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Alcohol News - week 35/2008 (USA) - Delaying use of alcohol benefits society

I applaud recent attempts by some college and university presidents around the country to call attention to the problem of underage drinking on college campuses and elsewhere. However, the answer to this problem is not to lower the legal drinking age.

BBC News (UK) - Parents warned over alcohol habit

Parents of young children are being warned about their drinking habits after a poll found their consumption had reached worrying levels.

Daily Mail (UK) - Revealed: The 50,000 young people who drink their way into hospital every year

Fifty thousand young men and women drink their way into hospital each year in England, official figures show.

Times of India (India) - 50% of liver failures due to alcohol in Gujarat

In an irony of sorts, over 50 per cent of liver failures in the state are caused by alcoholism often claiming many lives in ‘dry’ Gujarat every year.

Medical News Today - American Indian/Alaska Natives Have Significantly Higher Alcohol-Related Death Percentage Than General Population

Nearly 12% of American Indian and Alaska Native deaths over a four-year period were alcohol related, according to a CDC report released on Thursday, AP/USA Today reports.

Focus News (Macedonia) - Only shops with licenses can sell alcohol in Macedonia

The amending and supplementing bill to the Trade Act, which says that alcohol can be sold only in shops with licenses, enters into force as of September 1st, Focus News Agency’s correspondent in Skopje reported.

Reuters (USA) - Alcohol deaths common among American Indians

Alcohol-related causes such as liver disease and car crashes account for nearly 12 percent of American Indian and Alaska Native deaths, 3-1/2 times the figure for the overall population, officials said on Thursday.

Sunday Herald (Scotland) - Drinks giant attacks plans to combat alcohol abuse

THE WORLD'S biggest drinks company Diageo has launched a scathing assault on the Scottish government's plans to combat alcohol abuse, claiming that the SNP's approach is "unfair" and will not achieve its objective.

Houston Chronicle (USA) - Drunken-driving deaths decrease, U.S. report finds

Drunken-driving deaths fell in 32 states in 2007, the government reported last week, but alcohol-related fatalities increased among motorcycle riders in half the states.

U.S. News & World Report - Alcohol in Early Pregnancy May Prompt Fetal Cell Death

Just a few glasses of wine over a short period in early pregnancy may cause fetal problems, suggest researchers from the Medical College of Georgia.

Bloomberg - Rich Countries Underestimate Alcohol's Link to Cancer

People in higher-income countries underestimate the link between increased alcohol consumption and cancer more than those in less affluent parts of the world, a survey found.

Radio Netherlands (Netherlands) - Dutch teenagers drink themselves into hospital

Four teenagers were this weekend admitted to hospital in Delft, near The Hague, because they had drunk enormous amounts of alcohol. The youngsters, between 15 and 16, had blood alcohol levels of around 2.7. It is an offence to drive at levels of 0.5 and above.

Brisbane Times (Australia) - Ecstasy less evil than booze: researcher

Ecstasy is a "lesser evil" than alcohol, a prominent researcher at Queensland's Alcohol and Drug Research and Education Centre (QADREC) says.

AFP (Sweden) - Sharp rise in alcoholism among Swedish women: report

Alcoholism among women in Sweden rose by 50 percent between 2003 and 2007 as beer, wine and spirits have become more accessible in the country long known for its restrictive alcohol policy, a report on Saturday said.

BBC News (UK) - Alcohol link to serious assaults

Police studies have concluded the majority of serious assaults in the Scottish Borders can be "directly attributed to alcohol".

Online Casino Reports (Sweden) - Sweden Says Heja to Alcohol and Gambling

Sweden might be known as liberal and free-wheeling by and large. Yet its alcohol market, for one is owned by a state-run monopoly. It's online gambling market too.

PR Web - Emerging Markets Offer High Growth Potential for Alcoholic Beverages, According to a New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Increasing demand from emerging markets of Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe is expected to drive the world market for alcohol beverages. Cultural and religious factors, drinking habits, changing lifestyles, and economic prosperity of the population are major factors influencing the demand for alcoholic beverages across the world.

Newsroom Finland (Finland) - Finnish government puts off decision on alcohol duties

Finland's centre-right government agreed on Wednesday, the first day of its budget talks, to put off making a decision on whether or not to raise alcohol duties to next year.

The Local (Norway) - Norwegians flock to Sweden's liquor stores

Norwegians are heading across the border to make their alcohol purchases in Sweden like never before.

Financial Times (Sweden) - Moves to let alcohol flow in Sweden

It's difficult to determine where the principles really lie in country with state owned monopolies on alcohol and gambling. Sweden's 'systems' have many critics, and EU-backed online services are already devising loopholes.

Newsletter: Alcohol and the EU

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