 in 2005, along with increases in heavy drinking and drunk driving, according to an article in the July supplement of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. (Australia) - Northern Territorians drink 15 litres of pure alcohol each year

NORTHERN Territorians are drinking the Irish lads under the table to become the world's undisputed booze-swilling kings.,27574,25636982-421,00.html

Bangkok Post (Thailand) - Alcohol-free days sought

A network of monks has renewed calls for the government to declare the four most important days on the Buddhist calendar alcohol-free.

ABC Online - Wine industry wants more clarity on alcohol levels

The wine industry is pushing to have alcohol percentages for wine labelled more accurately.

Newsroom Finland (Finland) - Finnish Parliament raises alcohol tax by 10 pct

The Finnish Parliament on Monday approved a ten per cent increase in alcohol taxes. The higher tax rate is expected to raise alcohol prices by an average of 4.5 per cent from the beginning of October.

Daily Mail (UK) - The ladette legacy: A third more women fined for being drunk in the last three years

The number of women arrested for being drunk and disorderly in public has risen by nearly a third in just three years.

AFP (Finland) - Greying Finns drink more alcohol than before: study

Ageing Finns have increased their alcohol consumption significantly since 2000, a worrying trend in a country where alcohol is the leading cause of death, researchers said on Friday.

Science Daily - Study Redefines Roles Of Alcohol, Smoking In Risk For Pancreatitis

Although alcohol consumption is known to be associated with chronic pancreatitis, new evidence indicates that a threshold of five or more drinks per day is required to significantly raise risk; however, most patients with chronic pancreatitis do not drink this amount, according to a report in the June 8 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. In addition, smoking is an independent, dose-dependent risk factor.

Science Daily - Relaxed Attitudes Toward Alcohol And Youth May Increase Risk Of Binge Drinking In College

Should parents allow their teenage children to drink alcohol? Restaurants in Germany can legally sell alcohol to a teenager after his sixteenth birthday, and French children drink wine with dinner in the home starting at an early age. - Heart rhythm risk seen in women's alcohol drinking

Women who consume more than two alcoholic drinks a day have a higher risk of getting the most common type of heart rhythm disturbance, which can raise the chances of having a stroke, researchers said on Tuesday.

ScienceAlert - Booze ads target youth

Addiction scientists are calling for tighter regulation of alcohol advertising, as new research shows that self-regulation by the alcohol industry does not protect impressionable children and youth from exposure.

Atlanta Journal Constitution - Alcohol, Cigarettes and Diabetes Up Colorectal Cancer Risk

It's been known for some time that obesity and eating lots of red meat can raise the risk of colorectal cancer, but new research sheds light on other lifestyle factors that increase risk. (Switserland) - Ad Rules and Changing Behavior

The Swiss Federal Council voted at the end of May to allow certain alcohol ads on Swiss TV, thinking it would be good for Swiss producers, both alcoholic and television.

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