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Alcohol News - week 27/2009

SignOnSanDiego - Think. Drink. Think again.

There's nothing like a cold beer on a sweltering summer day. George Koob can tell you exactly what makes that beer so satisfying – how the alcohol triggers a cascade of pleasure-inducing neurotransmitters in the brain.

Telegraph (UK) - Alcohol advertising should be banned, British Medical Association says

The conference passed a motion calling for a complete ban on advertising and for a minimum price per unit of alcohol to be set which would increase the cost of cut price alcohol and reduce consumption.

New York Times (Australia) - Facing a Crisis, Aborigines Stage Interventions of Their Own

Since Halls Creek recently became the latest Aboriginal town in the Australian outback to restrict alcohol sales, its doctors and police officers have been getting more sleep thanks to a steep dropoff in nighttime brawls.

Swissinfo (Turkey) - Turkish alcohol sector attacks new ad restrictions

Turkish alcohol producers voiced deep concern on Monday about new advertising restrictions which they say severely curb alcohol advertisements in Muslim, but secular, Turkey.

China Daily (China) - Media: China to delay adjustment of alcohol tax

The State Council, or China's cabinet, will delay the adjustment of a consumption tax on alcohol products, local media reported last Friday.

The Swedish Wire (EU) - Sweden wants to raise EU alcohol taxes

Christian Democrat Göran Hägglund wants to roll out Sweden’s restrictive alcohol policy in Europe and put new EU-wide rules into practice as a part of the Swedish EU presidency.

RIA Novosti (Russia) - Medvedev against ban on alcohol, will fight problem differently

The Russian authorities are preparing a number of serious solutions to fight alcoholism, President Dmitry Medvedev said Saturday, adding that a ban would not help solve the problem.

The Publican (UK) - Teenagers drink 'for something to do', says survey

One in four young people drink alcohol for ‘something to do’, according to new research launched by alcohol charity Drinkaware. (UK) - It's time for action on alcohol prices

The BMA's support for minimum unit pricing to combat the soaring cost of drink-related illnesses (Doctors vote for alcohol ads ban, 3 July) is a real call for the government to take effective action - the medical profession is united on this.

ZDNet (USA) - 60% of Americans would give up alcohol for their mobile phones

In a survey indicative of how users interact with their electronic devices, one in three Americans said they would give up television to keep their mobile phone, and a full 60 percent said they would give up alcohol for a week instead.

Wall Street Journal (USA) - Study: Drug, Alcohol Use Among Young Adults Goes Untreated

About seven million young adults in the past year were classified as needing treatment to overcome alcoholism or illegal drug usage, a new national study released Monday said.

National Business Review - Moderate drinkers live longer partly due to wealth & disability factors

Some of the association between moderate alcohol consumption and longer life is explained by the fact that teetotallers are less wealthy, less educated and more likely to be disabled, according to a new US study.

Forbes - Increasing Alcohol Use Tied to More Hospitalization

The more alcohol men drink, the more time they spend in a hospital, research from the United Kingdom has found.

Scotsman (Scotland) - Minimum price for alcohol set at 40p per unit

Scotland on Sunday understands that the SNP is poised to back a 40p per unit rate for all alcoholic drinks when it announces its full plans later this year. The government believes that it will stop shops from selling loss-leading cheap drink, while leaving more expensive brands untouched.

Guardian (UK) - 'Wild side' alcohol ad banned by ASA

An alcohol advertising campaign showing a woman seducing a man and turning into a leopard has been banned by the ASA after a complaint from Alcohol Concern objecting that it linked drinking to seduction and sexual success.

Bloomberg (UK/France) - Britons Abandon Cheap Booze Cruises to France on Weaker Pound

Franglais, a warehouse of discount wine built for British day-trippers, had one shopper parked outside on a spring Saturday. Neighbors on the retail strip near the Calais ferry terminal were also deserted, including the only French outlet of Tesco Plc.

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