Monday, June 8, 2009

Alcohol News - week 23/2009

BBC News - Alcohol: Is it really good for you?

Alcohol is bad for you. Red wine is good for the heart. It's all about moderation… Confused? You're not alone.

Reuters - Alcohol risks greater in teen-onset drinkers

Delaying the start of alcohol drinking might curb subsequent rates of alcohol-related injuries.

The Australian (Australia) - Advertising bans on junk food and alcohol

AUSTRALIA'S advertising industry is facing a comprehensive and unprecedented push to ban unhealthy food and alcohol advertising, from the eight inquiries kicked off in the 18 months since the federal government was elected.,25197,25601563-7582,00.html

BBC News (UK) - Youth drug treatment hits record

A record number of young people in England sought treatment for drug or alcohol problems in 2007/8, according to figures obtained by the BBC.

Atlanta Journal Constitution - Alcohol, Cigarettes and Diabetes Up Colorectal Cancer Risk

It's been known for some time that obesity and eating lots of red meat can raise the risk of colorectal cancer, but new research sheds light on other lifestyle factors that increase risk.

USA Today (USA) - Report: Smoking declines as alcohol, drug use hold steady

A new report on substance abuse and mental health shows a small percentage of people are kicking smoking while alcohol and illicit drug-use levels remain steady.

The Associated Press (USA) - Senate panel's alcohol, sweet drink tax proposal

The Senate Finance Committee has said it is considering raising federal taxes on alcohol and creating a new tax on sugar-sweetened drinks to help pay for revamping the nation's health care system, an overhaul that could cost $1.5 trillion over the next decade. (UK) - Drunk holidaymakers put travel insurance at risk

A survey this week by a travel insurance specialist found that 70 per cent of holidaymakers did not realise that they will be required to cover the costs of medical treatment should they sustain an injury while under the influence of alcohol.

Kyiv Post (Ukraine) - Alcohol abuse can be cut by taking these steps

Proven ways exist to reduce alcohol consumption and improve public health.

Baltic Review (Finland) - The Finns have a neurotic relation to alcohol

Ninety years ago a ban was introduced in Finland on the production of drinks with an alcohol content of over 2 percent

Times of India - Why alcoholics often turn violent

Researchers have revealed low glycogen level – which means non-oxidative glucose metabolism – might be behind the violent behaviour. (EU) - New Research on the "European" Approach to Teenage Drinking

Should parents allow their teenage children to drink alcohol? Restaurants in Germany can legally sell alcohol to a teenager after his sixteenth birthday, and French children drink wine with dinner in the home starting at an early age.

The Local (Germany) - Politicians split over using undercover teens to buy alcohol

Should undercover teenage shoppers be allowed to expose the illegal sale of alcohol to underage consumers? Germany’s state interior ministers remained divided on the issue at an annual conference in Bremerhaven on Friday.

World Radio Switzerland (Switzerland) - Could TV alcohol ad rules be loosened?

The House of Representatives voted today to liberalize restrictions on TV ads for wine and beer.

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